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Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Parts 8-10 (1990-2006)

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Ok so I was going to a Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation flood, with all 32 volumes. It’s probably more effective to just go with a few at a time so people have a chance to absorb them. Slow digestion probably creates more anticipation for the next set anyway. I have to admit I cheated a bit with ‘First State Alliance’., (Yes I own the tape) but Delaware isn’t far off the mark and isn’t really fertile ground for hip hop, as far as I know. If anyone from Delaware cares to school us, please do so! Today we’ll bite off a small chunk and come back for 22 more courses later. Damn, must be gettin’ near Thanksgiving. For now, whet your appetite with volumes 8-10 in my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series. Playlists and download links are after the jump! (more…)

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 4

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Here’s trusty old Volume 4 from the Baltimore And Washington Dc compilation series. I know I say this all the time, but this is still one of my favorites. It’s got a consistent feel, and rocks hard beginning to end. As is generally true, this collection is full of obscure goodies. The tracks I like best are numbers 3,5,7,10,11…. fuck it I can’t even pick. For those familiar with Ray Lugar’s more contemporary work, here’s a treat from his earliest lp. ‘High Roller’ is a perfect blend of Baltimore club and hip hop. Also check out the track by Juan Donovan in particular. It may not be your style, but to me it proves without a doubt that hip hop was alive and well even post-2000.

01 (03:58) circle of native vibes – ragtime (baltimore 1997)
02 (02:08) dj 730 & overkast records – intro (baltimore 1996)
03 (04:19) under achieva’z – seems kinda strange (washinton dc 1996)
04 (03:11) starvin art clique – rogue & vagabond (baltimore 1997)
05 (03:31) new testament – sunlight (baltimore 1995)
06 (03:43) wolfe d.o.m – n.y to b more (baltimore 1996)
07 (03:59) k mack – in baltimore (baltimore 1995)
08 (00:13) dj kool – koolin with flavor (washington dc 1991)
09 (01:33) khaos and dba – dope beats always time (baltimore 1992)
10 (04:58) p.u.g. – girls be killing me (washinton dc 1992)
11 (03:41) ray lugar – high roller (baltimore 1991)
12 (02:13) natures problem – bloody rivers (baltimore 1997)
13 (04:39) derrick rebel – all fucked up now (baltimore 1998)
14 (04:02) i.c. – live from the pentagon (washington dc 1997)
15 (04:11) sparrow – inheritance (baltimore 1998)
16 (04:49) s.c.u. – harm city (baltimore 1997)
17 (04:01) norm skola – park heights (baltimore 2000)
18 (04:56) juan donovan – take it like a man (baltimore 2005)
19 (04:36) raw elements – changin seasons (baltimore 1997)
20 (02:57) jb the messenga – one day (baltimore 2001)
21 (05:09) forbidden – how do i say goodbye ? (baltimore 2000)
22 (03:41) l.m.s. – brighter days (baltimore 1997)

A few of these tracks you might have trouble tracking down in other places. No, I am not from the area but I have been transfixed for years. These compilations are the result of much earnest digging. Please tell me know what your feedback is! Comments are always welcome and let me know that people are really listening. Thanks for reading and continue to check back!