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Native Tongues Slept on Artist: Lucien Revolucien

Monday, July 6th, 2009
Artwork by Dirt_Dog

“Escargot, Lucien, you eat snails
(Hey yo Tip, what’s wrong with snails?)”

Lucien Revolucien is a French hip-hop artist who was influential in the hip-hop movement in France in the 1990s. A Tribe Called Quest included a song dedicated to Lucien (“Luck of Lucien”) on their first LP, “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.” Common also featured a similar song on his album Electric Circus, “Heaven Somewhere”. He has been affiliated with the Native Tongues Posse; a group that includes A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Queen Latifah, Black Sheep and The Beatnuts. (He is the only outside producer who made a song for The Beatnuts: “Ya Don’t Stop” on their first album, Street Level).

Thanks to digitalmullet and dirt_dog for compiling Lucien’s discography. Lucien was also part of the Hip-Hop Against Apartheid movement who released Ndodemyama(Free South Africa) in 1990. Unfortunately, I don’t have it and cannot find it online. I also included a posse cut featuring Lucien, Lord Finesse, Strictly Roots, & True Culture which was released on Africa Bambataa’s 1991 album that wasn’t included on digitalmullet’s compilation. Enjoy,

His Beats
01 Dana Barros-Check It (Produced by Lucien) (1994)
02 The Beatnuts-Ya Don’t Stop (Produced by Lucien) (1994)
03 Suprême NTM-Plus Jamais Ça (Produced by Lucien) (1995)
04 Al’ Tariq-Spectacular feat. A-Massacre, God Connections Problemz, SK & Sean Black (Produced by Lucien) (1996)
05 Afro Jazz-Perle Noire (Produced by Lucien) (1996)
06 Afro Jazz-Paris <-> New York (Produced by Lucien) (1996)
07 Afro Jazz-Perle Noire (Instrumental) (Produced by Lucien) (1996)
08 Afro Jazz-Tout De Go feat. Fdy Phenomen, L. Loco & Papalu (Produced by Lucien) (1999)

His Raps
01 Jungle Brothers-Feelin’ Alright (1989) (Background Vocals)
02 Jungle Brothers-Belly Dancin’ Dina (1989) (Background Vocals)
03 Jungle Brothers-Black Woman (1989) (Background Vocals)
04 Jungle Brothers-I Get A Kick Out Of You (1990) (Background Vocals)
05 Lucien-(Intro) Funky Piano/From A Town Called Paris/Outro) Donkeys (1993)
06 Kurious-Top Notch feat. Kadi, Psycho Les & Lucien (1994)
07 Alliance Ethnik-Jamais À L’Heure feat. Lucien & Psycho Les (1995)
08 Guru-Lifesaver feat. Lucien & Baybe (1995)
09 Afro Jazz-Guerre Des Nerfs feat. Lucien & Supreme NTM (1997)
10 Afro Jazz-3 Spliffs Et 1 Freestyle feat. Lucien (1997)
11 Afro Jazz-Parias Vs Etat feat. Lucien (1997)
12 Arsenik, Lord Kossity & Papalu-Les Lascars (1999)
13 NTM feat Lucien -Check The Flow (1995)

His Tributes
01 A Tribe Called Quest-Luck Of Lucien (1992)
02 Common-Heaven Somewhere feat. Omar Lyefook, Bilal, Cee-Le & Jill Scott (2002)


Bonus: Afrika Bambaataa & Family – The Decade Of Darkness 1990-2000

B2 Steppin’ Hard Zulu Nation
Featuring [Rap] – Lord Finesse , Lucien , RMR , True Culture
Producer – DJ Fashion

— Thomas V

De La Soul – The Instrumentals (1988-1998)

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Your De La Soul collection should consist of their first four instrumental LPs, numerous soundboard recordings from concerts in between the years of ’88 and ’98, a gang of shelved demos from the “De La Soul Is Dead” and “Buhloone Mindstate” sessions, etc. Instead, you’re left fiending for these things, and chances are that you’ll never see anything released.

Here are all of their known instrumentals from between the years of ’88 and ’98. If I missed anything, hit us up in the comments section.

