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Yah Supreme – Winter In Brooklyn (original demo version)

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

I’m pretty sure this beat was built by Spier1200 sometime around 1999-2001. So dark mostly but the main guitar loop is kind of warm and definitely grooves. Yah Supreme was putting out some really good records in the late 90’s, my favorite being on SonDoo Recordings. And all of those were produced by the highly talented and overlooked craftsman¬†Cave Precise, whom we’ll be covering here shortly.

I first heard this original demo of ¬†Winter In Brooklyn on a CM Fam show probably sometime around 2001, but didn’t hear it again until a few years ago when T.R.O.Y. poster “kotep” shared it as part of a compilation he procured. Recently, the demo came into discussions again as it was being sought after by Hectic Eclectic who also recognized the sample. Here, enjoy:

–verge tibbs