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Philaflava: It Was In The Fuckin’ Movies

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

In January, we’re doing a themed soundtrack episode on Take It Personal, so it only made sense to share with you some of the amazing work TheBigSleep has been putting in on the Philaflava forums lately. Hip-Hop soundtracks have always been important releases. Many created with little association to the actual film, some monumental to the films and it’s critical moments. Today we bring you the first 4 compilations in the series that showcases just that. –Philaflava

01. Grand Wizard Theodore – Subway Theme [Scratch Mix] (Wild Style)
02. Ollie & Jerry – Breakin’ …There’s No Stoppin’ Us (Breakin’)
03. The Treacherous Three – Santa’s Rap (Beat Street)
04. Beastie Boys – She’s On It (Krush Groove)
05. Run-D.M.C. – Krush Groovin’ ft. The Fat Boys, Sheila E., & Kurtis Blow (Krush Groove)
06. Ice-T – Colors (Colors)
07. Beastie Boys – Desperado [Live] (Tougher Than Leather)
08. Flavor Flav – I Can’t Do Nothin’ for You, Man (House Party)
09. Kid ‘N Play – Kid vs. Play: The Battle (House Party)
10. 2 Live Crew – In the Dust (New Jack City)
11. Kam – Every Single Weekend (Boyz N the Hood)
12. Grand Puba – Fat Rat (Strictly Business)
13. Leaders of the New School – Shining Star (Strictly Business)
14. Naughty by Nature – Uptown Anthem (Juice)
15. Big Daddy Kane – Nuff Respect (Juice)
16. Cypress Hill – Shoot ‘Em Up (Juice)
17. Main Source – Fakin’ the Funk ft. Neek the Exotic (White Men Can’t Jump)
18. Dr. Dre – Deep Cover ft. Snoop Dogg (Deep Cover)


Click the jump for more volumes.


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T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90s Vol. 24

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

We create these Sounds Like The 90s, to share with you new(er) tunes, that we feel represent that 90s hip-hop we love. Listen with an open mind and most importantly, support the artists featured on these Sounds Like The 90s if you like what you hear. 24 is a great number, my favorite number for obvious reasons, so it only made sense to incorporate my childhood idol Rickey Henderson on the cover. Props to dirt_dog for always blessing the artwork. And if you’re a fan of his work, you’ll be happy to know our Certified Dope Apparel is back for a limited time as well. Peace to to all those who continue to support Philaflava, Steady Bloggin and of course, T.R.O.Y.   –Jason Gloss

Follow us on Instagram @Philaflava if you’re feeling nostalgic.
Stay tuned for the return of The Philaflava Show, as we bring you Take It Personal radio dropping this fall.

Sounds Like The 90s Vol. 24

1. Take It Personal Intro
2. Psycho Les (of The Beatnuts) – Hip Hop Never Left feat. Inspectah Deck, Pete Rock & Jeru The Damaja
3. Reef The Lost Cauze – Radio Suckas feat. Peedi Crakk, STS & Truck North
4. Apathy – Rap Is Not Pop
5. D.I.T.C. – Diggin’ Numbers (Remix)
6. Roc Mariciano – All For It (prod. Alchemist)
7. Meyhem Lauren – Not Guilty (prod. Large Professor)
8. Ras Kass – Paypal The Feature feat. Steele & Sean Price
9. Blu & Nottz – Giant Steps feat. Bishop Lamont, Tore, Skyzoo & DJ Revolution
10. Maylay Sparks – Illadelph Elohim feat. Rucker Pawk & The Last Emperor
11. Atmosphere – When The Lights Go Out feat. MF Doom & Kool Keith
12. Skizz – Listen To Jazz feat. Your Old Droog
13. De La Soul – Royalty Capes
14. Ras Beats – Knowledge of Self feat. Elzhi & O.C.
15. Ras Beats – Wit No Pressure feat. Roc Marciano
16. Black Thought – Making A Murderer feat. Styles P (prod. 9th Wonder)
17. MC Eiht & Spice-1 – Any Means (prod. Alchemist)
18. Termanlogy – We’re Both Wrong feat. Saigon (prod. Q-Tip)
19. DJ Joe Bodega – Mentally Decapitated feat. UG, Sean Price & Sadat X

