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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 5: Respect The Architects)

Monday, February 13th, 2017

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This is the first installment of several “Respect The Architects” episodes we’ll be doing. It’s important to not only remember, but respect the pioneers, the originators and the emcees who have influenced in hip-hop as we know it today. While shows like The Get Down or Hip-Hop Evolution have done a great job with the visual side of things, episode 5 is all about the audio. Our topic of the show is what emcee opened your eyes to hip-hop and made you hit that rewind button until it broke? Sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy the sounds of LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions to name a few.

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Rick Rubin Compilation (1984-1989)

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Words cannot express how much I appreciate Rick Rubin. If you’re no stranger to the Philaflava message boards, you’ll know I even dedicated an entire forum to the man. There may not be a more accomplished producer to have mastered almost every genre of music. Whether it was LL Cool J, T-La Rock, Run DMC, Beasties, Slayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Danzig, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, NIN, Jay-Z or Lana DelRay, Ricky Rubin has pretty much worked with every accomplished artist you can think of. Below is a mix our homie claaa7 was kind to cook-up. Respect the God. –Philaflava

Rick Rubin Compilation (1984-1989)

01. T La Rock – “It’s Yours”
02. LL Cool J – ” I Need A Beat” [Original]
03. LL Cool J – “Rock The Bells” [Original]
04. Beastie Boys – “Rock Hard”
05. Hollis Crew “It’s The Beat”
06. Run DMC – “Christmas in Hollis”
07. Jazzy Jay – “Def Jam”
08. Junkyard Band – “The World”
09. Jimmy Spicer – “This is It”
10. Jazzy Jay – “Cold Chillin’ in the Spot”
11. Run DMC – “Jam Master Jammin'”
12. LL Cool J – “Going Back to Cali”
13. LL Cool J – “Jack The Ripper”
14. Run DMC – “Mary, Mary”
15. Queen – “We Will Rock You” [Remix Reduced by Rubin] [*]

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2 Turntables And A Microphone (Jam Master Jay Documentary)

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Legendary hip-hop DJ Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master Jay, is gunned down in his Queens studio. Security tapes of the incident mysteriously disappear, the five witnesses are uncooperative and no one is talking…until now. 2 Turntables and a Microphone documents the investigation of the unsolved murder of Jam Master Jay. Exclusive, candid interviews with 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Russell Simmons, RUN-DMC, LL Cool J, The Game, and more offer insight into Jam Master Jay’s life – including information that could finally help police solve the murder that shook the music world to its core.

Peace to william g. for the link. –Philaflava


I’ma Addict For Sneakers

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Stream the track while reading…

Lexicon – Nikehead

For as long as any of us can remember, sneakers have been synonymous with hip-hop. It’s a perfect marriage and to this day both use one another for inspiration. Whether it was RUN-D.M.C. telling us about their Adidas or Nas’ confessions on his addiction or favorite brand, sneakers have always been prevalent within the hip-hop community. Today it’s common to hear cats like Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Bun B and T.I. to commonly reference sneakers. (Click all hyperlinks)

But out of all the sneakers, there is only one staple of the hip-hop community and that has to be the Air Jordans.

A few years back there was this preeminent documentary titled Just For Kicks. It was about the sneaker phenomena and the marriage of hip-hop. It featured the likes of Grandmaster Caz, D.M.C., Damon Dash, Bobbito Garcia & King Ad Rock spittin’ their favorite stores or dropping science on the birth of kicks like Nike Air Force Ones aka Uptowns.

I would strongly encourage those, like myself, who are indeed sneaker addicts to cop the movie at your local store, but for in the meantime definitely check out the full 82 minute video here.

It’s no secret that emcees influence many of us. It’s also no secret that those very emcees are influenced by their environment, so in essence we all play a role in this. A lot of stand in line for hours (some days) at places like Alife Rivington Club, Flight Club, Shoe Gallery or Ubiq just for the latest limited release, retro or exclusive colorway.

While sneaker companies go to great lengths at befriending rappers like Bun B, Kanye West, Fat Joe or Nelly in hopes of promoting their brands to millions, it’s ultimately us the consumers who dedicate what becomes the hot item. Because after all if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense, right?

So next time you’re in line at Foot Locker and you happen to do a double take because you think you just saw your favorite album appear on a sneaker shirt, rest assure you’re the reason why. Jordan Brand is not run by Michael Jordan. It’s not even run by the HDIC, Gentry Humphrey, who after all is just a Jordan stan. No, It’s run by young guns scrambling to reconnect with you and take your dollars. The great MJ couldn’t name 5 A Tribe Called Quest tracks if his life depended on it. It’s the recent 20-something grad who his trying to appeal to the 30-something recovering addict. It’s not a coincidence that Jordan Brand just released 3 hip-hop related themed shirts that all happen to feature 3 bona fide classic albums covers.

So next time you pop in that Midnight Marauders album will you be rockin’ your Jordans to make the cipher complete? –Philaflava
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Shout out to the folks at Nike Talk & KicksOnFire.

Rev Run presents Sin Assasinz (1995)

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

In 1995, Rev Run released his self-produced gospel project “Rev Run Presents Zoe Bros, Soul Tempo, Sin Assasinz”. Being the first and only release on Rev Run Records, the album did not do well sales wise. According to Soundscan, it only sold 2,000 copies. Many fans taught that Run was doing this as a publicity stunt, they didn’t follow up on the release.

The hip-hop group Sin Assasinz, rnb/hip-hop group the Zoe Brothers and an a cappella quartet called Soul Tempo were all involved in the project and they each have three solo tracks. I believe that the only group worth checking on this ep is Sin Assasinz. All of their tracks are always on point. The production they received from Run was incredible, JMJ even co-produced on one of the songs.

People are sleeping on this…

“On a recent Sunday, the Bishop had just finished his sermon when Alberto Aponte and Kenneth Cook took the stage before an unlikely gathering of silver-haired matrons and street-toughened youths. Wearing hip-hop gear and pressing microphones to their lips, the 18-year-old rappers from the Bronx began strutting beside the altar with all the macho bravado that fans of rap music have come to expect.

But instead of spewing out the misogynistic and boastfully violent lyrics that send politicians and religious leaders into a tizzy, Sin Assasinz, as they call themselves, rapped about Jesus, heaven and forgiveness.” Andrew Jacobs

01 Sin Assasinz – Things Ain’t What They Used to Be*
02 Sin Assasinz – Precious Lord, Take My Hand-Let Me Stand^
03. Sin Assasinz – What Is a Sin Assassin

Produced by Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons
Additional Production from Larry Smith* & Jam Master Jay^


— Thomas V