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T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Meyhem Lauren

Monday, February 25th, 2013


If you’ve been following T.R.O.Y. for awhile it’s no secret we’ve been day one supporters of Meyhem Lauren, so it was only natural we ask the big homie to help set-off  Guest Blogger for ’13 with his Top 10 Grimiest NYC Tracks of All-Time.

Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with one of the realest and truest throwbacks hip-hop has today. Check out his debut double album Self Induced Illness available  on Amazon. You can also download his two must-own mixtapes Respect The Fly right here or Mandatory Brunch Meetings here. –Philaflava

10) Onyx – Walk in New York
 9) ODB – Brooklyn Zoo
Dirty sets the tone of the song from the second that it starts.
 8) Shabazz The Disciple – Crime Saga
This record is perhaps the most detailed and descriptive crime story ever. Shabazz has a flow that is unmatched on this record.
7)  Cormega Feat. Mike Delorian – Fuck Nas
Even though this track was a diss record specifically about Nas and nature it embodies the general sound of that grimy Queens NYC rap that raised me. “Fuck gold chains and sneakers I had that when cocaine was cheaper”
6) M.O.P. – Cold Word
“Slum ass wanna be hard ass nigga / cornball butter soft lard ass nigga!” Nobody keeps in grimier then Fame and Billy I could have picked 10 M.O.P. songs if I wanted to compose this list but I decided to go with this one. “It’s a cold world so bitch nigga dress warm!”
5) Tragedy Khadafi Feat. Imam Thug – True Confessions
“Clappin Co’s bustin PO’s right in their knee caps” Not only is this track a grimey NYC street life anthem but the skill level and wordplay that Trag and Imam hit you in the head with is flawless. This beat epitomizes the sound of real inner city gorilla rap.
4) 50 Cents – Thicker Then Water
 “Move during the jux you know I’m gon’ shoot so you gonna pay me or the hospital duke/ don’t call me to feature I don’t wanna rap with ya I brought my knife in the club I came to scrap with ya!
3) Capone & Noreaga Bloody Money.
Even though Parole violators has the grimiest lyrics on the War Report ” Bloody Money is undisputably a NYC street anthem and should be listened to at a high volume while drinking Hennessy or cleaning a fire arm.
2)  Kool G Rap – Take ‘Em To War Feat. MF Grimm &  B One
Take em to war “Grimm gimmie the infrared and semi and I’m puttin red dots on niggas foreheads and making muthafuckas Indian you got beef go get yourself a wreath because its murder cause I put holes in my beef like fuckin white castle burgers.”
 1) Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. 2
This record was special not only because the production and rhymes were flawless but because it was also a commercial success and caused a whole wave of NYC street anthems to drop soon after.

Monsta Island Czars Return To Monsta Island Vol. 2

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Making a 2nd volume of Return To Monsta Island was a must. While Sam nailed most of the standout cuts using our set parameters for Vol. 1, I knew there were plenty of others I already had in mind for Vol. 2. After putting together a loose playlist based on my selections and several that Echo Leader had chosen, I realized there was more than enough good material out there to keep most of the restrictions we had for Vol. 1. I decided to include songs featuring verses from outside friends and associates, but every song had to have at least one verse from an original Czar. The DOOM and Grimm restrictions would still be in place as well. At Echo Leader’s request, the DJ Fakts One Remix of MF Grimm’s “The Original” was included “cause it’s so damn dope.” Even though it was recorded before the Czars were formed, it’s a nice tribute to ‘the original’ Monsta Island Czar. All that and then some after the jump… (more…)

Monsta Island Czars: Return To Monsta Island Vol. 1

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The Monsta Island Czars have gone through numerous lineup changes over the years — so many in fact that it can be hard to tell at any given time who is in and who is out. Making matters more complex, most of the members have several aliases which they use interchangably, sometimes (but not always) dependending on whether or not they’re working with the rest of the group. While much of their best work has been done in collaboration, each member can stand strong on his own as well. Unfortunately, aside from Doom and Grimm, most of these guys haven’t yet gotten the shine they truly deserve. This compilation aims to help correct that by showcasing each of the core members as an individual solo artist. Tracklist, download link and some additional background information after the jump… (more…)

