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Schoolly D Instrumentals 101

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Alright yo, sit the fuck down, class is in session, bitch!

Widely acknowledged as the original gangsta rapper, Schoolly D is best known for his wildly humorous, pornographically sexual and wantonly violent lyrics. Still, despite all the attention his words have received over the years, few people recognize just how great of a musician he truly is. In exploring Schoolly’s catalogue and researching his place in hip-hop history, I’ve found that his rhymes have almost always overshadowed his beats (all of which he either produced or co-produced). I understand why they’re overlooked, but it’s ironic for several reasons:

1) His first single included a five and a half minute song that wasn’t an instrumental version of another cut but was still almost entirely rap-less. 2) As I said before and please correct me if I’m wrong, but aside from remixes and maybe a few DJ-showcase tracks, he produced or co-produced every song that ever appeared on one of his albums, which is basically unheard of for anyone, let alone someone who’s been making music for nearly 30 years. 3) To put it bluntly, his beats are fucking dope… I mean all of them… incredibly so… and while his rhymes could conceivably be dismissed as overly simple (especially if you’re a dumb motherfucker), his beats are often pretty damn complex.

Usually danceable, sometimes cinematic, always uniquely funky, Schoolly D’s production has evolved over time, setting trends and adapting to changes in the hip-hop soundscape. Even between his first two singles, Gangster Boogie / Maniac and P.S.K. What Does it Mean? / Gucci Time, there is a huge difference in styles. While the first is very much indebted to the whole Bambaataa electro-funk sound of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, the second — though released only a year later, in 1985 — is already looking ahead to the boom-bap sound typically associated with the so-called golden era of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Jump ahead another year to 1986’s Saturday Night and Schoolly’s experimenting with polyrhythmic syncopation. Fast-forward to 1989’s Living In The Jungle / Gucci Again and 1990’s King of New York, and although he’s still within the lane he’d built for himself years earlier, he’s now beginning to foreshadow the dusty minimalism that would rise to popularity around 93/94.

One could argue that Schoolly D’s production was simply ahead of its time. I’m willing to take that a step further and say that by being simultaneously ahead of its time and of its time, his production represents an unacknowledged link in the chain connecting hip-hop’s various eras. I put this compilation together in hopes of bringing listeners to a better appreciation and understanding of Schoolly D, the producer; because though I’m not one for making lists, as far as I’m concerned, he’s definitely one of the Top 10 hip-hop producers of all time… Top 3 when it comes to rapper/producers.

Now go do your homework. (Bump this motherfucker, read all that shit if you haven’t already, and leave a comment letting us know what you think, ho.)

1. Maniac
2. Parkside 5-2
3. Saturday Night
4. Housing the Joint
5. Smoke Some Kill
6. Mr. Big Dick
7. No More Rock N’ Roll
8. Treacherous
9. Pussy Ain’t Nothin’
10. Livin’ in the Jungle
11. Gucci Again
12. King of New York
13. Original Gangster
14. Where’d You Get That Funk From?
15. Another Sign
16. Nigger Entertainment
17. Can You Feel It
18. Do It, Do It

Download Schoolly D Instrumentals 101

-Samuel Diamond

Schoolly D Videography

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

“I Don’t Like Rock N’ Roll” from Schoolly D (1986)

“No More Rock N’ Roll” from Smoke Some Kill (1988)

Seven more after the jump.

