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Earthquake – 9.9 Richter Scale

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Still remember Unfadable and its video?

Remember the hype and how almost all of us had only the “Unfadable” video rip in a form of an mp3?

Not long ago while watching some random videos on youtube, I came across the “Unfadable” video which reminded me to find out if a good rip of the VLS was available. In searching, I found the album.

So, let’s hear if the Maryland MC can deliver as much dopeness as he did with Unfadable.



— Markshot

The Five Bros – Believe In The Five (Maryland 1998)

Monday, January 10th, 2011

This was a request that came up while I was posting my Baltimore/Washington Dc compilation series. To be completely honest the ep is a little flat in my opinion, but I did like tracks 2 and 5 in particular. Da Great Diety Dah is featured on ‘Believe In The Five’ and it’s probably the strongest cut. You be the judge. The Five Bros are from Western Maryland I believe. Track listing and download links to be found after the jump. (more…)

Substantial – To This A Sun Union Was Born

Friday, March 12th, 2010

The following text is a partial info about this album and Substantial himself, taken off from Substantial’s myspace page.

When Substantial was recording his debut album, …To This Union a Sun Was Born, he was driven by adversity. The Maryland native was struggling to balance school with a budding music career, was homeless at times and still reeling from having buried more than ten friends and family members.

“I met Substantial through PackFM and Mecca during the final throes of the NYC underground scene’s heyday,” says QN5 founder and artist Tonedeff. “They were all in a group together called Dominion and I had seen them. Immediately, I was blown away by his wordplay and delivery.” Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM and Session would go on to form the group Extended Famm and release the critically acclaimed 2002 album Happy F*ck You Songs.

The production was handled by Nujabes and Monorisick.

** More info you can find on:


SubstantialTo This Union A Sun Was Born (2001)

01. Intro
02. Substance
03. C.I.M.
04. More Than A Game
05. Somebody Stole My Shit
06. If I Was Your M.I.C.
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Kaliwhuchawon2
09. Be People
10. Love Song
11. Bananas
12. Remembering Dave
13. Ain’t No Happy Endings
14. If I Was Your Mic (DJ Kiyo Mix)



— Markshot

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 5

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Bringing you the 5th volume of my Baltimore and Washington Dc series this time. Today’s post is not one to sleep on. A few of these might be hard to track down elsewhere, such as 1,10,12,17 and 18. It’s a shame Derrick Rebel never had an album out, to my knowledge at least. I have a few other selections from him and the man brings heat. Another Baltimore rapper to watch out for is Silohuette. Alkuttraz, track 11 is for you man. Hope it’s new! On another note, I am not entirely sure about D.C. Da Messenger. I’ve read that he was from Lanham, but also that he was from Michigan so I really do not know. Lanham was home to some other artists with pretty universal styles so ‘Avenue Bum Rush’ could easily be Maryland rap, but Michigan would not surprise me either. If anyone out there can clear that up I’d love to know. Also, tracks 5 and 6 are a mystery to me. Basically the same thing, I am not sure which artist/song title is right. Regardless, this compilations slams like a heavyweight. If you dig that underground mid-atlantic sound you’ll be coming back to volume 5 again and again. Enjoy!

01 (4:08) Derrick Rebel – Hit Em’ Hard (Baltimore 1998)
02 (6:04) D.c. Da Messenger – Avenue Bum Rush (Lanham, Md 1995)
03 (4:59) Blak Kaos – Keep It Real (Washington Dc 1996)
04 (4:50) Cage 1 – Straight From Cage ! (Baltimore 1991)
05 (4:22) Lord cyrus – Hearts Of Diamonds (Baltimore 1994)
06 (3:22) Infinite Description – It’s Alright (Washington Dc 1993)
07 (3:06) Pen Powz – Penz N’ Needlz (Baltimore 1994)
08 (5:04) Starvin Art Clique – Charm City (Baltimore 1997)
09 (4:31) Massive Ring – Middle East (Baltimore 1993)
10 (4:20) Under Achieva’z – Dc Rocks (Washington Dc 1996)
11 (2:52) Silohuette – Zonin’ (Baltimore 1998)
12 (4:31) O.h.e – Hard And Heavy (Lanham, Md 2002)
13 (2:01) diamond k presents – boyz 2 moan (baltimore 1995)
14 (3:45) Madchild – Claustrophobic (Baltimore 1995)
15 (4:21) Brother Most – Bunga Natty (Washington Dc 1996)
16 (3:53) K-mack – Do Or Die (Baltimore 1995)
17 (4:44) New Testament – Cerebral (Baltimore 1995)
18 (5:17) Ray Lugar – Life Of A King (Baltimore 1998)
19 (3:47) Negrow League – The World Is Not Enough (Baltimore 1997)

Leave some comments, let me know what you like!