De La Soul – The Instrumentals Volume 1
1. Me Myself And I
2. Me Myself And I (Oblapos Mode)
3. Potholes In My Lawn
4. Buddy (Native Tongue Decision)
5. Ghetto Thang (Ghetto Ximer)
6. Say No Go (New Keys)
7. Say No Go (Bonus Beats)
8. Keepin’ The Faith
9. Keepin’ The Faith (Straight Pass)
10. Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa (Full Mix)
11. Ring Ring Ring (Sax Mix)
12. Saturdays (Mo Mo Dub)

De La Soul – The Instrumentals Volume 2
1. The Dawn Brings Smoke
2. Breakadawn (De La Remix)
3. Breakadawn
4. Ego Trippin’
5. Ego Trippin’ (Egoristic Mix)
6. Lovely How I Let My Mind Float
7. En Focus
8. Fallin’
9. Stakes Is High
10. Stakes Is High (Remix)
11. The Bizness
12. The Bizness (Remix)
13. Itzsoweezee
14. Trouble In The Water
15. More Than You Know


Me Myself And I

Me Myself And I (Oblapos Mode)

Potholes In My Lawn

Buddy (Native Tongue Decision)

Breakadawn (De La Remix)


Ego Trippin’


Stakes Is High

Trouble In The Water

–Roy Johnson

Bush Babees – Non-Album Tracks

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Here’s a Bush Babees compilation that I put together for ohword back in early ’08. I added two new freestyles from The Lyricist Lounge & Hot 97. Enjoy.

Bush Babees – Non-Album Tracks
1. We Run Things (MF Doom Blend)
2. Brooklyn Movements
3. Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix)
4. The Love Song (45 King Remix)
5. The Love Song w/ De La Soul (Remix)
6. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session (1996)
7. Hot 97 Freestyle (1996)
8. Lyricist Lounge Freestyle Session (1995)
9. Swing It (Original)
10. We Run Things (Cut Killer Blend)
11. Remember We Remix (Cut Killer Blend)
12. Remember We Remix (Instrumental)


We Run Things (MF Doom Blend)

Brooklyn Movements

Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix)

The Love Song w/ De La Soul (Remix)

Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session (1996)

–Roy Johnson

Tribe Vibes: Volume 3

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

A1 Star of the Story [Verses From The Abstract]
A2 Upon this Rock [Verses From The Abstract Drums]
A3 Steam Drill [Infamous Date Rape]
A4 New Rags [Buggin Out]
A5 Tribute to Obabi [Excursions]
A6 Time [Excursions]
A7 Midnight Cowboy [Show Business]
A8 Brazilian Rhyme [Mr.Muhammed]

B1 Exp (skit) [If The Papes Come]
B2 Pot Belly [If The Papes Come]
B3 Who’s Makin Love [Hot Sex]
B4 All You Need Is Love (skit) [Luck Of Lucien]
B5 Sir Duke [Footprints]
B6 Keep On Doin It [Rap Promoter]
B7 Dig On It [God Lives Through]
B8 Rain Day [Go Ahead In The Rain]

C1 Walk Tall [Footprints]
C2 No Deposit, No Return [Bonita Applebum UK Remix]
C3 Between the Sheets [Bonita Applebum Remix]
C4 Why [Bonita Applebum Video Remix]
C5 Sunshower [Can I Kick It?]
C6 The Way You Do [Can I Kick It horns]
C7 Hard Times [Can I Kick It Remix]
C8 What a Waste [Can I Kick It Remix]
C9 Dreams [Electric Relaxation]

D1 New Horizons [Electric Relaxation/Hot 4 You]
D2 What Can You Bring Me [Rock Rock Yall]
D3 Leo [Stepping It Up]
D4 Little Sunfower [The Love]
D5 Didn’t I
D6 Soul Concerto [Spirits]
D7 Cosmic Reign [Lyrics To Go Remix]
D8 The Hump [Mr. Incognito]

I went ahead and included two full versions of tracks that were only snippets on the original vinyl of Tribe Vibes 3 because they are just that dope- Joe Farrell’s “Upon This Rock”(which was sampled by Wu Tang for something in this century that I just can’t remember right now and the drums were used by all these people and more) and Cannonball Adderley’s “Walk Tall”.

