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The Greatest Mix In All of Spotify (1992-95 Hip-Hop by Philaflava)

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

This is mammoth! 390+ tracks, 27+ hours of music featuring Masta Ace, Spice 1, Lord Finesse, World Renown, Brand Nubian, Tha Alkaholiks, Mic Geronimo, Mac Mall, all the way to Da King & I. This has to be the most complete 92-95 mix of hip-hop you’ll hear on Spotify. Check it out and enjoy your weekend!

    Philaflava’s 250 Favorite Obscure Tracks (’92-95)

    Monday, March 24th, 2014

    Six years ago, with the help of 8 other folks on, we put together a list of our Top 100 Obscure Tracks. The list went viral and the blogosphere was laced with 100 mp3s that spread like wildfire across all blogs, message boards and websites alike. I love obscure shit. Who doesn’t like to be different, especially when it comes to music?

    Everybody would always play the same radio singles, but you’d look for that one album cut nobody was checking for. Maybe it was that a b-side or that cassette single only remix. I love guest features. I’m a sucker for a good 90s collabo. The beauty of the music is not only enjoying it, but discovering it as well. Having it all to yourself, while you feel the rest of the world is on some other shit. It’s that feeling that I always yearned for when it comes to my hip-hop. It’s also the main reason I preferred The Source’s Fat Tape section over anything else in that mag. Though, many of the tracks listed in Fat Tape went on to become singles themselves.

    The T.R.O.Y. squad has always been adamant about focusing on a specific era in hip-hop, most of us would consider it the “2nd” Golden Age we’ve had. I personally love ’92-95. To me, those were the prime years. It’s hard to match the production, get away with the sampling and really, come with the same energy today.

    When I’m bored with music I always find myself going back to those 4 years. They never let me down and despite some of the music aging poorly or now that I’m older, I realize many of these lyrics were downright embarrassing, there is still something very cool about this era.  So with that said, I have put together a list of my 250 favorite obscure tracks from 1992-1995. 1996 had tons of great shit too, but to me, it was the beginning of that whole indie movement and it would take this list from 250 to 500 rather easily. One thing I’ve realized while compiling this list is that I am enamored with D.I.T.C. production, with the exception of Primo, Pete Rock, Diamond D and The Beatnuts, Buckwild completely owned shit in the 90s. I still don’t understand how he isn’t higher on most peoples list. The man always been incredible.

    I used the word obscure loosely here, because we all know its subjective. B-sides, remixes, posse cuts, guest features and random album cuts make up my list.  I’ll do my best to work on getting up some of those mp3s, though I am sure many of you probably already have them. Let me know what some of your favorite “obscure” cuts are from the golden age, I’m sure I am forgetting some. — Philaflava

     Philaflava’s 250 Favorite Obscure Songs (’92-95)

    250. Sha’Dasious – Da Whole Shabang feat. Ram Squad, 50 Grand, Tasc-4rce
    249. Preacher Earl & The Ministry ‎– Return Of The Body Snatcha
    248. Souls of Mischief – That’s When Ya Lost (Remix)
    247. Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – The Sleeper
    246. Kirk – Uptown Style feat. Ski
    245. Down South – Lost In Brooklyn
    244. MC Eiht – All For The Money (1/2 Oz. Remix)
    243. Special Ed – Rukus
    242. Lin Que – Let It Fall
    241. Supernatural – Buddah Blessed It
    240. Double X Posse – He Asked For It

    The Greatest Rapper of All-Time

    Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

    This topic can’t be done enough. Well it can, and it is, but every year its fun to see what people are thinking. I included just about everyone who I feel is probably worthy of a vote or two. This isn’t a definitive list and I’m sure somebody is going to suggest Big Pun or 2Pac. And in the words of the great Eddie Murphy “Haha very funny muthafucka.”  Surely, none of those dudes have a shot at winning this when you have the god Rakim up in here. Voice, delivery, content, originality, influence, catalog and longevity. Think about that when voting for who you feel is the GOAT.

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    T.R.O.Y. Throwback Fridays: Video Playlist

    Friday, November 22nd, 2013

    Throwback Friday is here! 1994-95 was a lovely time for videos and what better way to set things off, than with some of our favorites ranging from The Beatnuts, Crooklyn Dodgers, The Pharcyde all the way to Miami’s Society. Peace to DigginDCratez for the video links.


    Work of Mart (DJ Premier)

    Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

    If you’ve been following us and we hope you are,  just last week we created our new Spotify playlist titled Work of Mart.

    Currently 166 tracks deep and adding daily, or whatever becomes available via Spotify. Our mixes don’t have restrictions on them. What you see is what you’ll hear, meaning no tracks uploaded on our end and limited to just our PC’s. We’ve spent some time sequencing the list, though shuffle is always the safe way to go.

    If you’re a Spotify member, follow us because we have a slew of other great playlists you may be interested in.

    Return of The Boom-Bap (The T.R.O.Y. Blog mix)

    Thursday, September 5th, 2013

    For all of our Spotify users out there, our lil’ bro blog OpinionatedJay has put together 4 really cohesive mixes covering a few different themes such as indie rap, collaborations and posse cuts to quintessential Boom-Bap hip-hop. Check them out and subscribe to the ones you like because we’ll continue adding to these playlists as more tracks become available via Spotify.

