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Best Producer on The M.I.C.?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

When Diamond D said he was the best producer on the mic, we kinda agreed with him. Sometimes that self-proclamation just sells itself. When you hear “King of Pop” we all think of just one person. Over the years, many producers have taken a stab at rhyming. DJ Premier started as a rapper before he met Guru. The Alchemist and his buddy Scott Caan were The Whooliganz before ALC became a household name. Today, you have many multi-talented artists who do both very well. Black Milk is a perfect example. El-P another one. Roc Marciano and MF Doom handle most of their production too. This isn’t anything new in hip-hop, the God Rakim did many of his own beats. Legends like Large Professor, Erick Sermon, RZA, Lord Finesse or Havoc have always been equally talented on both ends.

But this poll is about picking just one. Who is the best producer on the mic? Now before you vote, understand, this list could have been as long as Schindler’s if I included everyone. The reality is, this comes down to maybe just a few guys when you truly think about it. And I’m willing to bet whoever you think should be added, isn’t better than the few guys I’m thinking about. It’s not that I don’t recognize many of the newer cats putting in work, but for this poll I went with guys who have been holding it down for decades, not just a few summers. These are guys with healthy track records, impressive catalogs and classics tracks under the belt. These aren’t artists who got a little too drunk one night and spit 16 bars. These are producers/rappers who truly have mastered the art of both. They are the Bo Jacksons of hip-hop.

Remember, you aren’t picking your FAVORITE producer or your FAVORITE rapper in this poll. You’re picking the extremely talented producer who you feel is the BEST rapper in this poll. Essentially, the best producer on the mic!

There can only be one, so who’s it gonna be?

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T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90′s Vol. 23

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

SLT90s 23


It’s been two years since the last Sounds Like The 90’s. No excuses, so let’s just dive right into this. For those not hip to these series, it’s a compilation of recent music that has come over over the past year. The criteria is simple, it either has to sounds like or feature artists from the 90’s. The reality is, there isn’t much music these days that truly sounds like the 90’s, which is probably why it took forever to make Volume 23. Not all, but a lot of music completely misses our radar and that is the purpose of these compilations. Thanks for all those who continue to support Philaflava, Steady Bloggin and of course, T.R.O.Y.  –Jason Gloss


01 Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday
02 De La Soul – God It feat. Nas
03 Slum Village – Right Back feat. De La Soul
04 Oddisee – Belong To The World
05 Skyzoo – Everything’s For Sale
06 Czarface – World Premier feat. Large Professor
07 KRS-ONE – Modern Day Gangsta feat. A.G. & Tragedy Khadafi
08 Capone-N-Noreaga – Foul 120 feat. Raekwon & Tragedy Khadafi
09 Large Professor – Dreams Don’t Die
10 Easy Money – Go Time feat. Action Bronson
11 Supastition – Forever feat. Audessey & Octavio Santos
12 Your Old Droog – Listen
13 Ras Kass & Markis Precise – 5 Fingers of Fresh
14 Rapsody – Jedi Code feat. Phonte & Jay Electronica
15 The Alchemist – Voodoo feat. Action Bronson
16 A$ap Rocky – Back Home feat. Mos Def & Acyde
17 Ghostface Killah – Blackout feat. Raekwon
18 Erick Sermon – Clutch feat. Redman & Method Man

Download SLT9s Vol. 23

00 VA - Sounds Like The 90's Volume 23 - tracklist

Erick Sermon “Breath Of Fresh Air” Mixtape

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Looks like The Green Eyed Bandit isn’t done yet. He just dropped this new Def Squad mixtape featuring KRS-One, Sheek Louch, 50 Cent, Keith Murray, Redman, Method Man & Jimi Hendrix!?!

Nice interview with E Double over at HIPHOP DX. This is the bit about the Hendrix track:

Let’s shift from the crew stuff to your new solo material … You noted on “I’m Not Him” from your Chilltown, New York album that you “gave Marvin Gaye’s wife two hundred grand” for “Music.” So how much did you have to break off the estate of Jimi Hendrix for “A Way Out”?

