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T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Wednesday (Week 9)

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

This week is a double dose of Davina. She was Loud Records R&B crooner, only dropped the one album in 1998 (plus several singles starting in 1984) and plays all instruments on the album. Not sure how she landed the Wu spots (and Xzibit), I’ll chalk it up to being label mates.

Davina-So Good (CD Single) (1997)
01 So Good (Radio Version)
02 So Good feat. Raekwon
03 So Good feat. Xzibit
04 So Good (Instrumental)
05 So Good (A Cappella)

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style/ Taste The Pain (Soundtrack 1999)

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

In 1999, the video game “Wu Tang: Shaolin Style” was released for the PlayStation. It was titled “Taste The Pain” in PAL territories. It was a fighting game based on the Wu-Tang Clan’s kung fu influence. Wu Tang: Shaolin Style was poorly received by many video game reviewers but anyway, my intention is to post the soundtrack not the video game. The PlayStation disc had its soundtrack which was playable on every music cd player. It featured every song that was exclusively made for the game.

1. La The Darkman & RZA – Wu World Order
2. U-God – Rumble (Feat. Inspectah Deck, Letha Face, & Method Man)
3. Masta Killa – Shaolin Temple
4. Tekitha – Back To 36 (Take It Back)
5. La The Darkman & RZA – Wu World Order (Instrumental)
6. U-God – Rumble (Instrumental) (Prod. By True Master)
7. RZA – Instrumental #1
8. RZA – Instrumental #2
9. RZA – Instrumental #3
10. RZA – Jungle Instrumental #1
11. RZA – Jungle Instrumental #2
12. RZA – Jungle Instrumental #3
13. La The Darkman & RZA – Wu World Order (Chorus Acapella)
14. RZA – Jungle Instrumental #4


— Thomas V

Hot 97 Radio Freestyles Pt.2 (1996)

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

About 3 weeks ago, I posted a 12″ containing a few Hot 97 radio freestyles from the likes of Nas, Cormega, ATCQ, Wu-Tang, and Heltah Skeltah. It was part of a series of vinyls called Freestyle AllStars released on Wild Style Records. I only owned volume 2 of the series .

After seeing a comment from dirt_dog, he informed me that he had a few of those other volumes. He immediately ripped all the volumes so that it could be shared to everyone. Below you will find all the artists involved on the first installment.

A1. Krs-One – Freestyle #1
A2. Pudgee – Freestyle #1
A3. Sadat X – Freestyle
A4. La The Darkman – Freestyle
B1. Pete Rock & INI – Freestyle
B2. Pudgee – Freestyle #2
B3. Method Man & Redman – Freestyle
B4. Krs-One – Freestyle #2
B5. Busta Rhymes & Rampage – Freestyle

Ripped exclusively by dirt_dog for The T.R.O.Y. Blog


Other volumes coming soon.

— Thomas V

90’s Wu-Affliates

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

KGB – Bless Ya Life

A1.Bless Ya Life (Grim Mix) (Filthy)
A2.Bless Ya Life (Grim Mix) (Clean)
B1.Bless Ya Life (Original) (Filthy)
B2.Bless Ya Life (Original Instrumental)
B3.Bless Ya Life (Original) (Clean)


Classic… When you’ll hear the Grim Mix, you’ll go nuts!! Produced by 4th Disciple. Ill Knob from KGB would later be featured on “Bust A Slug” by Wu-Syndicate.

Shabazz The Disciple – Death Be The Penalty (CDS)
1.Death Be The Penalty (Original Clean Mix)
2.Death Be The Penalty (Clean Remix)
3.Death Be The Penalty (Instrumental)
4.Death Be The Penalty (Accapella)
5.Righteous Chamber (Interlude)
6.Conscious of Sin (Vocal)
7.Conscious of Sin (Instrumental)
8.Conscious of Sin (Accapella)
9.Death Be The Penalty (Remix Instrumental)

Shabazz The Disciple released “The Book of Shabazz” in 2003 which featured all his old tracks. For some reasons, they didn’t include “Death Be The Penalty” and “Conscious of Sin”. “Death Be The Penalty” was produced by 4th Disciple and remixed by Charlemagne. Definitely a Wu-Classic!

Dark Skinned Assassin – Lock Shit Down
A1.Lock Shit Down (Radio Mix)
A2.Lock Shit Down (Raw Mix)
A3.Lock Shit Down (Instrumental)
A4.The Horror (Radio Mix)
B1.Gotta Get The Creme (Radio Mix)
B2.Gotta Get The Creme (Raw Mix)
B3.Gotta Get The Creme (Instrumental)

Dark Skinned Assassin was a rapper affliated with GP Wu. It was produced by RNS but there’s a rumor according to Ego Trip that “Lock Shit Down” was produced by DJ Premier.

Ruthless Bastards – Murder We Wrote
A1.Murder We Wrote (Radio)
A2.Murder We Wrote (Street)
A3.Murder We Wrote (Instrumental)
B1.Ruthless Bastards (Radio)
B2.Ruthless Bastards (Street)
B3.Ruthless Bastards (Instrumental)
B4.Ruthless Bastards (Accapella)

The crazy thing about this is that the Self-Titled B-Side was scratched by DJ Premier in “New York Strait Talk” from “Moment of Truth”. “Murder We Wrote” is produced by RNS.

La The Darkman – I Want It All/As the World Turns
A1. i want it all (cents mix) (clean)
A2. i want it all (six july mix) (clean)
A3. i want it all (six july mix) (dirty)
A4. i want it all (cents mix) (instrumental)
B1. as the world turns (dirty) (ft. raekwon)
B2. as the world turns (instrumental)
B3. i want it all (six july mix) (acapella)

Classic… I Want It All was remixed by Carlos “Six July” Broady. “As The World Turns” is produced by 4th Disciple and featured Raekwon. You’ll also go nuts when you hear it!

And finally, here’s a track by Twelve O’Clock featuring Raekwon that appeared on the Nutty Professor soundtrack in 1996.. Twelve O’Clock was also ODB’s cousin.

Twelve O’Clock – Nasty Immigrants featuring Raekwon (Produced by 4th Disciple)

Props to Ho1ogramz for La the Darkman & Shabazz the Disciple

–Thomas V