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Foul Play – The Wild Pitch Demo (EXCLUSIVE)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Foul Play hardly needs an introduction to the hardcore hiphop fan.  However, very little information and material has been made available to the public. Hailing from Tacoma (near Seattle) Washington, Foul Play is made up by rappers Tommy Gun (aka Messiah) and Hooligan, with beats by Mario. They were later joined by rapper Young Have Not. Also, cuts on the tracks were made by Seattle’s DJ B-Mello. (more…)

Stretch And Bobbito Focus Continues: Demos & Promos (Terror Green, Akinyele, Timbuktu, etc.)

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Thanks to Irish Craig for this tape cover. Peep his blog out here for some other goodies.

You will be blessed here, believe that. But first I wanted to apologize to our readers for the down right screwy way that Stretch and Bobbito Month went down. As you probably know, our blogspot was closed down dead in the middle of SnB month which made it look like this project was brought to a cease. But it’s not, we’re going to extend this for as long as necessary. Of course, all of the posts here will not be related to SnB, but we will still steadily bring you much coverage and have an impressive arsenal on the way. So stay tuned. Press “read the rest of this entry” for some exclusive (to the internet) treats below… (more…)

OC – Ozone Originals EP

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

A1. Outsiders [produced by Buckwild]
A2. Would You Believe? [produced by Buckwild]
A3. Kick A Rhyme For The Record [produced by Mark Pearson/John Mcgann]
A4. Stretch And Bobbito Promo (MC Serch intro)[produced by Dj Eclipse]

B1. Brothers Are Fake [Mark Pearson]
B2. That Bad Motherfucker [produced by Dj Eclipse, scratches by DJ Riz]
B3. Sugar [produced by Buckwild]

No Sleep Recordings dropped this about a month or two ago in a limited 250 copy vinyl pressing. It sold out in less than a week, I believe. Allegedly, this is only Part 1 and hopefully Part 2 will be dropping soon. After a pretty long hiatus, No Sleep has really come back knocking their latest releases out the park.

This isn’t material that was deemed mediocre or just didn’t make it to the LP back in the day. This is quality OC/DITC material. So by the time we get part 2 of this, it should be about a dope album’s worth of vintage 1993 OC. We’re all hoping for a few of the demos Bobbito or Stretch played back then will make it on to part 2. But my favorites here are definitely “Snakes” and “Kick A Rhyme For The Record”. “Brothers Are Fake” and the rest of tracks are no slouches either.

Enjoy and keep your eyes open for part 2!


Stretch And Bobbito Month: Setting It Off

Friday, October 1st, 2010

From today until the last day of October, we’ll be presenting you with as much Stretch and Bobbito related material as possible. And hopefully a bunch of ill gems you haven’t heard yet.

From the artists who got their first breaks on WKCR to Fondle ‘Em, one of the prototypes of the independent hip hop label model. From the success of Fat Beats and Sandboxautomatic, partially or even largely due to heavy promotion on the show, to Footworks, books, magazine columns, worldwide notoriety and so on and so on…
It all stemmed from this show.
Before we hit you with some of that homemade flan with the extra caramel, take some time to go back through some of our older Stretch and Bobbito related posts:
Plus, peep:
And/or join the TROY forum to help us finish plotting out the show’s history and help with tape rips.
Okay, party people, when you’re done with all of that, what better way to start this month off than with an ill promo that’s been recently released in high quality? The following two joints were taken from the recently dropped “OC – Ozone Originals” from No Sleep Recordings.
OC – Stretch And Bobbito Promo [DJ Eclipse production] 1993
And here’s another banger:
OC – Outsiders [Buckwild production] 1993

Big L – Gorilla In A Phone Booth

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

These limited 12″s shipped out about a month ago so I’m gonna guess that it’s been online for download for a while now. If not, I’ll remove the link at the label’s request. I won’t include the instrumentals, just the two songs. I figured we should bless you with this and urge you to go support, and cop at:

The price tag is type high, especially for nowadays, but you can get a nice package deal with the new Nutrageous/Freestyle Professors EP and bonus 45. Definite bangin’, raw early 90’s sounding stuff for heads like us, don’t sleep. The FP’s really haven’t deviated from their raw Bronx heavy sound since 1994, and that is especially refreshing in nowadays keyboard preset plagued, computer programmed, ultra crispy clean sounding world.
Take a peep at the Showbiz produced og version of “No Endz, No Skinz” here:
And the Showbiz produced og version of “Give It To Em L” here:
So, apparently these tracks were on the original version of Big L’s first album, produced entirely by Showbiz, that burned up in a fire at Jazzy Jay‘s studio. How these songs got found, nobody knows, but this IS some historic shit right here. I know the price is high, but if you’re a Big L enthusiast, you should really grab this one. And you get more than just the Big L tracks if you cop because it’s actually a “double 12” and the other piece of wax included is the previously unreleased 3 tracks, with instrumentals, by emcee Silky Black. Two of which are produced by Showbiz and one by the mighty Lord Finesse. I believe they pressed up about 400 copies but I could be mistaken. The reason for the pricing in nowadays price dropping, over saturated limited market, was probably from dealing with greats like Lord Finesse and Showbiz, not to mention Big L’s estate. I’m merely speculating here, so don’t try to eviscerate me in the comments.
The record also comes with a couple of sheets describing the release and the difference in lyrics and the whole story behind the record.
Cop here:
Big, big ups and crazy thanks to Ed Catto, Showbiz, and Branesparker(you can cop his EP with Nutso[f/k/a Nutrageous] in the previous link) for putting this project together and bringing us the unreleased goodies!