Erick Sermon:
Oh my God, I’m not even gonna talk about that ‘cause I’m not even gonna – I didn’t break off nothing, that’s why it’s on the mixtape. [Laughs] It ain’t like I have a label and I have Clive Davis, or me still having money like that, to be saying here’s [$150,000] for you Marvin’s estate and here’s 50 thousand for the lawyers. I don’t got that money these days. And I can imagine what Jimi Hendrix’s estate is asking for something like that. [So] that’s why it’s a mixtape.

Too bad there isn’t anyone on his staff that knows how to rip and tag a single mp3. Most tracks are 80 k/bit while the others are 160. Oh well.

01. Sucka Free Shit/Jamie Fox
02. Clout Feat. KRS 1
03. What Happened
04. Ain’t Me Feat. Rick Ross
05. Fix Your Face Feat. Twon Gabs & Ryze
06. A Way Out Feat. Jimmy Hendrix
07. Lyrics Skit/Jamie Fox
08. Twon’s Theme/Twon Gabz
09. Tregram/T.R.E.
10. Dodge This Feat. Sheek Louch
11. I’m Good Feat. Team Hot
12. Head Skit Feat. Easy E
13. Headgames Ft. Keith Murray & 50 Cent
14. Lil Nikki Feat. Twon Gabz
15. Like Me Feat. Too Short & Loyd
16. Commander And Chief Feat. Daz From DPG
17. Talk This Feat. Sam-Bo
18. Jokes/Crew
19. Typical Nigga Feat. Lockness Monster
20. Look Feat. Redman & Method Man
21. Set It Off Feat. Mone & Fred Da Godson
22. Look Out Feat. Twon Gabz
23. Whiskey And Coke Feat. Twon Gabz, Fish Grease & Kapone



vaporized vs. K-Def “Beats From The 90s Volume 1 Blends”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Not sure how I missed this one. But forum blend superstar, vaporized, put this together back in 2008. A real beauty.

K-Def – Beats From The 90s Volume 1 Blends (by vaporized)

01 Been There + Lord Finesse – Return Of The Funky Man
02 Ain’t No Crime + Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm
03 Monty + Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.
04 Dramaz + First Down – Front Street
05 For Da Family + Big L – MVP
06 Crusading + Miilkbone – Wherez Da Party At
07 Inner City Blues + Heather B – Live MC
08 Jam On It + Mic Geronimo – Shit’s Real
09 Mont Man + Grand Puba – A Little Of This
10 Ron Beat + Big L – Put It On
11 Spinner + Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Nigguh
12 Getting Hot + Children Of The Corn – American Dream
13 Take Your Time + Nas – One Love
14 Turtle + MC Lyte – Paper Thin
15 Been There Part 2 + Erick Sermon – Bomdigi
16 Urbiank + Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By


Keep up the great work vaporized! Grab some of his past releases here, here, here and here.


T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Weekly (Week 23)

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Thought I’d drop some Wu-Tang R&B appearances for everyone to enjoy. All are during mid 90’s when they were in their prime. Apparently, it’s brought to you by the letter “B.” –dirt_dog

Babyface-This Is For The Lover In You (The Remix CD) (CD Single) (1996)
* all four tracks also feature Jody Watley, Howard Hewett & Jeffrey Daniels
01 This Is For The Lover In You (Puffy’s Face To Face Mix) feat. Ghostface Killah
02 This Is For The Lover In You (Jon-John Mix) feat. LL Cool J
03 This Is For The Lover In You (Track Masters Mix) feat. LL Cool J
04 This Is For The Lover In You (Timbaland Mix) feat. LL Cool J

Blackstreet-Fix (CD Single) (1997)
01 Fix (LP Version)
02 Fix (Main Mix) feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard
03 Fix (Smooth Shomari Mix)
04 Fix (Dezo-Call Me Mix)
05 Fix (Main Mix) feat. Slash & Ol’ Dirty Bastard
06 Fix (Main Mix) (No Rap Version)
07 Man Behind The Music


Boyz II Men-Vibin’ (CD Single) (1995)
01 Vibin’ (The New Flava) feat. Treach, Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes & Method Man
02 Vibin’ (Kenny “Smoove” Remix) feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman & 2 Ta Da Head
03 Vibin’ (Southern Comfort Mix)
04 Vibin’ (Cool Summer Mellow Mix)
05 Vibin’ (LP Version)

Erick Sermon – No Pressure

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

After a breakup which may have been a little foreshadowed on the Business Never Personal EP, it was time for E Double to step out of the EPMD shell and prove himself as a solo artist. Having handled a majority of the production during his time with Parrish Smith it was expected that if either of the two was going to make it by themselves, Erick would have the better chance. Although No Pressure didn’t quite gain the commercial success that the Green-Eyed Bandit previously saw while alongside his partner-in-rhyme, the album itself was actually quite well made, with that funky boom bap style Erick Sermon was known for. In fact while only a couple singles came from the release, what was critically panned as a failure was actually one of the better albums in the EPMD catalog. (more…)

Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days Volume 2

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Recently we blessed you with G-Funk California.

