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Hot 97 Freestyles Compilation

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

We saw this on the forums and thought we’d share with you the great work Step One continues to do for us. There was a time, many, many moons ago that Hot 97 was the place where classic freestyles happened on the reg. This 14 track compilation features some of the finest the station has produced. Be sure to check out the thread for more goodies such as the 10-minute freestyle by ATCQ, Consequence and Monie Love on the B-Side show. And for more compilations Step One has a dope blog you can peep here. –Philaflava

1 – Cold Crush Brothers – Hot 97 promo (1994)
2 – KRS One, MC Serch & Scarface (1994)
3 – Fat Joe, Charlie Brown & Red Hot Lover Tone (1994)
4 – Pete Rock & CL Smooth (1994)
5 – Ol Dirty Bastard (1995)
6 – A Tribe Called Quest (1996)
7 – Cormega (1997)
8 – Def Squad (1998)
9 – KRS One & Common (1998)
10 – Lord Finesse & Triple Seis (1998)
11 – Beanie Sigel & Freeway (2002)
12 – Jay Z (2005)
13 – The LOX (2007)
14 – Clipse / Re Up Gang (2008)


Raggedy Man – Demo Tape (Early 90’s)

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

[I couldn’t find any pics online at all and don’t have the tape on hand so this video is here because the second emcee is Raggedy Man making a rare appearance on youtube.]

01 Sh-Boom
02 I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad
03 True Colors
04 Can I Get A Witness
05 Keep It On
06 Singin’ In The Rain

Download demo tape here. (more…)

Best Of The Wake Up Show ’94 Vol. 1 (1996)

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Who wouldn’t enjoy some freestyles on a Friday?

The disc came out in 1996 but says all material was from 1994. Featuring freestyles from RZA, GZA, Shyheim, Freddie Foxx, Original Flavor & Jay-Z, Masta Ace, Fugees, Kool G. Rap, Alkaholiks and many more.



Awesome 2 “Studio Record Freestyles (1996)”

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This is another piece of audio that I received back in my trading days. I never did any research on it until now. Released in 1996 on vinyl, it features 6 nice studio recorded freestyles done for the Awesome 2, which is the legendary team Special K and Teddy Ted. It’s tough finding much info on these two as their website has been suspended (relaunching in 2010), but you can find them on MySpace.

01 Chubb Rock
02 M.O.P.
03 Jeru The Damaja & Afu Ra
04 Channel Live
05 Busta Rhymes & Rampage
06 Das EFX

Here’s a vinyl rip of Awesome 2’s “Ahooga Breakbeats” that Thomas V put up last year.

Once all the ads and videos load, you can score an Awesome 2 radio show from 1990 RIGHT HERE on DJ Marioka’s blog.


Artifacts Rhyme Biting Scandal (Tame One vs. Lo Down)1994

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Back in the day, maybe sometime in 1994(not positive), I remember listening to Stretch and Bobbito one night when the following occurred:

Stretch or Bob announced that they had received a certain demo in the mail. They played the first verse of said demo, check it out-

Lo Down – Mask Of The Phantom

Well, this verse sounded a little too familiar to the record breaking duo. It rang such a resounding bell because it was the same exact verse Tame One had kicked in a freestyle on their show in the past. They just happened to have that freestyle on hand and immediately played it after that demo. Peep it-

Tame One Freestyle

Yep. Same exact verse. I guess if this happened now a days, it wouldn’t mean anything. But we all know that biting, especially straight lyric jacking, was not cool back then. And it still isn’t, in our book, right?

I don’t remember what exactly ensued after this was exposed, but I don’t remember ever seeing many records by the Lo Down crew. It’s a shame, too, they had some pretty good beats. Shouldn’t have bit.

Download includes full Lo Down song and full Artifacts freestyle.
Thanks to Mad Human at the T.R.O.Y. forum for uploading the Lo Down EP in our definitive Ill EPs thread. Over a 100 EPs and counting, join in and add on.
Thanks to Roy Johnson for the Artifacts freestyle. I’m pretty sure that’s who posted it. If not, claim your props in the comments.

CM Famalam Freestyles 1998-2002 (400 MB)

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Today, we’re presenting you with 400 MB worth of freestyles from Bobbito’s CM Famalam Radio Show (1998-2002). Most of the individual mp3s are lengthy sessions. Highlights include segments from J-Live, Atmosphere, Sir Menelik, Guru, MF Doom, Camp Lo, All Natural, Juggaknots, Non Phixion, Necro, Yak Ballz, Common Sense, etc. I acquired this stuff in a trade back in 2003.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

All tracks are untitled. It wasn’t worth the time for me to do playlists because I’m honestly not feeling the vast majority of these freestyle sessions, but I know that a lot of people love this stuff.



All Natural

Nes of Dirty Waters fame also posted a collection of CM Famalam highlights from 2001

–Roy Johnson

Half A Mill – The Project Prophet (R.I.P.)

