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Touring The States: New Orleans, LA

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

What do we have here is a ’96 cassette single from one time No Limit member Mac and a lady, Storm. Both of the tracks are really smooth and both of them were produced, as credited on the cover, by Mac, Storm & DJ Wop.
Mac is currently serving 30-year prison term.


Mad Or Jealous

01. Mad Or Jealous (Street Mix)
02. Mad Or Jealous (Radio Edit)
03. So Fly Feat. Kone

—>Download Mac & Storm<—



Touring The States: East Palo Alto, CA

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

I always enjoyed listening to albums that came out from East Palo Alto. The city has spawned so many good artists and groups such as Sean T, Chunk, Totally Insane, Mac & A.K.Rated X,  to name a few, but Parts Unknown with their release Time For Turmoil has to be my favorite EPA release.

Parts Unknown are Kilo G, C-Dub and Code “Z”.

Album immediately starts hard with the track “911 Funk” which is actually a diss towards another EPA group “Rated X” (members Cap’N Crunch later known as C-Funk, Cool Breeze and DJ Ajax).

There are 2 guest appearances on the album:
– track #4 featuring Young Mack and K-9 who were actually a group called S.I.C. (Sic Insane Criminals),
– track #9 featuring Sean T and Top Dog. They were both in group called M.O.G. (Murder One Gangstas) together with another member named Caous (Kaos).



01. 911 Funk
02. NuTack Remix
03. Unknowns Wet Dream
04. Aud. 1 – Another Day In EPA
05. EPA City
06. Time For Turmoil
07. Smoove
08. Shit Talking Blues
09. Aud. 2 – Trade Mark
10. Radio Version Of The Underground

Download Parts Unknown – Time For Turmoil


EDITOR’S NOTE: This tape is currently being pressed to vinyl and up for pre-order for their everyday low price of $20. COP THAT HERE!!


Touring The States: Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta and Vegas music.
Pipe Bomb, Act-A-Nut, Mack Vill’n and Foolish P. form this group. This was their debut release and besides that, they have one more album on their count, but that album dropped 6 years after the debut in 2002.
You think everything is shiny, bright and marvelous in The City Of Lights? If so, then this album right here is perfect material for you. This will open your eyes about what was happening in Las Vegas besides gambling, fun, partying, and women. You will see a darker side of those “lights.” We encourage you to listen the samples first, to see if this isn’t too big of a bite for you. After listening this album you may never look at “Sin City” the same way ever again.

Murderous Klick
Maddness N Evil Ways (1996)

01. Intro
02. Murderous Klick
03. War Zone
04. Itchin Trigga Finga
05. Why Is There Murder?
06. Death Follows Me
07. 4.2.0. On A Po-Po
08. Maddness-N-Evil Ways
09. Last Struggle B-4 Death (Raw ’96)
10. Last Struggle B-4 Death (Radio ’96)
11. Outro


I would like to thank to Skibble, who ripped this in the highest quality with scans of the inset


— Markshot

Vegas Music

Touring The States: Fairfield, CA

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Don’t have much info about Tesz. He’s from Fairfield, album dropped on Out-Bac records. He also appeared on a few Out-Bac compilations, on tracks together with B-Legit, Little Bruce, Celly Cell, Mac Mall, Richie Rich.


01. Intro
02. My Money Keeps Tellin Me
03. Dosia Side
04. This Type Of Funk
05. Fools Like Dat
06. Smoke Box Blunt Break
07. The Knock
08. Blow Up The Planet
09. Ghetto Funk From The Bay
10. Ain’t No Sunshine
11. Tales From Tha Strip Feat. O.E.
12. Fuck Yous

–>Download Tesz – Tales From Tha Strip<–


Touring The States: Houston, TX

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

We’re still in Texas.

What can i tell you about this album is that it is pure smoothness. Well ok, only track number 5 doesn’t fit in the “smoothness” concept, but you will like this album anyway, i’m sure.


01. Sunny Day Parlee
02. Coupe De Lack
03. It’s The Weekend
04. Pimp Tight
05. Aggravated Tank
06. Yo Bro
07. South Coast Jazz
08. Can You Dig It
09. Jazzy Jeep
10. Lil Dog Gone Bad
11. Nasty Thoughts
12. Wings Of No Love
13. It’s The Weekend (Remix)

–>Download It’s The Weekend<–



Touring The States: Fort Worth, TX

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

More Fort Worth classics.

