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Good Life Backyard Party Circa 1991

Friday, March 15th, 2013

I was checking out an old performance by Abstract Tribe Unique on YouTube when I came across this U.N.I.T.Y. Committee / Freestyle Fellowship cipher, at least part of which I remembered seeing in This is the Life: How the West Was One. (That excellent documentary is still streaming for free on hulu by the way.) Props to Cut Chemist (of U.N.I.T.Y. Committee and Jurassic 5) for sharing the above footage via his YouTube channel.

-Samuel Diamond

Ras Kass’ Goldyn Chyld 10 Years Later

Monday, October 29th, 2012

By now we’ve all heard the story… In the midst of various label issues with Priority Records, Ras Kass gets pinched for this third D.U.I. Granted an extension, he goes back to work, however, just two weeks before he’s scheduled to begin his sentence, Priority recants on their previous agreement, informing him that they will not be releasing Goldyn Chyld at all. The album masters then “disappeared,” and Ras Kass did his time, came home and moved on with his life. Though a few of the songs included on Goldyn Chyld have been out for a decade — as they’d originally been recorded for Ras’ third album, Van Gogh, which was bootlegged before it could ever be officially released — nobody, with the possible exception of a few lucky fans and other confidants, has since heard or seen the completed album… that is, until 2012.

New Philaflava board member madstadik (presumably that’s ‘mad static’ and not, well, you know) was kind enough to bless the T.R.O.Y. forum with what by all accounts appears to be a legitimate rip of the actual album masters, “which means correct sequencing, skits and not pieced together from parts of Van Gogh and leaked Goldyn Chyld tracks,” as he said. This time we’re not the first to receive the long lost album, but regardless, we’re more than happy to pass it along and extend our gratitude to madstadik.

As for the music itself, if you’ve been following Ras’ career since the beginning, it’s probably not far from what you’re expecting. You’ve already heard the album’s title track, so you know that’s a certified banger with Ras Kass delivering his trademark lyricism over some classic Premo production… but of course, you also know that Ras’ catalog post-Rassassination has been less than stellar. While I’m personally a fan of Van Gogh, I usually find myself in the minority there and honestly haven’t been able to defend too much of his work since then. That being said, after a few listens, I’m willing to rank this album on the same level as Van Gogh, maybe even a little higher actually. Of the 17 songs on here, a few fall flat but several are straight-up incredible. Of those I hadn’t heard before, “Revelationz 22:22 (Intro)” and “Happiness” are my favorites. Aside from them, what makes me prefer this album over Van Gogh is what I consider far superior sequencing and overall sound quality. Tracklist and download link are below. (more…)

G-Funk Re-Ups

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Da gawd Basta aka Kyozai aka Bazger was generous enough to bless the Web with new links for all his G-Funk Heaven and Gangsta Selection comps. There are 10 volumes of the former and 17 of the latter, so if like me you’re just discovering these now, you’ve basically got enough tunes for the whole season, which is a good thing because whether you’re beachside birdwatching, backyard barbecuing or just cruising the ave, this shit right here is guaranteed to provide the perfect accompaniment to any and all your favorite summertime activities. Read on for the full link list and be sure to stop by the Gangsta Selection Blogspot to peruse all the cover art and tracklists and give props to Basta directly.


Va – Northwest Flava (1992-1997)

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Ok I admit it. It has been way too long since I’ve posted anything from theĀ  west coast. And I live out here now, sheesh. Alright Schenectadyfan, quit looking back east and check out what’s right in your neighborhood. Portland and Spokane don’t really constitute the whole northwest but damnit, I can’t really bring myself to take Spokane seriously as a breeding ground for hip hop. Spokanites feel free to flame me. Seattlites feel free to chuckle. Portlanders stand up! To everyone else, yes we’re a little crazy up here. Or maybe it’s just me. Must be the rain. While winter flogs us, kick back with some lime green goodies and put this compilation on your stereo. Download links and tracklistings after the jump as always. (more…)

West Coast Vibes Volumes 6 And 7 (1991-1997)