Of course there are mad tracks on here that have been sampled by many other people since, as on all Tribe Vibes. The first cut, “Star Of The Story”, is an Rn’B joint that you either hate or love. I’ll admit that it’s pretty cheesy, but I like it, who cares. It was also used for that Smif N Wessun white label, “Nothing Move But The Money”, which you can download here.
There’s just a ton of great music on here. I’m not gonna waste any more of your time trying to make a case for it. It’s Tribe Vibes. You know what it is. Enjoy.

If You Missed The First Two Volumes:

And stay tuned for Volume 4.

I Like The Native Tongue Because They Don’t Act Like Caricaturish D-Bag Minstrel Morons

Monday, June 29th, 2009

D-Nice & Heavy D can’t both be wrong, right?

I like the music of the Native Tongue because the rappers, producers, and associated personalities in the inner and outer circles of this loose collective have never acted like insufferable, promethazine-addled, “I’m not a rapper I’m a hustler,” douchebaggery-driven, subliterate troglodytes.

Now, if this statement somehow offends your delicate predilection for all that is jiggnorant, unintelligible, and decidedly Dixie (or bombastically Bompton), step away from your Soulja Boy mousepad, exhale, and count to ten. There’s no sense in firing up WordPress and banging out a jargon-laced and yet effusive knee-jerk response just yet.

Don’t get it twisted – the main reason to listen to ATCQ, De La, The JBs, and the others is to enjoy their music. Unlike half the acts that manage to trend in Twitter these days, such basic enjoyment of the Native Tongue discography is entirely possible before one tries to intellectualize the content of their songs. Even if decades of questionable praise from smooth jazz enthusiasts looking to rescue hip hop from its supposed iniquities sickens you to the core, the combined discography has something in it for you, even if you’ve spent the last half decade attempting to convince your peer group that Juelz > Rakim. Trust.

This is not to say that their legacy is entirely untarnished by mediocre output or questionable artistic decisions, or that their aesthetic cannot wear thin. I’m sure there are legitimate reasons to suggest why the Native Tongue as a whole are overrated in the grand scheme of rap. I am not so smitten by their greatness that I refuse to consider the possibility that others have improved on their formula. I readily acknowledge that some of their stances towards coarser forms of rap are problematic. And if someone simply prefers something that is harder-edged, at least in terms of lyrics, so be it, to each his own.

However, I believe that the legacy of the Native Tongue is secured not only by their excellent musical output, or their by now safe metropole-boho aesthetic, but also because they just seemed so easygoing and cool. Without coming off as licentious, nihilistic, or greedy, they reveled in all that was earthly and pleasurable. Their beats were pulsing, warm, and entrancing. Their deceptively simple “talky” style of flow hinted at worlds beyond comprehension in a manner so effortlessly appealing that the words barely mattered, even though many of their verses are damned near perfect.

In retrospect, they were all so … human, I guess, in a way that most rappers post-ATLiens simply are not. Self-indulgent yet playful, verbose yet affable, vaguely mystic and yet down to earth. Their more ethereal songs feel a bit aimless, almost to the point of being annoying, but rarely do you feel as if these guys are projecting massive insecurities out onto their audience for kicks. Regardless of what their real life personalities were like, you always got the sense that they were being themselves on record (an artistic self, perhaps, but a clearly defined self nontheless) and that they were having fun navigating the gulf between populism and polarization, flirting with widespread rejection. While such existential tumult has driven other talented rappers into premature obsolescence, the artists in the Native Tongue seemed to possess a healthy sense of humor about themselves. Their music has aged beautifully, and they have not been shamed by pink-suit videos or unlistenable R&B collaboratons.

Many thirtysomething rap fans pray daily that in lieu of an actual reunion, a new Native Tongue movement will spring out of today’s pool of young talent. Such longing is sort of superfluous given the sustained relevance of the posse’s musical contributions in the face of a musical cultured that is debased beyond recognition and a reception culture driven by questionable agendas. Rest assured, I am similarly disgusted by the overcompensating praise for prometha-sambo marble-mouthed mongoloids that is all the rage in the blogosphere.