Rap City: No, Not the BET Show

Monday, June 11th, 2012

This 1988 documentary about the Philadelphia hip-hop scene originally aired on PBS channel 12 WHYY-TV. Co-Produced by filmmakers Glen Holsten and Lisa Marie Russo, it features Illadelph rap pioneers Lady B, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Schoolly D, DJ Code Money, Yvette Money and super-producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo. The doc resurfaced as a three-part video on Youtube in December 2010, was presented by ego trip at a March 2011 screening at Maysles Cinema in Harlem, and was shown again in August 2011 at L’Etage as part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. The latter screening was followed by a pretty comical and informative Q&A session with Holsten and the film’s stars, a rarely seen video of which is embedded below along with parts 2 & 3 of the doc. (more…)

Philly Retrospectives Volumes 24-26

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Ok we are getting near the ‘conclusion’ of my philadelphia series. Up for grabs today are volumes 24-26. For those of you who have gotten the preceding volumes this batch almost completes the collection, for now. There are definitely some standouts here and there but all 3 of these volumes hit hard. Without futher ado:

Volume 24 —

01 (4:02) Illegal – Head Or Gut 1993

02 (4:11) Divine Beings – Raisin’ Eyebrows 1994 ?

03 (3:41) Da Youngstas Illy Funkstaz – If I Had A Million 1995

04 (5:06) Ram Squad – Ez Off 1994

05 (3:47) Tasc 4orce – Dane Diggy 1996

06 (3:07) Tuff Crew – Mindblowing 1993

07 (3:55) Sun Risers – Street Song 1994

08 (3:35) Trauma Center – Intercitymayhem 1994

09 (4:34) Tone Love – Flip’n Keeloz (Montana Mix) 199?

10 (3:12) Too Def Connection – Live In The Arena 1992

11 (3:22) Robbie B& Dj Jazz – Funk It Up 1990

12 (4:10) Jam & Dkc – Keep It Tight 1996

13 (3:49) Steady B – Bogardin (Radio Original) 1994

14 (1:36) The Man They Call LUX – Baby (Instrumental) 1996

15 (3:45) Dept Of Rec – Hot Wheels 2001

16 (3:00) Hez – The Zip 1997

17 (4:05) Ayesha – Don’t Ride Me Now 1994

18 (5:40) The Last Emperor – Secret Wars Part 1 (Radio) 1997

19 (4:20) Da Funk – Money 1996

20 (3:58) Da Bul Nat – 2 B-Reel 1997

Volumes 25 and 26 are after the jump.


Philly Retrospectives Volumes 21-23 (1989-2000)

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Bringing more obscure underground dopeness today, it’s volumes 21-23 in my Philly retrospective series. A few of the tracks featured here were never officially released and some of them are radio rips. Read the nfo files if you want to know particular details. I love this Philadelphia project. If you’ve been following the series you know it runs deep. If not, do yourself a favor and start here. Collectors stay tuned, volume 28 is not far away. That’s the ‘final’ Pa compilation., but as I explained with the New Jersey series, there is never really an official ‘end’ to them. These collections are a longtime and ongoing labor of love.

Volume 21 —

01 (0:30) schoolly d – black  1989
02 (1:14) lux – power 99 intro drop  1989
03 (4:41) poppa bear kool breez – what’s the word ?  1995
04 (3:39) da funk – you can come & get done  1996
05 (4:01) bang bang poet ? – untitled track  1994
06 (3:56) lord aaqil – kid, what’s ya name  1993
07 (3:57) too def connection – music for your body  1992
08 (4:22) mel man – mel funktion  1991 (pittsburgh)
09 (4:54) big ish – invasion of the body snatcher (og mix)  1991
10 (5:08) munk wit da funk – money (remix) ft. altovise  1998
11 (3:18) jam & dkc – assault & battery  1996
12 (4:56) dat bul nat – cuties in cars  199?
13 (4:19) merdah – school boy crush  1994
14 (3:51) john doe – move on 1993 (unreleased demo tape – ruff house records)
15 (4:08) bahamadia – spontaneity 1996
16 (3:48) black opz – the reign 1997
17 (3:07) dj demonic – snakes in my hood 1995  (pittsburgh)
18 (0:18) ice dog – northside intro 1993
19 (3:42) steady b – bogardin (remix instrumental) 1994
20 (6:04) trauma center – doing much damage on da mic 1994
21 (3:53) ill advised – roll call 1997
22 (2:30) the last emperor – bums 2000