Up North Tip: Cold Front Record Release Party (1991), CKLN 88.1 FM Radio Rarities

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

A while back I wrote the first entry in my Canadian hip-hop series, which focused primarily on the Cold Front Rap Compilation of ’91. This is a little late, but to accompany that piece on one of the finest compilations ever crafted, here are two videos from the record release party. Courtesy of our homie Andyman187:

As detailed by Andyman, in his original blog entry:

This is something special for my Toronto headz! Here we have the Cold Front Record Release Party at Live At The BBQ featuring interviews with Executive Producer John Bronski and various groups involved in the project. You also get an ill freestyle cypha with DJ X on the wheels dropping beats for Toronto's finest out in the parking lot of Much Music. Featured Emcee's include Base Poet, Thrust & 10-Kay repping KGB, Sonya Live, Maestro Fresh Wes, T Soul, Kish, Motion, as well as former Maestro Manger and Canadian Idol judge Farley Flex stepping out and kicking some lyrics which had the crowd going crazy!

Note: The first video has the interviews and some performances, the second has the freestyles. Please, do yourself a favo(u)r and peep these treats. The freestyles capture the essence of what rap performances are all about, and possess the socially interactive and congregational aspect of hip-hop that is often absent and sorely missed on wax. When have you last seen an artist kick a funky fresh freestyle to commemorate the release of his or her record?

While everyone rips the mic on their turn, I’d also like to say that I’m a sucker for talented female emcees, and damn, these Canadian sisters are doing their thing here. Imagine, women being respected for their artistry by fans and executives–males and females alike–without having to succumb to bullshit pressures about their appearances and exploiting their bodies. If you don’t love that, you don’t love hip-hop.

While watching the second video, and parts of the first, I realized an element that has deteriorated in hip-hop: the live performance. I’m not exactly sure what it is–maybe it’s the better technology and equipment of today, maybe its the lack of sampled beats with producers opting more for synthesizer-driven grooves–but the instrumentals are almost too overwhelming on stage, especially the bass (gone are the days of smooth and melodic basslines, with the ushering in of those new buzzing electronic basses… Don’t get me started on dubstep) and the artist has to shout his or her lyrics instead of articulating properly. This especially hinders the experience when watching recorded versions of live performances, which should in itself be rewarding as well. Of course, this is not always true, and as ThomasV has shown us with many of his posts, artists can still pull off great live performances.

Also, while you’re here, we have another selection of goodies for your collections. Hip-hop junkies, especially those interested in Canadian hip-hop, will appreciate these gems. Also from Andyman’s blog:

I’ve also included some rarities ripped from CKLN 88.1 Fm (a Canadian college radio station) courtesy of my man Neogeo!

CKLN 88.1 FM – Radio Rarities

1. Crime Master Divine – Open Duck Season
2. K-Force – Freestyle
3. KGB – Ready To Attack (Demo)

4. KGB – Street Legal (Demo)

5. Motion, Thrust & Michie Mee – Black On Black

6. Rumble & Strong – Crazy Jam

7. Sweet Ebony – Different Touch

8. Sweet Ebony & Groovey D – ?

Again, props to Andyman187 for the videos and rarities/demos. He has a lot of other great stuff on his blog, Rekordz On Wheelz, so be sure to check out his site and show him some love and support. Enjoy!

— Teddy C.D.

Shadez Of Brooklyn – Pandemonium EP

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Sorry, but there’s no download for you here YET. This is the final release of Chopped Herring‘s Bushwick series. We hit you with the last one here, Dysfunkshunal’s Mixed Emotions 96 Demo EP, and I think there might be some more copies left if you need that.

Shadez Of Brooklyn you should at least know from their 1996 underground hit(?) “Change”:
And if you were really on your p’s and q’s, you might remember this straight banger from them that was only ever played once on this very dope and sought after Evil Dee mixtape.
Until now, this track has not been heard by many in it’s entirety without DJ drops and, to me, it makes this record worth the $45, if you have it. But we know not everybody has it like that so we’ll hit you with this soon if the demand is there.
Everyday Livin’:
And for all the Philaflava/DWG/VA heads, the guys at Chopped Herring were even kind enough to big us all up on the vinyl:

So if you’re a wax addict, you should definitely grab this while it’s still available. I know the price is type steep but it could have been $35 more without the merit to warrant such a price.
Anyways, don’t sleep, there’s also 4 other ill unreleased cuts on this EP and at least one of them, “Now A Dayz”, is making moves to get to that “Everyday Livin'”, “Change” status.
–verge tibbs

Timeline of the T.R.O.Y. Weekly Request Threads

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Part of the mass appeal of the T.R.O.Y. blog and forum is that we constantly put in work.