Download RAR
Download ZIP

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Bo Jackson x A Tribe Called Quest “Bo Knows” 

Han Solo x Ice Cube “I Saw It Comin”

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10 Most Unappreciated Westcoast Rappers of All-Time

Friday, September 27th, 2013



1. Not recognized, as to quality or worth: an unappreciated gesture of good will.
2. Not having risen in price or value: an unappreciated investment.

For many years the left coast got overlooked as a whole, then came the early 90s and shit just hasn’t been the same for gangstas. While the Death Row/Aftermath era stole a little mojo from the eastcoast, there were still many westcoast lyricists who never quite got their proper due. There also has been an abundance of artists who never even got a chance that shine like the amazing Bad N Fluenz click featuring Rappin’ Ron and Ant Diddly Dog, The B.U.M.S. or Project Blowed‘s The Nonce.

My criteria for this list is simple. You’ve had a respectable career. That means less than just three studio album. It means you’re still active (to an extent), though Mac Dre would have been an exception. It also means you’ve had to carried some influence or have done some really impressive work, be it on your own albums or others. Also, you can’t have blemished your career much. This list is who I feel are the most unappreciated, not most underrated from a lyrical standpoint. Because that’s another list which features the likes of Kurupt, Boots Riley, Brotha Lynch Hung, Saafir, Planet Asia and probably Mac Mall. This list, like all of them, is subjective but I encourage you to explore it and even come up with your own list of the 10 most unappreciated westcoast rappers of all-time.

10 Most Unappreciated Westcoast Rappers of All-Time

1. King Tee

Tee has always been the Bernard King of hip-hop. The man has been doing it since ’88 with that deep voice and that O.G. narrative style. None are cooler, more likeable and unfortunate than King Tee. Having had his fair share of adversity, Tee never quite gained the props he rightfully deserved. And who can forget that whole Aftermath disaster that pretty much froze his career in carbonite. Tee has had an impressive catalog starting with Act a Fool and ending with The Kingdom Come.  From being a benefactor to the Likwit Foundation that spawned the careers of Tash, J-Ro, Xzibit and Defari to name a few. To influencing not just one coast, but both coasts. Even Ice T has gone on record saying King Tee was Biggie’s favorite emcee too. There are many rappers who never got the recognition they deserved, but none more than the great Roger McBride.


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Return of The Boom-Bap (The T.R.O.Y. Blog mix)

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

For all of our Spotify users out there, our lil’ bro blog OpinionatedJay has put together 4 really cohesive mixes covering a few different themes such as indie rap, collaborations and posse cuts to quintessential Boom-Bap hip-hop. Check them out and subscribe to the ones you like because we’ll continue adding to these playlists as more tracks become available via Spotify.

And don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook. Our new page will bring you all things Philaflava so you can stay on top of the latest forum threads, SteadyBloggin and of course The T.R.O.Y. blog.


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Get The Fist Movement – Get The Fist (1992) [VLS Promo]

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

This track is featuring King Tee, Yo-Yo, MC Eiht, B-Real, J-Dee, Kam, Threat, Ice Cube.