If that was not much for you, than try to digest this load of dope summer tracks from all over The States, alloted in 3 volumes, made by member of philaflava forum and owner of his own blog, Drayzee,
Drayzee was just kind enough to allow us to use his own work and to represent it via T.R.O.Y. Blog.
Thank you Drayzee for this massive work.

“Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days” is a compilation based on g-funk/gangsta/jazz/funk music. Too bad it’s not summer yet, however this project will certainly give you that summer vibe. I hope this will bump in your speakers 6 summers from now. The first volume contains more “party-like” songs, the second volume will contain more gangsta/cruisin’ stuff,jazz & funk, and the third one will be for you to just chill on. I also used some St. Ides commercial once per 8-9 songs, just to give you the feeling that there still is a dope radio on earth bumpin’ this.

1. The Dove Shack – Summertime In The LBC
2. Mr. Criminal – Sounds Of Summertime
3. 2nd II None – Up N Da Club
4. DGSB – In The Summer Breeze
5. L.O.L. – Summer Breeze
6. Big Mello – Fancy Thangz
7. 2nd II None – If You Want It
8. Black Ty aka Tyrese & Kurupt – Westside
9. 2nd II None – Nuthin’ Has Changed
10. Foesum – Likka Store
11. Madd Hatta – Trunk-O-Funk
12. Goldy – In the Land of Funk
13. Cold World Hustlers – Everyday Thang feat. One Tyme
14. Conscious Daughters – We Roll Deep
15. Ganksta C – 3 Wheel Motion
16. Double A – Gangstrumental
17. Nate Dogg – Nobody Does It Better (feat. Warren G)
18. 2Pac feat. Dre & Roger – California Love [Wadz Remix]
19. 213 – Another Summer
20. Warren G – Get U Down (Remix) ft. Ice Cube, B-Real, Snoop Dogg
21. Dream Warriors – California Dreamin’
22. Da Brat – Let’s All Get High (Feat. Krayzie Bone)
23. Twinz – Journey Wit Me
24. Second Nature – Take me back
25. Top Prize – Ballin Big Affair
26. Stalin – G-Funk
27. Playa B & The Midwest Click – Indiana Love
28. O.F.T.B. – Ladies Night
29. Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce
30. Zapp – Beautiful Lady
31. Lakeside – Something About That Woman
32. The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On
33. Oliver Cheatham – Get Down On Saturday Night (Special Extended Version)
34. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
35. Incredible Bongo Band – Pipeline
36. Quincy Jones – Summer In The City
37. The Isley Brothers – Footsteps In The Dark
38. Isaac Hayes – Walk On By
39. Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
40. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Waiting in Vain
41. The Floaters – Float On
42. Zapp – Be Alright
43. Joe Sample – In All My Wildest Dreams
44. Erick Sermon – Music (feat Marvin Gaye)
45. Bobby Hutcherson – Ummh
46. Mojoe – Gumbo Groove
47. Lucas – Sitting In A Breeze With Jazz
48. Kingdom – Ghetto Star
49. 2 Of The Crew – Emotions
50. Alien Planet – In The Heat Of The Night
51. Nate Dogg – Bag O’ Weed
52. Trundeed – You Know
53. 213 – Game Don’t Wait [Wadz Remix]
54. Ahmad – Back in the Day (remix)
55. Gyrl – Gyrl – Play Another Slow Jam (Single Version)
56. Ice-T – How Does It Feel
57. CC Waterbound – CC Waterbound
58. Ase Man – Space Age
59. Blue House Boyz – This Is How We Chill
60. 5th Ward Juvenilez – G-Groove
61. Rodg – Always
62. A Lighter Shade Of Brown – Dip Into My Ride
63. Twinz – Good Times
64. DGSB – Let Me Groove You
65. Suga Free – The Rebirth ft. Mausberg & Kam
66. 2nd II None – Let’s Get Higher
67. Mr.X – So High
68. Vontel (Ft. Roger Troutman) – 4 My Homiez
69. Rhythm And Green – Carry On
70. Duke – Young Rida
71. Lo-Key – Don’t Trip On Me
72. Royal C – Rollin On The East Side
73. Lite Foot – Summer Nights
74. Battlecat – Waterdrop
75. Jay Dee – Think Twice
76. N.E.S. – 4YoRide
77. Scrooge – I Made It
78. Ii Triflin – Get Money
79. Big 50 – Funk Flow
80. A Lighter Shade Of Brown – Playin’ In The Shade
81. Playya 1000 – Sunday Afternoon (4-Ever)
82. South 1 East – Dago Luv
83. Se7en – Rise
84. Mac & Ak – Can I Strike Through
85. Mista Grimm – Dippin’
86. Caprice – What Do You Want
87. Foesum – Who Got Your Back
88. Paperboy – Propaganda
89. Jewel T – Driftin
90. San Quinn – Having A Ball
91. Precise – What Tha Funk
92. Wessyde Goon Squad – Higher (Remix)
93. Darkside – Let Me Introduce Myself
94. Tha Reela – Whats The Lick
95. DJ Quik – Summer Breeze
96. 2Pac – Can You Get Away
97. 2Pac – Me Against The World