Here’s a recap of the request threads that’ve gone on in the T.R.O.Y forum so far: There is an official request thread and then there’s the weekly threads, so if you’ve been missin’ out, you might want to review the last more than a year’s worth of weekly request threads (whether to dig for rare and exclusive gems or to remind you of everything else you are still looking for):

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Mr. Philaflava, Jason Gloss, began exploring the concept of weekly request threads around the time the T.R.O.Y. blog started up, creating the first eight threads. That then switched to Jaz at the start of last year who held it down through the twenty first one (with Verge actually creating the twentieth one). Since then Odnet has been runnin’ things. I couldn’t even begin to list all the contributors.

Start checkin’ it out when you have the time, there’s no way that you won’t find something that you both enjoy and haven’t heard before. Stop by and ask for the impossible (I know I have and it’s actually worked for me more than once) or try to help out if you think you can contribute. You’ll be surprised by what you can find.

The Big Sleep

Superegular & The Stoupe Produced EPs of the ’90s.

Monday, March 29th, 2010

It’s time for some more literal Phila flava. Before Stoupe the Enemy of the Mankind began to work almost exclusively for members of Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs (with exceptions for artists like Canibus, Guru and Reks) he was starting out with groups like Soulcraft, Doublespeek and Neso in the mid to late nineties.

“…I had a very brief career as an MC. Stoupe and I had a group called Doublespeek with another friend. We put out one 12” in 1996 just before the birth of Superegular. I think it went copper? I never saw the final SoundScan numbers on that one.” ~ Ryan Donahue (in a Baby Grande Interview)

This is that one 12”, which, if you can find, will now likely cost you a couple bills. But now thanks to the Illest EPs thread (among other places), you can hear it right here:

Doublespeek – Trial By Stone EP (192 CBR) (1996 on Onesoul Productions)

A1 – Trial By Stone ft. Arch Leon & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

A2 – Trial By Stone (Remix) ft. Arch Leon & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

A3 – Trial By Stone (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B1 – Remind Body ft. Arch Leon & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

B2 – Remind Body (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B3 – Black China ft. Arch Leon, Jay Block & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

As forum member kimani said: “

…this EP is very good, give it a listen if you haven’t, regardless of whether or not you like Stoupe or Jedi Mind Tricks.”

And (thanks to Kevin Beacham) this is yet another T.R.O.Y. exclusive, one of the earlier Superegular releases:

Neso – The Move / Mad Coolout / The Balance 12” / VLS (256 / 320 CBR) (1997 on Superegular Recordings)

(Picture courtesy of Kevin Beacham, click for big.)

A1 – The Move (Produced by Stoupe)

A2 – The Move (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

A3 – The Move (Remix) (Produced by Stoupe)

B1 – Mad Coolout ft. Teniweti, Arch Leon, Jack Block, Kaosm, Oddball & Qan (Produced by Stoupe)

B2 – Mad Coolout (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B3 – The Move (Remix Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B4 – The Balance ft. Karesh (Produced by Stoupe)

Two other early Stoupe produced releases, a ’96 single / EP also by Neso called Subject to Change and ‘94’s Common Thread EP by Soulcraft still haven’t surfaced online (at least not yet).

But then of course there’s the most well known Stoupe produced EP from the ’90s and that’s Jedi Mind Trick’s first release, The Amber Probe EP:

Jedi Mind Tricks – The Amber Probe EP (192 CBR) (1996 on Superegular Recordings)

A1 – Neva Antiquated (Produced by Stoupe)

A2 – Neva Antiquated (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

A3 – Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis ft. The Lost Children of Babylon (Produced by Stoupe)

B1 – Neva Antiquated (Dark Jedi Remix) (Produced by Stoupe)

B2 – Neva Antiquated (Dark Jedi Remix Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B3 – Books of Blood: The Coming of Tan ft. El Eloh (Produced by Stoupe)

Thanks to both Ho1ogramz and kimani for posting / reupping Doublespeek links, to the Kaknado blog for providing a working link to the Amber Probe EP and as always, mad props to Kevin Beacham, this time around for scanning the one sheet and ripping / upping the original links to Neso’s The Move 12″ in this crazy thread, which contains a lot of freestyles, demos and assorted rarities (if you didn’t already know).

The Big Sleep

Too Poetic(of Gravediggaz R.I.P.) – "Droppin Signal" Unreleased 1989 LP

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I would hope that you already knew about and/or had the dope 12″ that was dropped by Too Poetic(Poetic of Gravediggaz first group), called “God Made Me Funky”. Great 1989 flavor.

Well, Jesse Serwer got in contact with Too Poetic’s DJ Kaos and just unearthed the entire album that was submitted to Tommy Boy n 1989, but was never released.
Go to his blog for the full story with pictures, articles, and an interview with DJ Kaos.
Here’s the link to his blog article. Make sure to check that out. The man only deals in top quality blogging.
Here’s the tracklist:
Again, peace to Jesse Serwer and don’t forget to visit his blog to say thanks and check out the in depth and frankly awesome article and interview about this album.