Friday, July 31st, 2009

DJ Mike Nice recently uncovered this 1995 demo and brought it to the T.R.O.Y. forum fam.
Even if you have it already, download it again. I slowed it down a bit. For some reason, certain cassettes recorded at a slower rate which made the music sound a little faster than it was intended to sound.
Take a quick listen and start to understand what makes Half A Mil’s mid 90’s material so coveted-
Half A Mil – In The Projects (1995 demo)
[Download here or at the bottom of the page with everything in one folder.]

I remember having that and a few other Half A Mill demos from college radio, back in the day. I had a few of his legendary freestyles, too, but my WNYU tapes were always full of static because of their weak radio signal. I used to have the ill hook up for taping from 89.1. Hanger attached to the antenna with aluminum foil, and I had to hold the radio and point the antenna a certain way to get halfways decent reception. And still, right when you think you got it perfect, you hear some static start to creep in. And you either hope it doesn’t get worse or start moving around just a little, hoping to get some clarity.
Anyway, I’ve probably listened to this demo over 30 times since Mike uploaded it. Shit is amazing. Lines like these put Half in the upper echolons of underground legends with the likes of the Natural Elements and Godfather Don:
“I’m from the projects, the pyramids
each room is a tomb, crack babies and boom,
we call jakes Legion of Doom, executioners, sorcerors,
modern day extortioners, they job is enforcing us…”

Moving right along, we’re going to bring you a folder of freestyles, the Project Prophet mixtape, another unknown track and Half A Mill’s self produced independent 12″ release.

Half A Mill Productions 12″ Vinyl Single

A1 – Any Day Can Be Ya Last (Vocal)
B1 – Any Day Can Be Ya Last (Instrumental)
B2 – Homicide Scene (Instrumental)

The Project Prophet Mixtape

And here’s another Half A Mill track that I caught over at It says that it’s off of a bootleg EP. It’s listed as Executioner’s Song and the quality was really bassed out, where you couldn’t make out the lyrics too well. I did my best to fix it up and make the lyrics audible. I have no clue when this song is from. A ballpark guess would be that this was recorded sometime between 1995 and 1998.

Half A Mill – Executioner’s Song
[Download here or at bottom of page with everything in one folder]

Now, we’re going to move right on into the radio freestyles that also helped secure Half A Mill’s place in my personal underground legend hall of fame.In all, we have 12 separate freestyles. The first five were uploaded straight from WNYU cassettes by Nes over at DirtyWaters. There are some classic verses on these, don’t sleep. There is also a freestyle that was separated from the Roots 30 minute session at WNYU, that was posted here. There’s one from a DJ Lazy K mixtape from 1998, called Justo Allstars freestyle. There’s also one that’s apparently from an old Stretch& Bobbito show and one that I have no idea of it’s origins. And another 3 with
with Nature, courtesy of Hustle The Block.

Half A Mill WNYU Freestyle 1996

Personally, I wasn’t too pleased with his two albums, but alot of people were. I thought they were really lacking on the beat tip. His label didn’t do him justice either, hardly anybody even knew the albums dropped when they did. Check one of them out at Steady Bloggin’.
For the record, if you didn’t know, Half A Mill was found shot to death in his apartment in 2003.

The back up link doesn’t have those 3 freestyles with Nature in it.

Thanks to dirtywaters, boogzthedon, itzmurda, Hip Hop Giant, Hustle The Block,
Dj Mike Nice, and K-Funkadelic.
Let’s hope DJ Scratch properly releases that Half A Mill demo tape, already.

Doo Wop & Sun Dullah (King Sun) – New York Love (1996) 2Pac Diss

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

All Eyez On Sun Lyrics

“You goin overboard with all that, fuck New York shit
trying to dis Brooklyn, but the Boogie ’bout to talk shit
and ain’t no fun, if the Dullah can’t get none
risin in the East, I’m bout to set it on the West, son
Listen, I ain’t even down with who you dissen
far as I’m concerned NY been ass-kissen
for the longest, on the live side I’ma dead it
you aint a trooper, I know that’s all super-unleaded
gas you inhaled from all your record sales
cause you went to California and blew up, but you fail
tryin to dis the big apple, I aint supposed to wanna battle
for a million dollar raffle? You gettin gaffled
soon as I see you got a million
after the battle, I be like “oooh what a feeeelin”
Toyota will be selling me they biggest Landcruiser
money green so niggas could fiend like drug users
winners slap users like pimp slap hoes
and we know Suge is pimpin them hoes on Death Row
you actin like you wanna beef, but talkin below me
you ain’t a real thug, you a real CaliPhoney
Who Shot Ya? No it wasn’t me and my peeps
you’re talking bout New York, wordup, like something sweet
don’t fool yourself, this ain’t New York Undercover
it’s real like the history of your father and mother
I’m sayin, think about that shit that you did
had a shootout in NY, raped a bitch, did a bid
like you proud of that, then let the world know it happened
first of all you fuckin up for other niggas’ rappin
how you makin movies, selling records, doin tours,
then be up in Denemora (sp), scrubbin other niggas’ drawers?
the whole point in being criminal is gettin paid
son, you paid already, actin Crazy like Eddie
fuck a Thug Life, niggas die being unlawful
let that peer pressure stress ya somethin awful
with the world in ya hand, fuck a man, be a King
you aint even a man cause you under the wing
Heltah Skeltah from the shelter, need protection
now you’re one of Suge Knight’s sons, runnin for election
against Snoop Dogg for that top dog spot
Death Row, Prisoner-of-the-month on lock.
Now everybody know you from them roles you be playin
so all that make a record shit aint even worth sayin
west coast rappers go platinum in a second
cause west coast niggas go out and buy records
but east coast rappers be on conceited shit
the wack emcees here make repeated hits
they get star-struck and stop giving a fuck
and lyrically, half these niggas suck, and what
just put the real rappers in the ring
let your man bring the beats and whoever do they thing
fuck a record sale, fuck a phoney reputation,
fuck a pimp record label and them suck-dick stations.
Show skills, how ya flow skills, rock a party-
live from the heart, in front of everybody
without a shotty, ain’t no need for all that
get your stupid ass some rikers & tracks, fuck the gats
my people out in Cali aint got nothin to do with this
you on your own dick, partner, and you new to this
I could never dis my peeps in the west
but, that dissin Biggie shit, we still ain’t impressed…”

