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Best Producer on The M.I.C.?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

When Diamond D said he was the best producer on the mic, we kinda agreed with him. Sometimes that self-proclamation just sells itself. When you hear “King of Pop” we all think of just one person. Over the years, many producers have taken a stab at rhyming. DJ Premier started as a rapper before he met Guru. The Alchemist and his buddy Scott Caan were The Whooliganz before ALC became a household name. Today, you have many multi-talented artists who do both very well. Black Milk is a perfect example. El-P another one. Roc Marciano and MF Doom handle most of their production too. This isn’t anything new in hip-hop, the God Rakim did many of his own beats. Legends like Large Professor, Erick Sermon, RZA, Lord Finesse or Havoc have always been equally talented on both ends.

But this poll is about picking just one. Who is the best producer on the mic? Now before you vote, understand, this list could have been as long as Schindler’s if I included everyone. The reality is, this comes down to maybe just a few guys when you truly think about it. And I’m willing to bet whoever you think should be added, isn’t better than the few guys I’m thinking about. It’s not that I don’t recognize many of the newer cats putting in work, but for this poll I went with guys who have been holding it down for decades, not just a few summers. These are guys with healthy track records, impressive catalogs and classics tracks under the belt. These aren’t artists who got a little too drunk one night and spit 16 bars. These are producers/rappers who truly have mastered the art of both. They are the Bo Jacksons of hip-hop.

Remember, you aren’t picking your FAVORITE producer or your FAVORITE rapper in this poll. You’re picking the extremely talented producer who you feel is the BEST rapper in this poll. Essentially, the best producer on the mic!

There can only be one, so who’s it gonna be?

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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 4: Wu-Tang Tribute)

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

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To many, Staten Island is known as the dump. To us hip-hop heads, it’s known as Shaolin, the home of the Wu-Tang Clan. Who would have thought a group of 9 rappers would have changed the game, but they definitely did. Nobody has ever done hip-hop like WTC and I’m pretty sure nobody ever will. While The Wu is one of the most respected and beloved group of all-time, a two hour tribute doesn’t seem long enough. That said, here is our tribute that should help remind you that Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F*ck Wit!

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Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang Clan: Protect Your Neck (Wu-Tang Full Demo Tape)

Thursday, February 4th, 2016



Here is the ’91 demo tape RZA put together to shop their deal, which eventually landed them on Loud Records. The rest is history.

01. Ason Unique – Wu-Tang
02. Shaquan, Prince Rakeem & Baby-U – Your On
03. Prince Rakeem & Ason Unique – The Wu is Comin Thru
04. Prince Rakeem – Wu-Tang Master
05. Prince Rakeem – Problems
07. Prince Rakeem – It’s All About Me
08. Prince Rakeem, Shaquan, Baby-U, Inspectah Deck – I Gets Down For My Crown
09. Prince Rakeem – Taking Heads Off
10. Prince Rakeem – It’s Murdah
11. Prince Rakeem & Raekwon – Brind Da Ruckus
12. Prince Rakeem & Ghostface Killah – Tearz
13. Prince Rakeem & Ason Unique – Freestyle
14. Prince Rakeem – Ohh We Love you Rakeem

Download Alternative Link 

Props to ’94 Hip-Hop for the link.

So the Wu-Tang reunited on Jon Stewart last night…

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Listen, I love me some Wu but there are 9 active members as of now. You mean to tell me all 9 were okay with this atrocious hook on their new single “Ron O’Neal?” The song itself seems fine for 2014. It’s what you might expect, especially based on that new album cover. But daaaaaaaamn, we really gotta continue with these cheesy Miguel-type hooks for this group? I’m thoroughly pleased they’re all back and looking happy. Meth is on another planet the way Jon playfully puts his hand over his face while he is talking. U-God looks healthy. Cappadonna looking like the freshest cabbie we know. Masta Killa looks like an extra from Sons of Anarchy. Rae mumbling about some philosophical bullshit but at least he’s getting paid now.  All of this is good news but that hook. Yuck! What do you think about the latest Wu single?

The actual interview

The Digital Revolution: A Critical Analysis of RZA As Bobby Digital In Stereo

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

“Bobby Digital is about what molded me: comic books, video games, the arcade scene, breakdancing, hip-hop clothes, MCing, DJing, human beatboxing, graffiti plus Mathematics and the gods. That’s hip-hop to me.”

-RZA on Page 91 of The Wu-Tang Manual (more…)

Bobby Digital In Video

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Bobby Digital Video Shoot, 2000

Like most Wu-heads, I’ve been hearing that The Rza’s unreleased Bobby Digital movie, Bobby Did It, will finally see the light of day for damn near a decade (( Though a screening was indeed scheduled to occur Friday, June 4 at the St. George’s Theatre as part of the Staten Island Film Festival (see the 3rd to last comment here), I’m yet to hear from anyone who was actually in attendance. I don’t doubt that this screening occurred, but it’s as if Bobby zapped the audience members with a fazer gun that wiped their memories or swore them to secrecy.)), so when Wu-Tang’s official Facebook page posted on March 27, “We are about to give some of that Bobby Digital movie,” I took it with a grain of salt. Not surprisingly, the clip still hadn’t arrived when I checked back the next day. Nevertheless, I looked again on April 2 and though it still hadn’t been posted, while searching YouTube I stumbled on something else, something I’d never even heard of before: the Bobby Digital Cartoon Pilot. This got me wondering what other Bob Digi footage is hiding out in the cybernetic back alleys of the information superhighway.

