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Take It Personal now available on iTunes

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


Our show is now available for download on iTunes. You can subscribe and download here. There are now 5 different ways you can listen to our show.

You can now find us on Stitcher.

You can always listen to us on Soundcloud as well.

Or if you’re old school, right here on Youtube

And lastly, you can always just download the MP3 directly.

We appreciate all the support on this. Please like, share, subscribe and continue to check in, as we continue to make these shows for you.

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T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90s Vol. 24

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

We create these Sounds Like The 90s, to share with you new(er) tunes, that we feel represent that 90s hip-hop we love. Listen with an open mind and most importantly, support the artists featured on these Sounds Like The 90s if you like what you hear. 24 is a great number, my favorite number for obvious reasons, so it only made sense to incorporate my childhood idol Rickey Henderson on the cover. Props to dirt_dog for always blessing the artwork. And if you’re a fan of his work, you’ll be happy to know our Certified Dope Apparel is back for a limited time as well. Peace to to all those who continue to support Philaflava, Steady Bloggin and of course, T.R.O.Y.   –Jason Gloss

Follow us on Instagram @Philaflava if you’re feeling nostalgic.
Stay tuned for the return of The Philaflava Show, as we bring you Take It Personal radio dropping this fall.

Sounds Like The 90s Vol. 24

1. Take It Personal Intro
2. Psycho Les (of The Beatnuts) – Hip Hop Never Left feat. Inspectah Deck, Pete Rock & Jeru The Damaja
3. Reef The Lost Cauze – Radio Suckas feat. Peedi Crakk, STS & Truck North
4. Apathy – Rap Is Not Pop
5. D.I.T.C. – Diggin’ Numbers (Remix)
6. Roc Mariciano – All For It (prod. Alchemist)
7. Meyhem Lauren – Not Guilty (prod. Large Professor)
8. Ras Kass – Paypal The Feature feat. Steele & Sean Price
9. Blu & Nottz – Giant Steps feat. Bishop Lamont, Tore, Skyzoo & DJ Revolution
10. Maylay Sparks – Illadelph Elohim feat. Rucker Pawk & The Last Emperor
11. Atmosphere – When The Lights Go Out feat. MF Doom & Kool Keith
12. Skizz – Listen To Jazz feat. Your Old Droog
13. De La Soul – Royalty Capes
14. Ras Beats – Knowledge of Self feat. Elzhi & O.C.
15. Ras Beats – Wit No Pressure feat. Roc Marciano
16. Black Thought – Making A Murderer feat. Styles P (prod. 9th Wonder)
17. MC Eiht & Spice-1 – Any Means (prod. Alchemist)
18. Termanlogy – We’re Both Wrong feat. Saigon (prod. Q-Tip)
19. DJ Joe Bodega – Mentally Decapitated feat. UG, Sean Price & Sadat X

Download RAR
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Bo Jackson x A Tribe Called Quest “Bo Knows” 

Han Solo x Ice Cube “I Saw It Comin”

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The 50 Most Important Indie Hip-Hop Albums

Friday, March 27th, 2015

 The 50 Most Important Indie Hip-Hop Albums

There have been several lists coming out lately on social media that inspired us to come up with this one. Shouts to and our homie, Alex from, for the brain spark. Keep in mind that we’re talking about “indie” hip-hop here and because it has seen tremendous growth over the years, we’ve implemented a few filters to round out the list to the 50 most important ones.

No old-school releases are included, i.e. your early BDP type stuff. Nothing with major label distribution behind it. No singles, EPs, compilations or soundtracks (sorry Soundbombing). No subsidiary of major labels (think Relativity/Sony). No mixtapes, demos or out-the-trunk releases (sorry 40 water). We tried our best to make this independent-as-fuck. This order does NOT represent the greater release, rather the lasting impact it had on the artist/group, label, culture and hip-hop in general. Of course, this is the opinion of T.R.O.Y. and we welcome yours in the comments section.   –Philaflava

List after the jump…


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Which rapper would you like to grab a drink with?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

By drink, I mean coffee, beer, water, whatever. The point is to pick the one rapper you’d like to have a real conversation with. Please only select one from the list of 10 rappers. I mixed them up to make it somewhat challenging. Join the discussion here.

Which rapper would you like to grab a drink with?

