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(Video) AFS 201-973 – Stay Focused (ft. Percee P, remixed by Beat Bop Scholar)

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Another nice remix by our boy Beat Bop Scholar with an ill as usual Percee P verse. I initially was put off by the other guy rhyming’s gruffy voice but turns out I think he’s pretty dope on this. Here’s his reverbnation page.


T&B Presents… Heroes In Your Headphones

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Tired & Broke from the Philaflava forum posted a nice new comic and video game themed compilation this morning. Here’s what he had to say:

With the conclusion of E3 2012 last week and Comic-Con 2012 about a month away (and to try to bring more traffic to Electric Relaxation) I figured now would be a great time to drop this mix since gaming and comics are fresh on everyone’s mind.

It’s no secret the subject of Comics and Video Games have been a heavy subject matter and source of inspiration in the world of Hip-Hop for over 2 decades. There’s been entire soundtracks dedicated to it, and several independent artists have made “theme” albums based around a sole Character. Other artists have successfully based the majority of their career around Comic Book characters; Hero and Villain alike.

“T&B Presents… Heroes In Your Headphones” is a custom soundtrack I made of a collection of songs based around the theme of Hip-Hop, Comics and Video Games. Whether its the main topic of the song or the track has sampled elements from a gaming franchise or comic book cartoon series.


PS: Mega Shoutout to the homey dirt_dog on the custom cover!! Son put in work in a short amount of time and looked out in a major way.

01 Last Emperor – Secret Wars Part 1
02 Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Galactus Redux
03 MF Doom – Beef Rapp
04 Sole feat. Alias – The Video Game Song
05 7L & Esoteric feat. Beyonder & Virtuoso – Be Alert
06 Walkmen – Fortruss
07 MF Doom – Batty Boyz
08 Danny Brown & Elzhi – Contra
09 Mighty Joseph – Legend
10 Danny Brown – Lincoln Continental
11 Oh No feat. Medaphoar – The Ride
12 Percee P feat. Diamond D – 2 Brothers From The Gutter
13 Doc ILLingsworth – Bread Winner
14 Introspective Minds feat. Maf Maddix – Get Off My Cloud
15 Statik Selektah feat. Big Shug – Punch Out!
16 KeithCharles Spacebar – YINYANG Tekken Shit (Round 1)
17 Slug, Aesop Rock & MF Doom – Put Your Quarters Up
18 Willie Evans – Nerd English
19 Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Lou Ferrigno’s Mad
20 KeithCharles Spacebar – Dpad UP
21 Afu-Ra feat. Masta Killa – Mortal Kombat



Percee P: Reminisces And Drops Knowledge

Friday, June 1st, 2012


(Video) Percee P Breaks Down “Back To The Grill” (the unreleased verses)

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

 I have no idea who or where this sketch came from but i like it, props to whomever skilled it.

Peep video of Percee P dropping knowledge about some verses that never made the cut and more after the jump.. (more…)

Preserving The Culture Podcasts

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Our associate Thomas V hipped us to this new podcast:

I’m going share this podcast with y’all because I don’t think that it is getting enough props. These interviews goes for about 90 min each. It is hosted by Percee P and A-FS 201-973. Every hip hop heads have to check this out. The people interviewed go into their whole history, there’s not a thing that they don’t talk about. You will learn a lot from this podcast! If you are into trivias, old stories, etc.. then this is exactly for you! Please Share!

Episode 1 – Percee P
Episode 2 – DJ Lord Ron (Zulu Nation, Gang Starr Foundation)–-the-lord-above/
Episode 3 – Trek Life–-2010-b-e-t-awhaa-ft-trek-life-blac-heat/
Episode 4 – King Sun
Episode 5 – DJ Mark Luv (Zulu Nation, Pharcyde, Unity)–-new-year-new-money-new-things-ft-dj-mark-luv/
Episode 6 – Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers)–-bam-in-yo-face-ft-afrika-baby-bam/

Having only heard the King Sun and Baby Bam episodes, I still heartily cosign this recommendation. This is top notch rap nerdery. I won’t reveal any spoilers, just trust me and listen. — Thun

Preserving The Culture Ep.1 – Perce-verance (Percee P)

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Here’s an episode of “Preserving The Culture” Featuring A-FS & Percee P with special guest Dj Lord Ron. Percee P talks about everything you could think of asking him. Everyone needs to listen to this!! From Big L to Scott La Rock, Red Alert, Organized Konfusion, Stretch & Bobbito, Almighty Kay Gee, Cold Crush Brothers, Lord Finesse, A.G., Maestro Fresh Wes, Old School Tapes, … Everything. One thing for example that I didn’t know before the interview (and I’m a big Percee P fan) is that he had a cameo in Big L’s MVP video. Enjoy y’all!