Touring The States: Forestville, MD

Friday, April 24th, 2009
ChinkCapers (1995)

This dope MC is coming out of Forestville, Maryland. For a foreigner like me, the only thing that reminds me on Maryland is the Homicide series. I remember talking with friends and wondering about how rap from states and cities, besides NY, LA, NJ, Chicago, or Boston might sound. In the era of super fast internet we can download and search about it within seconds. This is the main point of starting Touring The States series – to present you with some good albums, some great albums, some classic albums, and albums that simple have a great vibe. It might happen that there are better albums out there, but undoubtedly the albums that we serve to you are 100% enjoyable if your ears are open for some music from outside NY and LA. This album by Chink is one of them. Though it is short, it is a must have in your collection. I don’t know much about him, so as I always say, if you have some more info, feel free to tell us. Thanks.


01. Executioner
02. Nine Millimeter
03. Recognize
04. Another Day
05. Capers
06. Nine Millimeter (Radio Edit)
07. Capers (Radio Edit)

Listen to some samples which will ensure that you download this:

Download Here With Cover Pictures

— Markshot

Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 4

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Here’s trusty old Volume 4 from the Baltimore And Washington Dc compilation series. I know I say this all the time, but this is still one of my favorites. It’s got a consistent feel, and rocks hard beginning to end. As is generally true, this collection is full of obscure goodies. The tracks I like best are numbers 3,5,7,10,11…. fuck it I can’t even pick. For those familiar with Ray Lugar’s more contemporary work, here’s a treat from his earliest lp. ‘High Roller’ is a perfect blend of Baltimore club and hip hop. Also check out the track by Juan Donovan in particular. It may not be your style, but to me it proves without a doubt that hip hop was alive and well even post-2000.

01 (03:58) circle of native vibes – ragtime (baltimore 1997)
02 (02:08) dj 730 & overkast records – intro (baltimore 1996)
03 (04:19) under achieva’z – seems kinda strange (washinton dc 1996)
04 (03:11) starvin art clique – rogue & vagabond (baltimore 1997)
05 (03:31) new testament – sunlight (baltimore 1995)
06 (03:43) wolfe d.o.m – n.y to b more (baltimore 1996)
07 (03:59) k mack – in baltimore (baltimore 1995)
08 (00:13) dj kool – koolin with flavor (washington dc 1991)
09 (01:33) khaos and dba – dope beats always time (baltimore 1992)
10 (04:58) p.u.g. – girls be killing me (washinton dc 1992)
11 (03:41) ray lugar – high roller (baltimore 1991)
12 (02:13) natures problem – bloody rivers (baltimore 1997)
13 (04:39) derrick rebel – all fucked up now (baltimore 1998)
14 (04:02) i.c. – live from the pentagon (washington dc 1997)
15 (04:11) sparrow – inheritance (baltimore 1998)
16 (04:49) s.c.u. – harm city (baltimore 1997)
17 (04:01) norm skola – park heights (baltimore 2000)
18 (04:56) juan donovan – take it like a man (baltimore 2005)
19 (04:36) raw elements – changin seasons (baltimore 1997)
20 (02:57) jb the messenga – one day (baltimore 2001)
21 (05:09) forbidden – how do i say goodbye ? (baltimore 2000)
22 (03:41) l.m.s. – brighter days (baltimore 1997)

A few of these tracks you might have trouble tracking down in other places. No, I am not from the area but I have been transfixed for years. These compilations are the result of much earnest digging. Please tell me know what your feedback is! Comments are always welcome and let me know that people are really listening. Thanks for reading and continue to check back!


Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 3

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Here’s volume 3 from the Baltimore/washington Dc area. A couple of these artists are actually from Lanham, Maryland. This is still one of my favorite mixes, 200+ compilations and almost 2 years later. ‘Peace, Unity And God’ aka P.U.G., starts off strong with ‘Living In D.c.’. Witness the killer scratching and mixing in the last part. It is so unbelievably smooth and dope I am hooked, Permanently. Do not be fooled by the name. ‘Peace, Unity And God’ ain’t no wussy christian rap. Production was done by Rick Frio and D.J. Shade. A discogs search didn’t turn up anything on either of these guys so if anyone out there has more info please hit me up! Some of the other rare gems on this compilation include tracks 4, 5, 8, 12, 18 and 22. There’s a fair amount of variety here. From the heralded early 90’s sound of Cage 1 to the heavy mood of Big Cuz And Dangerfeel this mix will have you nodding.