View Results

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    Groove Merchantz (Godfather Don & V.I.C.) Compilation Vol. 1+2

    Sunday, April 27th, 2014

    I came across this amazing post by claaa7 on the T.R.O.Y. forums this morning and knew immediately I had to share it with our blog family. For those that don’t know, the Groove Merchantz were a production team consisting of Godfather Don and V.I.C.

    While Don went on to do a lot of stuff with Kool Keith, The Mighty V.I.C. worked a lot with The Beanuts, giving us some of their best work to date. Check out both volumes and enjoy. Peace to Claa7 and be sure to send him thanks if you’re a forum member or frequent his blog. –Philaflava


    01. Bas Blasta – “Dangerous” [Groove Merchantz]
    02. House Of Pain – “On Point” [Groove Merchantz Remix]
    03. Kurious – “Mansion & A Yacht” [Groove Merchantz]
    04. Jemini – “Funk Soul Sensation” [Godfather Don Remix]
    05. Scaramanga – “Group War 2000” [Godfather Don]
    06. Artifacts – “The Interview” [V.I.C.]
    07. DJ Honda Ft. Cuban Link, AL, JuJu & Missin’ Linx – “On The Mic” [V.I.C.]
    08. MC Lyte – “Ruffneck” [Beatnuts Remix by V.I.C. & JuJu]
    09. Godfather Don – “Properties Of Steel”
    10. Rawcotiks – “Live That I Live” [V.I.C.]
    11. Raw Breed – “”Rabbit Stew” [Godfather’s Flame Boiled Mix]
    12. Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Raise It Up” [Godfather Don]
    13- Brick City Kids – “Brick City Kids” [V.I.C.]
    14. Missin’ Linx – “Missin’ In Action” [V.I.C.]
    15. Godfather Don – “Burn”
    16. Kurious – “Spell It With A J (Jorge)” [V.I.C.]
    17. Godfather Don Ft. Sir Menelik- “No Competition”

    Download Vol. 1


    01. Nas – “One Love” (Ft. Sadat X) [Groove Merchantz Remix]
    02. Bas Blasta – “The Rhythm” (Ft. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe & JuJu) [Groove Merchantz]
    03. Rawcotiks – “Real Heads” [Groove Merchantz]
    04. Big Punisher/Terror Squad – “Brave in the Heart” [V.I.C.]
    05. Artifacts – “That’s Them” [V.I.C.]
    06. Cenobites – “I Was Forgotten” [Godfather Don]
    07. Casual – “Same O.G.” [V.I.C.]
    08. Royal Flush – “It’s Royal Flush” [Godfather Don]
    09. Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Saga Of The Dandy, The Devil & Day” [Godfather Don Remix]
    10. Brick City Kids – “Brick City Kids” [V.I.C.]
    11. DJ Clue Ft. Mobb Deep & Noyd – “The Professional” [V.I.C.]
    12. Infamous Mobb Ft. Prodigy & Noyd – “Killa Queens” [V.I.C.]
    13. Screwball Ft. Prodigy & Godfather Don – “The Heat is On Remix” [G.D.]
    14. Non Phixion Ft. Hostyle – “Don’t Get Beside Yourself” [V.I.C.]
    15. Godfather Don – “Memories”
    16. Stretch & Bobbito Ft. Black Thought, Absolute, Common & P. Monch – “Live From the Stretch & Bobbito Show” [V.I.C.]

    Download Vol. 2

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    The Kool Keith Story

    Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

    This dropped last week and literally NOBODY is talking about it and based on the views, certainly nobody is watching it either. You should. Despite his inability to make a decent album these days without the assistance of Automator, Kutmaster Kurt or TOMC3, Keith is a legend and his stories are always thoroughly entertaining. I swear, Keith and LL refuse to age. –Philaflava

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    The T.R.O.Y Blog Presents: This Is The Remix

    Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

    The T.R.O.Y. Blog team wishes you a Happy New Year.


    Inspired by philaflava’s thread at the T.R.O.Y. forum.

    Good quality rips, amazing and mostly overlooked remixes.



