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Groove Merchantz (Godfather Don & V.I.C.) Compilation Vol. 1+2

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

I came across this amazing post by claaa7 on the T.R.O.Y. forums this morning and knew immediately I had to share it with our blog family. For those that don’t know, the Groove Merchantz were a production team consisting of Godfather Don and V.I.C.

While Don went on to do a lot of stuff with Kool Keith, The Mighty V.I.C. worked a lot with The Beanuts, giving us some of their best work to date. Check out both volumes and enjoy. Peace to Claa7 and be sure to send him thanks if you’re a forum member or frequent his blog. –Philaflava


01. Bas Blasta – “Dangerous” [Groove Merchantz]
02. House Of Pain – “On Point” [Groove Merchantz Remix]
03. Kurious – “Mansion & A Yacht” [Groove Merchantz]
04. Jemini – “Funk Soul Sensation” [Godfather Don Remix]
05. Scaramanga – “Group War 2000” [Godfather Don]
06. Artifacts – “The Interview” [V.I.C.]
07. DJ Honda Ft. Cuban Link, AL, JuJu & Missin’ Linx – “On The Mic” [V.I.C.]
08. MC Lyte – “Ruffneck” [Beatnuts Remix by V.I.C. & JuJu]
09. Godfather Don – “Properties Of Steel”
10. Rawcotiks – “Live That I Live” [V.I.C.]
11. Raw Breed – “”Rabbit Stew” [Godfather’s Flame Boiled Mix]
12. Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Raise It Up” [Godfather Don]
13- Brick City Kids – “Brick City Kids” [V.I.C.]
14. Missin’ Linx – “Missin’ In Action” [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don – “Burn”
16. Kurious – “Spell It With A J (Jorge)” [V.I.C.]
17. Godfather Don Ft. Sir Menelik- “No Competition”

Download Vol. 1


01. Nas – “One Love” (Ft. Sadat X) [Groove Merchantz Remix]
02. Bas Blasta – “The Rhythm” (Ft. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe & JuJu) [Groove Merchantz]
03. Rawcotiks – “Real Heads” [Groove Merchantz]
04. Big Punisher/Terror Squad – “Brave in the Heart” [V.I.C.]
05. Artifacts – “That’s Them” [V.I.C.]
06. Cenobites – “I Was Forgotten” [Godfather Don]
07. Casual – “Same O.G.” [V.I.C.]
08. Royal Flush – “It’s Royal Flush” [Godfather Don]
09. Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Saga Of The Dandy, The Devil & Day” [Godfather Don Remix]
10. Brick City Kids – “Brick City Kids” [V.I.C.]
11. DJ Clue Ft. Mobb Deep & Noyd – “The Professional” [V.I.C.]
12. Infamous Mobb Ft. Prodigy & Noyd – “Killa Queens” [V.I.C.]
13. Screwball Ft. Prodigy & Godfather Don – “The Heat is On Remix” [G.D.]
14. Non Phixion Ft. Hostyle – “Don’t Get Beside Yourself” [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don – “Memories”
16. Stretch & Bobbito Ft. Black Thought, Absolute, Common & P. Monch – “Live From the Stretch & Bobbito Show” [V.I.C.]

Download Vol. 2

T.R.O.Y. Throwback Fridays: Video Playlist

Friday, September 6th, 2013

It’s crucial to start your weekend off proper and there is no better way than to check out these 10 classics. Ah, the good ‘ol days.


T.R.O.Y.’s Video Show (January)

Friday, January 14th, 2011

It’s been a minute since we hit you with some classic videos. Our homies @ VintageHiphopSeattle always come through with the dopest videos found on Youtube. So what better way to start off the weekend right by checkin’ out some of classic joints of yesteryear? I know it’s a pessimistic thing to say, but there will never be another time in hip-hop like the 90s. And it’s impossible these videos don’t put you in a better mood –Philaflava


Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I can’t believe it but this marks the 12th edition of Sounds Like The 90s. Instead of bringing you new music this month we’re bringing you a recap of sorts. Below is a double disc compiled of the best of Sounds Like The 90s throughout this year. And to close things out it was only right we brought back Blake and Tal for the artwork.

Many of you will remember the De La Buhloone Mindstate ad featured in various Hip-hop mags in ’93. The image below is actually the real ad taken from URB when it was still a Cali-only free newspaper. The image was scanned straight from the paper and left in its current condition. Its not Sounds Like The 90s, this shit IS from the 90s.

