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Independent Hip-Hop Tribute

Monday, March 27th, 2017

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Episode 8 is our Jansport (backpack) special. A tribute to the independent hip-hop movement that helped spawn labels like Fondle ‘Em, Hydra, Rawkus, Stones Throw, Def Jux and ABB records. A time, where the internet played a major role in the music. This era allowed people to DIY, giving them an outlet never had. This movement created dreams, jobs, life-long careers and of course, some amazing music too. Speaking of music, if we covered everything this episode would be 20 hours instead of 2. We picked obscure cuts all the way to classics heard from the late 90s to the early 00s. We got everybody from Mos Def, Company Flow, MF Doom, Murs, Planet Asia, J-Live, Juggaknots, Weatherman, Saukrates, Jigmastas, Cannibal Ox, L-Fudge, Godfather Don, All Natural, Non-Phixon, Cage, Latryx, Mr. Voodoo, K-Otix, and Vakill to name a few. You don’t want to miss this!

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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 2): ATCQ Tribute

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Sometimes sequels are just better, like a lot better. Take The Empire Strikes Back, Low End Theory, The Infamous and De La Soul Is Dead for example. Take It Personal Episode 2 is our best yet! Not only is this an A Tribe Called Quest tribute show, but we’re playing joints by Ultramagnetic MC’s, Black Thought, Company Flow, Mos Def, Vinnie Paz, Nas, AZ, Ras Kass, D.I.T,C, Atmosphere, MarQ Spekt & Blockhead to name a few. Join Jason Gloss, Kevlar & DJ 360 on musical journey you won’t want to end. Or maybe you will, you probably will…

Please be sure to subscribe to one of the many options available to listen to Take It Personal so you can stay connected when new shows are released. From us at Take It Personal, thank you for your support and happy holidays to all of you. –Philaflava


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Groove Merchantz (Godfather Don & V.I.C.) Compilation Vol. 1+2

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

I came across this amazing post by claaa7 on the T.R.O.Y. forums this morning and knew immediately I had to share it with our blog family. For those that don’t know, the Groove Merchantz were a production team consisting of Godfather Don and V.I.C.

While Don went on to do a lot of stuff with Kool Keith, The Mighty V.I.C. worked a lot with The Beanuts, giving us some of their best work to date. Check out both volumes and enjoy. Peace to Claa7 and be sure to send him thanks if you’re a forum member or frequent his blog. –Philaflava


01. Bas Blasta – “Dangerous” [Groove Merchantz]
02. House Of Pain – “On Point” [Groove Merchantz Remix]
03. Kurious – “Mansion & A Yacht” [Groove Merchantz]
04. Jemini – “Funk Soul Sensation” [Godfather Don Remix]
05. Scaramanga – “Group War 2000” [Godfather Don]
06. Artifacts – “The Interview” [V.I.C.]
07. DJ Honda Ft. Cuban Link, AL, JuJu & Missin’ Linx – “On The Mic” [V.I.C.]
08. MC Lyte – “Ruffneck” [Beatnuts Remix by V.I.C. & JuJu]
09. Godfather Don – “Properties Of Steel”
10. Rawcotiks – “Live That I Live” [V.I.C.]
11. Raw Breed – “”Rabbit Stew” [Godfather’s Flame Boiled Mix]
12. Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Raise It Up” [Godfather Don]
13- Brick City Kids – “Brick City Kids” [V.I.C.]
14. Missin’ Linx – “Missin’ In Action” [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don – “Burn”
16. Kurious – “Spell It With A J (Jorge)” [V.I.C.]
17. Godfather Don Ft. Sir Menelik- “No Competition”

