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Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B – Welcome To Dopeland EP (Paul C. Production)

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013


Big Daddy Kane vs Ultramagnetic MC’s – Unreleased EP

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

It’s a bootleg, but a perfectly acceptable bootleg to most of us since it’s the only way we’ll ever own these songs or even be able to listen to them in full. Some of you may remember a while ago on ebay this never seen before Ultramagnetic acetate sold for over $3000 and all of us, psychotic vinyl crack addicts and regular golden era rap heads too,  died a little bit when we realized we’d probably never hear that full song that was obviously intended for play on the now defunct KISS FM radio. (more…)

Latee – Who Rips the Sound? EP

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=edceb3″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


L*Roneous – Roller Coaster EP (2010)

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Stream: L*Roneous “I Never” (from The Roller Coaster EP, available as a free download)

L’Roneous’ 1998 album Imaginarium boasts mesmerizing samples, drums programmed so perfectly that they sound like breakbeats, and a lyrical style that resides at the midpoint between Hieroglyphics and Project Blowed. Songs like “L’Chemy” and “Implosion” give off a vibe similar to Souls Of Mischief “Never No More” or Aceyalone’s “The Walls and The Windows,” in which the eerie solemnity of the music casts the vocalist as a priestly figure dispensing poetic bits of obscure wisdom. This works well on Imaginarium but what the listener gains in awed reverence comes at the expense of accessibility and impact.

As good as it is, Imaginarium is a little  heavy on mystique and apparent mysticism; it doesn’t really bump and L*Roneous doesn’t really rip it in the traditional sense. ((This does not mean that I do not recommend this album, only that its appeal is limited to a much smaller fraction of listeners than L*Roneous’s skill level can potentially attract.))  Think of it as Gang Starr’s Step In The Arena with every instance of levity, whimsy, realism, and endearing sloppiness excised. L*Roneous’s latest recording, Roller Coaster, is a different beast however. ((Props to Grandgood for alerting me to the fact that L*Roneous is still recording music.)) (more…)

Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick – Sophomore Slump Vol. 1, Independents Day EP

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Stream: Skip Coon and Mr. Nick “It Is What It Is”

Sophomore Slump Vol 1.Independents Day EP ((Thanks to DJ Trackstar for alerting me to the existence of this EP.)) is a haunting and haunted recording. It is haunting because producer Mr. Nick assembles his drums, basslines, and samples into soundscapes that feel spare and ghostly at first, as if he pared down the menace and alarm of an old Public Enemy b-side. Rapper Skipp Coon’s delivery is confident and passionate, at times verging on cracking, but it is always straightforward and dead center even when his voice is augmented by eerie effects. There is nowhere else for your attention to wander; emcee and producer blend into one resonant sonic entity, too insistent to serve as background noise and too minimal to be received as chaotic or directly threatening. It is in the blank spaces, sonically and ideologically, where the EP is haunted. (more…)

’98 B-More Styles

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Today I’d like to focus on two joints from the 1998 independent scene in Charm City. A year ago in one of our many Weekly Request Threads on the T.R.O.Y. forum, member diggy64 upped a couple rare records for us (that have spread throughout the internet somewhat). One of those is the self titled debut (and sole recordings) from the Starvin’ Art Clique, featuring MCs 30 Fingaz and Hawaii and producer Guess Who?, interview here.

Starvin’ Art Clique LP (V2)

Starvin' Art Clique

01. Rogue & Vagabond (Produced by Guess Who?)
02. Showbiz (Produced by Guess Who?)
03. The Night (Produced by Guess Who?)
04. Relations (Produced by Guess Who?)
05. Shiesty (Produced by Guess Who?)
06. Keep Pushin’ On (Produced by Guess Who?)
07. Charm City (Produced by Guess Who?)
08. Alone (Produced by Guess Who?)
09. Slackin’ (Produced by Guess Who?)
10. Keep Pushin’ On Remix (Produced by Guess Who?)
11. Poetry (Produced by Guess Who?)
12. Starvin’ Art (Produced by Guess Who?)