So here is to another month of music and a nice way to close out 2009. A special thanks goes out to all the artists who have contributed, graphic designers and of course you for supporting. We’ll be continuing the SLT9s series in 2010 but for now enjoy this double fix. –Philaflava

Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12

1. Prince Paul Intro

2. Cormega – Fresh feat. DJ Red Alert, PMD, Grand Puba, KRS-One & Big Daddy Kane
3. Kurious – Benneton feat. MC Serch & DOOM
4. DOOM – Gazzillion Ear
5. Raekwon – Criminology 2 feat. Ghostface Killah
6. Marco Polo & Torae – Hold Up feat. Masta Ace & Sean Price
7. Statik Selektah – Critically Acclaimed feat. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price
8. Brother Ali – Best At It feat. Freeway & Joell Ortiz
9. Shawn Jackson – Feelin’ Jack
10. Open Mike Eagle – iRock
11. Musab – Get Life
12. Murs – The Science
13. Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
14. Praverb – The King
15. Superstar Quamallah – You Need Knowledge
16. Focus – Homage To Premier feat. Royce Da 5’9, Phonte & Stat Quo
17. Focus – Homage To Pete Rock feat. Rapper Pooh, Shha Stimuli & Kurupt
18. Juice Crew All-Stars – Mr. Magic Tribute


1 Cormega – Who Am I feat. AZ & Nature
2 Wu-Tang Clan – Radiant Jewels feat. Cormega & Sean Price
3 Mos Def – Auditorium feat. Slick Rick
4 Jay Electronica – Suckas
5 Nut-Ragous – NYC To LA feat. Jay Rock
6 DJ JS-1 – Ridiculous feat. OC & Pharohe Monch
7 Insight – Strategy feat. AG & EDO. G
8 Cormega – Define Yourself feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc
9 BK-One – Here I Am feat. Phonte, Brother Ali & The Grouch
10 Drake – Think Good Thoughts feat. Phonte & Elzhi
11 Fashawn – Samsonite Man feat. Blu
12 Godamus Rhyme – Passin Me By 2009 feat. Stik Figa
13 Tha Connection – Take It Higher
14 Nero – Alive & Vibrant
15 Bobby Creekwater – Junkie
16 Notes To Self – Yellow & Grey (Remix) feat. Dilated Peoples
17 Finale – Heat
18 Fresh Daily – Supaspectacular!
19. Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
(Bonus Track)

Download Vol. 12

Download all 12 volumes here.

Props to Strategy for the tagged version, Blake Reznik and Tal Danan for yet another sick cover.

In Retrospect – Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – Dust To Dust

Monday, October 26th, 2009
This isn’t the first time I touched this topic on T.R.O.Y. because for some unexplainable reason I’m attached to this album. ’93 was a year of classics, but it also contains many great obscure releases that fell by the wayside too. Let me start off by saying I was never a huge 3rd Bass fan. They had a few tracks I’ve enjoyed but for the most part they (mainly Serch) always came off a bit corny to me. Pete, not so much, he always had that cool swagger that made him a little less contrived than his counterpart. When the group broke up I don’t think anyone shed a tear. They had a good run but their time was over. Hip-hop was moving in a different direction and did not contain 2 white boys rapping about the same humdrum shit for another 6 years.

No one can deny the hits they had, whether it was “The Gas Face,” “Pop Goes The Weasel,” “Steppin’ To The A.M” or the Marley laced “Product Of The Environment.” Two white dudes lucky to have careers in a black dominated sport enjoying every minute of it. They were not poet laureates. One rapper was the self-loathing lighthearted guy, while the other played the too cool for school steelo. Together it worked and with the help of Prince Paul, The Bomb Squad and some respectable co-signs from people ranging from EPMD, Henry Rollins to Russell Simons 3rd Bass become a legit rap act.

So where does that leave us? ’92 the group officially split, Serch was dabbling in the production game with female rapper Boss, The Zebrahead soundtrack, and let us not forget finagling his way into one of the most important rap signings of all-time (Nas). He dropped a lackluster solo titled Return of the Product, which included the hit “Back To The Grill” with Nasty Nas, Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone. But other then that track, which gained notoriety for its use by Kid Capri Def Comedy Jam, the album fell flat.

A year after the breakup Pete Nice got the call from Russell Simmons and before you knew it “Dust To Dust” was in stores. With the help of friends K.M.D (MF Doom), Sam Sever and The Beatnuts, the production on Dust To Dust was really gratifying. Samples ranging from Velvet Underground. Iron Butterfly, X-Clan, Otis Redding, Ramsey Lewis to Frank Sinatra combine to bring forth an eccentric background for Pete Nice’s verbals. I still can’t tell you what DJ Richie Rich actually did. Street cred employee?

