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“Hip Hoppy Classic Christmas Songs Remixed”

Friday, December 24th, 2010

A continuous mix courtesy of our friend Wuk. Tracklist and link after the jump.


Def Squad "Breaker 1, Breaker 2" Uncensored

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The folks at the T.R.O.Y. Forum are an industrious and proactive bunch. Recently contributor TheWool related that he was always annoyed by how the only available version of Def Squad “Breaker 1, Breaker 2” was marred by instances of editing, in this case reversed curses. Rather than sulk, he got up and did something about it, and through the magic of re-editing the world now has an uncensored version.

I’m a real fan of the Def Sqaud from around 1996. E-Doubles’ production was on that fuzzy funk tip. This track was one of my faves but I could never find it un-edited, and all the best lines were ruined by the cuts.
RedmanYou wanna get jig-da-fied, what it all means? Fuck Versace, I tote glocks in the Karl jeans…”
Keith Murray “How many ways can I say i just don’t give a fuck…”


The curses were reversed including the beats, so they had to be re-reversed to put them right. This has to be done pretty exact (beyond the ms) and can be a long painful process especially with percussion involved, otherwise there is an audible pop on the transition.

Enjoy! — Thun

K Funk Presents: Hiss-Story Vol.1– DJ Nikoless

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

01. Intro – Hiss Is For You
02. Madlib – My Style Is Different… ’95
03. The Distortionists – Retaliation ’96
04. Kemest – One For Dah Mental ’95
05. Stedy Serv – Lyrical Graffiti ’99
06. Interlude: (All Natural-50 Years) ’96
07. Definite Vacation 4 Suckas – Perfection ’97
08. Dirte & Ope-Ski (T.S.P) – I’m Only 19 ’99
09. PRZM & Illogic – Poisonous (How We Do) ??
10. Headshots – Look Into Our Wilderness ’97
11. Kool Keith – You Know The Game ’95*
12. The LO’s ft. Erick Sermon – New Haven Connect ’95
13. Raw Elements – Blauw! ’97
14. Of Mexican Descent – 242 ’94
15. K Borne – The Qwest [JEL Remix] ’97
16. Funkytown Pros – Fake Ass Hip Hoppas ’95
17. Brain Leakage – Brain Leakage ’92
18. S.P.O – Puttin’ Heads To Bed ’92
19. Savage Intellect – Technique Of Fury ’90
20. Interlude: Incredible Bongo Band – Apache ’73
21. Masai Bey – The Untitled ’93
22. Interlude: (Jurassic 5-Jurass Finish First Outro) ’00
23. Interlude: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
24. Interlude: (Giant Panda-Diggin In The Tapes) ’05
25. Bonus Cut: Paten Locke – Auto Reverse ’09

Download the demo mixtape here.  –re-upped 5/20/12

Wow. This is what happens when you have a demo fiend like K Funk, and an acclaimed radio show host/dj like Kevin Beacham, on the same forum. Exclusive demo mixtape anybody?! I can absolutely co-sign that this is a great listen all the way through and will be looked back on as a classic mixtape to many people.
Personally, I love demos and this should not fall short of any of your expectations if you feel the same. Everything is in the best available quality. No radio rips or skips or pops anywhere in sight.
*In case you were wondering, this Kool Keith cut was actually released on that Unreleased Sex Style Archives in 2009. You can cop that here.

Kev Beacham would like to shout out the following:
Alyssa Nikole, Tina & all her family, Quincy, Mom & Dad, Tif, Chris, Mikey (stay strong!), Tif, Leon, Messiah, Ari, The Gashs, The Beachams, The Current & Redef Radio Listeners, K Funk, Philaflava, Boogs (for the Dilla quote), J Pratt, Surge Hands Of Time, Aaron Low Budget, RSE, IPR, all the artists who have sent me demos over the years and everyone who listens and enjoys!
-Thanx For The Vocal Samples: U.T.F.O, Slick Rick, James Brown, Whodini, Ultimate Choice, GMF & Furious 5, T La Rock, King T, Cella Dwellas, Ultra Sonic Man (Spider-Man), Nonce, D.O.C, Ronnie G, Just Ice, Ugly Duckling, Danny Michel, KRS One, Sir Mix A lot, SuperLover Cee, Large Professor (Main Source), De La Soul, 4Ever Fresh, J Live, Public Enemy, J Zone, Notorious B.I.G, BDP, King Sun, Chill Rob G, ?? (J Dilla) & Black By Demand
K Funk would like to send shout outs to:
Kevin Beacham, schenectadyfan, soopacee, Jaz, Verge, The Big Sleep, Philaflava, Ed Catto & The Freestyle Professors fam, DJ Prime Time of Finsta Bundy, DJ Mike Nice, DJ JS-1 and for everyone else who is still holdin’ it down!