01. Get The Fist (Street)
02. Get The Fist (Edit)

–>Download Get The Fist<–


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T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90’s Vol. 20

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Back with a 22 shot banger. Our biggest compilation to date and hopefully you’ll agree one of the best. On 20 you’ll hear the return of Tragedy, Cella Dwellas and Showbiz & A.G. as a group. Sean Price ripping the same beat found on the “Ultimate MC Rush” he once appeared on with Saukrates. Some Preem and Alchemist beats and of course the back end of the mix takes you into a chill state with the help of Blu, Superstar Quamallah and Willie Evans Jr (formerly Asamov). Shots to both dirt_dog and Strategy for the help as always. –Philaflava

T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90s Vol. 20

01 Soulbrotha – Real Mcees feat. Blaq Poet, NYG’z & Krumb Snatcha
02 Blaq Poet – Bushmaster (Remix) feat. Roc Marciano & Wais P
03 Roc Marciano – Jaws
04 Showbiz & A.G. – Suspended Animation
05 Maffew Ragazino – Short Yellow Bus Theory
06 Tragedy Khadafi – Narcotic Lines
07 Neek The Exotic – Guess Who feat. Large Professor
08 Soulbrotha – Beats By The Pounds feat. Large Professor & Nutso
09 Timeless Truth – True Grit feat. Sean Price
10 Hassan Mackey & Apollo Brown – Volume
11 Wyld Bunch – Back In The Dayz
12 Royce Da 5’9″ – Second Place (prod. DJ Premier)
13 Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ feat. Celph Titled (prod. DJ Premier)
14 Cella Dwellas – I Put It Down
15 DJ Doom – Flatline feat. Pace Won, Nutso, Punchline & F.T.
16 Meyhem Lauren – Steak With A Glass Of Red
17 Roc Marciano – Hoard 90 (prod. The Alchemist)
18 Blu – Doo Whop feat. Planet Asia & Killa Ben (prod. The Alchemist)
19 Superstar Quamallah – Manhattan Reflections feat. DeQawn
20 Doomstarks (MF Doom & Ghostface Killah) – Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix)
21 Willie Evans Jr – Moon Foot
22 Myth – My Summertime Jam feat. MC Eiht

Download Vol. 20

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T.R.O.Y.’s Video Show (January)

Friday, January 14th, 2011

It’s been a minute since we hit you with some classic videos. Our homies @ VintageHiphopSeattle always come through with the dopest videos found on Youtube. So what better way to start off the weekend right by checkin’ out some of classic joints of yesteryear? I know it’s a pessimistic thing to say, but there will never be another time in hip-hop like the 90s. And it’s impossible these videos don’t put you in a better mood –Philaflava


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DJ Pooh (Productions) *Megapost

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Philaflava forum member vaginafinda, recently blessed us with this mega DJ Pooh’s production post.

I will cut to the chase and just quote his post:

“all the stuff
the album – DJ Pooh – Bad Newz Travel Fast (1997)
and the albums he thoroughly produced — King T – Act a Fool (1988), King T – At Your Own Risk (1990), Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – I Wish My Brother Gerge Was Here (1991)“.

In the download file you have 136 tracks. Complete listing you can download in .txt file by –>clicking here<–.

To download all of those 136 tracks, please –>click here<–

You can also download Nowhere To Hide (Remix) (Deadly Threat) in cd quality by clicking on the track title.

Do not forget to say thanks to vaginafinda for this amazing work.



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Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days Volume 3

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Recently we blessed you with G-Funk California.

If that was not much for you, than try to digest this load of dope summer tracks from all over The States, alloted in 3 volumes, made by member of philaflava forum and owner of his own blog, Drayzee,
Drayzee was just kind enough to allow us to use his own work and to represent it via T.R.O.Y. Blog.
Thank you Drayzee for this massive work.

“Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days” is a compilation based on g-funk/gangsta/jazz/funk music. Too bad it’s not summer yet, however this project will certainly give you that summer vibe. I hope this will bump in your speakers 6 summers from now. The first volume contains more “party-like” songs, the second volume will contain more gangsta/cruisin’ stuff, jazz & funk, and the third one will be for you to just chill on. I also used some St. Ides commercial once per 8-9 songs, just to give you the feeling that there still is a dope radio on earth bumpin’ this.

