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Important Indie Hip-Hop Releases

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

I’m not saying all these are classics, though many are. I’m not saying that some of these are even the best releases by these artists. I am saying that these are some of the most important independent hip-hop releases of all-time, in my opinion. These 36 albums, many of which are still influential to this day, helped define the genre.

This isn’t a definitive list and I know there are plenty more that deserve a spot, but these are my selections (no order). Indie hip-hop is the foundation. There is no major without it. I hope many of you have listened to most of these, because they are the very reason we still invest in the music today. I could easily have made this into 50+ with The Best Part, Time Waits For No Man, Movies For The Blind, Beauty And The Beat, Champion Sound, A Piece of Strange, Revolutionary Vol. 1- 2, Leak Bros, the list can go on and on. I’d love to hear your picks, please post them on our Facebook or Instagram or in the comment section below. –Philaflava

Tony Bones Discography

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Thanks to TheBigSleep and everybody on Philaflava for creating this great compilation.

Tony Bones’ Discography:

199? 89.9 Promo ft. Mr. Live
199? Dirty Soap ft. The MHQ
1994 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
1995 Come Upstairs [Demo] ft. Prince Po (Produced by Prince Po)
1995 Pure Marrow (Deep In Ya Bones) [Demo] ft. Pharoahe Monch (Produced by Pharoahe Monch)
1995 Rhythm & Ism (Hold Me Back) [Demo] ft. Mr. Live & Prince Po (Produced by Prince Po)
1995 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle ft. Mr. Live & Breezly Brewin
1996 Hunger Strike ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Earl Blaize)
1996 Luvamaxin ft. The Juggaknots (Produced by The Juggaknots, Cut / Scratched by Sticky Fingas)
1996 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle ft. Mr. Live
1997 (Bring Da) Noise [Demo] ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Big Ves)
1997 Placebo ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Big Ves)
1997 Splashin’ Over Monica ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Big Ves)
1997 Throw Ya Mitts ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Big Ves)
1997 Throw Ya Mitts [Clean] ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Big Ves)
1997 Underground Railroad Freestyle ft. Mr. Live, I.G. Off, Hazadus, Kwest, Poison Pen, A.L. Skills, Skam2?, Shadowman Boogie & Doxxmen
1998 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle ft. Mr. Live
1998 Tetsuo’s Revenge ft. GE-OLOGY & Ocean Aquanaut (Produced by GE-OLOGY)
200? Current Affairs / Current Events / The Return
2007 Make It Rowdy ft. Mr. Live (Produced by Earl Blaize)

Download MP3 collection

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Bad Cop – No Gimmicks Rap Shit (7-10)

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

A couple of years ago Bad Cop blessed us with Parts 1 through 6 of this excellent, rarity laced mixtape. This time he once again doesn’t hold back on the goodies. (more…)

Mapping Out The Stretch And Bobbito Show (Demos: Juggaknots, Kool Keith, etc..)

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We’ve finally decided to give this a go. It will be tough, no doubt. But if everybody who has any little bit of knowledge at all about the WKCR legacy, would add on and build with us, it is possible that we can map out the show’s entire history.

We’ve got people who are willing to rip your tapes to mp3 and mail them back to you. The Big Sleep has set up a “Stretch And Bobbito” blog to archive and keep the list of shows, dates, and guests, all together in one place.

Here’s a few treats that have surfaced since we started this mission:

Juggaknots – Genuine (demo?)

MF Doom – Gas Drawls (demo)

Rampage – Mad Niggas (demo)

LL Cool J – ?? Unreleased Unknown demo

Organized Konfusion – Why (OG Buckwild demo version)

Showtime – I Walk The Line (demo)

Aiello Wilson – 80 Proof (demo)

Kool Keith – Time Is Now (unreleased demo)[best quality on the internet]

Nas – The Life We Chose (DJ Eli Remix)

This is only a sampler of all the freshness that has surfaced so far.

Peace and thanks to everyone who has helped contribute so far, I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. Leave a comment if I forgot you:
The Big Sleep, aleph, Digital Stimulation, Andyman187, dj step one, RELM, jamo609, Howfresh, dirtywaters, serch4beatz, recogthereal, boogs, sen, sloppyseconds, Skeptic, Ho1ogramz, djkingflow, Dat_Triflin_Ass_Dude, megafresh, dubs, tuttsifruttsi, Kwestionmark, pradadon, Duddy, Roy Johnson

Most of those links are to really good cassette rip blogs you might want to check out.

Peace to Stretch and Bobbito.
Stretch may be coming through with a full, almost completely accurate, list of all the show dates and guests, soon. Hopefully some show rips, too. Stay tuned.


Juggaknots – Dopeness In Less Than 2 Minutes

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

All of us could agree that Juggaknots never succeed at the mainstream level, but their 1996 release was an underground hit, a true classic. When it was was re-released in 2003 with 11 additonal tracks (including some unfinished songs) their notoriety only grew, even though fame still eluded them.

Most will agree that these shorter songs are pure gold and wished that they were completed. Tracks like “Watch Ya Head (Remix)” or “Come Along” are pure gold, even better than some so called classics of that time. Breezly kills every verse.

01. The Hunt Is On

02. Watch Ya Head (Remix)

03. The Circle (Pt. II)

04. Come Along

05. A Rainy Saturday

06. Projections

07. Luvamaxin

08. Up At The Stretch Radio Show