— Thomas V

Percee P – Talks about Stretch & Bobbito

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Percee P Australian Tour – PART 1 from Luc Hansen on Vimeo.

Here is an interview of Percee P done during his Australian Tour in 2009. Percee P drops some history on his early career. At 4:10, Percee P starts talking about Stetch & Bobbito. He says that he brought a lot of people to them for the first time. He brought Ultramagnetic MC’s, DMX, A.G, … First time that Percee was on Stretch and Bobbito was with Large Professor. Extra P did his Live At The Barbecue verse live on the show while Percee P did the Yes You May verse which earned him hip-hop quotable two years later. He talks about being on the phone with Akinyele on Stretch & Bobbito, showing Nas his Puttin Heads To Bed 12″.. Peace to the Legendary Rhyme Inspector Percee P

— Thomas V

Random VLS Drops: Percee P – Nowhere Near Simple

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
Another fresh 320kbps random vinyl rip for the fam

A1 Nowhere Near Simple(Clean Edit)
A2 Nowhere Near Simple(Street Mix)
A3 Nowhere Near Simple (Instr.)
B1 Don’t Cum Strapped(Street Mix)
B2 Don’t Cum Strapped(Instr.)
Just adding on to the last post that Thomas V graciously blessed us with here. I just happened to have ripped this vinyl to mp3 about a week or two ago, and this seems as appropriate a time as ever to share it with the T.R.O.Y. fam and followers.
Percee P needs no introduction if you’re a regular around here. I can’t front, this record damn near blew my mind the first time I heard it on the Stretch and Bobbito show. Not just his lyrical miracles with the unorthodox rhyme flex, but finessing that line from Group Home into a dope hook is what always got me.
Enough blithering already. Download and enjoy this record.

Percee P – Live @Fat Beats LA 12.12.09

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Percee P performs in-store live @Fat Beats LA on December 12,2009 doing a free show for the true hip hop heads. It was raining hard that day in LA but a lot of fans still came through to check it out. I gotta say that this was definitely a perfect performance. Percee P performed his best tracks and dropped knowledge for the fans. This man is a real legend! The Legendary Percee P!

Percee P performs Man To Praise off Perseverance.

Percee P talks about being around with Lord Finesse, DMX, Eminem, & Fat Joe.

Percee P performs Ghetto Rhyme Stories Remix off Perseverance: The Remix.

Percee P performs The Lady Behind Me Remix off Perseverance: The Remix.

Percee P spits one of his favorite rhyme acapella.

Percee P spits his two classic verses from Lord Finesse’s Return of The Funkyman album. Don’t forget he earned the hip-hop quotable in The Source for Yes You May. Hear him talk about it.

Percee P spits one last acapella.

Percee P talks about The Almighty KG from the Cold Crush Brothers and B-Boy Records(Scott La Rock, KRS-One).

Buy Percee P’s catalog

The opening performance was probably the best I have ever seen. Check out “All In” from Versis. I had never been impressed by an opening performance like that.

— Thomas V

King Sun, Rhymefest, & Percee P – Oct. 28

Friday, October 30th, 2009

This past Wednesday, I went to see the god Rakim @The Seventh Seal Tour in LA. Rhymefest is touring with Rakim. The video I’m posting is just incredible! Let me tell you the story. First, Rhymefest was doing his thing on stage and then he asked if there were any mc’s in the crowd. Percee P, who was in the crowd, tried to catch Rhymefest intention but he didn’t recognize him at first. Rhymefest even said something like “You got cds? You gotta be good to press up your own shit”. After he found out that it was Percee P, Rhymefest went on to rhyme “I’m Percee P, P stands for pimp…”. A couple minutes after that, who do I see coming in the crowd? King Sun! He went close to the stage, Percee P praised him. Then he saw Rhymefest and got on stage. The video starts with Rhymefest introducing the legendary King Sun, who then asks Percee P to jump on stage. Percee P didn’t touch the mic but King Sun killed it when he mentioned him throwing his cds!

I also recorded footage from Rakim’s performance which I have to do some editing before I post it. One thing I’m going to tell you is that there was this security guard that kept telling me & my bro to stop recording. Because of this shit, I didn’t get to record this moment when King Sun praised Rakim live on stage. I’m still mad about not getting it on tape! It was legendary!

One last thing, my brother got to talk to King Sun and while talking about the Strictly Ghetto EP, Sun told him that the track “Street Corner” was Mr. Magic’s last appearance on a record. R.I.P Mr. Magic.

Image Hosted by

— Thomas V