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Random VLS Drops: Lastrawze – Big Respect / Come On In / Sneak Peek (199X)

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Lastrawze is a group from Miami, Florida. It was consisted of Mr. Vibe, Grand Phunk and D-Rhythm. This release is off their unreleased album “Instrawmental“, originally recorded in 1995 but released in 2010. All of the production was held by Simeon Hinds.

I ran onto several different informations considering the year of this release, some say 1995, other 1997, so i left out the exact year of the release.

Recently, Intrawmental EP Part 1 and Part 2 was released on Dope Folks, 300 limited copies only and was sold out immediately.

Side A

01. Big Respect (Album)
02. Big Respect (Radio)
03. Come On In (Album)

Side B

01. Sneak Peek (Album)
02. Sneak Peek (Radio)
03. Come On In (Instrumental)




The Origins Of Screwed Music … According To Galvatron

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011


“That shit is annoying they’re just slowing down a song!!!!

Like it or not you’ve heard a “screwed” song either you loved it or you hated it, personally it took me a while to get used to it. I’ve gone through heated debates on boards that discussed early southern hiphop and not to toot my own horn but as far as the Florida and Ga early scene i know my shit. The subject at hand was “Who started “Screwed” mixes?” And my first reply would be “Disco Dave” and niggaz would be like “who?” and they thought i was about as wrong as two boys holding hands but it got heated to the point where DJ Spice from Jam Pony Express and Dj Fury verified my statements. It’s all opinion though and I’m just here to explain what i saw over the years as far as who created this form of mixing. (more…)

My Tapes by Basta aka KYOZAI Pt. 1

Friday, March 5th, 2010

You might know Basta (aka Kyozai) as being the owner of the rare cassette blog, Music-Thingz. Recently, he blessed us with a nice portion of his tape collection at philaflava T.R.O.Y. forum.

Here at The T.R.O.Y. blog, we wanted to give these tapes their deserved shine and Basta the proper recognition he’s earned, to the people outside of the philaflava forum.

I will split his tapes in several posts, giving you enough time to digest this massive work. There will be no previews, but c’mon, the hilariously awesome covers alone warrant a download.


Nes – 4 Yo Ride (Tape Single 1995 Chicago, IL)


Condition Red – Don’t Get Caught Slipping (1989,Orlando, FL)


MC Jr Cas – Droppin’ Knowledge 1991 (Inglewood, CA)


Kracked R.I.B.Z. – 125TH ST. (Mindin’ my Bid’ness) (1993) (Brooklyn, NY)


— Markshot

Touring The States: Orlando, FL

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

In a short lines, Snoop Dogg diss.
I thought this might be interesting to most of us, so finally i found this a month ago and decided to share it. This came out on Boomin’ Records.
Don’t know if you’ll find more amusement in this one rather than Disneyland but still..

Sheep Doggy DoggDoggystyle Funk (1994)

a1. I Wanna Get High
a2. We Don’t Love Dem Hoes
a3. Child Support Blues
a4. Dear Bitch
a5. Gangsta Groove
a6. House Niggas
a7. Fuck Snoop Dogg

b1. Tangueray
b2. Deep Money
b3. Get A Job Bitch
b4. Don’t Ask Me 4 Shit
b5. It’s Like This
b6. Give A Dog A Bone



— Markshot