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Touring The States: New Orleans, LA

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

What do we have here is a ’96 cassette single from one time No Limit member Mac and a lady, Storm. Both of the tracks are really smooth and both of them were produced, as credited on the cover, by Mac, Storm & DJ Wop.
Mac is currently serving 30-year prison term.


Mad Or Jealous

01. Mad Or Jealous (Street Mix)
02. Mad Or Jealous (Radio Edit)
03. So Fly Feat. Kone

—>Download Mac & Storm<—



Touring The States: New Orleans, LA

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
Recently, we made one Louisiana post. It was from town called Shreveport, situated in the northwest part of LA State.
This one is coming out of New Orleans, dropped on Sheska Records, which is situated in a New Orleans suburb called Westwego. That would be all of the info I have; the rest of it you will find in the inset, inside of the download file.

DJ Let Me Play (1997)

01. Intro

02. Just For The Radio Feat. Black
03. Early In The Morning Feat. Black, DJ Lil Daddy & P-Dog
04. DJ Let Me Play
05. Gotta Make It Swing



— Markshot

Touring The States: Shreveport, LA

Friday, May 8th, 2009
Jako aka Jako James aka The Notorious Outlaw Jako James was raised by his grandmother in Shreveport. He was later moved to Houston. Jako James credits his Uncle Les Brown, president and owner of Ponomo Records, with helping him in launch his career in the music industry. Before stepping on the scene with “Creepshow” Jako James was considered the “neighborhood celebrity” performing at clubs and house parties. “Creepshow” is Jako’s debut album. Later in 1996 he has released “Natural Born Killa” 12″ off the “Creepshow” album. In 1997 he has dropped his second album, “Fully Automatic” under the name The Notorious Outlaw Jako James, featuring The James Gang.

JakoCreepshow (1994)

01. Creep Intro
02. Don’t Ever
03. Headshots
04. Natural Born Killa
05. Alief Gangsta
06. Something 2 Ride 2
07. Just-N-Case
08. Studio Break
09. Nigga Name Jako
10. Mama
11. Shouts
12. NBK

13. Bonus Track

Samples for your eardrums:


— Markshot