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Sick Soldiers (Sick Jacken)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

At first sight Sick Jacken is this taller than tall, scary muthafucka, standing their like a wall. But then he starts rapping with amazing versatility and speed. His verbal agility is beyond what you would ever expect from his build. The solidness is still there, supporting the lyrics that are all laced with conspiracy theories and deep historical teachings. You now know that you can’t fuck with him physically, nor mentally. Even spiritually, when him and Muggs did the album “The Legend of The Mask and the Assassin”, he deals with death like a game of chess. And, he wins every time. But we are missing the fourth aspect of life. Emotion.

Sick Jacken’s emotions are what is making his non stop army go forward with blind strength.

Him and his brother, Duke, were heard by Cypress Hill’s B-Real at a local live show, and destiny united the three as MCs of the group Pyscho Realm. They put out the insanely dark album “The Psycho Realm” in 97. Due to their firm convictions and ethics, the brothers had to leave B-Real and the record label and work for themselves.

“the machine was just trying to censor me / Didn’t do it for Sony so they ended up releasing me / Independent, no longer locked down for an infinity / So my vicinity stays true to my identity.”

They continued to rock the underground, political -or rather social revolutionary, scenes of the world. However this only lasted until there was a major loss in the ranks. Big Duke got into a scuffle one night, where he bravely stood up to two faggots who then pulled guns and tipped the scales of justice by firing and lodging a lead tip into Duke’s neck, between the L and the O of his Los Angeles tattoo, paralyzing him from the neck down. And although he survived, he would not be able to contribute to future projects. Good thing that they had managed to record vocals for their third album, the follow up to “War Story Book I”, “War Story Book II”.

Big Duke

We big Psycho Realm fans lost an important artist with a very unique rhyme style. So Sick Jacken never replaced his brother, but instead networked out into the World Wide Underground Hip Hop scene and has since rapped with RBX, Coka Nostra, Snow Goons, Strong Arm Steady, Evidence, Cormega, Immortal Technique, Swollen Members, Ill Bill and is now an artist on Mugg’s Soul Assassins .

Along with his Sick Symphonies crew, Sick Jacken kept pushing product on the streets of the Pico-Union area of downtown Los Angeles. Home to the infamous Rampart division of the L.A.P.D. After the record label put out another group, Street Platoon, they must have liked working together because the next was “Psycho Realm And Street Platoon Present Sick Symphonies”. Platoon’s MC’s Crow and Cynic both appear on Jacken’s songs, but Cynic is many more, and even making a video for a his track “World We’re In” on Mugg’s last album, “Intermission”. His DJ FM is also a major addition. His masked face is intimidation enough, but that spinning skull on his turntables, plus the fact that he jumps around like the cartoon version of the Joker only add to the lunatic live show they put on.

I have to mention one very important fact to Jacken’s career. His mystical lyrics definitely attract people to his persona and to his side as a Sick Soldier. When I went to a Rock the Bells concert a few years back, the one where Wu Tang was going to play for the first tie together since ODB’s death, Pyscho Realm showed up for a few live songs earlier in the afternoon. It was crazy to see the amount of people throwin up the LA sign’s for them and how many kids were rockin’ Sick Soldier/Sick Symphony wear. I still think there were more people in Cali that day for Pyscho Realm than Wu Stans. The amount of fans that they have are ridiculously underestimated. They play live all over the world and constantly sell out the shows.

Now before I finish this post up, I gotta “dry snitch”. I got two exclusives: I have confirmed a piece of info that I got straight from Sick Jacken’s twitter update: ..New Psycho Realm album coming soon. Jacken, B-Real and Duke..

And while confirming that, I was also told that Jacken and MURS are in the studio banging out some hiphop classics that should come out early 2010 on new technological discs called “Holodiscs”, where you can see them live and on your desk in a holographic form. OK, I invented the last part, but sheeeit. That’s still good news from the T.R.O.Y. to you!!

Download this sampler: T.R.O.Y’s SICK COMPILATION, it includes two songs from every album by Psycho Realm or Sick Jacken.

— cenzi stiles