Volumes 22 and 23 after the jump. (more…)

Philly Retrospectives Volumes 13-15 (1990-2004)

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Today we’ve got another 3 volumes from my Philly Retrospective series. As usual there are some dope and obscure cuts here, don’t sleep. I don’t have much energy to provide background info or comment on songs tonight. If there is anything anyone wants to hear in full, let me know. I will do my best to dig it up and share it. In the meantime, dig into todays course. I hope it leaves you satisfied. Downloads and tracklistings can be found after the jump. (more…)

Single Series: Ruggedness Madd Drama

Friday, October 29th, 2010
Ruggedness Madd Drama are from Philadelphia. They have released only four 12″ singles. Production has been handled by Ruggedness.

They have made also several guest appearances on Da Fat Cat Clique albums, another agroup from Philadelphia.
Ruggedness as a producer has appeared on a lot of releases which you can check on discogs page.

And now, let’s back to those singles.


Big Boyz / Comin’ At ‘Cha VLS (1993)

01. Big Boyz (Street Mix)
02. Comin’ At ‘Cha (Street Mix)

–>Download Big Boyz VLS<–
More singles and a video after the jump. (more…)

Philly Retrospectives Volumes 11 And 12 (1990-2001)

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Here are the next two editions in my Philadelphia compilation series. These are volumes 11 and 12. There are some hard to find cuts offered up so I hope y’all check these out. If you like that obscure east coast hip hop then don’t sleep. I’ll let the music speak for itself. Links and playlists after the jump. (more…)

The Roots

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

For those not in the know, The Roots are set to drop their 11th album (9 studio) on Tuesday titled “How I Got Over.” Like many, I took a sneak peak of this album and overall I’m happy with the results. I won’t say it’s their best work, but certainly not their worst by any means. The Roots are the epitome of quality hip-hop and I suggest you give this release your attention and support. The album lacks Black Thought zonin, features a few too many cameos and I still miss Malik B, but they stay consistent as they’re known to do. Greatest hip-hop band of all-time? Fuck yeah. Here are some videos just to get you ready for this Tuesday. Peace to ?uest. –Philaflava

Stilltown Presents Philadelphia: Release Yourself

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Once again our homie Stilltown has made a great compilation and placed it on his own blog. Well, we decided it deserves to be seen also on T.R.O.Y. blog, due to material it offers.

Previous time it was Chicago compilation, but this time, he has focused on his own ground, Pennsylvania, but aiming on Philadelphia, not his home town Pittsburgh this time.

Stay tunned, cause soon, together with Stilltown, we will present you some dope Pittsburgh stuff.
Stilltown Presents Philadelphia: Release Yourself (2010)

*All tracks were recorded between 1987-1994*
01. Life Is Like A Nike Commercial (Just Do It) (Poison Ladd SLR & Beats In General)
02. Funky-Rye-Men (Ebony Broadcast System)
03. Outstanding (L-Rock)
04. Flex the Style From the Flow (Tyree)
05. Release Yourself (Phill Most Chill)
06. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Steady B)
07. Watch ‘Em All Take A Fall (Too Def Connection)
08. Flatline (Lyrical Underworld)
09. Ease Back (Jon Doe)
10. Rock Rock On (Cipha)
11. Check It Out (Lord Aaqil)
12. We Give Knockouts (Pure DeeFunk)
13. 45 Confessions Of A Killer (Legion Of Doom)
14. One Straight Binness (Tuff Crew feat. Shujaa & Class)
15. Sound In Your Ears (Tasc 4orce)
16. Kick Dat Stlye (Three Times Dope feat. Ruggedness Maddrama)
17. Checkin’ Down the Menu (Ruggedness Maddrama)
18. Beyond the Door (100X)
19. Boom Box (Lux)
20. Mind Over Matter (Tuff Crew feat. Emcee Mechanism)