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01. Nas – “One Love” (Ft. Sadat X) [Groove Merchantz Remix]
02. Bas Blasta – “The Rhythm” (Ft. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe & JuJu) [Groove Merchantz]
03. Rawcotiks – “Real Heads” [Groove Merchantz]
04. Big Punisher/Terror Squad – “Brave in the Heart” [V.I.C.]
05. Artifacts – “That’s Them” [V.I.C.]
06. Cenobites – “I Was Forgotten” [Godfather Don]
07. Casual – “Same O.G.” [V.I.C.]
08. Royal Flush – “It’s Royal Flush” [Godfather Don]
09. Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Saga Of The Dandy, The Devil & Day” [Godfather Don Remix]
10. Brick City Kids – “Brick City Kids” [V.I.C.]
11. DJ Clue Ft. Mobb Deep & Noyd – “The Professional” [V.I.C.]
12. Infamous Mobb Ft. Prodigy & Noyd – “Killa Queens” [V.I.C.]
13. Screwball Ft. Prodigy & Godfather Don – “The Heat is On Remix” [G.D.]
14. Non Phixion Ft. Hostyle – “Don’t Get Beside Yourself” [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don – “Memories”
16. Stretch & Bobbito Ft. Black Thought, Absolute, Common & P. Monch – “Live From the Stretch & Bobbito Show” [V.I.C.]

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Non Phixion – The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

If I recall this isn’t exactly the “Green Tape/CD,” this was the sampler that Matador sent out as a promo, which basically was the original Geffen album Non Phixion submitted. Either way, not many of us can deny bumping many of these joints off the tape. Maybe Non Phixion’s music hasn’t aged all that well, but in retrospect they delivered a certain energy to the independent scene that was desperately needed. Peace to Kool Max Power for the link. Damn, Necro was a sick producer back then, huh? –Philaflava

Non Phixion – The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now
(all tracks are divided properly)

A1 Legacy
A2 14 Years Of Rap [Featuring] – Jise One, Q-Unique
A3 No Tomorrow
A4 Four W’s
A5 5 Boros
A6 5 Boros (Remix)
A7 I Shot Reagan [Featuring] – Necro
A8 Hot 97 Freestyle
A9 This Is Not An Exercise
A10 Refuse To Lose
A11 89.9 Promo
B1 Eclipse Promo
B2 Sleepwalkers
B3 Thug Tunin’
B4 They Got…
B5 How To Kill A…
B6 2004 [Featuring] – Obscure Disorder
B7 89.9 Freestyle
B8 Gangsta Rap
B9 The End Of The World
B10 Black Helicopters


Stretch And Bobbito Focus Continues: Demos & Promos (Terror Green, Akinyele, Timbuktu, etc.)

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Thanks to Irish Craig for this tape cover. Peep his blog out here for some other goodies.

You will be blessed here, believe that. But first I wanted to apologize to our readers for the down right screwy way that Stretch and Bobbito Month went down. As you probably know, our blogspot was closed down dead in the middle of SnB month which made it look like this project was brought to a cease. But it’s not, we’re going to extend this for as long as necessary. Of course, all of the posts here will not be related to SnB, but we will still steadily bring you much coverage and have an impressive arsenal on the way. So stay tuned. Press “read the rest of this entry” for some exclusive (to the internet) treats below… (more…)

Non Phixion – The Past

Monday, December 15th, 2008

MC Serch was Sabac Red‘s mentor. In 1994, Sabac teamed up with Ill Bill and DJ Eclipse to form Non Phixion. Goretex would evently join the group after MC Serch was impressed by his freestyles. They released their first 12″ “Legacy/ No Tomorrow” on Serch’s label Serchlite Records. It would then become an underground hit selling over 10,000 copies worldwide. They would appear on radio shows like Stretch & Bobbito, Hot 97,… They would released 2 more 12″ on Serchlite Records, “5 Boros/ Four W’s” and a remix to “5 Boros” produced by DR Period. After that they would eventually sign a deal and release a few 12″ on Methador Records. In 2000 to promote their first album “The Future is Now”, DJ Eclipse released this mixtape that contained their entire discography up to that point, including cameos … Here it is.

(Comes with single tracks)

–Thomas V