But at the end of the day the discography of the Native Tongue (which continues to grow with the continual discovery of unreleased gems) is here for all of us to rediscover and pass on. And every time it is revisited or shared, the participating listeners will encounter personas that are easily likable. You know, the kind of cats you wouldn’t mind inviting to a family cookout, friends that you don’t feel compelled to go to absurd lengths to justify, good all-around folks. And that’s all that’s needed sometimes. –Thun

Jungle Brothers – I Got U (CD 2006) Japan

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

In 2002, The Jungle Brothers released their sixth studio album titled “All That We Do”. Did y’all think that it was their last studio album? No, in 2006, The J Beez released a Japan-only studio album titled “I Got U“. I would normally never post new albums but I was thinking that since it hasn’t been scheduled for a release outside of Japan, why not unearth it to you readers? I Got U has a experimental sound to it. The album combines an old school & funky sound from these Rap Legends (since ’87). Mike G is definitely on point each tracks with Baby Bam on the production tip. If you can find it, Buy It! You won’t be dissapointed! Enjoy,

1. Back On The Road
2. Beats On A String
3. Come Down
4. Down Right Funk
5. Funky Magic
6. Back To The Ol Skool
7. My Streets On Fire
8. Ital Stew (Skeewiff Mix)
9. I Got U
10. Sunshine
11. Take It Back
12. We Love You JB’s


–Thomas V

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities (1996-1998) *Updated 6/22/17

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

As far as I’m concerned, 1996-1998 is the best era for De La non-album cuts. There are upwards of 20 tracks on this two volume set that I thoroughly enjoy. My favorites include the Jay Dee and UK remixes for “Stakes Is High”, the Native Tongue posse cut “How Ya Want It We Got It”, the remixes for “The Bizness” and “The Love Song”, the Rob-O track “Stay Away”, and their collaboration with DJ Honda on “Trouble In The Water”.

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities Volume 1
1. Stakes Is High (Jay Dee Remix)
2. Stakes Is High (UK Remix)
3. Stakes Is High (Spinna Remix)
4. Stakes Is High (MF Doom Blend)
5. Stakes Is High (Soulman Remix)
6. Stakes Is High (Alternate Jay Dee Remix)
7. Stakes Is High (9th Wonder Remix)
8. Itzsoweezee (Remix)
9. Itzsoweezee (Spinbad Blend)
10. The Bizness w/ Common Sense (Remix)
11. The Love Song w/ The Bush Babees (Remix)
12. How Ya Want It We Got It w/ JBs & ATCQ (Remix)
13. I Can’t Call It
14. Tim Westwood Freestyle w/ Nas (1996)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 6/22/17

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities Volume 2
1. Lyricist Lounge Intro
2. Trouble In The Water
3. Stay Away w/ Rob-O
4. The Hustle
5. Gettin’ Down At The Amphitheater w/ Common Sense
6. More Than You Know w/ Prince Paul & Juggaknots
7. The Projects w/ Del
8. Chanel No. Fever
9. B-Side To Hollywood w/ Camp Lo
10. Hey DJ w/ Malcolm McLaren
11. 4 More (Juno Clean Remix)
12. Do Fries Go With That Shake
13. Sweet Dreams
14. 360 Degrees w/ Propellerheads
15. Pass It On w/ 3 Steps From Nowhere (Remix)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 6/22/17

De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate Era Rarities (1993-1994)

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

The Buhloone Mindstate sessions yielded quite a few classic non-album tracks. My personal favorites would include the soundtrack cut “Fallin”, the De La Soul remix for “Breakadawn”, the Clear Lake Auditorium track “She Fe MCs”, and the b-side “Lovely How I Let My Mind Float”. To be honest, I was never a huge fan of the “Buhloone Mindstate” LP, but 1993-1994 might be my favorite De La era, all things considered.

