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Everything is Dooable

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


Matt “Doo” Reid (March 2nd, 1971 – December 12th, 1998)


One of the most important and yet underrated hip hop visual artists since the days of Basquiat, Haring, and Quinones. (more…)

Arrest the President 4: A Conversation with Fat Tony on Hood Party

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

I got a chance to interview the sure-footed Fat Tony about Hood Party, one of the singles off of his new album Smart Ass Black Boy. I am dropping this interview under our Arrest the President column because the song Hood Party is a comment on gentrification, a sociopolitical issue which occurs when poorer residents are displaced and supplanted by an influx of Louis Tully lookin’ Vans Original Classic Authentic wearin’ Newgrass fans. As you know, Arrest the President is a column here at T.R.O.Y., started by Thun, which looks at Hip Hop, past and present, from a sociopolitical perspective. In the song Hood Party, Fat Tony, and featured artists Kool A.D. and Despot, cleverly poke fun at some of the effects gentrification has individually on locals and “gentrifiers” and collectively on affected communities.

In this interview, Fat Tony and I briefly discuss his new album, conduct a line by line analysis of his verse on Hood Party, chat about the positive and negative effects of gentrification on established communities, I share my experience of hearing Hood Party for the first time in the courtyard of a highly ranked undergraduate university, and we even tackle the question of whether or not Hip Hop is being gentrified. Towards the end of this great conversation, Fat Tony, with his command and knowledge of Hip Hop, along with his clear and deductive thought process, really helped me understand and come to terms with some of my insecurities with Hip Hop right now.

I suggest you listen to the interview here, where you’ll be able hear Fat Tony read the lines of Hood Party with his soft yet sandy voice, over a piano which was quietly played in the background throughout the entire interview. It’s quite pleasant, especially if you enjoy the song.


Ya Rock and Ya Don’t Stop: Forty Years of Hip Hop

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

(Special Guests: Coke La Rock, Cindy Campbell, Clark Kent & Timmy Tim.)

Obviously the birth of a culture is a process with many pioneers, not a single moment. However, if you had to point to a single mythical birthday for this music we call hip hop, this would probably have to be it. It all started back on August 11th, 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the West Bronx when a six foot five muscular sixteen year old named Clive Campbell had already become a DJ named Kool Herc. He had decided to help his kid sister Cindy Campbell throw a back to school party so that she could get some money for new school clothes from the boutiques down on Delancey Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Little did anyone know the party that they threw would inadvertently spark a global culture and become the most pervasive and popular music the world has ever known. So let’s take it back. Way back, back into time.


Random VLS Drops: Yasheen & The Murder-1 Squad – Bring It! (1994)

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Yasheen Allah and his Murder-1 Squad are from Brooklyn and that’s pretty much all that we know about this artist. This  was released on GNU Breed records and it was produced by D. Trotman.

What do we have here is simply amazing, hardcore, grimey and very rare release that definitely should not be slept on anymore.

***This is not full VLS, it missing 2 tracks (Bring It [radio edit] and Bring It [instrumental]).


Bring It! VLS

01. Bring It!
02. Brooklyn Niggaz
03. Get Da Loot
04. Keep It Bangin’

–>Download Bring It! VLS<–


The Aspiring Me in New York City

Friday, April 26th, 2013

I interviewed The Aspiring Me a few weeks ago. If you missed it, you can read the interview here.

I got word that he is performing at the Tender Trap 245 S 1st Street Brooklyn, NY, via this very fluid and clear cut freestyle. In the song he also shouts out THE T.R.O.Y. BLOG and yours truly.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

He really killed the beat. So much that the actual SoundCloud sound wave frequency looks like a scar on the computer screen.

There is a lot going on in this freestyle.  (more…)

Roots & Culture of the Hip Hop Family Tree

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Every Tuesday for over a year now, Pittsburgh resident Ed Piskor has been adding to an increasingly complex archive, telling the tale of hip hop from DJ Kool Herc onward, including an ever growing flowchart of nearly all its innovators, influences and important participants. He does this by penning, illustrating and digitally inking his webcomic, Hip Hop Family Tree.

His subject matter is well researched, pulling from documentary and historical footage, books and interviews, then compiling what is known into a weekly story, with some occasional artistic license thrown in for good measure when needed. However, his overall goals seem to include both accuracy and increased awareness, having already gotten props from the likes of Chuck D, Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

And this does not look like your typical webcomic. In fact it doesn’t look like any comic due to its educational and authentic nature, in addition to its wide reaching scope. The look and style is that somewhat reminiscent of R. Crumb but also pulls from the traditional four color format of superhero comics, down to the yellowed newsprint paper and colors being grabbed from such iconic hues as Superman’s cape. Piskor cites DC Comics’ 1978 issue Superman vs. Muhammad Ali as an early hip hop comic crossover due in part to the fact that Ali won.

