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Best Of VLS (Vol.5): "Clouds Of Smoke – 4/20"

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Once again, you can find Volumes 1 and 3 of this series here on the blog. But Volumes 2, 4 and maybe a few future drops will be exclusive to the Skypager mailing list. You can sign up by clicking here or by typing your email underneath the Skypager to the right of the page. There’s a few other things you might be interested in at the Skypager group, too. And you can also refer to the link above to the past volumes to see the list of VLS blogs that have been linked and scoured in the making of these compilations. I must give Crates Of AG another shout for posting that Ill Distracxion track that I had been looking for.

Okay, so I never really got into the 420 thing myself, but I know there are heads out there that might not mind a little ‘get high’ compilation. I figured I would meld some known weed cuts with some of the obscure tracks from them VLS blogs out there and the finished product is pretty heavy. The instrumental supplemental only contains beats for half of the songs on the compilation this time around. Sorry about that but I couldn’t find the rest.
Clouds Of Smoke:
01. Top Quality – Magnum Opus
02. Nice N SmoothHow Many Blunts (Vin Roc Mix)
03. Boodah An Da Bandit – Brain On Drugz
04. Lord Digga – High Like A Bird
06. Mike Zoot – Live and Stink
07. 50 Grand – Max Mode
08. Chief Kamachi, Rahsheed, Rich Medina – J. Edgar Hoover
09. Ill Distracxion – Calm Wit Da Trom
10. Supernatural – Buddah Blessed It
11. Rubbabandz – Purple Rain
12. HDM – Real MC’s
13. Izm Da Mad Soul – Who Lit Dat
14. Finsta Bundy – Feel The High
15. PHD – Kick That Shit And Get High (ft.KL[RIP])
16. Channel LiveMad Izm (Buckwild 95 Remix)
17. Royal Flush, Channel Live, Mic Geronimo – Smoke Session
18. Diamond DNever (ft. Sadat X & K. Terribul)

Don’t sleep on the links. There’s some bonus downloads, videos[besides the 2 above], information, and overlooked posts. Enjoy.

Editor’s Note: Certain installments of the “The Best Of VLS” series were only made available to members of our Skypager Google Group/ Mailing List, so sign up here or at the pager in the sidebar.

My Uzi Weighs 66 Sextillion Tons

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Self Scientific

MC Chace Infinite and Dj Khalil make up this ill LA bred duo.They’re most known for their anthemic independent single,”Return“, from 1998. But they had quite a few other notable songs besides that and dropped their first full length album,”The Self Science,“in 2001. Dj Khalil’s beats lead one to think that he probably has a really dope record collection, rare Latin grooves in particular. I still don’t know what he sampled on most of his songs.And Chace Infinite drops gems on everything found here. The first line on “Sublevel Dominance” shows the depth of lyricism that Chace brings. “My uzi weighs 66 sextillion tons and rotates around the Sun, I represent the light.”
Here’s a ten track folder of some choice material by them,from singles and the album, from the years 1997 to 2001.Stand out cuts include “Degrees”,”Sublevel Dominance”,and “Evergreen”.
Download 10 track Mediafire folder here
Check their discog here, check their myspace here