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T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: D.I.T.C. For My Whip [Compilation]

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

This is compilation that i made to listen it while driving in my whip. After i finished it i thought maybe it would be a good idea to share it, some might find it interesting.

Main goal was that tracks must have heavy basses so that i can pump it up loud, shaking the whip. Second, i wanted to put as much as possible Diamond D tracks and featurings which including either his production, heavy basses or heavy lyrics, or all of that three.

You may ask why haven’t i included some tracks from “Word..Life”, well i have that album burned already and i like to listen to it from a to z.

Shorty Long once was affiliated with Lord Fineese, but after that single, he continued working with DJ Mike Smooth, but that track, that beat is sooo hard, making you wanna break something or somebody.

Lord Finesse’s production from 93-96 was so pure, crisp and clear, with heavy bass lines and drums, you just enjoy when you hear that clearness.

So basically those are some of my favorite D.I.T.C. tracks. I wanted to include few more tracks and i know you may ask why you left out this track or that track, but it is how it is, and there wasn’t any more free space on the cd.

**dirt_dog on the cover.


01. Showbiz & A.G. – Never Less Than Ill
02. Diamond D – Best Kept Secret
03. Lord Finesse – Fat For The 90’s Feat. A.G.
04. Diamond D – ‘x!x!’ What U Heard
05. O.C. – Outsiders
06. Lord Finesse – Pull Ya Card
07. Diamond D – Red Light, Green Light
08. Showbiz & A.G. – You Want It Feat. Diamond D & Party Arty
09. Lord Finesse – You Know What I’m About
10. Diamond D – MC Iz My Ambition Feat. Don Barron
11. Big L – Devil’s Son
12. Diamond D – You Can’t Front (…It Is Real) Feat. Sadat X & Lord Finesse
13. Shorty Long – Shorty’z Doin’ His Own Thang
14. Showbiz & A.G. – Still Diggin’ Feat. Diamond D
15. Fat Joe – Watch The Sound Feat. Grand Puba & Diamond D
16. Diamond D – What You Seek
17. Lord Finesse – Check The Method
18. Diamond D – The Hiatus
19. Lord Finesse – Gameplan
20. Diamond D – Gather Round
–>Download D.I.T.C. For My Whip<–


East Coast Rarities Volumes 22-29

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Ok so I’m back in action with my east coast series. Because there are over 100 of these east coast 12 inch compilations, I feel like I need to bring them to you in bigger batches. On the front burner today are volumes 22-29 in the series. Lots of obscure herbs and spices here so get cookin’. If you need volumes 20 and 21 you can find them here.

The tracklists and links for volumes 22-29 are after the jump. Enjoy! (more…)

Every One Leg Up Record

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Last month we laced you with the Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “Basement Demos” EP prior to it dropping. In fact, we’ve pretty much done that with all their releases. Big shout-out to One Leg Up, but here in the U.S. we’re living in what you might call a recession so dropping $80 on a piece of wax doesn’t rank high on the priority list.

So for those who didn’t get a chance to cop or download, now you can get them all-in-one!

Shouts to kotep puttin’ in the work. –Philaflava

Download 1-4 (8.27.12)

Download 5-7 + LTD1 (8.27.12)

OLU-001 Herb McGruff, The Demo EP
OLU-002 Cenobites, The Demented Thoughts EP
OLU-003 Lord Digga, The High Plains Drifter EP
OLU-004 DJ Mike Smooth Presents Shorty Long, The South Boogie EP
OLU-005 The Beatnuts, The Intoxicated Demos
OLU-006 Pete Rock And C.L. Smooth, Basement Demos EP
OLU-007 Brand Nubian, The Now Rul Files EP
OLU-LTD1 Godfather Don The Ill Funk Freaker EP

And attention struggling rappers. If you have some DATs tucked away that you’d like to release , hit up the guys at One Leg Up and get you some of that Euro money! We might bootleg in the U.S., but we do it with love. Surely you don’t think the homies in Corona Queens are shelling out $100 on that Beatnuts record, do you? Well neither can we….

That is NOT Richard Pryor