    And don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook. Our new page will bring you all things Philaflava so you can stay on top of the latest forum threads, SteadyBloggin and of course The T.R.O.Y. blog.


    Dropped Same Day: AZ / Jamal / Kausion / KRS / Menace Clan / Souls of Mischief

    Monday, April 29th, 2013

    Here’s another six records, this time from around the middle of the decade. AZ first shows up on the scene, in addition to three artists / groups that only ever dropped a single album and then of course there’s the Jive rematch between KRS and Souls.

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    Tuesday, October 10th, 1995.

    Six LPs: AZ‘s debut, via EMI, Jamal‘s only, on Rowdy Records, Kausion‘s only, through Lench Mob Records, KRS-One‘s sophomore, by way of Jive, Menace Clan‘s only, off  Noo Trybe / Rap-A-Lot and Souls of Mischief‘s second, via Jive.

    Pick your favorite and / or the best album, doesn’t matter.

    Check other posts in the Dropped Same Day series here.

    And feel free to state your case, leave corrections or post additional match ups you would like to see in the comments below.

    — The Big Sleep

    Dropped Same Day: KRS-One / Souls of Mischief / Spice 1

    Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

    Continuing with the ongoing saga, we have a Jive Records triple threat. Two of ’em are well regarded, often called classics and one other that often gets overlooked, charted high, had a track featured in Menace II Society and was labeled by Tupac “…hardest album ever recorded”.

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    Tuesday, September 28th, 1993.

    Three LPs: KRS-One‘s solo debut, on Vibe, Souls of Mischief‘s first, off BMG / Vibe and Spice 1‘s sophomore, via Jive.

    Pick your favorite and / or the best album, doesn’t matter.

    Check other posts in the Dropped Same Day series here.

    And feel free to state your case, leave corrections or post additional match ups you would like to see in the comments below.

    — The Big Sleep

    The Pharcyde “Phriday Phun Pack #7”

    Friday, April 6th, 2012

    Will this be the music played during your Easter dinner? Probably not, but it’s another great pack of 5 tracks. Two smooth summertime remixes (I also enjoyed Del Gazeebo’s J5 remix), another weed smoking track, some great work (and a great album) from a couple of LA producers & DJ’s and a nice German remix from the “Plain Rap” album. Suggestions are always welcome, pheel phree to leave a comment. More Farmer Man!

    Phriday Phun Pack #7
    01 The Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By (Del Gazeebo Remix) (2011)
    02 Sublime feat. The Pharcyde-Doin’ Time (Marshall Arts Remix) (1996)
    03 The Pharcyde-Sticky Green (2002)
    04 N.A.S.A. feat. KRS-One, Fatlip & Slim Kid Tre-Hip Hop (2009)
    05 The Pharcyde-Frontline (Turntablerocker Treatment) (2000)



    Erick Sermon “Breath Of Fresh Air” Mixtape

    Friday, February 17th, 2012

    Looks like The Green Eyed Bandit isn’t done yet. He just dropped this new Def Squad mixtape featuring KRS-One, Sheek Louch, 50 Cent, Keith Murray, Redman, Method Man & Jimi Hendrix!?!

    Nice interview with E Double over at HIPHOP DX. This is the bit about the Hendrix track:

    Let’s shift from the crew stuff to your new solo material … You noted on “I’m Not Him” from your Chilltown, New York album that you “gave Marvin Gaye’s wife two hundred grand” for “Music.” So how much did you have to break off the estate of Jimi Hendrix for “A Way Out”?

    Erick Sermon:
    Oh my God, I’m not even gonna talk about that ‘cause I’m not even gonna – I didn’t break off nothing, that’s why it’s on the mixtape. [Laughs] It ain’t like I have a label and I have Clive Davis, or me still having money like that, to be saying here’s [$150,000] for you Marvin’s estate and here’s 50 thousand for the lawyers. I don’t got that money these days. And I can imagine what Jimi Hendrix’s estate is asking for something like that. [So] that’s why it’s a mixtape.

    Too bad there isn’t anyone on his staff that knows how to rip and tag a single mp3. Most tracks are 80 k/bit while the others are 160. Oh well.

    01. Sucka Free Shit/Jamie Fox
    02. Clout Feat. KRS 1
    03. What Happened
    04. Ain’t Me Feat. Rick Ross
    05. Fix Your Face Feat. Twon Gabs & Ryze
    06. A Way Out Feat. Jimmy Hendrix
    07. Lyrics Skit/Jamie Fox
    08. Twon’s Theme/Twon Gabz
    09. Tregram/T.R.E.
    10. Dodge This Feat. Sheek Louch
    11. I’m Good Feat. Team Hot
    12. Head Skit Feat. Easy E
    13. Headgames Ft. Keith Murray & 50 Cent
    14. Lil Nikki Feat. Twon Gabz
    15. Like Me Feat. Too Short & Loyd
    16. Commander And Chief Feat. Daz From DPG
    17. Talk This Feat. Sam-Bo
    18. Jokes/Crew
    19. Typical Nigga Feat. Lockness Monster
    20. Look Feat. Redman & Method Man
    21. Set It Off Feat. Mone & Fred Da Godson
    22. Look Out Feat. Twon Gabz
    23. Whiskey And Coke Feat. Twon Gabz, Fish Grease & Kapone