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

It’s another double-pack from the west coast. Volumes 6 and 7 represent California, Oregon and Washington respectively. I heard the Nighstawka Remix of ‘Ain’t Got No Class’ on the radio back in 1994. Been hooked since. You old heads are surely familiar with Who Am I, aka Kokane. I prefer his 2nd album but the 1st one has some dope cuts. Other standouts on volume 6 would have to be tracks 4, 11 and 14. Last time around someone commented that ” This whole shit is wack! Except for the Volume 10 song, this whole shit is a shame on TROY! “. Lol, ok then. I know the rest of our readers are more open minded. Here are the links and tracklists —

Volume 6 —

01 (4:17) Da Lench Mob – Ain’t Got No Class (Nightstawka Remix) 1994
02 (4:45) Who Am I? – Nickel Slick Nigga 1991
03 (3:39) Reckless Abanden – Phunky Bio 1994
04 (3:48) African Identity – Slap Me Five Ft The Coup 1992
05 (4:30) Do Or Die – Layin The Funk Down 1994
06 (3:12) Me And My Cousin – Let Your Rhymes Run 1994
07 (5:05) Spice 1 – Dumpin’ ‘Em In Ditches (Extended Version) 1993
08 (4:37) Dr Dre – Nuthin But A G Thang 1992
09 (4:08) Warzone – Lucky Charms And Rainbows 1994
10 (3:39) Gripsta – Pop Goz The 9 (Reggae Mix) 1995
11 (4:50) Aceyalone – The Guidelines 94 (1994)
12 (4:49) Ice T – That’s How I’m Livin’ (Remix) 1993
13 (2:57) TPS – Once Upon A Time In The Jungle 1992
14 (3:56) Volume 10 – Sunbeams (Remix) 1994
15 (4:54) Black Population – Death Row 1992
16 (2:35) Dre Dog – Mutha Fucka Ft Cougnut 1991

Volume 7 —

01 (0:50) Funk Squad – Disaster (Intro) (Portland 1997)
02 (4:21) Maniac Lok – 9 Times Out Of 10 (Portland 1995)
03 (4:25) Jay-Skee – 12 Gauge (Seattle 1993)
04 (3:53) D.c.p. Organization – Gangstaz Came To Rock (Seattle 1993)
05 (4:39) Mac Ten Posse- – Til Ya Satisfied (The Dope Mix 92) (Portland)
06 (3:49) Concrete Minds – Pimp The Hood (Seattle 1993)
07 (4:13) E-dawg (Ft. Filthy Rich) – Little Locs (Seattle 1993)
08 (4:42) Sinsemilla – Traffic (Seattle 1996)
09 (3:27) Crafty – Mic Cheka (Seattle 1997)
10 (3:41) Lost Trybe Of Hip Hop – Hitmen (Portland 1996)
11 (4:54) Black Anger – Feel What I Feel (Seattle 1997)
12 (4:30) M.A.D.D. – Back In The Days (Portland 1994)
13 (4:00) Unknown Artist – Northwest Valley Funk (Year Unknown)
14 (2:15) Mr D Sane – Mickeys Ice (Seattle 1995)
15 (3:02) F-Lee – Ready 2 Die (Seattle 1995)
16 (5:08) D-Folk Pre-Znn – Gotta Geta Way (Portland 1995)
17 (1:06) J Dee – Outro (Portland 1995)
18 (5:23) Mackin Rob – Ride Wit Me (Portland 1994)
19 (4:49) Unknown Artist – Northwezt Style Of Flow (Year Unknown)
20 (1:44) Pork – Out Of There (Portland 1995)
21 (4:48) Izaya – Jus Thinkin (Seattle 1997)

If anyone can identify tracks 13 and 19 for me I’d sure like to know! Thanks for reading/listening, enjoy.

— Schenectadyfan

West Coast Vibes Volumes 4 And 5 (1990-1997)

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Here we go with another collection of west coast gems for your ears today. I grew up on west coast hip hop. I was into keyboard funk years before I heard Smif-N-Wessun or the Crooklyn Dodgers. Volume four here has some familiar names and a number of obscure selections. You’ll find a mix of So-Cal and Bay Area, with a couple northwest tracks thrown in for good measure. D.c.p. Organization and F-Lee are both from Seattle.