Gena Cide are Six 2 and El-Dog. You may find yourself more familiar with Six 2 as he was featured on Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic 2001” and on D.O.C.’s “Deuce” album.


01. Channal Changes
02. Waste Uva Cular
03. Geto Ride Intro
04. Geto Ride
05. Da Citi
06. On The G
07. Sumthin 2 Fuck Wit Cha
08. Pympin Aint Changed
09. Neva 2 Much Luv
10. Take A Bullet
11. Mi Mon E Lookin Fun E
12. Burn 1
13. Koke-Kanin Thang
14. Country Shouts
15. Geto Ride (Instrumental)
16. Waste Uva Cular (Reprise)

–>Download Waste Uva Cular<–



Touring The States: Fort Worth, TX

Friday, May 6th, 2011

-Quote from Wikipedia:

One Gud Cide was formed in 1991 by Twisted Black and Evil Seed in Fort Worth. The group’s initial progress was slowed when Twisted Black was shot in the face and lost half of his jaw in what he claimed was an assassination attempt. By 1995, the group had achieved underground success with the album Look What The Streets Made, which sold 10,000 copies in less than 30 days. The group’s career was interrupted once again when Twisted Black, whose real name is Tommy Burns, was sentenced to three years in prison on a parole violation. Work on the group’s follow-up album Contradictions was interrupted by that incident.

Contradictions was finished and eventually released in 1999 on Suave House Records. It included contributions from hip hop mainstays like Eightball of Eightball & MJG fame and UGK”.

**15th track appears only on re-release, original release form 1995 has 14 tracks.


One Gud Cide – Look What The Streets Made (1996)

01. Intro
02. Time To Be A Man
03. Convictin It
04. Makin It Right
05. Game Of Life
06. Mama Told Me
07. Remember Me
08. Skitt
09. Years Ago
10. Loco Vs State
11. Let Them Colors
12. Brothers
13. Going Crazy
14. Where Do I Go
15. Terror In The Gulf Coast

–>Download One Gud Cide<–



Touring The States: Phoenix, AZ

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Pretty much everything about Mr. Iroc you can find down below in those 3 videos.

Do not sleep, this album is dope!


01. Finally On Tha Map
02. One 4 Tha Money
03. Once Again
04. I Wish They Come Back
05. You Will Never Be Forgotten
06. Take A Deep Look In My Eyes
07. Don’t Think I Could Flow
08. Throw Your Hands In Tha Air
09. Str8 Flowin
10. Gangsta Ball
11. Humpen
12. Already Knowin
13. Let’em Know
14. Memories
15. If I Don’t Give A Fuck
16. Tha Symphony
17. Just Anotha Day
18. Tha Product

–>Download Mr. Iroc – Finally On Tha Map<–

Videos after the jump. (more…)

Touring The States: Richmond, CA

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Filthy Phil is said to be the first rapper who used the phrase “Player Hater“. On the same titled track he explaining that term.

His second tape, The Manhunt, Filthy Phil released while he was on the run from the FBI for shooting and killing police officer. He appeared on Americas Most Wanted.

He also released album in 2002, “Money Hungry Hustler“, but for some reason he quickly pulled all of the remaining copies off store shelves and retired from the rap game.

Thanks to Trunk Muzik for the infos.


01. Consequences
02. The Payback
03. Player Haters
04. Party In The Projects

–>Download Consequences album<–

01. The Manhunt
02. War In The Streets
03. Deadgiveaway
04. B.I.T.C.H

–>Download The Manhunt album<–


Touring The States: Oakland, CA

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Mac Fleet is originally from Oakland, but he moved in the early ’90s to Pittsburg to stay with his grandparents.

Thanks to Rod Hilton, if i’m not wrong he’s the owner of Cash N Records, who was kind enough to provide us that  information.


Mac Fleet – Right On Time [Tape] (1994)

01. Right On Time
02. Right On Time (Instrumental)
03. A Night Like This
04. A Night Like This (Instrumental)

–>Download Mac Fleet<–