Here’s a blog from King Sun on his Myspace about the diss:

“Ok, I was the first to respond with a dis record towards Tupac when he first dissed Tribe Called Quest at the Source Awards in ’94. Since Tupac appeared on “California” wit Dre, I felt the need to respond wit “Califony” and derived the hook from the Die Hard movie when Bruce Willis was a cop from NY and had beef in Cali. Every time he killed an adversary his reply was “Yippie Kay Ya Mother Fucker.”

The beat was produced by DJ Mark the 45 King and was cut up by Funk Master Flex in D&D Studios in Midtown Manhattan. Shout outs to Doug and Dave. I then allowed Doo Wop to put the song on his mixtape to generate a buzz. Tupac and I discussed the dis song after having Ice-T play it for Pac. We laughed together over the phone and Pac new it was nothing personal, but I had to rep NY to the fullest. Shout outs to Ice-T, who’s like my older cousin from the Left Coast who has always held me down, to WC Crazy Toons, DJ Aladdin, DJ Pooh, Evil E and Hen G and Shawny Shawn.

Rest in peace Pac. Our love goes out to Mrs. Shakur. Tell BIG I said “Hold some equality for me and Lady Heron and be at the door with Jesus so we can get in!”

Doo Wop played his record with King Sun on his critically acclaimed Summer Jam ’96 mixtape. Doo Wop also goes at 2Pac & The Dogg Pound at the end of the tape. Notice how the mixtape only features East Coast artists. This was around the time of Hit’ Em Up. According to DJ King Shammek, King Sun had also recorded another diss record titled “Don’t Know How To A.C.T.” directed at Westside Connection

— Thomas V

Doo Wop “The Best Of Doo Wop Freestyle Sessions Volume One (1995)”

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Ahhh… the summer of 1996. My first summer in Chicago and one of the first things I purchased. The guy at the record shop (The Beat Parlor) wouldn’t let me leave the store without buying it. It came packaged in a jewel case, no cover, no notes, no nothing but shrink wrap.

While this cd is full of great freestyles, some of my favorites are the Mad Lion one and the beginning of the Channel Live track (tracks 25 and 26). Scan of cd included. And yes, that is blue paint over Doo Wop’s contact number. It actually came like that.

And since it is Gang Starr month 2009, there is a nice Guru freestyle in there.

01 Doo Wop-Intro
02 Keith Murray-Freestyle
03 Q-Tip-Freestyle
04 Busta Rhymes-Freestyle
05 Rampage The Last Boyscout-Freestyle
06 Fat Joe-Freestyle
07 Uneek-Freestyle
08 M.O.P.-Freestyle
09 Guru-Freestyle
10 Raekwon & Carlton Fisk-Freestyle
11 Ill Al Skratch-Freestyle
12 Shabba Ranks-Freestyle
13 Tragedy Khadafi & Don Black-Freestyle
14 Smoothe Da Hustler & D.V. Alias Khrist-Freestyle
15 Doo Wop, Fat Joe, Akinyele, Pretty Boy Floyd & Lord Tariq-Freestyle
16 Doo Wop-Freestyle
17 KRS-One-Freestyle
18 Treach-Freestyle
19 Keith Murray & Redman-Freestyle
20 Mobb Deep & Big Noyd-Freestyle
21 AZ-Freestyle
22 Lost Boyz-Freestyle
23 Uneek-Freestyle
24 Cocoa Brovaz-Freestyle
25 Mad Lion & KRS-One-Freestyle
26 Channel Live-Freestyle
27 King Just-Freestyle
28 Buckshot Da B.D.I. Emcee-Freestyle

DOWNLOAD (updated 2/11/13)

— dirt_dog