De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate Era Rarities Volume 1
1. Breakadawn (De La Soul Remix)
2. Breakadawn (Foncett Power Radio Mix)
3. Breakadawn (London Remix)
4. Ego Trippin’ (LA Jay Mix)
5. Ego Trippin’ (Egoristic Mix)
6. Ego Trippin’ (Gumbo Funk Remix)
7. Stickabush
8. Hsubakcits
9. She Fe MCs w/ ATCQ
10. Stix & Stonz w/ Grandmaster Caz & Prince Whipper Whip
11. Lovely How I Let My Mind Float w/ Biz Markie
12. Lovely How I Let My Mind Float w/ Biz Markie (Slight Remix)
13. Fallin’
14. Fallin’ (Remix)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 5/24/12


Breakadawn (De La Soul Remix)

Ego Trippin’ (LA Jay Mix)

She Fe MCs w/ ATCQ

Lovely How I Let My Mind Float w/ Biz Markie


–Roy Johnson

A Tribe Called Quest – Beats, Rhymes And Life / The Love Movement Videos

Sunday, June 21st, 2009
Artwork Edited By dirt_dog

1nce Again


Stressed Out (Feat. Faith Evans)


Artwork Edited By dirt_dog

Find A Way


Stressed Out is taken from a VHS Rip as it wasn’t included in the DVD release. Thanks to Mamli for the hookup! Enjoy these last A Tribe Called Quest videos!!!

Click Here for the full ATCQ album video series.

— Thomas V

De La Soul – De La Soul Is Dead Era Rarities (1991-1992)

Friday, June 19th, 2009

This is, without question, the weakest era for De La Soul remixes & b-sides. Of course, a full 100MB volume of “Saturdays” and “Keepin’ The Faith” might look legendary in comparison to whatever they’re doing nowadays, but hey, even James Brown fell the fuck off at some point.

Volume 2 is a mandatory download, though. Check the audio samples for “De La Slow” “De La’s Poster”, “Roadrunner”, and “Scenario”. I get the feeling that they have a ton of 1991-1992 era material in the vaults; these guys were some serious workaholics, as indicated by the sheer amount of non-album tracks that were churned out during the “3 Feet High & Rising” sessions.

De La Soul – De La Soul Is Dead Era Rarities Volume 1
1. Saturdays (Disco Fever Mix)
2. Saturdays (Radio Home Mix)
3. Saturdays (Ladies Nite Decision)
4. Saturdays (6 AM Mix)
5. Saturdays (Who’s Skatin’ Promo)
6. Saturdays (Dave’s Home Mix)
7. Saturdays (What Yo Life Can Truly Be)
8. Keepin’ The Faith (Just A Touch Mix)
9. Keepin’ The Faith (Fly And Funky Mix)
10. Keepin’ The Faith (12″ UK Mix)
11. Keepin’ The Faith (7″ UK Mix)
12. Keepin’ The Faith (No Bass Mix)
13. Keepin’ The Faith (Straight Pass)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 5/24/12

De La Soul – De La Soul Is Dead Era Rarities Volume 2
1. Piles And Piles Of Demo Tapes Bi-Da Miles (Conley’s Decision)
2. Ring Ring Ring (Party Line Mix)
3. Ring Ring Ring (Executive U.S. Decision Mix)
4. Ring Ring Ring (7″ UK Mix)
5. Ring Ring Ring (CJ’s Alternative Mix)
6. Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa (Remix)
7. De La Slow (Demo)
8. De La’s Poster (Demo)
9. Let The Horns Blow w/ Chi Ali, Dres, Phife & Fashion
10. Roadrunner (Demo)
11. Scenario w/ ATCQ, LONS & Black Sheep (Demo #1)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 5/24/12

De La Slow (Demo)

De La’s Poster (Demo)

Let The Horns Blow w/ Chi Ali, Dres, Phife & Fashion

Roadrunner (Demo)

Scenario w/ ATCQ, LONS & Black Sheep (Demo #1)

Props to Vincent Lopez for blessing us with the “Scenario” demo, and major thanks to dirt dog for hooking up the ill cover!

–Roy Johnson