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Take It Personal – West Coast Classics III

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Episode 16 is the 3rd installment of our West Coast Classic series. We thought a trilogy would work, but there is just so much to cover that we’ll be blessing you with WCC IV in a few weeks. On this show we have tributes to N.W.A., 2Pac and Golden State Warriors (Ras Kass, Saafir & Xzibit). We also have classics from Compton’s Most Wanted, Da Lench Mob, DJ Quik, Spice 1, J5, Mac Mall, Kam, E-A-Ski, People Under The Stairs, Threat, Above The Law, Kendrick Lamar, Tash, Brotha Lynch Hung and Warren G to name a few. We plan to drop part IV real soon, so make sure you catch up to all 3 installments first. We hope this goes down as one of the most complete and entertaining tributes ever assembled of West Coast hip-hop.

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10 Most Unappreciated Westcoast Rappers of All-Time

Friday, September 27th, 2013



1. Not recognized, as to quality or worth: an unappreciated gesture of good will.
2. Not having risen in price or value: an unappreciated investment.

For many years the left coast got overlooked as a whole, then came the early 90s and shit just hasn’t been the same for gangstas. While the Death Row/Aftermath era stole a little mojo from the eastcoast, there were still many westcoast lyricists who never quite got their proper due. There also has been an abundance of artists who never even got a chance that shine like the amazing Bad N Fluenz click featuring Rappin’ Ron and Ant Diddly Dog, The B.U.M.S. or Project Blowed‘s The Nonce.

My criteria for this list is simple. You’ve had a respectable career. That means less than just three studio album. It means you’re still active (to an extent), though Mac Dre would have been an exception. It also means you’ve had to carried some influence or have done some really impressive work, be it on your own albums or others. Also, you can’t have blemished your career much. This list is who I feel are the most unappreciated, not most underrated from a lyrical standpoint. Because that’s another list which features the likes of Kurupt, Boots Riley, Brotha Lynch Hung, Saafir, Planet Asia and probably Mac Mall. This list, like all of them, is subjective but I encourage you to explore it and even come up with your own list of the 10 most unappreciated westcoast rappers of all-time.

10 Most Unappreciated Westcoast Rappers of All-Time

1. King Tee

Tee has always been the Bernard King of hip-hop. The man has been doing it since ’88 with that deep voice and that O.G. narrative style. None are cooler, more likeable and unfortunate than King Tee. Having had his fair share of adversity, Tee never quite gained the props he rightfully deserved. And who can forget that whole Aftermath disaster that pretty much froze his career in carbonite. Tee has had an impressive catalog starting with Act a Fool and ending with The Kingdom Come.  From being a benefactor to the Likwit Foundation that spawned the careers of Tash, J-Ro, Xzibit and Defari to name a few. To influencing not just one coast, but both coasts. Even Ice T has gone on record saying King Tee was Biggie’s favorite emcee too. There are many rappers who never got the recognition they deserved, but none more than the great Roger McBride.


The D.O.C.’s Top 5 Ghostwritten Songs

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Somebody desperately needs to do a Death Row documentary that isn’t contrived, corny and where QDIII has no involvement. The D.O.C. is a book waiting to happen. –Philaflava

1. “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang,” Dr. Dre featuring Snoop
“When ”G’ Thang’ was created, I was living in Agoura Hills, and Snoop and Warren G were living with me. In 1990 me and Snoop each took the beat to different parts of the house to write. Snoop went upstairs, I stayed downstairs, and we met back up in an hour. When he came back downstairs I said, ‘Let’s take this piece and put it here…This doesn’t really work there.’ It’s really just like a jigsaw [puzzle]. And then I said, ‘For the last line [of Dre’s verse], let’s put my name on there,’ because otherwise I wouldn’t get to be in the song. That’s why Dre says: Like my nigga D.O.C./ No one can do it better.”

2. “We Want Eazy,” Eazy-E
“That was the first day I ever went to the studio with Dre in Cali, in 1988. Dre pulled up the track and said, ‘Doc, you got something?’ Eazy, Ren and Yella were there — Cube wasn’t around a lot. [The song] took me 15 minutes to write. When you’re 19 and excited, that shit comes out of you like piss. Eazy started learning it — that took a day or two. He wasn’t the most talented motherfucker in the world; it generally took him 12 hours to get through a verse. But when he got it it was good, and pretty soon the song was every-fucking-where. That’s a testament to Dre, who taught me 95 percent of what I know.