01 (05:38) p.u.g – living in d.c. [washington dc 1992]
02 (00:15) dj kool – word to the marcus garvey [washington dc 1991]
03 (03:28) brother most – ready [washington dc 1996]
04 (03:32) cage 1 – poets giving criticism [baltimore 1992]
05 (04:48) defiant giants – the anthem [baltimore 1992]
06 (04:37) big u & the madhouse crew – raw deal [lanham, maryland 1995]
07 (02:49) ogun – bmore shit (all star remix) [baltimore 2006]
08 (04:36) ray lugar – holding court (bonus track) [baltimore 1991]
09 (05:08) little clayway – make it (radio version) [baltimore 2001]
10 (04:41) silouette – tru 2 what we do [baltimore 1996]
11 (03:45) felix cruz – stuck pt 1 [baltimore 1997]
12 (04:04) 3 levels of genius – rising star [washington dc 1997]
13 (03:30) constant deviants – competition catch speed knots [baltimore 1998]
14 (04:21) sparrow the movement – what you expect [baltimore 1995]
15 (03:36) black indian – 3 strikes [washington dc 2000]
16 (04:04) f-13 – kilz doc [baltimore 1997]
17 (03:08) the unspoken heard – mid-atlantic [washington dc 1997]
18 (03:25) norm skola – can’t be touched [baltimore 2000]
19 (03:37) labtekwon – the coming of day [baltimore 1999]
20 (05:34) asheru & blue black – b-boy [washington dc 2000]
21 (03:38) backland – is what it is [baltimore 2006]
22 (05:02) o.h.e – the struggle [lanham, maryland 2002]
23 (04:01) big cuz and dangerfeel – another brotha [washington dc 2004]

Some of these tracks you might not find anywhere else so don’t sleep!


Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 2

Friday, February 13th, 2009

More rare hip hop from Baltimore, Maryland and Washington Dc. 1992-2005. As is generally the case, the later it gets in a series, the more obscure the material. If you recognize some of these tunes, do not despair. I am saving some goodies for those who can hang in there!

01. (00:04:27) Da Great Deity Dah – How to Author A Great Rhyme [Washington Dc 1998]
02. (00:03:24) Section 8 Mob – Break Wide [Washington Dc 1994]
03. (00:03:46) Blak Kaos – Next Life [Washington Dc 1996]
04. (00:04:44) Defined Print – Rhymes Connect [Washington Dc 1998]
05. (00:05:00) Questionmark Asylum – Got Dem Joints [Washington 1995]
06. (00:04:23) Little Clayway & Danny C – Got Me Fucked Up [Baltimore 2005]
07. (00:03:58) Da Great Deity dah – Dapper A Nappy Headed Underground Rapper [Washington Dc 1996]
08. (00:04:34) Sagat & ShineHead – Gotcha Runnin [Baltimore 1994]
09. (00:04:03) Labtekwon – Rite of Passage [Baltimore 1999]
10. (00:03:32) Storm The Unpredictable – Mcs Be Killin Me [Washington Dc 1998]
11. (00:05:19) Pure Elegance – Ride Like A Roller Coaster [Washington Dc 1995]
12. (00:03:52) Little Clayway – Mix Hip Hop Wit Buisness [Baltimore 2005]
13. (00:02:54) ResiNation – Only Vice [Washington Dc 2002]
14. (00:03:46) Supreme – Way Out [Baltimore 2001]
15. (00:07:09) Frody – Some Peese We Know [Baltimore 1994]
16. (00:04:44) K Mack – Stop Frontin Mc’s [Baltimore 1996]
17. (00:04:32) DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat (45 King Bass N Funk Remix) [Washington Dc 1997]
18. (00:03:38) Madchild and Flipout – What The Hell [Baltimore 1994]
19. (00:05:54) Silohuette – The Fast Lane [Baltimore 1996]
20. (00:03:14) Global Platoon – Crew Family [Baltimore 1992]
21. (00:03:58) J.R Swinga – Chocolate City [Washington Dc 1994]

One note.. I am almost sure Pure Elegance is from 1995, but there is nothing on the cd case to indicate this. If anyone out there is familiar with them and can shed some light on their album, I would love to know! Enjoy the tunes y’all.


Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Volume 1 (1992-2005)

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Here I am again bringing y’all back to the beginning of another series. This volume 1 of 18 Baltimore/Washington Dc compilations I’ve done. Why include both cities in one mix? Baltimore and Washington Dc are the odd couple. Fiercely competitive, musically eclectic, eternally underground, Charm City and ‘The District’ have long been unrecognized hotbeds for independent hip hop….

What ?

Yes, hip hop. While Baltimore is mostly known for house music, and Dc for go-go, there was and still is a prolific scene in the area.

01.(02:53) Section 8 Mob – Intro [Washington Dc 1994]
02.(03:32) No Description Given – Game and the Player [Baltimore 1994]
03.(04:24) Blak Kaos – For me [Washington Dc 1996]
04.(05:05) Da Great Deity Dah – Sunz Of Righteousness Ft.Reborn Soldiers & Sykrit Manuwva [Washington Dc 1998]
05.(04:43) Section 8 Mob – Caught Up In The Section [Washington Dc 1994]
06.(04:28) No Description Given – What’s Reality [Baltimore 1994]
07.(04:41) Da Great Deity Dah – Running Off With Your Coining Phrases [Washington Dc 1997]
08.(04:34) Defined Print – Prep A Nation [Washington Dc 1998]
09.(02:56) Section 8 Mob – Family Affair [Washington Dc 1994]
10.(02:51) Silohuette – Rude Girlz [Baltimore 1996]
11.(02:33) The Blaque Faxshun And Labtekwon – Dangerous [Baltimore 1994]
12.(03:23) K Mack And Silohuette – The Annex Click [Baltimore 1995]
13.(04:51) Global Platoon – Keep Your Day Job [Baltimore 1992]
14.(03:54) Sagat And Buddha Bless – Wit 0 Wit 0ut [Baltimore 1994]
15.(02:38) Ray Lugar – I Know [Baltimore, Year Unknown]
16.(03:46) K Mack – Speak Da Clout [Baltimore 1995]
17.(04:24) Storm The Unpredictable – Verbal Expressions [Washington Dc 1998]
18.(04:07) Tasc4orce – Watch Out [Philadelphia, woops 1994]
19.(05:05) Questionmark Asylum – Everything’s Love [Washington Dc 1995]
20.(04:20) Little Clayway – Fuck Wit’ Little [Baltimore 2005]
21.(04:00) Da Great Deity Dah – Chain Of Events Ft.Quiet Storm 720 (Also known as ‘Storm The Unpredictable’ [Washington Dc 1998]
22.(03:56) Defined Print – My Library [Washington Dc 1998]
23.(04:48) Opus Akoben – Contact [Washington Dc 1997]
24.(05:16) Pure Elegance – Street Life [Washington Dc 1995]

In this series, I will be sharing some tunes I hope you dig and haven’t heard. The first two volumes have a fair amount of ‘familiar’ material, so keep an eye out especially for the later volumes.


baltimore/washington dc throwbacks…

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Got some maryland/washington dc obscurities to post today. That part of the country has always had a hold on me. Both of the albums I am gonna share are solid, and both are pretty rare.

1st up —

nobodies – fables (1997)

18 tracks on this full length bomb, hard to pick a favorite! The production and the lyrics on this are classic mid 90’s east coast. Serve hot and enjoy.

2nd round —

mind body and soul – at the speed of life (washington dc 1991)

1. (00:05:17) mind, body & soul – conrete jungle
2. (00:05:12) mind, body & soul – a girls best friend
3. (00:05:51) mind, body & soul – frames of thought
4. (00:05:36) mind, body & soul – at the speed of life
5. (00:04:51) mind, body & soul – this is how it should be done
6. (00:05:34) mind, body & soul – i put da venom n’ em
7. (00:05:09) mind, body & soul – adrenalin
8. (00:04:13) mind, body & soul – operation color blind
9. (00:04:31) mind, body & soul – bam!!
10. (00:04:41) mind, body & soul – brain on soul

This is a nice underground release from Washington Dc. It came out in 1991 on
Startrak Records. Deep grooves on this tape, dont let the name fool ya!

Executive Producer – Jimmie Mcneal
Recorded and mixed at Dowe Sound Lab in Washington Dc.

Hope the sound quality’s acceptable and the tunes are to your liking!