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Random VLS Drops: YZ – Tower With The Power (1990)

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

One of my favorite rappers, YZ, coming from Hightstown, NJ, a small town close to Trenton. He is most known for his smash track “Thinking of a master plan“, but of course there are a lot lot of his other track that are nothing but awesome.

Thun already did his amazing analysis of YZ’s song called “When the road is covered with snow“, in case you missed it, check it by clicking on the track title above.

Tower with the power” was produced by Tony D (RIP), using great sample off George Benson’s “Breezin‘”.

Check out the tracklist and download link after the jump, as well as an interview from D-Nice television.



YZ “When The Road Is Covered With Snow”

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Stream: YZ “When The Road Is Covered With Snow”

YZ thinks deeply and projects his voice far but he makes every effort to hold your attention in the process. “When The Road Is Covered With Snow”  is a song based on an extended metaphor. As such,  it demands that listeners engage in interpretation and self-reflection while revisiting the lyrics. He knows that this is a tall order for youths who attend substandard urban schools and have grown accustomed to hearing rap music that is banal and sophomoric. The problem is cultural.

Poor urban youths that bear the additional burden of living in acutely dysfunctional households are often left with no space or time of their own to concentrate or create. Even if they manage to develop a liking for intellectual or artistic pursuits, their opportunities and resources are limited. The time they spend immersed in their headphones might be their only chance to hear someone convincingly argue that black people are not inherently relegated to the margins of history. YZ knows this and he has no time for games. (more…)

D-Nice Television: True Hip Hop Stories Pt. 1

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

This is nothing else than amazing footage.

We have used only one interview so far from D-Nice TV, and was an interview with Dres, during our Native Tongue month.
Well now it’s about time point you, if you haven’t seen it so far, with all of those amazing interview, which will bring you back in the days for a minute.
Enjoy and thanks to D-Nice for this footage and we can only say, keep ’em coming.

8-Off The Assassin (Agallah)

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

He was formerly known as 8-Off The Assassin, but changed the name because it was controversial; 8-Off is a variation of the name Adolf, as in Adolf Hitler. 8-Off was first recognized by Matty C as he featured him in the unsigned hype section of The Source. He would later sign to YZ’s 720 Management label. He was heard for the first time on a Stretch & Bobbito freestyle session in 1992. A year later, he would make his first appearance on wax on the chorus of “Acid Rain” off YZ’s second album. He showed his first production skills on “Do U Know My Style” off Champ MC’s first album in 1994. After producing & hanging out with Onyx, 8-Off started working on solo work. He released his first 12″ “Ghetto Girl” and his second 12″ “Alize For Dolo” Feat. Mr Cheeks. He shot two videos for both tracks. Unfortunately, his album never saw the light of the day as the label folded. Only a few promo copies were handed out… Below, you will find everything leading from his unsigned hype appearance to the vls of “Alize For Dolo (Remix)” and the two videos as well as rarities. Today, Agallah is part of the Purple City Byrdgangs affiliated with Dipset.

8-Off featured on The Source’s Unsigned Hype: Nov ’92 Issue #38
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Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle ’92 w/ YZ

YZ – Acid Rain off The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me
(8-Off can be heard on the chorus)

Champ MC – Do U Know My Style off Ghetto Flava
(8-Off’s First Production)

8-Off – Wrap You Lips Around This (Solo Album – Unreleased)

8-Off – Ghetto Girl/ Neighborhood Hoe VLS

8-Off – Ghetto Girl (Live) off Ill Style Live

8-Off – Pass Da ‘Tron (Feat. Panama P.I.) off Underground Airplay: Volume IV

8-Off – Alize For Dolo (Remix) VLS

8-Off – Ghetto Girl

8-Off – Alize For Dolo (Feat. Mr Cheeks)

— Thomas V

You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Daddy-O from Stets? Yes… In 1993, he released his first solo album “You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O” after Stetsasonic broke up in 1991. Now this is one of the most slept-on underrated album ever. Daddy-O handled most of the productions on this; YZ is also featured on the self-titled track. You can hear a lot of dedications on a few tracks, notably a full one dedicated to Kid Capri. There’s also the skit “Bass Knotts” which is similar to “U Mean I’m Not” by Black Sheep where they make fun of other hip-hop styles; in this case “Bass Music”.

1. Intro Joint
2. Swung It, Blunted, Brung It

3. Brooklyn Bounce
4. Dat Vs DJ

5. Kid Capri

6. Come For Mine

7. Flowin In File
8. How To Beat A Bootleg/God Don’t Like Ugly
9. Ihatefonies (The Truck Drivers Song)

10. You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O (feat YZ)

11. Fanfare

12. Buc Buc Buk

13. East Coast Funk

14. Bass Knotts (Sunbathing On The Roof)

15. Nobody Move

16. Funky Worm Outro Joint (feat Funky Worm)