So without further adieu, we bring to you live in stere-ereo, Bobby Digital in Video. (more…)

Wu-Tang Forever?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Who ever thought we’d see the day our beloved Wu Tang members would desperately cling for relevancy? There is no denying the Wu is one of the greatest, most influential and successful groups of all-time. Growing up there was point when every Wu release was met with tremendous excitement and copped with ease. Even the Wu affiliates were copped, every one from Shyheim to GP Wu to Killarmy all the way to Royal Fam.

They’ve been responsible for a plethora of classics, both solo and collective efforts. But if we’re all being honest here, we know the last release that was truly worthy of its praise was the ’09 Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II. Way before that and certainly well after, there hasn’t been much and when I say before that, I meant for a long period of time. Once the dust settled and the hype dissolved, we later realized albums such as 8 Diagrams or the 11 year old Iron Flag were simply not up to par. They were not how we wanted to remember the Wu. (more…)

T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Weekly (Week 26)

Monday, January 30th, 2012

At the rate I’m going, it’s more like Wu-Whenever.

This promo interview cd had eluded me during my massive collecting days. But last year I spotted it online in .flac format, now converted it to 320 for you to enjoy. And it’s not really the Wu-Tang Clan, but all RZA and just Ol’ Dirty Bastard on the last track.

Wu-Tang Clan-Exclusive Interview CD (Promo) (1997)

Part 1 The RZA aka Prince Rakeem
01 How Did The Wu-Tang Clan First Get Together?
02 Is There A Philosophy Behind The Band’s Name?
03 How Did You Come Up With The TItle Of The First Album “Enter The 36 Chambers…”?
04 What Role Does Each Member Play In The Wu-Tang Clan?
05 Who Are The Extended Members Of The Clan?
06 What Is The Title Of The New Album And The Philosophy Behind It?
07 Can You Explain The Concept Behind Your Upcoming Album?
08 Besides You, The RZA, Who Is Involved Production Wise?
09 What Inspires And Motivates You As A Producer And As A Lyricist?
10 How Do You Create Your Music / Lyrics For Wu-Tang?
11 In How Far Are You Involved In The Packaging Of Your New Album?
12 What Does The Logo Mean To You?
13 What’s Your Creative Input In Wu-Wear, Your Clothing Line?
14 How Would You Describe Wu-Tang’s Vision For The Future?
15 Can We Expect Another Album From Wu-Tang As An Entity?
16 Tell Us About The Next Upcoming Wu-Tang Projects / Solo Albums
17 Have You Thought About Making Movies In The Future?
18 How Does The Wu-Tang Clan Stand Out From Other Groups And What Is The Key To Your Success?

Part 2 Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Ossirus
19 WU Stage Shows / Entertainment / The Dirty Way Of Life



Method Man “Tical Instrumentals”

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I’ve been on the hunt for this piece for years. From what I remember, it was a generic silver CD-R that you got from when you (pre?) ordered Tical 0: The Prequel. A little incentive to buy Meth’s album? I guess I didn’t move quick enough because they were gone in a flash. The CD-R had 8 tracks, including the mystery “Unknown” beat. RZA produced? Who knows.

The other 7 tracks I added myself. 1 from vinyl and 6 from cd singles.

Thanks to for putting this out back in the day. And special thanks to Rick D and his NYC connect for getting this to me.

Method Man – Tical Instrumentals
01 Sub Crazy (Instrumental)
02 I Get My Thing In Action (Instrumental)
03 All I Need (Instrumental)
04 Meth vs. Chef (Instrumental)
05 Biscuits (Instrumental)
06 Bring The Pain (Instrumental)
07 Unknown (Instrumental)
08 Release Yo’ Delf (Instrumental)
09 P.L.O. Style (Instrumental)
10 Method Man (Skunk Mix Instrumental)
11 Bring The Pain (Chemical Instrumental)
12 Release Yo’ Delf (Prodigy Instrumental)
13 I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By (Razor Sharp Instrumental)
14 I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By (Puff Daddy Instrumental)
15 I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By (Soul Inside Instrumental)

new .rar link 7/13/12

new .zip link 3/5/15


Wu-Tang Clan & Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Looks temping doesn’t it? –Philaflava

Wu-Tang Clan & Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold

01 Intro 01:21
02 House of Flying Daggers 03:35
03 When the Fat Lady Sings 03:31
04 Last Call 03:13
05 Holla 03:07
06 The Wind Cries 02:51
07 What’s Happenin’ 03:42
08 10 Bricks 03:08
09 The Experience 00:55
10 Live Today 03:23
11 Hey Joe’ 01:55
12 It’s Not A Game 04:59
13 Street Rap 02:26
14 Kiss The Sky 00:52
15 KFF2000 02:48
16 PLO Style 02:37
17 I Can’t Wait 01:13
18 Special Delivery 01:27
19 Summin’ Gotz To Give 01:16
20 Vibrations 04:43
21 Dirty Fox 02:58
22 Tooken Back 03:53
23 Burning the Midnight Lamp 01:24
24 The Hood 02:55