Shup Diddy’s 90s Mix via TwitVid

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Shup Diddy is one of our forum’s most eccentric and humorous contributors, but he’s also a super hip hop crate digging nerd and DJ in his own right. He shared a live, unedited mix with us called “I Believe In The 90s” which he filmed and put on Twidvid for our listening and viewing pleasure:

I call it “I Believe in the 90’s”
pt. 1
pt. 2(had to edit cause of some issues)
pt. 3
i had to put it on twitvid cause gay youtube blocked the audio on every single video cause of that stupid sony/wmg deal.
Let us know what you think. — Thun

Outkast "Elevators" – A Homegrown Remix

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Produced by Moeses, who was generous enough to post this in our forum.
I’m digging the feel of this mix, which sounds entirely different from
any of the many remixes to the song that already exist.

Peep more remixes at his YouTube Channel or his Myspace Page. — Thun

Dancehall/Raggamuffin Meets Hip Hop

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Being raised in an all Trini neighbourhood, I was fortunate enough to grow up with dancehall and hiphop, and I always thought that when they crossed over, it was the shit.

Who didn’t shit themselves when NWA came out with “Always Into Somethin'” and Admiral D busted shots with his raggastyle! Then Ice Cube copied them with “Wicked”. But then Cypress copied him with “Lick a Shot”.

Anyways… I mixed up this album, NOT JUST A COMPILATION, for those who want some raggatunez, dancehall and dub bass funkin the trunk out of their automobiles.

Enjoy the link! — Cenzi
01 – Bam Bam – Wise Intelligent
02 – Bam Bam – Sister Nancy
03 – Redhead Kingpin – Kilimanjaro Style
04 – Badman Anthem – Spragga Benz
05 – Typewriter Remix ft. Red Hot Lover Tone – Louie Rankin
06 – Hip Hop General – Chip Fu
07 – Unda Me Sensi – Barrington Levy
08 – Unda Some Buda – D-Nice
09 – Don’t Give a Fuck – Raw Fusion
10 – Boom Wha Dat – Grand Daddy I.U.
11- Ghetto Red Hot (Remix) – Supercat
12 – Road to Zion ft. Nas – Damien Marley
13 – Black Star Liner -Brand Nubian
14 – Who Can Get Busy Like This – Grand Puba
15 – Easy Star – Poor Righteous Teachers
Editor’s Note: Still fiending for more dancehall flavor? Drizzle uploaded a compilation from Soul Jazz Records called 100% Dynamite.

a1 Supercat ‘Don Dada’
a2 Yankee B ‘The Original’
a3 Shinehead ‘Know How Fe Chat’
b1 Fu Schnickens ‘Ring The Alarm’
b2 Born Jamericans ‘Informa Fe Dead’
b3 Shaggy ‘Mattress Jockey’
c1 Jah Batta & Skatee ‘Style & Fashion’
c2 Rayvon ‘Girls Fresh’
d1 Red Fox ‘Dem a Murderer’
d2 Nikey Fungus ‘Zig Zag Stitch’
d3 Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds ‘Mack Daddy’

a1 Louie Rankin ‘Typewriter’
a2 Mad Lion ‘Double Trouble’
a3 Super C ‘The Rat’
b1 Lady Apache ‘Rock & Comeen’
b2 Jamalski ‘Texas Rumpus’
b3 Ken Albert ‘Gunshot’
c1 Shinehead ‘Rough & Rugged’
c2 Ugly Man ‘DJ De Yah’
c3 Rankin Don ‘Real Mccoy’
d1 Mad Lion ‘Love Woman So’
d2 Terror Fabulous ‘Woman Say So’

T.R.O.Y. Presents: The Moaning

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Just when you thought most angles of this genre had been exploited, and some even run into the ground, the T.R.O.Y. forum regulars, mainly godmc, done got fresh with the concepts again. This is a compilation, with a mix companion, of songs featuring female moaning, singing, and even howling samples.