Tracks like Rat Bastard, Kick The Bobo, Verbal Message, The Lumberjack, The Rapsody, 3 Blind Mice featuring Kurious or Rich Bring ‘Em Back” featuring the debut of Cage help balance out the album. Check it out! –Philaflava

Download Dust To Dust here!

Cop Dust To Dust for $0.75 here!

Where is Pete Nice today? Well after quiting the rap game Pete started his own Baseball memorabilia store in Cooperstown. In 2003, he published his first book, Baseball Legends of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, under his real name. He has also been working to secure some property for an official grave site of Negro League players.

In early 2008, Pete opened McGreevy’s 3rd Base Bar, a sports bar in Boston with Dropkick Murphys’ band member Ken Casey. The bar recently was named Best Sports Bar In Boston by Citysearch.

Kurious Nuts

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

A few months ago Kurious Jorge dropped his Top 10 posse cuts list on T.R.O.Y., this time we’re dropping some great news and a few gems ourselves. K-Jorge and The Beatnuts finally reunited after all these years and are working together for Jorge’s forthcoming album “II.

A T.R.O.Y. contributer Kimani was kind enough to bless us with this Kurious compilation titled Forever Constipated.”

It’s highly unlikely this was ever an official release but it’s still a great recap of Jorge’s career that. Check it out and stay tuned for the new album “II.

— Philaflava

Forever Constipated

1. All Great (Dirty) 3:22
2. Fastlane 3:09
3. El Gran Combo [Main One (ft. Fat Joe, Prince Powerule, Joe Fatal)] 4:08
4. Young Stars From Nowhere [Powerule (ft. Rebel, Johnny)] 4:52
5. Freestyle [Leaders Of The New School] 5:02
6. Walk Like A Duck (Madik Mix) 4:58
7. Smokin That Shit [KMD (ft. Lord Sear, Earthquake)] 4:41
8. 3 Blind Mice [P.M., Pete Nice, Daddy Rich, Benz] 4:55
9. Freestyle (ft. Souls Of Mischief) 8:11
10. Mansion And A Yacht (ft. Mike G, Sadat X) 4:06
11. I’m Kurious (P. Nice & DRich Remix) 4:03
12. All Great Remix (Dirty) 3:16
13. ? [MF DOOM] 3:09
14. Shifting Lanes [MF DOOM, MF Grimm] 2:58
15. Trueness To The Blueness 3:02
16. Mugwort + Cinnamon = Shifting Lanes (ft. Kurious) [Grimm/DOOM] 2:58
17. Fill’ Er Up 1:18
18. Jorge Of The Projects (Original) 3:36
19. Kurious Freestyle At Sway & Tech Wake Up Show 1:19
20. Catch My Drift (ft. Kadi) 4:08
21. Travelling (ft. Kurious, Lord Smog (Scotch) & Bashton The Invizabul Mang) [MF Grimm] 3:49
22. Rice And Beans (Freestyle) (ft. Prince Paul) 3:07
23. One 4 The Head 4:54
24. Baby Bust It (ft. Kadi & Kurious) [MF Grimm] 4:32
25. Blue 4:17


Fifty RemixesYou Need To Hear (31-40)

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Well, we’re moving right along through the list and we here at T.R.O.Y. hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard thus far.  If you’ve just arrived check out Selections 1-10, Selections 11-20, and Selections 21-30, and then devour today’s picks. 

31. Ice Cube “What Can I Do?” (Ali Shaheed Eastside Remix)

32. Masta Ace “Saturday Night Live” (L.A. Jay Remix)
33. Nas ft. Sadat X. “One Love” (One L Main Mix)

The Groove Merchantz, a team consisting of Godfather Don and V.I.C. enlist Brand Nubian member Sadat X to help give this personal ode to fam locked up an even more intimate vibe. The drums remain, but in comes the horns that help to recreate the track. And while the original hook sported by Q-Tip was soothing, this one is more conspicuous and catchy.