T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/MF Grimm

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Welcome to another edition of Guest Blogger with none other than MF Grimm. Whether you know him as MF Grimm, Grim Reaper, Jet Jaguar or Percy Carey; his story truly is a feel good one.  In 1994, Grimm survived a murder attempt where he was shot seven times and three times in an earlier murder attempt in 1986. As a result of the 1994 attack, he was deafened, blinded, and paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors predicted that he would suffer nulled senses and be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Grimm recovered full vision, hearing, and speech ability, but is still confined to a wheelchair. In 2000, he faced narcotics and conspiracy charges, giving him life imprisonment.  He paid a one-day bail of $100,000, recording The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera in those twenty-four hours.

During his stay in jail, Grimm studied law. After filing many counter-suits, he was able to reduce his sentence to three years and he was released in 2003.  So while many know him as the man who ripped “Take ‘Em To War,” I know him as the man who overcame the impossible. MF Grimm’s Top 5 Collabos and Top 5 Albums lists, plus some video and audio, after the jump.   (more…)

Spiega – Forgive Them Father

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

It’s been a minute since our friend Stilltown from Pittsburgh, PA, made yet another great compilation.

This time involving Monsta Island Czars member, Spiega.
Make sure you check Stilltown’s blog, mostly considering Pittsburgh, PA scene, you can learn a lot from it.
Thank you Stilltown for this great compilation.

-Introduction to this compilation by Stilltown:
It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about an artist without Pittsburgh connections, but today’s may be a start of more to come. By now, most hip-hop fans are familiar with the work of Daniel Dumille. When Zev Love X returned to the hip-hop scene as MF Doom, he was part of a New York crew known as the Monsta Island Czars. The most notable emcees included were street legend MF Grimm, Kwite Def, Arron, and Tommy Gunn. Production was handled by Doom and X-Ray da Mindbenda. Each member took a Godzilla-themed alias, Doom as King Ghidra, Grimm as Jet Jaguar, Kwite Def as Kamackeris, Arron as Rodan, Tommy Gunn as Megalon, X-Ray as King Ceaser, and newcomers Kong, Gigan, and Spiega.
The focus of this post is Spiega. His deep, distinctive voice and monotonous delivery make him a unique talent. Unlike many of the groups members, Spiega has yet to release a solo album. However, he made several contributions to Kong’s latest album, Shackles Off. Other ventures include his work on the Reavers’s album Terror Firma.
I brought these discreet and scattered appearances together for a “best of” type album. Solo songs, group work, and guest features were included.
“Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” – Spiega’s personal quote from the liner notes of the album Escape From Monsta Island!
SpiegaForgive Them Father (2010) [Compilation]
01. True Believers Feat. Kong
02. I Seen It All
03. Now That’s Sweet
04. America Feat. Hasan Salaam & Akir
05. Cross My Heart Feat. Kong
06. Witchcraft (Remix) Feat. Monsta Island Czars
07. Ride The Arrow Feat. King Ceasar
08. Under Pressure Feat. Monsta Island Czars
09. Broken Safety Feat. Kong & Ikon
10. Genocide Feat. Billy Woods & Kong
11. Kill Or Be Killed Feat. Kwite Def, Rio & Foul Language
12. Weasal (Do Or Die) Feat. Kong
13. Die Feat. Megalon, Egyptian Queen, King Ceasar, Loch Ness & Kong
14. Witchcraft Feat. Monsta Island Czars

MF Grimm? Sentences (Graphic Novel)

Monday, January 19th, 2009

“Underground hip-hop icon Percy Carey, a.k.a. M.F. Grimm, tells the true story of his life in the game, from dizzying heights to heartbreaking losses, in this raw, brutally honest graphic novel memoir. In SENTENCES, Carey chronicles his life in the sometimes glamorous, often violent, world of hip-hop, from the first time he picked up a microphone at a block party to the day he lost the use of his legs to gang violence, from his incarceration to his rise to the top of his game as a hip-hop grandmaster. No questions are left unanswered and no apologies are made, resulting in a truly groundbreaking graphic novel.”