The other is an even more sought after EP (and only material) from Mr. Ruckuz, entitled The Verdict, the one thing released on Madd Versatile Records. This piece of wax now sells for hundreds of dollars online; download link and details after the jump. (more…)

OC – Ozone Originals EP

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

A1. Outsiders [produced by Buckwild]
A2. Would You Believe? [produced by Buckwild]
A3. Kick A Rhyme For The Record [produced by Mark Pearson/John Mcgann]
A4. Stretch And Bobbito Promo (MC Serch intro)[produced by Dj Eclipse]

B1. Brothers Are Fake [Mark Pearson]
B2. That Bad Motherfucker [produced by Dj Eclipse, scratches by DJ Riz]
B3. Sugar [produced by Buckwild]

No Sleep Recordings dropped this about a month or two ago in a limited 250 copy vinyl pressing. It sold out in less than a week, I believe. Allegedly, this is only Part 1 and hopefully Part 2 will be dropping soon. After a pretty long hiatus, No Sleep has really come back knocking their latest releases out the park.

This isn’t material that was deemed mediocre or just didn’t make it to the LP back in the day. This is quality OC/DITC material. So by the time we get part 2 of this, it should be about a dope album’s worth of vintage 1993 OC. We’re all hoping for a few of the demos Bobbito or Stretch played back then will make it on to part 2. But my favorites here are definitely “Snakes” and “Kick A Rhyme For The Record”. “Brothers Are Fake” and the rest of tracks are no slouches either.

Enjoy and keep your eyes open for part 2!


Random EP Drops: Money Boss Players – Ghetto Chronicle Daily EP

Sunday, September 19th, 2010
(Freshly ripped at 320kbps for your listening pleasure)

Money Side:
A1. Use To Fear Death
A2. Ghetto Chronicle daily
A3. Sat. Nite – Sun. Morn.
A4. What U Saying
Player Side:
B1. Night Night
B2. Stick-N-Step
B3. Death Of A Salesman
B4. Ghetto Chronicle Daily (Instr.)
B5. What-U-Saying (Instr.)
Here’s a straight banger that so many people missed when it came out in 1994. This is a classic EP that wasn’t promoted/distributed properly and goes for big dough online and offline.
I think the first record I had from Money Boss was the “Player’s Pinnacle” joint, the white label with black writing, not the red one.
Eddie Cheeba and Lord Tariq on the mic’s and Minnesota on the beats.
And check out some newer Boss Money stuff here.
Lord Tariq will be featured on the upcoming Amazing Maze LP and there’s been talk of a new Boss Money LP for some time now. Let’s just hope it happens. Especially after hearing the P Brothers album in 08.

The Prince Paul Produced “Horror City Demo” Goes Vinyl

Friday, August 20th, 2010

If you missed our discussion on the current “limited vinyl” market, catch up and join in here. Personally, I believe the days of the $80 “new old” records are coming to an end. Prices are dropping on certain labels and the resale is not sky high like it once was, or was anticipated to be in the future, for a lot of these joints. This record is a perfect example of this theory as Chopped Herring’s last limited vinyl release was about $20 more than this one.

Remember that “Horror City” demo album that Prince Paul leaked through Facebook/Twitter a couple of months ago? Pretty damn impressive. Well, the good fellas over at Chopped Herring Records took the initiative of getting right on that and are pressing up an EP with the joints with beats that weren’t recycled for Prince Among Thieves LP.
This is one I will definitely cop. In fact, I already got my pre order in aaaand the price is right. About $25 a piece. And hey, if you don’t mess with vinyl anymore, you can always go back, download it, and throw it in your iPod or whatever for free, except for the instrumentals. Win win situation.

Peep the snippets:
Go to Chopped Herring Records and get your order in quick, especially if you want one of the colored waxes.

Touring The States: Phoenix, AZ

Friday, May 7th, 2010
Scoota Thomas is just one more artist about whom i don’t have any info at all.
As you can see, he is coming from Phoenix. I found somewhere that album dropped on Dirty Dawg Recordz.
Album itself is good, opening with very smooth track Dayz I Live. Beside that track my favorite is Manchase, with really great piano sample in chorus.

Scoota ThomasMy Turn (1998)

01. Dayz I Live
02. Deadly-N-Raw
03. Tangaray And 7 Up
04. Manchase
05. Hoetalez
06. My Turn
— Markshot