I might not have always noticed, but I’ve always had a thing for songs using samples like these. It’s like you can’t go wrong with a moaning sample. Whether it be sexy, eerie, or just straight ill, there’s definitely something to be explored here. Whether you’re buying it or not at this point, have we ever really steered you wrong?

01. L’Roneous – Implosion
02. Example – Slow Motion
03. Interlude 1 – Al Tariq
04. c.h.a.o.s. – Death Stalks
05. Brooklynytes – Reality
06. Interlude 2 – K-Otix
07. DoubleSpeak – Trial By Stone
08. The Candy Store – Escape From Belize
09. Interlude 3 – Group Home Seeds(extended inst)
10. Freestyle – Focus
11. House Of Pain – Word Is Bond [Diamond D Remix]
12. Interlude 4 – Lyrical Lunatics
13. Pharoah Monch – Queens
14. 5050 – Something Aint Right(J.Force Remix)
15. Interlude 5 – Raw Breed – Blood, Sweat & Tears
16. EC Illa – Somethin’ Fo They Asses (Remix)
17. Dubside Collective – Souls From The Streets
18. N.O.N.E. – What You Got Ib vs Ir
19. Interlude 6 – Verge – Dirty Like Harry
20. Nomad Da Nomadic – Shantae
21. Xcaliber – Brand Name Women
22. Sick Lyrical Damager – It’s Over

Our resident mixmaster, vaporized, was cool enough to bless us with a well blended mix of these tracks that fits perfectly on a CD. They are not in the same exact order as on the compilation, which also conveniently fits on one CD, but you can download both and then match the tracks up. Besides, they both flow different and who wouldn’t want all these bangers on separate mp3s AND in a mix?

Mix Preview:
If the divshare isn’t working, click here for the preview.

We still have plenty of left overs to make a few more of these, but the well is still not markedly
tapped. So, if you can think of some, either drop them in the comments or at the forum. Bear in mind we already have over 100, so you might want to peep the list at the forum first and see what you can bring to the table.

Big shout to godmc for taking the chance and sparking this project and to everyone who contributed.
Thanks to dirt_dog for the cover artwork.
And props to vaporized for taking on the task of mixing this for your listening pleasure.
And, if you still haven’t checked the Nas – I Am album remixed over Godfather Don and 45 King beats, you really don’t know what you’re missing. This should replace the originals on the record store racks.
Stay tuned for AZ’s A.W.O.L. album over Hydra Beats and hopefully more volumes of “The Moaning”.


Cloudkicker’s Remix LP + Homegrown Treat

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

This past week at the TROY forum, a new poster named darkO uploaded this album I never knew existed. The Cloudkickers = Dj Eli [of Juggaknots and Night Train Radio fame] and Shan Boogs. The album is full of remixes of songs you know and love, and some you might not have liked the originals. Drizzle provided us with the tracklist and noted how dope the interludes were. I love me some ill interludes, so this prompted me to immediately check this album out.

A1 M.O.P. Pounds Up (Remix) 
Amil 4 Da Fam (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – Beanie Sigel , Jay-Z , Memphis Bleek 
Big L Flamboyant (Remix) 
Nas Family (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – Mobb Deep 
Dynasty (4) Poisonous Youth (Remix) 
Eve (2) Let’s Talk About (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – Drag-On 
QB Finest Street Glory (Remix) 
Krumb Snatcha Closer To God (Remix) 
Redman Funkarama (Remix) 
Tephlon Rawness (Remix) 
Rap [Featuring] – M.O.P. 
Prodigy Keep It Thoro (Remix) 
Royce Da 5’9″ Let’s Grow (Remix)

Upon further inspection of this album, I immediately recognized the sample on Interlude #7.
I used it myself back in maybe 2003-2004, for an instrumental. I also incorporated another sample from a song that has been flipped many times, even recently. Hmmm, DOOM? Can you catch it?

Cloudkickers – Interlude #7

Verge – Rainy Blaze

Let me know what you think up in the comments.
For more Juggaknots and Cloudkickers material, refer back to our Fondle ‘Em Collection.

There may be a reworking of those interludes soon. So stay tuned.
Also, darkO noted that the Kokomo sample was also used for Smif n’ Wessun – Recognize.
I haven’t heard that cut in years so I’ll have to investigate.
Thanks to darkO and drizzle on the download and assist.