Digital Copy
Comic Display (Required to open the Digital Copy)

Support It!

Thanks to thebridgeisover for hooking us up with a digital copy! Don’t forget to show your support to MF Grimm by buying a copy of his incredible book!

–Thomas V

Mommy, What’s A Gravedigga?

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

One of the best new posters on the T.R.O.Y. forum, FatFaceFreddy drops an 18-track Gravediggaz odds n’ ends compilation for that ass. The tracks were gathered from the Diggin’ Up The Future EP, Double Suicide Pack EP and the bootleg 36 Chambers of Death.

1-800-Suicide (New Vocal Version)
1-800-Suicide (Flip Squad Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Gangsta Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Dig Deep Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Poisonous Mix)
1-800-Suicide (Guillotine Mix)
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Rza Mix Clean)
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Uptight Cratedigga Mix)
Nowhere To Run (Portishead Main Mix)
Nowhere To Run (Portishead Mix Part 2)
Pass The Shovel
Diary Of A Madman (No Courtroom Clean)
Reincarnation Of Freud
Freak The Sorceress
Bang Your Head (Underdog Mix)
Unexplained (Kasz Mix)
Unexplained(Vinyl Blair Rework)
Gravediggaz Vs Tricky – Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix)


1-800-Suicide (Poisonous Mix)
Constant Elevation
Freak The Sorceress
Diary Of A Madman
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Rza Mix)
Mommy Whats A Gravedigga (Uptight Cratedigga Remix)


Bonus Track
1-800-Suicide (Extended Remix) with a verse by MF Grimm

Props to FatFaceFreddy and Kimani for the hook-up!


Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (11-20)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

11. KMD ft. MF Grimm “What A Niggy Know” (Remix)

12. Lord Finesse “S.K.I.T.S.” (Remix)
The original was sparser and more raw, but this remix is more layered, ringing, and insistent, which lends itself well to the tone of alarm being conveyed. Adding Big L to the chorus was an excellent decision.
13. Common Sense “Soul By The Pound” (Thump Mix)
14. Casual “That’s How It Is” (Disshowwedo Remix)
15. Grand Puba ft. Sadat X “I Like It” (Buckwild Remix)

This one isn’t hugely different from the hit original, but Buckwild manages to give it a more hardcore feel without sacrificing its mass appeal. Sadat X.’s cameo is one of his finest.
16. Artifacts “Dynamite Soul II” (Lip Service Remix)
17. Aceyalone “Mic Check” (Kemo Remix)
Kemo’s version of Aceyalone’s catchy ode to rocking shows and raking in the dough was the top finalist in a remix contest announced on the original’s sleeve. Besides being a banger of a beat, it also complements Aceyalone’s whimsical vocals quite well.
18. Camp Lo “Coolie High” (Paradise Remix)
Only Camp-Lo can out-smooth Camp-Lo. This version pulls off that sultry slick nonsensical jewel heist vibe that these BX rhymers consistently aimed for in their heyday.
19. Bush Babees “Remember Me” (Salaam Remi Remix)
20. Alkaholiks “Mary Jane” (Remix)
Tune in tomorrow for selections 21-30.

Another Dope 90’s Obscure Mixtape

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Enjoy this dope mixtape by Switzerland’s own Tom & Marc. The mixtape is one full track and it’s a must have!