    This Is The Remix-3

    01. Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
    02. Nine – Ova Confident (Original) [Clean With Bass Version]
    03. Special Ed – Freaky Flow (Premier Remix Street Version)
    04. Channel Live Mad Izm (Original Buckwild ’95 Remix) Feat. KRS-One
    05. Raw Breed – Rabbit Stew (Flame Boiled Mix)
    06. Mic Geronimo – Hemmin Heads (Cheeba Mix)
    07. King Tee – Black Togetha Again (Marley Marl Remix)
    08. Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man (Crazy C.’s Swisher Mix)
    09. Live Squad – Murderahh (Replay Mix)
    10. Top Quality – What (Radio Version Uncut) Feat. 3rd Eye
    11. Gauge – Cranium (Remix) Feat. Cella Dwellas
    12. Raw Breed – Rampage Outta Control Feat. Kool Keith, Godfather Don & Grandmaster Mel
    13. PHD – Set It Part 3 (Mix Tape Remix) Feat. Havoc, Hostyle & Legacy
    14. Rampage – Beware Of The Rampsack (Danger Zone Rampsack Remix) (Radio Edit)
    15. Sham & The Professor – So-Low-Ist (The Kenny Dope Remix)
    16. Motion Man – Mo’ Like Flows On (12inch Mix)
    17. The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up (QDIII Remix)
    18. Masta Ace Inc. – Saturday Night Live (L.A. Jay Remix)
    19. A Lighter Shade Of Brown – Spill The Wine (Muggs Wine Mix)
    20. Black Sheep – Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ 7inch)
    21. Funkdoobiest – Dedicated (Funkmaster Flex Mix)
    22. Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up (Diamond D Remix)
    23. Digital Underground – The Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter-Bean Remix)
    24. Illegal – Back In The Day (Rowdy Main Mix)
    25. Punk Barbarians – Bubblin’ – R&Bubbles Mix
    26. Street Poets – Skinz (Remix)
    27. INI – Fakin Jax (Rude Youth Mix) Feat. Mekolitious & Pete Rock
    28. A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)
    29. Mic Geronimo – Wherever You Are (Remix)
    30. Guru – Lifesaver (DJ Premier Remix)
    31. Dark Sun Riders – Time To Build (Ultra Marsalis Remix)
    32. Ras Kass – Won’t Catch Me Runnin’ (Special Moet Mix)
    33. Solo – Heaven (Straight Hip Hop Joint) Feat. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Young Zee, The Almighty Arrogant & Rufus Blaq
    —>Backup link<—


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    Kool Keith – Total Orgasm Mixtape

    Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

    Yet another example of an old rapper aging gracefully, Kool Keith will be turning 49 in October. This tape, mixed by DJ Junkaz Lou, dropped in January of 2012, but has gone mostly unnoticed until now. (At least, I hadn’t seen it until recently.) It’s 16 tracks combined into one 52-minute mix, which can be streamed for free or purchased for $1. The nine songs produced by Keith himself are some of the best on here, with my personal favorites being tracks 8 and 9, “Slam Dunk” and “Total Orgasm.”

    Since this tape came out, Keith has also released his umpteenth solo album Love & Danger and spit some show-stopping verses on Red Apples 45‘s LUV NY project. He’s definitely had a few missteps over the course of his career, but you have to admit, a guy who’s almost 50 putting out this many dope tracks in one year really belies the notion that rap is only a young man’s game. It’s also comforting to know that Mr. Thornton hasn’t become any less eccentric in his old age. Quite the opposite in fact.

    One last note: back in April, Keith claimed that Love & Danger would probably be his last album. On the other hand, as unclebengi pointed out to me, a recent interview with Red Apples 45 co-owner Ray West, the producer behind LUV NY, revealed that he and Keith “recorded maybe like thirty songs.” Here’s hoping those see the light of day.

    -Samuel Diamond

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    Kool Keith Is Goin’ Off

    Monday, June 6th, 2011

    We’ll be back in full effect this week. In the meanwhile here are two videos of Mr. Thornton aka Activity goin’ off for DJ Jazzy Jay. –Philaflava

    And for those who never saw Keith breaking for President Regan.

    Peace to Edan and Memory Man for the find.

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    Random VLS Drops: Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bulk Version) (1996)

    Monday, May 23rd, 2011

    There are several different releases of this single. One dropped on UK’s Mo Wax, other one on DreamWorks Records and this one right here on Bulk Recordings. There is also a reissue of this single from 2001 released on 75 Ark.


    01. Blue Flowers (Original Mix)
    02. Blue Flowers (Instrumental)
    03. Mr. Gerbik : Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
    04. Blue Flowers (Acapella)
    05. Blue Flowers (Prince Paul’s So Beautiful Mix)
    06. Blue Flowers (Prince Paul Instrumental)
    07. Blue Flowers (Automator’s Stop Confusing Me Remake)
    08. Blue Flowers (Remake Instrumental)

    –>Download Blue Flowers VLS<–


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