3. “The Next Episode,” Dr. Dre, featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt
“I’d cultivated that song for such a long time. The very last line of ”G’ Thang’ is ‘Just chill ’till the next episode,’ but this song didn’t happen for ten more years. We did it three or four times before it finally appeared on 2001. We were just waiting for the right story, and 2001 ended up being a huge record.”

4. “Prelude/Still Talkin’,” Eazy-E
“That’s my Rakim impression: ‘Easily I approach…’ That was me giving Eazy East coast impressions that other West coast guys weren’t up on…[At that point] everyone was saying I was the greatest. I got a big head. When I came in with a good rap, Cube would have to go home and re-write his raps. We would goof around. Once we pretended we were film critics from London. It was funny to see Cube with his gheri curl, doing a British accent.

5. “Alwayz Into Somethin’,” NWA
“This was when Cube had just left the group. I’d just lost my voice. Everyone’s wondering, ‘How’s NWA gonna continue, with Cube gone?’ As for me, all I had was alcohol and strip clubs. I was going though a tough time. I wrote that song for everyone, and it made me feel that even though I’d lost my voice I was still valuable

Source: LA Weekly

Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days Volume 1

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
Recently we blessed you with G-Funk California.
If that was not much for you, than try to digest this load of dope summer tracks from all over The States, alloted in 3 volumes, made by member of philaflava forum and owner of his own blog, Drayzee,
Drayzee was just kind enough to allow us to use his own work and to represent it via T.R.O.Y. Blog.
Thank you Drayzee for this massive work.

“Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days” is a compilation based on g-funk/gangsta/jazz/funk music. Too bad it’s not summer yet, however this project will certainly give you that summer vibe. I hope this will bump in your speakers 6 summers from now. The first volume contains more “party-like” songs, the second volume will contain more gangsta/cruisin’ stuff, jazz & funk, and the third one will be for you to just chill on. I also used some St. Ides commercial once per 8-9 songs, just to give you the feeling that there still is a dope radio on earth bumpin’ this.

