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Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 29-32 (1990-2010)

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Here at last are the last 4 volumes in my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series. As always there is a wide range of styles so if something doesn’t grab you, keep listening. There are more than enough dope, rare cuts to go around. Tracklists and links are after the jump, as always. Now that I’m posting the ‘last’ 4 volumes, I’d like to put out a request. If you’re from Baltimore/Washington Dc/Virginia and you have some other underground hip hop not seen on my compilations please hit me up! Some of the things I’d like to find are:

Apb – Don’t know the album name, but it features the track ‘Black Cloud’.
Aradamus – Life Is A Humbling Experience Ep (Washington Dc 1999)
BlackHead Assassins Ep (Baltimore 1994)
Black House – Dark Streets (Washington Dc 199x)
Deuce4k – In The Neighborhood (Washington Dc 1993)
Enoch – Fickle Mind State (Tape) (Washington Dc 1997)
Lucky Loots – The Soldiers are Comin… (Washington Dc 1996)
Mahdi Mobb – (Dyin’) Ona Humble (Washington Dc 1993)
One Man Gang – Tryin To Get Over (Tape)(Maryland 1993)
The Flatliners – Dc Style Ep (Washington Dc 1993) (Not the New York crew who put out ‘u.s.a’)
The Outsidaz – The Huh (Baltimore 1994) (Not Young Zee’s group, this was produced by Joe Davidge) (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 26-28 (1991-2010)

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Getting down torward the end here, up for grabs today are volumes 26-28 in my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series.  I know alot of our readers are probably ‘old school’ heads for the most part, but don’t let that stop from you from checking out some of the newer material featured here. The Package stands out in particular. Every track I’ve heard from them rips. Dc locals
will certainly recognize the name ‘Opus Akoben’. If you liked their albums keep your eye out for The Package. Also, I believe the  tracks by Sparrow and Global Plantoon on Volume 26 are unreleased. Tracklists and links after the jump. (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 23-25 (1990-2010)

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Coming at ya with volumes 23-25 in my Baltimore/Washington Dc series today. For those who’ve been following these posts you already know the Bmore/Dc compilations are loaded with obscurities. That’s not to say there aren’t some more well known artists featured too, but the hip hop scene in the ‘DMV’ is still mostly underground. If you haven’t checked these out yet don’t sleep!  I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make him drink. I can encourage a horse to take a big, long, satisfying swig from a deep well though. If anyone out there can share the full album from APB I’d love to hear it. I have looked for a long time, and only ever found a single from them. Dope shit, makes me wonder what the full length release is like. Also,  or those who are wondering you can generally find more info like where I found the tracks, audio sources, credits for contributors, etc, if you read my nfo files. Tracklists and links after the jump. (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 20-22 (1990-2005)

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Here we go again with that Baltimore/Washington Dc underground. Up for grabs today are volumes 20-22. As is generally the case, there are some dope and obscure cuts so don’t sleep even if you do know some of the material. I can almost guarantee you’ll find some new tracks. There is some music that I think you’ll return to, now and in the future. Tracklists and links, after the jump. (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 17-19 (1990-2007)

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Today we’ve got volumes 17-19 in my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series. Volumes 18 and 19 are some of my favorites out of all 32 editions so listen up. Sagat’s ‘Funk Dat’ came out as a single in 1993. It’s one of my favorites songs off his album.  If anyone wants to hear it, hit me up in the comments section with a request for ‘My Poem is… The World According To Sagat’. Download links and tracklists are t be found after the jump. (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 14-16 (1991-2007)

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Fresh off the heels of the last set come the next three editions of my Baltimore/Washington Dc. There are some obscure and dope cuts so don’t pass these over. If I had to pick some favorite tracks I’d probably go to ‘down with cpc’, unda pressha, and who’s this. I won’t lead you astray though. Let me know what ya like. Links and tracklists are after the jump. (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 11-13 (1991-2005)

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

In this post-election haze it’s clear to me that underground hip hop from the DMV area has been worlds apart from the gloss of national politics for many years. I know this isn’t news to natives of the region but it’s especially stark to me at this point in time. What will it take to have an honest national discussion where everyone is involved and has a palpable stake in what happens to our country ? The not-so-covert spending of well heeled political  ‘action committees’ makes it more important than ever to encourage independent voices. I’m not going to pretend  that every track featured here is revolutionary but hip hop as an art form has always fostered insight, dissent and debate.  It’s time to spotlight the scene there because it offers a huge amount of music some of which is quite though-provoking and deserves widespread attention.

I’m going to try posting these compilation batches back to back. I don’t want to overload anyone but I do want to make it possible for people to get the whole Baltimore/Washington Dc series in a relatively short period of time. What we have here are volumes 11-13. Test the waters and sink your oars in, I think you’ll come paddling back this way again. Download links and tracklists can be found after the jump as per usual. (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 8-10 (1990-2006)

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Ok so I was going to a Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation flood, with all 32 volumes. It’s probably more effective to just go with a few at a time so people have a chance to absorb them. Slow digestion probably creates more anticipation for the next set anyway. I have to admit I cheated a bit with ‘First State Alliance’., (Yes I own the tape) but Delaware isn’t far off the mark and isn’t really fertile ground for hip hop, as far as I know. If anyone from Delaware cares to school us, please do so! Today we’ll bite off a small chunk and come back for 22 more courses later. Damn, must be gettin’ near Thanksgiving. For now, whet your appetite with volumes 8-10 in my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series. Playlists and download links are after the jump! (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 7

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Man it has been a minute..

