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Stilltown Presents Philadelphia: Release Yourself

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Once again our homie Stilltown has made a great compilation and placed it on his own blog. Well, we decided it deserves to be seen also on T.R.O.Y. blog, due to material it offers.

Previous time it was Chicago compilation, but this time, he has focused on his own ground, Pennsylvania, but aiming on Philadelphia, not his home town Pittsburgh this time.

Stay tunned, cause soon, together with Stilltown, we will present you some dope Pittsburgh stuff.
Stilltown Presents Philadelphia: Release Yourself (2010)

*All tracks were recorded between 1987-1994*
01. Life Is Like A Nike Commercial (Just Do It) (Poison Ladd SLR & Beats In General)
02. Funky-Rye-Men (Ebony Broadcast System)
03. Outstanding (L-Rock)
04. Flex the Style From the Flow (Tyree)
05. Release Yourself (Phill Most Chill)
06. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Steady B)
07. Watch ‘Em All Take A Fall (Too Def Connection)
08. Flatline (Lyrical Underworld)
09. Ease Back (Jon Doe)
10. Rock Rock On (Cipha)
11. Check It Out (Lord Aaqil)
12. We Give Knockouts (Pure DeeFunk)
13. 45 Confessions Of A Killer (Legion Of Doom)
14. One Straight Binness (Tuff Crew feat. Shujaa & Class)
15. Sound In Your Ears (Tasc 4orce)
16. Kick Dat Stlye (Three Times Dope feat. Ruggedness Maddrama)
17. Checkin’ Down the Menu (Ruggedness Maddrama)
18. Beyond the Door (100X)
19. Boom Box (Lux)
20. Mind Over Matter (Tuff Crew feat. Emcee Mechanism)

Philly Retrospective Volume 1

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Hip hop in Philadelphia has a long and deep history. It was one of the 1st areas outside of New York to produce recorded hip hop. Checking ebay listings usually reveals a small number of Philadelphia releases at high prices. The city does get a fair amount of recognition and there are lots of Philadelphia artists who have made their way onto the national scene. Closer examination and constant research reveals a very prolific underground there. Many of the artists I’m going to feature in this 23-volume series were hardly heard or known about outside the city limits. This 1st volume is comprised of artists who are probably familiar for the most part, but stay tuned. Over a period of time, I will post 22 other Philadelphia compilations made up of the rarest/dopest gems I could find. You’re in for some surprises, so stay tuned!

Volume 1–

01. (00:03:57) schoolly d – 01 i know you want to kill me (1994)
02. (00:04:26) Krown Rulers – 02 Fuck What The Neighbors Say (1996)
03. (00:04:31) f mob – 03 i keeps a kit (1993)
04. (00:05:27) Ebony Broadcast System – 04 Roll Call (1993)
05. (00:03:41) C.E.B. – 05 Seems You Forgot (1993)
06. (00:01:01) Sha’dasious – 06 Birth of Da Philly Phunk (1994)
07. (00:03:37) Da Youngsta’s – 07 Wake Em Up (1993)
08. (00:03:57) Sha’dasious – 08 Phunk Wucha Heard (1994)
09. (00:03:53) Ruggedness Madd Drama – 09 For Real (Street Mix)(1994)
10. (00:04:10) Adagio – 10 Upperhand (1997)
11. (00:05:08) Aphillyation – 11 Had R.E.M. (1996)
12. (00:03:28) Rasheed – 12 Mr. Fingers (1995)
13. (00:03:02) schoolly d – 13 welcome to funkadelica (1995)
14. (00:04:59) Hilltop Hoods – 14 Redemption (1997)
15. (00:07:29) Third Sight – 15 I Will Never Leave You (1996)
16. (00:01:40) The Lost Children Of Babylon – 16 Baptized By Fire (2005)
17. (00:03:49) Mad Son – 17 Peace Amongst the Madness (2005)
18. (00:01:34) Dept of Rec – 18 Intro (2001)

Department of corrections:

After I finished this one, I discovered the Rasheed on track 12 is actually from Texas, and is not the same artist as Rasheed from Philadelphia. Woops. Hope y’all will forgive me for the mistake. Check back for updates, will be bringing you more of these compilations to your sound system soon.