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Best Producer on The M.I.C.?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

When Diamond D said he was the best producer on the mic, we kinda agreed with him. Sometimes that self-proclamation just sells itself. When you hear “King of Pop” we all think of just one person. Over the years, many producers have taken a stab at rhyming. DJ Premier started as a rapper before he met Guru. The Alchemist and his buddy Scott Caan were The Whooliganz before ALC became a household name. Today, you have many multi-talented artists who do both very well. Black Milk is a perfect example. El-P another one. Roc Marciano and MF Doom handle most of their production too. This isn’t anything new in hip-hop, the God Rakim did many of his own beats. Legends like Large Professor, Erick Sermon, RZA, Lord Finesse or Havoc have always been equally talented on both ends.

But this poll is about picking just one. Who is the best producer on the mic? Now before you vote, understand, this list could have been as long as Schindler’s if I included everyone. The reality is, this comes down to maybe just a few guys when you truly think about it. And I’m willing to bet whoever you think should be added, isn’t better than the few guys I’m thinking about. It’s not that I don’t recognize many of the newer cats putting in work, but for this poll I went with guys who have been holding it down for decades, not just a few summers. These are guys with healthy track records, impressive catalogs and classics tracks under the belt. These aren’t artists who got a little too drunk one night and spit 16 bars. These are producers/rappers who truly have mastered the art of both. They are the Bo Jacksons of hip-hop.

Remember, you aren’t picking your FAVORITE producer or your FAVORITE rapper in this poll. You’re picking the extremely talented producer who you feel is the BEST rapper in this poll. Essentially, the best producer on the mic!

There can only be one, so who’s it gonna be?

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Non Phixion – The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

If I recall this isn’t exactly the “Green Tape/CD,” this was the sampler that Matador sent out as a promo, which basically was the original Geffen album Non Phixion submitted. Either way, not many of us can deny bumping many of these joints off the tape. Maybe Non Phixion’s music hasn’t aged all that well, but in retrospect they delivered a certain energy to the independent scene that was desperately needed. Peace to Kool Max Power for the link. Damn, Necro was a sick producer back then, huh? –Philaflava

Non Phixion – The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now
(all tracks are divided properly)

A1 Legacy
A2 14 Years Of Rap [Featuring] – Jise One, Q-Unique
A3 No Tomorrow
A4 Four W’s
A5 5 Boros
A6 5 Boros (Remix)
A7 I Shot Reagan [Featuring] – Necro
A8 Hot 97 Freestyle
A9 This Is Not An Exercise
A10 Refuse To Lose
A11 89.9 Promo
B1 Eclipse Promo
B2 Sleepwalkers
B3 Thug Tunin’
B4 They Got…
B5 How To Kill A…
B6 2004 [Featuring] – Obscure Disorder
B7 89.9 Freestyle
B8 Gangsta Rap
B9 The End Of The World
B10 Black Helicopters