Kimani’s Recent Rotation

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

We’re fans of Kimani. He runs a blog, he’s a T.R.O.Y. Forum regular, and his taste in music is impeccable. We recently hosted a digital mix he made aimed at those of you who prefer to listen to music while driving. Today he contributes merely the tracks he has in steady rotation as of late, and it turns out it’s a great mix. Peep the tracklist and decide for yourself – I personally find it difficult to resist a compilation that features AK Skills, a rare Nas remix, Ill Distracxion, and Capital Tax, but maybe that’s just me.
GZA – Labels (Unreleased Exclusive Remix) 3:06
AK Skills – East Ta West (Dirty) 4:28
Fundamentals – Code Red 3:20
Big Scoob & The Booty Banditss – Booty Bandit (Dirty) 5:18
Kirk – Catch The Beat 4:18
Eclipse 427 – Next Question 5:10
Almighty Arrogant – Fed Up 3:52
Fierce – Crab (Vocal) 3:30
Fierce – Come Close (Vocal) 3:53
Call O’ Da Wild – Ruffturrain (Dirty) 4:21
Sometimes The Neighborhood (Vocal) 3:50
Madstyle – Run 4:05
Fundamentals -Love 4:47
Ill Distracxion – Calm With Datrom 4:59
Harleckinz – Represent The Real Hip Hop 5:11
The Outfit – The Outfit Presents 3:47
Yasheen & The Murder 1 Squad – Bring It! 3:41
sons of sam – oooh he got an afro 5:08
Hi-Tech – Continuously 4:44
Nine – Knocked 3:29
Brainwash 2000 – King Of Demos 3:42
Nujabes – One Love (Dimention Ball Remix) [Nas] 5:43
Capital Tax – The Masha (Jazz Mix) 5:25
Sons Of Sam – Charisma (Bad Sound Clip) 2:29

Kimani’s Digital Mix For The Whip

Friday, January 9th, 2009

T.R.O.Y. Forum regular and blogger in his own right Kimani put together a mix arranged to be burned to two CDs for easy play in your whip of choice:

I recently snagged some digi-mixing software and have been fiddling with it, this mix being the result of said fiddling. Many (if not most) of these tracks are thanks to the superb uploaders of this forum, which is the main reason why I felt I could post it here, even if no one bothers to listen to it. I didn’t do all too much to it, being that I liked these songs the way they were and that messing with mp3s is just weird. Anyway, here it is, I enjoy listening to it (bias?) and I figured others may as well.


1. Danger (Rare Remix) 3:35 Blahzay Blahzay 
2. Demo 4:45 Aboriginals 
3. Pushin’ Orbitz (Main) 4:27 Sub-Conscious 
4. Lyfe ‘N Tyme 4:46 The B.U.M.S. 
5. Pockets 5:04 The Bad Seed 
6. 150% Sure 2:56 Blackmarkit 
7. Nights Of Fear 3:38 AK Skills 
8. Keepin’ It Hot 5:01 Ali Trone 
9. an ocean 3:30 illogic 
10. Microphone Microphone 3:17 B.M.X. 
11. Raw Dog (Remix) 4:21 Big Tabb 
12. Money Is The Key 4:04 Crimedanch Cartel 
13. Time 3:04 Diverse 
14. Where I’m At 4:56 Absent Minded 
15. sunshine 4:28 blunted dummies 
16. Bonafied Funk 3:58 The Brand New Heavies, Main Source 
17. In The C.O.R.N….Transgression 8:25 L’Roneous 
18. Comin’ At Cha 3:44 The Ruggedness & Madd Drama 
19. The Wu Is Comin’ Thru 3:32 Wu-Tang Clan 
20. Zeitgeist 5:07 Sub-Conscious 

(Disc 2 for the car listeners) 
21. Natural Born Smokers 2:12 Absent Minded 
22. Telecommunications 4:30 Ellay Khule 
23. Never Will I Marry 8:33 Cannonball Adderley/Ray Brown/Wes Montgomery 
24. Junglez Of The East 3:41 Legit 
25. Nocturnal Illusions 2:26 Alps Cru 
26. Jorge Of The Projects (Original) 3:36 Kurious Jorge 
27. Bustin’ A Nut 2:01 Lord digga 
28. Cold Peein’ On ‘Em 3:48 The Cenobites 
29. Slow Down (Waterfall Remix) 5:48 Frankenstein 
30. Get Down 5:11 Labtekwon 

— Thun