34. Hard 2 Obtain “Ghetto Diamond” (Remix)
35. Ultramagnetic MCs “Saga Of Dandy, The Devil, And Day” (Remix)
The original’s slow, plodding beat never sounded quite right combined with the raps by Kool Keith and Ced Gee. The drums have been brought forward and the awkwardly placed trumpet has been wisely moved to the background, creating a much more aurally pleasing sound and really letting you concentrate on the lyrics.
36. Kurious “I’m Kurious” (Pete Nice Remix)
While the infectious “Mysterious Vibes” sample is always appreciated, Pete Nice decided to give “I’m Kurious” some more bap for it’s boom. The lyrics may be the same, but the track certainly isn’t.
37. Souls Of Mischief “Never No More” (76 Seville Mix)
38. Compton’s Most Wanted “Def Wish II” (DJ Premiere Remix)
It’s bad enough MC Eiht got at DJ Quik, but to add insult to injury DJ Premier remixed possibly the best Def Wish track out of the series and made the DJ Slip verison absolutely forgettable. This was one of the first Westcoast remixes Work of Mart produced.
39. Chi-Ali “Funky Lemonade” (Beatnuts Remix)
40. Jungle Brothers ft. Q-Tip “On The Road Again” (Remix)

Download all of today’s songs here:

Tune in tomorrow for selections 41-50.

Kurious Jorge’s Top 10 Posse Cuts

Friday, November 14th, 2008
Kurious Jorge’s Top 10 Posse Cuts

1. The Symphony – Marley Marl feat. Masta Ace, Craig G., Big Daddy Kane & Kool G. Rap
2. Buddy – Native Tongues
3. Gas Face – 3rd Bass feat. K.M.D.
4. Live At The Barbeque – Main Source feat. Nasty Nas, Joe Fatal & Akinyele
5. Scenario (Remix) – ATCQ feat. L.O.N.S & Hood
6. Young Stars From No Where – Powerule feat. Kurious Jorge & Johnny Jay
7. Off The Books – The Beatnuts feat. Big Pun & Cuban Link
8. Got My Mind Made Up – Tupac feat. Method Man, Redman, Dogg Pound
9. Money In The Bank – Kool G. Rap feat. Large Pro, Ant Live & Freddie Foxx
10. 24 Hours To Live – Mase feat. The LOX, Black Rob & DMX

Shouts to DJ Next, Amalgam and Philaflava. Check for my new album “II” coming March 2009 on Amalgam Digital.

Check me out

–Kurious Jorge

Casual – Non-Album Tracks (1991-1995)

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Casual – Non-Album Tracks Volume 1
1. Burnt w/ Del & Souls Of Mischief
2. Rippers w/ Opio & Tajai (Demo)
3. Feeling For The Flow w/ Pep Love & Jay Biz (Demo)
4. It Gets No Better w/ Pep Love (Demo)
5. Where They At (Demo)
6. Fear No Evil (Demo)
7. Mr. Fungus (Demo)
8. Can U Feel It (Demo)
9. Gotta Lotta (Demo)
10. Follow The Funk (Demo)
11. Lose In The End (Demo)
12. Thoughts Of The Thoughtful (Demo)
13. Who’s It On w/ Pep Love & Opio (Demo)
14. Freestyle w/ Tajai

Casual – Non-Album Tracks Volume 2
1. Me-O-Mi (Remix)
2. I Didn’t Mean To (Remix)
3. Rock On w/ Pep Love
4. That’s How It Is (Remix)
5. That’s How It Is Part II w/ A-Plus
6. No More Worries w/ Del, A-Plus & Snupe
7. Limitations w/ Souls Of Mischief
8. What’s The Real w/ Kurious
9. Cash Money w/ Extra Prolific
10. Later On
11. Later On (Remix)
12. That’s How It Is (Spinbad Blend)

–Roy Johnson

Sample Compilation 3

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Here’s some more exceptional rap shit that sampled some exceptional funk, soul, jazz shit. The way Godfather Don flipped the Betty Davis singing was genius. The John Klemmer horns that the SD50’s lifted for “Leave Ya With This” are viral,at the least. And Half A Mill(RIP). “Homicide Scene” is probably one of my favorite obscure rap songs of all time. Graphic street drama with a message at it’s best. The Roy Ayers song it sampled and the Bohannon song are also remarkable tracks on this comp.

01. Bohannon – Song For My Mother

02. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – I Got To Have It
05. Roy Ayers – Every Time I See You
06. Half A Mil – Homicide Scene
07. Jigmastas – Iz You Dee
08. Ahmad Jamal – Don’t Ask My Neighbors
10. Betty Davis – Anti Love Song
11. Godfather Don – Piece Of The Action
12. John Klemmer – Free Soul
13. Akinyele – Exercise
14. Kurious – Leave Ya With This

Download entire compilation here
I Got To Have It

Crime Saga
Thanks to Jaz for coming through with the Jigmastas joint.
And extra thanks to Lyrical Gymnastics for contributing tracks 8,9,12,and 14.