Volume 4 —

01 (4:43) Ice T – New Jack Hustler (1993)
02 (3:16) Threat – Four Deep (1993)
03 (1:10) Paris – On The Prowl (1990)
04 (3:52) Volume 10 – Tricks’n’Hoes (1994)
05 (5:24) J.G. – Put Down The Guns (1994)
06 (3:26) Goldmoney – Money (1992)
07 (3:48) Street Mentality – Hollywood
08 (4:45) Aztec Tribe – Straight From The Zone (1994)
09 (3:36) F Lee – Like 2 Bounce (1995)
10 (4:38) Next 2 Kin – Death Before Disaster (Tx ?)(1994)
11 (4:42) Grimm Reaper (MF Grimm) – So Whatcha Want Nigga ? (1994)
12 (5:27) Do Or Die (Ft. Jedi Knights, Will Hen, King Dre) – Powder Hard (1994)
13 (4:17) D. Lyrical And The S.A. Mob – Hoodlum Town (1994)
14 (6:13) Jayo Felony – Livin Foe Dem 4 Thangz (1993)
15 (4:05) D.C.P. Organization – Nothing But A Come Up (1993)
16 (5:28) AMG – Ballin’ Out Of Control (1995)

Volume 5 focuses mostly Seattle and Portland. There are a few tracks from California too that you west coast heads might know. Local favorites would have to include numbers 4,5 and 8. Maniac Lok casts a spell on me. ‘If they keep smoking’ is a hard knocks look at crack cocaine. If you don’t listen to west coast hip hop much, give this track a shot. The bass line and haunting flute have me hooked.

Volume 5 —

01 (3:41) Kam – Hang Um High (Los Angeles 1993)
02 (3:55) Cool Nutz – Emeralds, Angels And Roses (Portland 1992)
03 (3:01) Emerald City Playaz – Twistin’ Corners (Seattle 1995)
04 (5:30) Maniac Lok – If They Keep Smoking (Portland 1994)
05 (4:30) D-Folk Pre-Znn – Get Bakks (Portland 1995)
06 (2:07) Pork – In There (Portland 1994)
07 (4:13) Kazy D – 1.8.7. B.A.D.D. Boyz (Columbus Village Mixx)(Portland 1995)
08 (5:07) M.A.D.D. – Dont Get Caught (Portland 1995)
09 (2:58) T Bone – Soak Game (San Francisco 1994)
10 (4:08) Woops
11 (4:49) II S.M.F. – I Aint No Good (Southern California 1992)
12 (4:09) High Performance – So You Wanna Be A Gangsta (Seattle 1990)
13 (3:08) E Dawg & Filthy Rich – Drop Top (Seattle 1993)
14 (3:25) Jay Skee – Menace Crook (Seattle 1993)
15 (2:35) Pete Miser – One Tall Glass of Wine (Portland 1996)
16 (6:38) Prose And Concepts – Allone In This Field (Portland 1995)
17 (3:44) Mc Mr Tink – Victim Of The System (Compton 1994)

I go back to these volumes again and again. Dig in and I think you’ll find some definite replay value here. Leave some feedback, thanks for checking this series out!

— Schenectadyfan

West Coast Vibes Round 2

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

This is volume 3 in my west coast compilation series. Mostly bay area again, with a few exceptions. I’m pretty sure everyone here is from California, save for Funk Daddy who hails from Seattle. “One bitch, two bitch, three bitch, four, I don’t call ho’s bitches anymore”. Jesus I love Funk Daddy. The rest of this compilation is also pretty slammin though so check it out beginning to end. Other favorites would have to be tracks 3, 5, 15 and 16. Whew, that was hard. I like the whole thing, I hope you do too.