1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime (Reprise)
2. 2nd II None – Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
3. Warren G – This Is the Shack
4. Remy – Roll Wit Us
5. Bone Thugs N Harmony – Foe Tha Love of Money (Ft. Eazy-E)
6. Eazy-E – Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street (feat. B.G. Knocc Out, Dresta & Menajahtwa)
7. Mista Grimm – Indo Smoke (Feat. Warren G, Nate Dogg)
8. Ant Banks – Parlayin’
9. Conscious Daughters – Fonky Expedition (Remix)
10. Mac Dre – California Livin’
11. I.F.A. – Slide
12. Big Mello – Funkwichamind
13. Luniz – Playa Hata
14. Lighter Shade Of Brown – Hey D.J.
15. Warren G – This D.J.
16. Sly Boogy – Keep On-feat Crooked I, Kam, Miss King, & AP
17. Str8-G – Bring The Funk (Remix)
18. Sir Speedy – Summertime feat Lady Nichole MC Maggie
19. Young Murder Squad – How We Livin’
20. DJ Quik – I Got That Feelin’
21. 2nd II None – B Alright
22. South Central Cartel – All Day Every Day
23. Hami – Im Tha One Ya Slept On
24. M. Doc – It’s A Summer Thang (Remix)
25. Dubee – My Thang
26. 11-11 – Family Reunion
27. Luniz – I Got 5 On It (2F Remix)
28. Tha Eastsidaz – Friday Night Ft. Bokie Loc
29. L.O.L. – Can U Feel It
30. Remy – Give the DJ Some Love
31. Vontel – Keep It On The Real
32. Cinque – Rock Wit You (All Night)
33. The Dove Shack – Smoke Out
34. OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
35. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Ohh!
36. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Cream N Ya Panties
37. DJ Quik – Somethin’ 4 Tha Mood
38. DJ Quik – Tha Ho In You
39. DJ Quik – Pitch In Ona Party
40. Str8-G – Everything’s Fine (In The Summertime)
41. Shaquille O’neal – My Dear (Ft. Warren G)
42. Legend Man – N.O.L.A.
43. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Summer Love
44. Spice 1, 2pac, Mac Mall – California Dreamin’
45. 2Pac – Late Night Feat. D.J. Quik, Outlawz
46. Yo-Yo – Yo Yo Funk
47. L.B.C. Crew – Intro 2 The Indo (Haven’t You Heard)
48. Kam – Pull Ya Hoe Card
49. Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang
50. 2Pac – I Get Around Feat Digital Underground
51. TWDY – Players Holiday
52. 805 Locos – Summertime In The 805
53. NWA – Chin Check (G-Funk Remix)
54. Smooth – It’s Summertime (Let It Get Into U)
55. Rhythm & Knowledge – U Bring Da Dog Out
56. Skee-Lo – I Wish
57. Poor Righteous Teachers – Word Iz Life
58. Naughty By Nature – Feel Me Flow
59. Lord Finesse – Hip 2 Da Game
60. Kool Moe Dee – Can U Feel It
61. A Tribe Called Quest – Jam
62. DJ Jazzy Jeff – For Da Love Of Da Game feat. Baby Blak & Pauly Yamz
63. Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
64. Dana Dane – Rollin Wit Dane
65. Paris – Guerrilla Funk (Deep Fo’ Real Remix)
66. Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy
67. Kool G. Rap – Can’t Stop The Shine
68. Sway Ft. Teddy – Month In The Summer
69. Large Professor – IJUSWANNACHILL
70. The Beatnuts – No Equal
71. Main Source – Just Hangin’ Out
72. Redman – Tonight’s Da Night
73. Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)
74. Q-Tip – Let’s ride
75. Bahamadia – I Confess
76. Digable Planets – For Corners
77. A Tribe Called Quest – After Hours
78. Digable Planets – It’s Good To Be Here
79. Mood – Secrets of the Sand (Jay Dee Remix)
80. Twista – Sunshine
81. Lauryn Hill – The Sweetest Thing
82. Tha Alkaholiks – Relieve Yourself
83. Lil 1/2 Dead – Southern Girl
84. Twinz – Jump Ta This
85. The Grench – Saturday
86. King George – Tru Player
87. Mac T – Give It Up Smooth
88. The Dove Shack – We Funk G Funk
89. Lil Keke – Superstars
90. Fo’ Clips – Can You Feel Me
91. Hi-C – Sitting in the Park
92. Mr. Capone-E – Summertime Anthem
93. Kid Frost – La Raza
94. L.S.O.B. – Sunny Day
95. Compton’s Most Wanted – Come Ride with Me
96. Eastside – Southern Funk Feat. Chyne
97. Lil Half Dead – 12 Pacofdoja

** The tracklist does not contain St. Ides commercials **

— Markshot

The Villain In Black

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

What other MC can rap about;


Fallin’ on your Jesus, comin’ for the pork chop
Wake ya out your sleep, shit is deep, about to wreck shop
Bombs goin’ down a mile deep, pushin’ up a mile high
Nigga ain’t allowed to cry while they disbelieve his God

the darkest streets;

Then every nigga had to get a turn
To make sure that this mothafucka learn
Niggaz kickin’ him – hittin’ him with bricks
Check it, and my homey lit his pitbull bite off his dick
And to top it off before my brother left the scene
He emptied off his clip with the whole 15

police brutality;

Now it’s time for the camouflage
And all the niggaz I can fit in back of the Dodge
Bound to go to war but this ain’t the Middle East
We’re killin’ motherfuckers for revenge, fuck peace
So if ya see us, this is what ya do
Grab your shit and come along, we’re killin’ cops in blue

and pussy;

Go back to the crib, we do that soopafly scene
Fuck your ass in the tub, rub my dick with vaseline
Make my shit stretch all down your throat
Quit tryna talk with that shit in your mouth just write a note
Or use sign language if you need some air

Only one does it with enough credibility for us to forgive his ex-group’s ugliest FAILS.

This two volume compilation is just to give MC Ren the proper respect he has gained. Here’s the rundown of the tracks I picked and why:



-from NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” (1988)

– Fuck the Police(MC Ren only version) – I put this together just because.
– If It Ain’t Ruff
– Something Like That
– Quiet on the Set

-from NWA’s “100 Miles and Runnin” (1990)

– 100 Miles and Runnin’

– from NWA’s “Efil4Zaggin” (1991)

– Niggaz 4 Life

– The Dayz Of Wayback – so many tracks to pick from on this album, so I just picked two of my favorites, fuck it.