I have to apologize for my lack of output lately. Been moving, seeking work, my boot drive crashed, etc. Feels good to be back. I’ll be posting again on a regular basis soon. Hope y’all are still giving the last volume of my Baltimore/Washington Dc series a few spins. Today I’m bringing you volume 7. A couple of my favorites this time are numbers 1 and 14. I know some of you Bmore/Dc natives check these compilations out so if there are any suprises speak up!

01 (4:54) Da Mad Onez – Chapters (Baltimore 1997)
02 (1:54) New Testament – Halls (Baltimore 1995)
03 (5:20) Torcha N Da chamber – Funk Freka (Baltimore 1995)
04 (3:50) The P.o.p. – Wide Awake (Washington Dc 1992)
05 (3:08) Diamond K Presents – The Westside Bonus (Baltimore 1995)
06 (1:27) Hecklers – St. Paul & Lombard St (Baltimore 2003)
07 (4:03) Baaad Influence – Bunwatcher (Washington Dc 1995)
08 (1:00) Blak Kaos – Kaos Bio (Washington Dc 1996)
09 (4:00) Madd Syco – Nuthin Ta Play Wit (Baltimore 1995)
10 (4:35) First State Alliance – Side By Side (Delaware 1994)
11 (3:54) Big U & The Madhouse Crew – Do Ya Wanna Ride (Lanham Md 1995)
12 (3:43) O.h.e – Rest In Peace (Lanham Md 2002)
13 (4:24) Ring aka ‘Massive Ring’ – One Game (Left To Play) (Washington Dc 1996)
14 (3:43) Under Achieva’z – The Newz (Washington Dc 1996)
15 (3:29) Sorce – Comfort Zone (Baltimore 1995)
16 (3:53) K Mack – Do Or Die (Baltimore 1995)
17 (4:39) Stir Crazy – Tables Turned (Baltimore 2002)
18 (2:00) Dj Overcast – Shit Goes Down (Washington Dc 2001)
19 (3:06) Pro and Reg – Bricks 2 Bmore Featuring Tame One (Radio)(Baltimore 2006)
20 (1:17) Hugh Lord – Baltimore’s On The Attack (Baltimore 1992)
21 (3:33) S.c.u. – Ware Da Son Dont Shyne (Baltimore 1996)
22 (2:59) Backland – Industry Backdown (Baltimore 2006)
23 (2:49) Natures Problem – Baltimore Streets (1997)

Thanks for listening! Let me know what you think.


Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 6

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Here’s volume 6 from my Baltimore/Washington Dc series. This is one of the compilations I’m most proud of. It’s packed with obscurities. Out of the 300+ compilations I’ve done, this is probably the one I spent the most money on. That ‘random rap’ doesn’t come cheap ya know. Yes DWG, some of this material is actually new to you. I know I say this alot, but I return to volume 6 over and over. The phrase for today is ‘shelf life’. To my diggers out there like ThomasV, U/No is Nonchalant’s 1st group before she started out on her own. My favorite track though has got to be the cut by ‘Capitol Punishment Crew’. Ripped from cassette, the tape cover tells us it was recorded and mixed at ‘the studio above Discount Mart’. I have to wonder how many unheard classics were recorded at the mysterious and now much hallowed Discount Mart. Dc natives speak up!

Download here

01 (4:49) the p.o.p. – claim’n my city (washington dc 1992)
02 (4:03) u/no – hip hop (remix) (washington dc 1993)
03 (4:17) capitol punishment crew – down with cpc (washington dc 1991)
04 (4:23) ii ta’ life – gimme dat (baltimore 1991)
05 (3:02) massive ring – funk wrecker (washington dc 1993)
06 (4:07) diffarent kombonation – international (washington dc 1996)
07 (4:47) hue lord, verbal, derrick rebel, timmy 2x, and clepto – catch the contact (baltimore 1998)
08 (2:24) madchild – untitled (lanham 1995)
09 (3:36) raunchy fella – sleepers (baltimore 1996)
10 (4:05) questionmark asylum – lookaway (erick sermon remix) (washington dc 1995)
11 (4:15) mad max squad – lots of love (freestyle) (baltimore 1998)
12 (3:29) jb the messenga and lo ‘the god mc’ – rap shit (baltimore 2001)
13 (3:38) whitelock city – bobba hop (baltimore 1997)
14 (4:30) raw elements – 20 below (radio) (baltimore 1997)
15 (3:48) circle of native vibes – east is red (baltimore 1997)
16 (3:28) norm skola – norm skola (baltimore 1998)
17 (4:38) baaad influence – come alive (washington dc 1995)
18 (5:09) khaos and dba – analyze the style part 2 (baltimore 1992)
19 (1:50) endzone boys – redskin pride (washington dc 1992)
20 (2:45) skrap jack – the bitch set me up (baltimore 1990)
21 (3:22) sam the beast – lockdown (45 king remix) (baltimore 1996)

Some of the tracks you might have a hard time tracking down elsewhere include numbers 1-3, 7, 11-13, and 16-20. Remember Marion Berry, crack-smoking mayor from the district ? We all know the bitch set him up! These regional compilations are one of my favorite things to do so if you like them let me know! Thanks for reading.