— Markshot

Step One “Illegal Remixes Vol. 1” (2010)

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

It appears that good things can happen when the UK gets blasted with the heaviest snow in 100 years. With the country coming to a complete halt, forum regular Step One had time to put together this sweet compilation of bootleg remixes and blends. Show some appreciation by leaving a comment (or a link to another remix) and he might bless us with volume 2.

Step One says “A staple of any nineties Hip Hop DJ’s collection is the shady white label remix. Information on whoever was putting these out was usually pretty thin on the ground for obvious reasons but they often held some real gems. Having rediscovered some of these recently I’ve put together a collection of some of those unofficial remixes as well as a few that I’ve found on the blogs and forums over the last few years.”

01 2Pac-Old School (B.Cause Remix)
Usually the non-Pac fans favourite Pac track. B Cause throws some familiar samples under Pac’s reminiscing of 80s NY and gives it a nice funky vibe.

02 Big Daddy Kane-Set It Off (Daily Diggers Remix)
Some of you might recognise this from DJ Mike Nice’s “Brooklyn Bullshit” mixtape. The UK’s Daily Diggers flip the Cold Chillin classic.

03 Big Pun & Fat Joe-Twinz (Brooklyn Untouched Remix)
This remix discards the original “Deep Cover” beat and replaces it with another Dre & Snoop collabo, “The Next Episode”. Always goes down well in a club set.

04 Common-I Used To Love Her (Sir Charles Flavour Remix)
Common gets a G-Funk makeover as his vocals are dropped over Warren G’s “Nobody Does It Better”.

05 D&D All-Stars-1,2 Pass It (Bootleg Remix)
A DJ Fashion remix? All signs point to yes.

06 Erick Sermon-Bomdigi (Street Jam Bootleg Remix)
The beat from En Vogue’s “Hold On” gives this E Double solo joint some extra bump.

07 Fat Joe & Doo Wop-Boriquas On The Set (DJ Dough & Porge One Remix)
The UK’s Dough & Porge One always had some special remixes on their CDs. This one is taken from their “Heads Aint Ready” mix which is well worth seeking out.

08 Method Man & Redman-How High (Bootleg Remix)
The acapella of this track was definitely a favourite amongst producers, probably due to the amount of quotable lines from Red & Meth at their peak. This version uses the “Human Nature” melody over EPMD’s “You’re A Customer” beat.

09 Mobb Deep-Hell On Earth (Paul Miles Remix)
Another UK remix, this time by Birmingham DJ Paul Miles (aka Pat Bateman).

10 Nas-It Aint Hard To Tell (DJ Day Remix) (this also came out on vinyl)
This track has been remixed to death but this has to be the best of the unofficial ones. Quality production from DJ Day out of California.