01. (00:03:51) Poetry In Motion – Gun Checka – 187 Mode (1993)
02. (00:03:39) Kam – Neva Again (1993)
03. (00:03:54) Kaos – Fade To Black (1995)
04. (00:03:24) BlackJack – One N’ Da Chamber (1993)
05. (00:04:44) Goldmoney – Nothin (1992)
06. (00:04:15) Paris – Wretched (Amerikkka’s Most Wretched Mix) (1991)
07. (00:03:10) Juvenile Style – Puro Pedo (1993)
08. (00:03:55) Father – R And B Swinger (1993)
09. (00:02:52) Funk Daddy – Funk Theme (1994)
10. (00:04:26) Ray Luv – Mo Careful (1994)
11. (00:02:57) W.C. And The Maad Circle – Wet Dream (1994)
12. (00:01:19) D-Bone – Instrumental (1994)
13. (00:04:29) Black 9 – Depths Of Below (1995)
14. (00:04:08) Night Owl – San Diego (1997)
15. (00:05:19) F1 Network – Mirror Mirror I See A Killer (Hatespells…)(1991)
16. (00:02:36) Big Ocean Mobb 415 – Brothers In The Coupe Ride (1990)
17. (00:03:41) Souls Of Mischief – Never No More (1993)
18. (00:04:15) Another Level – What’s That Ya Say (1994)

Leave some comments, share your feedback. Thanks for checking this out.


West Coast Vibes 1991-1995

Friday, May 14th, 2010

As you’ve probably figured out by now, east coast hip hop is what I listen to most. Don’t get me wrong though, my tastes run wide and deep. I love the west coast as well. Unfortunately I tend to forget about it, which is a shame. The west has represented since day one. This compilation is mostly bay area, with a few exceptions. Some of my favorites are ‘Gangsta At The Door’, ‘Last Nite’ and ‘Life After Darkness’. If you’re a fiend for basslines and keyboards get your fix.

Download volume 1 here–

01 (3:37) Casual – That’s How it is (Disseshowedo Remix) 1992
02 (2:55) Section 8 – Where Im Comin From 1992
03 (3:06) Volume Ten – Pistol Grip Pump (Extravagant Dogheart Mix) 1994
04 (4:03) Sam Sneed – Ya Better Recognize (Remix) 1995
05 (0:41) Darkside – Newt Clownin’ Commercial 1994
06 (4:21) F-1 Network – Tired Of The Jackin 1992
07 (4:26) The Governor – Governor’s Taxin’ 1992
08 (4:25) Murder Wone – Can’t Fade Me 1994
09 (4:47) FM Blue – Gangsta At The Door 1992
10 (3:43) Darkside – Back The Fuck Up 1994
11 (4:47) The P.O.P – P.O.P Funk 1993 (Realized he was from Dc after i bought a couple other of his singles, woops)
12 (4:48) Ray Luv – Last Nite 1994
13 (4:11) World Renown – Come Take A Ride (Nj ya, but this is the ‘West Coast Vibe’ Mix) 1994
14 (6:30) Black Dynasty – Don’t Forget Where You Came From 1993
15 (5:46) Steady Mobb’n – Blood Money 1993
16 (5:47) The Delinquents – The Alleyway 1994
17 (6:05) True Blue N.O.T.S. – Nigga’s Off The Street 1992
18 (3:28) Jet – Life After Darkness 1992
19 (3:30) The Mack Clan – The Mack Clan 1992

Download volume 2 here —

01 (3:14) Geetas – See Ya Later Bye 1992
02 (4:01) W.C. And The Maad Circle – Put On Tha Set 1994
03 (3:51) King Tee – Just Flauntin’ 1993
04 (5:16) Ray Luv – Fo Ya Ass “Raymond’s Dead” 1992
05 (3:43) Ice T – Straight Up Nigga 1991
06 (3:27) D-Cal – Trigga Drop 1994
07 (3:03) Endangered Species – Lyrical Gangsta 1993
08 (1:19) D-Bone – Instrumental Interlude 1994
09 (4:42) Da Folks – Sik Thoughts 1994
10 (4:28) Budwyser & Darace – Homies On The H.P. Hill 1992
11 (2:28) Black Menace – It Aint Mine 1993
12 (4:10) Reckless Abandon – Reckless 1994
13 (3:57) Kmg Featuring Cold 187 – Hella Connected 1993
14 (5:07) Spice 1 – D-Boyz Got Love For Me 1994
15 (4:49) Preachaz – Ride The Noise 1993
16 (5:56) Askari X – Ward Of The State II 1995
17 (4:14) Kid Sensation – Seatownmania 1995
18 (5:59) King Dre – Every Day It Aint The Same (W/ Do Or Die) 1994

Leave some comments, tell what’s new to you. Thanks for reading, enjoy!


