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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 3: Holiday Edition)

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

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For some, it doesn’t feel like the holidays until we see our pals John McClain, Kevin McCallister or Ralphie Parker. Episode 3 is our holiday special and its packed with classics from OutKast, Redman, Common, Lord Finesse, Big Pun, Nas, Screwball, The Roots, Mad Skillz, The Beatnuts and L.O.T.U.G., plus new music from The LOX, Snowgoons, Meyhem Lauren and Hus Kingpin & SmooVth. And what’s our show without a little banter? We each discuss/diss our favorite years in hip-hop as well as our guilty pleasures. Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this show!

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Kamakazee – Head On (Promo Cassette 1995)

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Here is the other gem skater4041 dropped on us. It’s the Queensbridge duo Kamakazee (KL & Solo). Some of you might remember them as 1/2 of the group Screwball. This promo has been one of the tougher finds and now our journey ends. K-Def or Marley, I’m not 100% sure who is behind it but all I know is the beats knock. T.R.O.Y.’s lacing you with the goodies before the weekend. –Philaflava

Kamakazee – Head On (Promo Cassette 1995)


A1 Snakes In The Grass
A2 Spread It Around
A3 Da Rocks Y’All
A4 Shakedown
A5 Goodlife
A6 Mo Murder Mo Crime
B1 House O’ Hitz Crew feat. Hostyle & Black Poet
B2 Rhyme Crime Profession
B3 Orgy Style
B4 Devastating
B5 Head On
B6 Bridge 95

U.S.C. Hip Hop NYC Real Deal Underground

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

When i first saw this compilation in the store, i must admit that the only artists that were familiar to me were Screwball and Godfather Don. After spotting the production credits from DJ Spinna, The Beatnuts, Erick Sermon and Marley Marl, I thought that I could handle the cost and copped it. I never regretted this investment.

There is no track that i can say is a weak link. I’m still unfamiliar with two names on here, Slade Savage and Big Meal, so feel free to fill me in on their info if you know anything.

You will enjoy this one, we can guarantee you that.

VA – U.S.C. Hip Hop NYC Real Deal Underground (1999)

1. Kamakazee – Snakes (Produced By Marley Marl)
2. Screwball – Cookies And Cream (Produced By Mike Heron For Ghetto Pros)
3. Powerule – Rock Ya Not Quick (Pdoruced By Erick Sermon)
4. Triflicts – Genuine (Produced By The Beatnuts)
5. IG Off & Hazardhous – In The Air (Produced By DJ Spinna)
6. Screwball – They Wanna Know Why (Produced By Mike Heron & Ghetto Pros)
7. Gab Gotcha – On The Job (Produced By The Beatnuts)
8. Hostile – Beatem In The Head (Produced By Bezo)
9. Fanat – Zoo York (Produced By A Kid Called Roots)
10. Godfather Don – Piece Of Action (Produced By Godfather Don)
11. Big Meal – Niggas, Pimps And Players (Produced By Vic For Ghetto Pros)
12. Godfather Don – Bomb Baby (Produced By Godfather Don)
13. Slade Savage – War Stories (Produced By Bezo)
14. Screwball – On Point (Produced By Mike Heron For Ghetto Pros)




Screwball "F.A.Y.B.A.N." vs Onyx "Bichasniguz"

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The T.R.O.Y. forum’s newest moderator ODnet, recently posted a poll which pits anti-bitchassness anthems Screwball “F.A.Y.B.A.N.” and Onyx “Bichasniguz” against each other. My personal preference leans towards Screwball. Firstly, I prefer the darker, conspiracy-obsessed 1995 incarnation of Onyx to their initial obstreperous “Mad Face Invasion” image, and more importantly, Screwball are just better at castigating their targets. In my humble opinion, that is. Get your vote one in the ongoing thread and let us know which song most effectively addresses the centuries-old problem of bitch ass niggas.

— Thun

PHD (Poet & Hot Day)

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

“We’ll be the dopest duo comin outta Queensbridge” Craig G & Marley Marl

The name PHD stands for “Poet & Hot Day”. In 1986, Poet would start his career with QB producer Rockwell Noel. They are best known for their critically acclaimed ’87 diss toward KRS One titled “Beat You Down”. They would follow up in ’88 with “Taking U Out” which was even stronger than “Beat You Down”, and harshly attacked both KRS’s then wife, Ms. Melodie, and DJ Red Alert. Poet would then join fellow QB producer Hot Day who had already released an album on Tuff City in 1989. They would released their first album “Without Warning” as PHD in 1991. I suggest that you read this wonderful review (Click Here) of “Without Warning” done by Thun (Oh Word, TROY Blog). That would be their only full length album but they would release a numerous number of 12″s throughout the 90’s. Hot Day is also known for putting an early Cormegaon his solo & PHD’s album. T.R.O.Y. regular Markshot who recently blessed you with those Ras Kass singles, laced us all the PHD 12″s from 1993 to 1996.


PHD – Without Warning
PHD – The Vinyl Years

Thanks to Ho1ogramz for Noel Rockwell & Poet EP

–Thomas V