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Take It Personal – Episode 21 w/Apathy & Vanderslice

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Season 2 kicks off with special guests Apathy and Vanderslice. We talk classics, dickhead rappers, Griselda rappers and drum-less beats. Ap touches on his upcoming project Widow’s Son, his collabo with Pete Rock and also shares some feelings about the Perestroika support. Vanderslice, an extremely dope beat maker himself, is brutally honest and brutally funny too. Nobody is safe when he is on the mic, not Talib Kweli, not Q-Tip, not Pete Rock and not even our homie Big Ghost. Episode 21 sounds like Stretch & Bob meets Viva La Bam. We pay homage to graffiti and have bangers on this show from Smoothe Da Hustler, Das EFX, Company Flow, Lord Finesse, Artifacts, EPMD, Conway, Roc Marciano, Real Live, Jedi Mind Tricks & Red Hot Lover Tone. Strap on the seat belt, cuz ’18 is going to be one hell of a ride on Take It Personal.

DL show:

T.R.O.Y. Presents – Moet Drinking, Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller

Monday, April 7th, 2014
We first hit you with “Brothers Want To Hang With The Meth.” A 14 track Method Man sample compilation and now we’re back with one for Mr. Nasir Jones. We could create dozens of compilations comprised of all Nas samples, especially material off Illmatic, but we took 18 old and new joints and threw them together for you. Peace to dirt_dog for always cooking up some marvelous images. We hope you enjoy our 2nd installment in our sample compilation. –Philaflava
00 VA - Moet Drinking Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller - cover
T.R.O.Y. Presents 
Moet Drinking, Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller
01 Jay-Z – Dead Presidents (Original) (CDS – 1996)
02 O.C. – Born 2 Live (Eclipse Remix) (Eclipse Remixes Circa 94 – 2004)
03 Mic Geronimo – Hemmin Heads (Shit’s Real 12”  – 1993)
04 Kool G. Rap – 4, 5, 6 (4, 5, 6 – 1995)
05 Real Live – Real Live Shit (The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama – 1996)
06 Big L – Ebonics (The Big Picture (1974-1999) – 2000)
07 De La Soul – Vocabulary Spills (Smell The DA.I.S.Y. – 2014)
08 Darc Mind – I’m Ill (Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill – 2006)
09 Jeru The Damaja – Invasion (New Jersey Drive Vol. 2 – 1995)
10 Pete Rock – Half Man Half Amazin feat. Method Man (Soul Survivor – 1998)
11 Deda – Press Rewind (The Original Baby Pa – 2003)
12 Black Attack – Correct Technique feat. Problemz (My Crown 12” – 1997)
13 Basement Khemists – Correct Technique (Beyond Real Experience – 1999)
14 Nuthouse – Correct Technic feat. Diamondback & Planetary (Good Vibe Recordings – 2000)
15 Laster – Searchin 4 Meaning (Searchin 4 Meaning 12” – 1998)
16 Jigmastas – Beyond Real (Beyond Real 12” – 1996)
17 Lexicon – Nikehead (It’s The L!! – 2001)
18 Raekwon – Sneakers (Immobilarity – 1999)
Download Link 1  Link 2

Real Live, Danny Brown, Rakim & Slee’Stackz: City Ruins

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Real Live’s The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama is an album that flew under the radar of most heads at the time but is now occasionally praised for its vision and sound. ((I wrote a review for The Turnaround a while back that I think does a decent job describing their sound.)) Producer Larry-O’s beats are neither overproduced nor undercooked. They are loud, vibrant, and layered, but they breathe in the right spots. They are coated with exactly the right amount of sheen but never sound sparse or slick like so many other beats from the same time. K-Def’s work on Turnaround may not be the highlight of his discography ((This distinction belongs either to his work on the Lords Of The Underground debut album Here Come The Lords or Tragedy The Intelligent Hoodlum’s sophomore album Saga Of A Hoodlum.)) but it serves as a bridge between the Marley Marl/Pete Rock school of production from which he was mentored and the lush, soul-infused early 00’s sound of Kanye West and Just Blaze.

Larry-O’s rhyming is either excluded from discussion about the group’s merits or dismissed as unworthy of K-Def’s craftsmanship, but I beg to differ: his meditation on inner-city blues in “Ain’t No Love” is not the work of a merely adequate rapper. (more…)

Sample Compilation 4

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

This time we start off with one of the greatest intros for a rap song ever.”Strange Games and Things” by Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. EPMD immortalized this song on their banger of an album,”Business As Usual“. K-Def also used it effectively for the Real Live joint off of the “High School High” soundtrack. Then, check out the Maze track that Money Boss used, 10 minutes of smoothed out soul that gets pretty heavy 6 minutes in. “Is It Because I’m Black” is another one of those Civil Rights era songs that still holds weight today. Moving along, another beautiful piece of work by the late great Minnie Riperton. I got to say I like No ID’s sampling of this the best. And,lastly,we wrap this mix up with one of my favorite RIP dedications ever, Gangstarr‘s “In Memory of..”. Primo chopped the original song up lovely, and Guru delivers some choice story telling rhymes. Enjoy and stay tuned…

01. Strange Games & Things

02. EPMD – Manslaughter
03. Real Live – Get Down For Mine
05. Money Boss Players – Sat. Nite,Sunday Morn.
06. Ryo Kawasaki – Bamboo Child
09. Wu Tang Clan – Hollow Bones
10. Minnie Riperton – Take a Little Trip
12. Del – Stress the World
13. Biggie Smalls – Me and My Bitch(og demo mix)
15. GangStarr – In Memory Of..
download complete compilation here


Thanks to godmc for the Biggie demo and thanks to drizzle for the Maze track.
Props to RacquetballGangsta for the Syl and Wu tracks.

No My Brother, You’ve Got to Buy Your Own

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

e could throw up links for albums all day (and trust me, we do) but there comes a time when one has to do the right thing and purchase music; there are certain albums one should own. Below are some great out-of-print releases we suggest. Some go for a pretty penny and some can be bought for just a penny. Feel free to use this post as a buyers/sellers guide if you will. We have provided direct links to each album so you can purchase or sell with just one click. You just might be surprised to find out that some of the very CD’s you own are worth more than some of your stocks today.

* prices are based on current listings 10/6/08
Release date: April ’89
Best price: $50
Release date: June ’89
Best price: $2
Release date: July ’93
Best Price: $284 (that’s not a typo)
Release date: Aug ’96
Best Price: $40
Release date: May ’95
Best Price: $5
Release date: Oct ’93
Best Price: $1
Release date: March ’93
Best Price: $7
Release date: June ’94
Best price: $12
Release date: May ’93
Best price: $33
Release date: Aug ’93
Best Price: $1
Release date: Jan ’03
Best Price: $29
Release date: Oct ’96
Best price: $40
Release date: Jan ’93
Best price: $1
Release date: March ’92
Best price: $ 32
Release date: July ’96
Best price: $3

Release date: Oct ’96
Best price: $26

Release date: Aug ’94
Best price: $52
Release date: July ’94
Best price: $53
Release date: July ’93
Best price: $1
Release date: April ’93
Best price: $3.50
Release date: Aug ’96
Best price: $60
Release date: Oct ’94
Best price: $12
Release date: Aug ’95
Best price: $3.5