1. Eazy-E – Radio

2. Brownside Feat. Eazy-E – Drama On The Eastside
3. DJ Quik – Can’t Fuck Wit A Nigga
4. O.F.T.B. – Crack ‘Em
5. Loon-E-Toon And DJ Mike Tee – Inglewoodz Finast (Smooth Mix)
6. Westside Connection – Hoo-Bangin’
7. Ice Cube – Ghetto Bird
8. N.W.A. – Alwayz Into Somethin’
9. Watts Gangstas – Watts Riders
10. Funkdoobiest – Wopbabalubop (ft. B-Real)
11. Dr. Dre – Bitches Ain’t Shit
12. Compton’s Most Wanted – N 2 Deep (Ft Mr. Scarface)
13. Above the Law – V.S.O.P.
14. RBL Posse – Livin That Life
15. Juvenile Committee – Juvenile Thang
16. Young Gangstas – Driven By Revenge
17. Mac Mall – Sic Wit Tis
18. Above the Law – Never Missin’ a Beat
19. 2Pac – The Streetz R Deathrow
20. Da Lench Mob – Guerillas Ain’t Gangstas
21. RBL Posse – Don’t Give Me No Bammer
22. Battlecat – Out Here
23. DJ Yella – Dat’s How I’m Livin’ (Feat.B.G. Knocc Out)
24. Eazy-E – Tha Muthaphukkin Real ft. MC Ren
25. MC Eiht – You Can’t See Me f. Tha Chill
26. Tha Dogg Pound – It’z A Good Ass Day
27. Dr. Dre – Let Me Ride
28. Lil 1/2 Dead – Back In The Day
29. Cypress Hill – Throw Your Hands In The Air (Feat. Erick Sermon, MC Eiht, Redman)
30. King Tee – Dippin’ (Remix)
31. Vontel – Loungin
32. G-Lo – Smooth
33. Crimies – Love For The City Of Hub
34. A – 1 Swift-Bring The Praiz
35. Foesum – Listen To The Sound
36. Above The Law – Kalifornia (feat Kokane)
37. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Do You Know
38. 2 – Def-We Party
39. Realite – Gangsta Gangsta
40. L.A.Z. – Bigga Than Nine
41. Dazzie Dee – Unda Da Table (feat. Dolemite)
42. Geto Boyz – Geto Fantasy
43. Above The Law – Livin’ Like Hustlers (G-Mixx)
44. Compton’s Most Wanted – Hood Took Me Under
45. Tha Dogg Pound – New York, New York
46. DJ Pooh – Who Cares (ft. Kam)
47. Above The Law – Black Superman
48. Eazy-E – Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)
49. Maniac – Deep Enough
50. 2nd II None – I Can Tell
51. Legit – No Pannies
52. Oppazet – Oppazet
53. Juice – Eastside
54. T.I.P. – Get Down
55. Sean T – Get Gone
56. Roscoe – Smooth Sailin’
57. Swoop G – Simpin’ Into Pimpin’
58. Mr. Criminal – Sounds Of Summertime (Remix)
59. Compton’s Most Wanted – Music To Driveby
60. MC Eiht – All For Tha Money
61. Big Tone – The Skrilla
62. S.S.P. – Weekend
63. Magic Mike – Love 4 My Homies
64. Mr. X – Any Ole Sunday
65. Mad CJ Mac – Come Take A Ride
66. Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
67. Playya-1000 with The D’kster – The Layback
68. Fo’ Clips – Hold On
69. Watts Gangstas – Fuct In The Game
70. Mac Mall – Ghetto Theme
71. FLEXX – OG Ridaz ft Young Dre
72. Dream Warriors – The Era Of “Stay Real”
73. Big 50 – Deez Street
74. Changing Faces – Keep It Right There (DeVante Swing Remix Instrumental)
75. G-Ism-Strips
76. Mac Mall – Crestside
77. M.C. Eiht & L.A. Nash – Professional Stone Crooks
78. Silky Slim – Tha Playa’s Realm
79. Lil Fly – Rag Top
80. Krucked M Age – Da Show I Want You Party Over
81. Young Ed – Find A Way
82. N.E.S. – We Can Roll
83. Psycho Gangster – Psycho Gangster – About My Money
84. Fat 4 Ever – Excercising My P Thang
85. B.O.M. – Times At There Hardest
86. Ray Luv – Last Nite
87. O.T.R. Clique – Streets Deeper Than The Grave
88. Cal – Luv-Life Of A Playa
89. Christopher Williams – Dance
90. Wicked Minds – California
91. Azim – 4-D Funk
92. Cellski – Last Song ft Young Ed
93. Maniac Lok – Summer Jam
94. Mr. Peebodie – Sahloo
95. One Gud Cide – Remember Me