Ed’s thesis statement prior to Hip Hop Family Tree’s first issue. (Click to enlarge.)

So far the actual comic does a fine job of following a rough chronology, building off of what is already established and explaining who these people are and their contributions while still being comprehensive and yet easy to follow.

According to interviews the artist has done with the site that hosts Hip Hop Family Tree: Boing Boing, as well as, Columbus Museum of ArtInternational Design TimesMTV Hive and Reglar Wiglar, among others, he plans to make upwards of six hundred pages worth (saying it may take up to a decade to complete), going as far as showing the deaths of Tupac and Biggie or at least the last episode of Yo! MTV Raps, though he has also thought about stopping as early as Wu-Tang and Illmatic.

To see what is going on behind the scenes, constant updates are being posted by Mr. Piskor himself on his Tumblr and Twitter pages.

Click to see the process in which Ed creates his art.

Download the first sixty issues, properly organized and titled either here or here and be sure to check here each and every Tuesday for the next in the series.

(Note: The weekly family tree itself is included in a separate folder within the download, though it is missing a few pages. That is because either nobody new was added that week and / or the wrong photo was uploaded to the site, meaning this collection is as complete as it can be as of this posting.)

If you like what you see, a physical copy including illustrations by other artists and a bibliography will be included in the first volume of Hip Hop Family Tree (of which there will be at least four others), which’ll be released sometime before Christmas this year. The project is available for pre-order now.

— The Big Sleep

Random VLS Drops: 2for5 – Playin’ The Strip (2002)

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Bronx duo, Ace Lover and Oktober, released 2 singles in 2002, before releasing their debut album “Broke Minds Think Alike” in 2004 on Cajo! Records.


01. Playin’ The Strip
02. Whatz Ya Naim?! (Riding The Train)
03. Thah Fowndation
04. Playin’ The Strip (Instrumental)
05. Whatz Ya Naim! (Instrumental)
06. Thah Fowndation (Instrumental)

–>Download Playin’ The Strip VLS<–


Touring The States: Rochester, NY

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Straight out from Rochester, NY, B.A.S.K.O. bringing us that original, smooth west coast flavor.
The acronym B.A.S.K.O. stands for Black American Still Kicking On. His first album Mirror was released in 1996 on Riden’ Hi Records. In 2004, B.A.S.K.O. founded So Fly Records and became the label’s Chief Executive.
Discogs says that DJ Green Lantern produced tracks 2 and 12.
B.A.S.K.O.Mirror (1996)

01. U-R
02. Mr. Fix It
03. Mirror (Interlude)
04. Mirror
05. Sweet Thang
06. Swing
07. Scooby Doo
08. Society (Interlude)
09. Society
10. Come My Way
11. The Blacker The Berry
12. Ridin’ Hi
— Markshot

Single Series: Call O’ Da Wild

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I think we all know what’s the story behind this group. It had two members, Barron Ricks and Angelo Campanioni.

This is what DJ Muggs had wrote in Q&A on philaflava forum when asked about Call O’ Da Wild:
“Call o da wild broke up right after there album was finished for SONY . .. An they thought they were superstars before they record came out…..i have there album on a dat tape in storage some were”.

Here also you can hear two unreleased Call O’ Da Wild tracks, “Urban Wilderness” and “Andrews Ave”.

Sometimes The Neighborhood bw Clouds Of Smoke VLS (1995)

01. Sometimes The Neighborhood (Vocal)
02. Sometimes The Neighborhood (Instrumental)
03. Clouds Of Smoke (Vocal)
04. Clouds Of Smoke (Instrumental)
Ruffturrain bw Intellectual Dons VLS (1996)

01. Ruffturrain
02. Ruffturrain (Radio Edit)
03. Intellectual Dons
04. Intellectual Dons (Radio Edit)

My Tapes by Basta aka KYOZAI Pt. 5

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

You might know Basta (aka Kyozai) as being the owner of the rare cassette blog, Music-Thingz. Recently, he blessed us with a nice portion of his tape collection at philaflava T.R.O.Y. forum.

Here at The T.R.O.Y. blog, we wanted to give these tapes their deserved shine and Basta the proper recognition he’s earned, to the people outside of the philaflava forum.

I will split his tapes in several posts, giving you enough time to digest this massive work.

There will be no previews, but c’mon, the hilariously awesome covers alone warrant a download.


Underground Impact – Trapped in da Hood (1993, Philadelphia)


Sakoo – Tricks Pon Me (1992) (Brooklyn)


Warlord – It Ain’t Easy bw Nothing to Lose (199x Queens)


Posse Deep – Candy (1991)


Succes -N- Effect – Ultimate Drive-By (1992)


— Markshot