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OpJay Interview: Meyhem Lauren

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

If you haven’t been following, our lil’ brother blog OpinionatedJay has been running weekly feature called Tuesdays with. This past week Meyhem Lauren was the guest and he talks his latest collabo with Buckwild, Action Bronson in the kitchen, his thoughts on Riff Raff, Pusha T, Aesop Rock and Lord Jamar’s latest comments about white rappers. Don’t forget to stayed tuned for more interviews dropping every Tuesdays on

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Did Self- Induced Illness have too many (41) tracks on there for its own good?

Yes it did and a lot of them got over looked because of that.

Looking back would you have done anything different with the release? As much as I enjoyed it, even for me,  it was a bit overwhelming at times.

I don’t regret it because putting out all of my material on one project forced me to move forward and create new music but I definitely should have split that project into two albums.

You did How The Gods Chill with Sean Price and Roc Marciano and shortly after you all spoke about doing a collabo album. What the fuck man?

That was taken out of context. Sean was really saying that we are all fam and work closely together. We never sat down collectively and discussed doing an album.

I read online that the project between you and Buckwild came together because of Dante Ross, Action Bronson’s former manager. Considering Action and him had a very public falling out, I have to imagine your relationship with Dante Ross was a bit strained.

Buckwild X Laurenovich drops Feb 2014. In music or any other business, people don’t always see eye to eye but D and Action have no current issues. They went there separate ways but there is no beef.

If this were 2003 would Riff Raff be getting a pass?

It’s not 2003 and in 2013 Riff Raff is a big deal, so either embrace it ignore it or cry the blues to some one who will listen. I’m not directing that at you but in 2013 that’s all we can do.

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Thirstin Howl The 3rd ft. Professor X

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Now, that’s more like it.

Thirstin Howl, perhaps more than any rapper still active other than Ghostface, has always repped for that ’87-’92 NYC everything era even as his styles progressed. I know the homies with blogs titled “Uncanny Era” and “Lattisaw Tapes” and “It Was Posted” and the like have to be feeling this: Thirstin channeling Brother J with some perfect Professor X ad-libbing thrown into the mix. This will transport you to that time, isolating only the good parts. Black boot stomping. X-Clan hair with dreads at the top of your fade. Forever scrounging for enough spare cash to hit the arcades or the record store. Army gear and Calvin Coolers. Africa medallions and Airmax 1s. You get the picture. — Thun

Random VLS Drops – Hyperdermic Needlz (1995)

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I‘m going to be dropping these random vinyl rips to quench that extra thirst for more T.R.O.Y. material that we all get sometimes. Just on some bonus treat end of the night steez.
(fresh 320kbps vinyl rip, cell phone cam scan)

A1 Hyperdermic Needlz – Always (raw mix)
A2 Hyperdermic Needlz – Always (radio)
A3 Hyperdermic Needlz – Always (instrumental)
B1 Hyperdermic Needlz – Word Up (raw mix)
B2 Hyperdermic Needlz – Word Up (radio)
B3 Hyperdermic Needlz – Word Up (instrumental)
This one is pretty nice. I’m partial to the b-side, “Word Up”, because of the more mellow tone and the seemingly leisurely original flow that the second guy on the mic spits. And you can never go wrong with sampling Redman’s quotable, “no matter who you are, you still catch a bullet scar.” Don’t sleep on “Always”, though. It’s dope, ’nuff said.
This was executive produced by Thirstin Howl III (legendary Lo Life skillionaire who was supposed to be working on an album with Sadat X in 2008 and they were recently seen in the studio together, peep the link on his name)and released on “Cook Rock Records”. I believe this was their only release. I don’t know who’s who on these songs, but the record credits the writers as Napalm Bomb, Non DaScrip, and Breez, and was produced by Sonata.
Enjoy and expect a lot more of these ranging from known to unknown, but always dope.
And check the hyper links in the post. There’s an article on the history of Lo Life and a great interview with Thirstin in there.