Great EPs: E-40 – "The Mailman"

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
Fresh from the “Illest EPs Ever” thread over at the forum, here’s a Bay Area classic from the legendary 40 Fonzarelli.
Originally released in 1994, The Mail Man follows the trends set on previous efforts such as Mr. Flamboyant and Federal; E-40 kicks rapid-fire, humorous tales thick with his trademark “slanguage” over slumping mobb-style beats produced by Studio Ton and 40-Water himself. However, what distinguishes this EP from those earlier releases is a more polished, consistent sound; this most likely stems from the major-label backing bestowed upon 40 by Jive Record, the imprint that would later re-release his earlier efforts. Along with this improved production, The Mail Man shows 40 really solidifying his now-trademark style, and it shows. So many solid tunes on this record, including the all-time classics “Captain Save-A-Ho” and “Practice Lookin’ Hard.”
Despite the transgressions made by E-40 over the past 6 years and numerous attempts to tarnish his legacy as a Bay legend, the grip of full-lengths and extended plays that he dropped from 1991 to 1996 more than make up for it. The Mail Man is no exception. So drop ya drawls and get some 40 Water in ya life, yadadibooboo?
1. “Neva Broke”
2. “Bring the Yellow Tape”
3. “Practice Lookin’ Hard”
4. “Ballin’ Out of Control” (featuring Levitti)
5. “Where the Party At” (featuring The Mossie)
6. “Captain Save a Hoe” (featuring The Click)
7. “Mailman”
8. “Captain Save a Hoe” (Remix) (featuring The Click)

Great EPs: Digital Underground: "This Is An EP Release"

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

You really ain’t know hip hop if you ain’t know the legendary Digital Underground. Likewise, if you’ve never danced your ass off to this song at a house party while singing “I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom,” then you should probably bounce and go listen to some Flo-Rida or something. These dudes are Oaktown legends, and are unfairly remembered more for the fact that they gave Tupac his start in the industry than the music that they made.

Digital Underground is a fantastic rap group, don’t get me wrong. However, I’ve got to admit that they have their faults, at least musically. As the mighty ego trip Monkey Academy once said, D.U. has “one great album, one decent EP, and far too much bullshit after that.” Whereas this may be perceived as a little harsh, there’s a modicum of truth to it. Sex Packets is indeed a classic hip hop album; it’s bawdy, rambunctious, and totally fun. Unfortunately, after releasing this seminal piece of music, something caused D.U. to fade away into the ether.

So what happened? Too ambitious, indulgent? The constant revolving-door cycle of artists coming in and out of the D.U. camp? The actual bloatation (is that even a word?) of the group into near-Funkadelic status, with dozens of musicians, graphic artists, dancers shuffled into the collective? Who knows. I suppose that’s a question for another day and another blog post. For now, we’ll be focusing on just one of the other high-quality releases by Digital Underground: 1991’s This Is An EP Release.

Essentially a continuation of the Sex Packets sound and themes, This Is An EP Release rides the Parliament vibe, eschewing the sample-driven sound and embracing live instrumentation; this is some of the funkiest organ work you’ll ever hear on a rap record. 6 songs deep, all killer and no filler. It might not be the perfect EP but it’s pretty damn close. Do yourself a favor: scoop this up and play it next Saturday night. I guarantee it will not disappoint.

1. Same Song
2. Tie the Knot
3. Way We Swing
4. Nuttin’ Nis Funky
5. Packet Man (Worth a Packet Remix)
6. Arguin’ on the Funk

– Echo Leader