01. Cranium – Gauge
02. Walk With The Limp – Money Boss Players
03. Madman’s Dream – East Flatbush Project
04. Don’t Get It Twisted – Foundation & Rezidue
05. Black Rain – Citizen Kane
06. HipHop Can’t Stop – Slomo
07. Tech’s Technique – Hi-Tech
08. Get Down – MF Grimm
09. Positional Bypass – Sic Sense
10. Dead Man’s Walk – Jigmastas
11. Here & Now (Remix) – Get Open
12. Born 2 Live (DJ Eclipse Remix) – OC
13. Never Judge A Book – The Alamo
14. Real Kukoo – Kukoo Da Baga Bonez
15. Another Banga – Calhoun
16. Escape From Belize – Candy Store
17. Crab – Fierce
18. Rhyme Impotence – Sparrow
19. Who I Be (Part 2) – Finsta Bundy

Here are the individual tracks

Zip 1
Zip 2

Props to Sen, Lyrical Gynmastics, Verge, godmc & Ho1ogramz


Metal Faces

Friday, November 7th, 2008

1. Alpha (Ft. Count Bass-D) 0:37
2. Time and Space 2:54
3. Life and Death 4:25
4. Freedom 3:11
5. Foolish (Ft. Megalon & MF DOOM) 3:20
6. Together 2:00
7. Break Em Off (Intermission) 4:10
8. Rain Blood (Ft. Megalon) 4:02
9. Voices Pt. 0 2:00
10. Voices Pt. 1 (Ft. MF DOOM) 1:56
11. Yes You Are (It’s Only A Movie) 2:28
12. I.B.’s 3:56
13. To All My Comrades 2:09
14. Howl 2:33
15. Words 3:26
16. Teach the Babies 2:32
17. Omega 0:56


1. Intro 0:29

2. All Y’all 3:55
3. Stable 5:17
4. Dr. Death 4:18
5. The Deal Is Done (Monte Smith) 2:00
6. Go Back 3:25
7. Dancin’ (produced by J-Zone) 2:38
8. Enemy At Home (by Monte Smith) 2:26
9. Black Helicopter (Feat. Jihad) 5:59
10. Straight Babylon No Chaser (by Monte Smith) 2:29
11. Digital Tears 5:15
12. Ying & Yang (Ft. Agu Aka Mr. Voodoo, Su-Ann Ortiz) 4:54
13. The Way 3:15
14. Taken 2:42
15. Love Jones (Feat. Jihad) 4:53
16. Rotten 4:47
17. Voices (The Final Chapter) 5:24
18. Happy 2:21
19. Superstar J.J. (Feat. Su-Ann Ortiz) 5:22
20. Static 3:55
21. Outro 0:39


1. Grandmaster Interview 0:53
2. Take ‘Em To War [original version] 3:31
3. Manhattan Interview 0:46
4. King Of New York 3:43
5. Get Down (with DJ Ekim) 3:24
6. Hip-Hop Interview 0:28
7. So Watcha Want? 4:33
8. Getting Shot Interview 1:52
9. Bloody Love Letter 4:18
10. Comrade Interview 0:39
11. Scars & Memories 6:18
12. Percy Carey Interview 0:34
13. Crumb Snatchers 5:42
14. In The End (with Yves) 4:24
15. AIDS (with Kool G. Rap, Akinyele, C.J. Moore, Big Chuck) 3:24
16. MF Grimm Interview 1:12
17. The Original 3:58
18. Wack Emcees (with Nomad, Yves, Wayne-O) 3:40
19. Do It For The Kids 4:26
20. Emotions (with B-One) 4:24
21. Dedicated (with Squeeze On Intro) 4:04


1. Doomsday Remix 3:11
2. No Snakes Alive ft. King Ghidra 3:34
3. Impostas 3:36
4. The Original Remix 3:31
5. Break’em Off 4:09
6. Dedicated 3:27
7. The Original 4:00
8. Doomsday (Remix Instrumental) 3:07
9. No Snakes Alive (Instrumental) 3:35
10. Impostas (Instrumental) 4:01
11. The Original (Remix instrumental) 3:29
12. Break’em Off (Instrumental) 3:45
13. Dedicated (Instrumental) 3:27
14. The Original (Instrumental) 3:57


Props to kimani for the drop.