— Markshot

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The Bridge is NOT Over pt. 1

Monday, December 21st, 2009

This is not a collection of hip hop instrumentals. It isn’t a collection of beats with played instruments like De La Soul’s “I Be Blowin”, nor will you hear sample-rich beats with layered pieces meshing harmoniously like the Cunnylinguists perfectly executed Remember Me [Abstract Reality]. None of these work alone. They are part of the song, “musical bridges” that usually join two halves of songs.

I’ll start this off chronologically(and then proceed to completely lose respect for father time).


Run DMC were pretty much breaking ground with each song they made on their first three albums, sometimes to amazing success. On the other hand they tried a few experiments that didn’t even dent hiphop’s history. Mixing hiphop with a Big Band sound was one of those. After hearing “Ragtime” though, I personally would not mind hearing more of these experiments 😉


Although “Same Song” would fit MUCH better in this compilation of instruments wildin’ out over hiphop tracks, I fuckin’ hate the organ sound they used on that track. Instead, “Nuttin Nis Funky” provides a great slow galloping beat for a very hiphop-ish instrument to freestyle with tranquility: The turntable. DJ Fuze is by far my favorite DJ, so I place this track on a pedestal with a plaque under it that says “DJ’s: You Will NEVER Make Nuttin Nis Funky”.


One thing I would never have expected was Brand Nubian + acoustic guitar solos…


Dj Quik showed you how classy and musical he could be on his second album “Way II Fonky”. In between his gangbangs, his late nite pimpin’ and his soulglo-spraying, he managed to find time to really add to his tracks with instruments.


And now for his one time biggest enemy, MC Eiht. Yup no G, just like Quik said “you aint got no G in you”. When I heard “Streiht Up Menace”, I figured that this would be the sound of his first solo album. I was wrong.


Also on the Menace II Society album, we have a Too Short track, produced by the Dangerous Crew who have more than earned their bragging rights with their talented musicians to add mad depth to their tracks. Did that just read bork bork? Sorry let’s let the music speak for itself!


With his sophomore album “To The Rescue”, he pulled a Kool G Rap on us with this track. They are the same in the respect that they both utilize fake instruments played by keyboards, in this both cases being a cheesy casio-sounding saxophone.


And now for the original 5-cent sound of that jazz musician trying to impress you for some change. With those minor piano chords, I’m impressed, here’s 10 dollars, buy yerself a flask of moonshine.


All Eazy E fans know that he’s probably funnier than he is a cold hearted killer and this freestyle “skat” leaves NO doubt behind.


South Central, LA, home to another gang-riddled area, gave birth to another hiphop act influenced by jazz-skatting: Freestyle Fellowship. This Daddy-O produced track (crazy huh?) lifted the whole album by 100 cool points when he made the four MC’s flow over this all-instrument played track.


I was just mentioning this album in the Pee Wee post I did. It’s the longest in this list at 3:41, and it’s also the most unique. I say this because it’s obviously jazz, but its got this funky backbone that makes your head bop hard. The drums are tremendously Digital Underground, and make you realize that, yes, they had their clappin-snappin sound 15 years before it got overused ad-nauseam in so many 2000ish hit songs.

I have more to come, but if anyone can help me identify more of these, I would love to actually blend these together in the future.

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