11 The Pharcyde-Passin Me By (WAR! [What-A-Remix])
A Jazzy Jim remix.

12 Tim Dog & KRS-One-I Get Wrecked (Gamm/Samoo Remix)
I don’t have any info on this one but I’m pretty sure I copped it at B.Cause’s blog.

13 Uptown-Dope On Plastic (B.Cause Why Zee Refix)
Uptown meets YZ.



LL Cool J: Respect The Architect

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta give it up for LL. Yeah he hasn’t made the most memorable albums in the past 15 years but he is still making music. He gave us Radio, Bigger And Deffer, Walking With A Panther (my fav), Mama Said Knock You Out, 14 Shots To The Dome and Mr. Smith to name a few. Since them he’s sprinkled us with some vintage LL, like “Ill Bomb.”

LL, at age 41, still has it. He doesn’t flex it like he can but if push came to shove LL could definitely retire a rapper of choice should he feel inclined to. While I can’t validate whether or not this is a real album or that LL will even see a dime on it, I can say they are high quality (remastered) tracks of some of his greatest cuts. Even though we all could do without a handful (or even more) of some of them, the great tracks certainly overpower the weak ones. Download this jawn and remember just how vicious LL Cool J was on the mic. Hey Rick Rubin if you’re reading this why not hit up James Todd Smith and do another album together? Go out on the right note. –Philaflava

LL Cool J: All World 2

01. Rock The Bells (Produced By Rick Rubin)
02. Dear Yvette (Produced By Rick Rubin)
03. I’m That Type Of Guy (Produced By LL Cool J)
04. Big Ole Butt (Produced By LL Cool J)
05. Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings (Produced By Marley Marl)
06. Around The Way Girl (Produced By Marley Marl)
07. Jack The Ripper (Produced By Rick Rubin)
08. To Da Break Of Dawn (Produced By Marley Marl)
09. I Shot Ya (Feat. Fat Joe, Foxy Brown, Keith Murray & Prodigy)(Produced By Poke & Tone)
10. Ill Bomb (Feat. Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap) (Produced By DJ Scratch)
11. Phenomenon (Produced By Diddy)
12. 4, 3, 2, 1, (Feat. Redman, Method Man & DMX) (Remix) (Produced By Erick Sermon)
13. Luv U Better (Produced By The Neptunes)
14. Paradise (Feat. Amerie) (Produced By Poke & Tone)
15. Headsprung (Produced By Timbaland)
16. Hush (Feat. 7 Aurelius) (Produced By 7)
17. Baby (Feat. The-Dream) (Produced By C. “Tricky” Stewart & The-Dream)


U.S.C. Hip Hop NYC Real Deal Underground

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

When i first saw this compilation in the store, i must admit that the only artists that were familiar to me were Screwball and Godfather Don. After spotting the production credits from DJ Spinna, The Beatnuts, Erick Sermon and Marley Marl, I thought that I could handle the cost and copped it. I never regretted this investment.

There is no track that i can say is a weak link. I’m still unfamiliar with two names on here, Slade Savage and Big Meal, so feel free to fill me in on their info if you know anything.

You will enjoy this one, we can guarantee you that.

VA – U.S.C. Hip Hop NYC Real Deal Underground (1999)

1. Kamakazee – Snakes (Produced By Marley Marl)
2. Screwball – Cookies And Cream (Produced By Mike Heron For Ghetto Pros)
3. Powerule – Rock Ya Not Quick (Pdoruced By Erick Sermon)
4. Triflicts – Genuine (Produced By The Beatnuts)
5. IG Off & Hazardhous – In The Air (Produced By DJ Spinna)
6. Screwball – They Wanna Know Why (Produced By Mike Heron & Ghetto Pros)
7. Gab Gotcha – On The Job (Produced By The Beatnuts)
8. Hostile – Beatem In The Head (Produced By Bezo)
9. Fanat – Zoo York (Produced By A Kid Called Roots)
10. Godfather Don – Piece Of Action (Produced By Godfather Don)
11. Big Meal – Niggas, Pimps And Players (Produced By Vic For Ghetto Pros)
12. Godfather Don – Bomb Baby (Produced By Godfather Don)
13. Slade Savage – War Stories (Produced By Bezo)
14. Screwball – On Point (Produced By Mike Heron For Ghetto Pros)