– from “Kizz MY Black Azz” (1992)

– Final Frontier – This promo track was burning radio’s before the album dropped. THIS is the way to debut!! Bobcat produced a perfect East/West coast mesh utilizing Parliament funk and BDP’s classic “Bridge is Over” piano.

– Right Up My Alley – Scariest rap track ever written. No one will imagine a Compton alley the same way after hearing this track.

– from “Shock of the Hour” (1993)

this album is divided in two. Ren started walking down his islam path while he working on the album. He could have not included his earlier songs, but he stated that it was important to show his growth as a person, so kept them as the first half of the album, while finishing the LP with more islam-compromised tracks

– Mayday on the Front Line – the first promo single for the album was the only track he would ever put out under the MCA label. This is probably why this track was included on the MCA soundtrack for that funny ass CB4 movie. Below is a funny video of Chris Rock confronting Eazy and MC Ren about the obvious mocking of NWA on his CB4 movie (also interesting is hearing Eazy claim that NWA was back but sucka-free without Dr.Dre).
– Shock of the Hour

– from “Villain in Black” (1996)

I would have happily put up the whole album. Just my opinion, but this is not only MC Ren’s best album, but also, one of my top ten west coast albums.
– B**ch Made Ni**a Killa
– Live from Compton ‘Saturday Night’
– Great Elephant

– from “Ruthless 4 Life” (1998)

-Voyage To Compton – This could have been a dope radio hit, and would have put Ren into a new limelight. But instead he rapped about “Fuck your ass in the tub, rub my dick with vaseline / Make my shit stretch all down your throat”. NWA hadn’t died in MC Ren.
– Must Be High – I had to put this track on, due to his impressive flow, and the beat is equally fresh.
– Who Got That Street Shit
-Pimpin’ Is Free – More obsession with BDP? He recreates “The P Is Free” chorus for this track.

– from “Renincarnated (Advance)” (2003)
I got this album from the internets a while back and I haven’t ever found much info about this album at all. Bigg Rocc and John Doe both appear on almost every track of the album.

– America
– Deadly
– Radio

– from “Lost in the Game” (2004)

Another album that flew waaaay under the radar. This EP was done to accompany a DVD Documentary with the name.
– Lost in the Game

– from “Renincarnated” (2009)

Again, another album that I should have just uploaded the whole album.
– Villainist Tales
– Black Star Line



– 2 Hard Muthas – Eazy E w/MC Ren
– Tha Muthaphuckkin Real – Eeazy E w/MC Ren

– Wanna Ride – W.C. w/ MC Ren, Ice Cube
– Legend of Jimmy Bones – Snoop w/RBX, MC Ren
– Hard Truth Soldiers -Public Enemy w/Dead Prez, Paris, Concious Daughters & MC Ren
– Raw Shit -Public Enemy w/Paris & MC Ren
– Roll On ‘Em – Crazy Toones w/W.C., Xzibit, MC Ren, Maylay
– Killaz in the Park – Above the Law w/MC Ren
– Process of Elimination – Above the Law w/MC Ren
– Ballad of a Menace – CPO w/MC Ren
– Gangsta Melody – CPO w/MC Ren
– The Shit -D.O.C. w/Ice Cube, Snoop, MC Ren, 6Two
– Set It Off – Snoop w/MC Ren, Nate, Lady of Rage, Ice Cube
– Chin Check – Ice Cube, MC Ren, Snoop
– Hello – Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, MC Ren
– Stallion – Yukmouth w/ MC Ren & Tech N9ne
– The Hardest – Kurupt w/ Xzibit, Nate Dogg, MC Ren
– Have Dat Money Rite – Chill MC w/MC Ren
– 2 G’s From Compton – King Tee w/MC Ren)
– Down Fa Mine – Kam w/MC Ren, Dresta
– Southland Killers – Cypress Hill w/MC Ren
– Bangin – Ms. Toi w/MC Ren
– Still Aint Free – MC Ren produced by Paris

— cenzi stiles