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Natural Elements – 90.1 WUSB Promo (Shadybrook)

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Another exceptionally dope NE radio promo, this time with L-Swift and Mr.Voodoo on the mic and Charlemagne behind the boards, I assume.

Download this gem right here. (more…)

T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 12)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Here’s a nice DJ PMD tribute mix that I got off satellite radio a few days after Ol’ Dirty’s passing. I know this type of thing is always more appropriate for mid-November listening, but who doesn’t need a little more Dirty in their life? Also included in the d/l is a scan of Russell Jones’ obituary as it appeared in The Boston Globe (thanks Mom).

DJ PMD-Ol’ Dirty Bastard Tribute Mix (2004)



KRS-One – “Step Up” (Unreleased 1994)

Friday, January 7th, 2011

T.R.O.Y. forum contributor MosesJonesJr brings us this apparently unreleased KRS-One Track from the mid-90s:

As far as I know this song was never released. I have never seen this posted anywhere on the net. It is from my own personal collection. This was a song made for the “A Low Down Dirty Shame” soundtrack from 1994 but didn’t make the final cut. This is a radio rip from Hot 97 from 1994. Some of these rhymes Krs-One has spit in freestyles before. Enjoy!

Not sure what the official name of the song is called but let’s call it “Step Up”