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Video: Take It Personal Podcast (Episode 8): Indie Hip-Hop Tribute

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Independent Hip-Hop Tribute

Monday, March 27th, 2017

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Episode 8 is our Jansport (backpack) special. A tribute to the independent hip-hop movement that helped spawn labels like Fondle ‘Em, Hydra, Rawkus, Stones Throw, Def Jux and ABB records. A time, where the internet played a major role in the music. This era allowed people to DIY, giving them an outlet never had. This movement created dreams, jobs, life-long careers and of course, some amazing music too. Speaking of music, if we covered everything this episode would be 20 hours instead of 2. We picked obscure cuts all the way to classics heard from the late 90s to the early 00s. We got everybody from Mos Def, Company Flow, MF Doom, Murs, Planet Asia, J-Live, Juggaknots, Weatherman, Saukrates, Jigmastas, Cannibal Ox, L-Fudge, Godfather Don, All Natural, Non-Phixon, Cage, Latryx, Mr. Voodoo, K-Otix, and Vakill to name a few. You don’t want to miss this!

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Random VLS Drops: Mr. Complex / Old World Disorder – Divine Intervention / N.I.P (2000)

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

This is a Japanese release. Both tracks appeared on DJ Kensei’s “Cuts of the times version 2.3” from 1999.

“Divine intervention” produced by Pharoahe Monch.

“N.I.P” produced by DJ Spinna.


01. Mr. Complex – Divine Intervention (Album Version)
02. Mr. Complex – Divine Intervention (Instrumental)
03. Old World Disorder – N.I.P. (Nothing In Particular) (Album Version)
04. Old World Disorder – N.I.P. (Nothing In Particular) (Instrumental)

–>Download Divine Intervention VLS<–


Dome Cracker Remixes (Das EFX, J-Live, De La Soul)

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Ever since I heard the “‘Microphone Master” remix back in ’95 I was hooked on DJ Spinna. The man’s catalog runs deep and yet his recognition never quite caught up. While “Dome Cracker” is comprised of DJ Spinna and Joc Maxx, who is dope in his own right, the lack of appreciation Spinna has received over the years is practically criminal. Best known for his Rawkus-era contributions such as Sir Menelik’s “7XL,” Shabaam Saadiq’s  “5 Star Generals” or L-Fudge’s “What If,” Spinna has done remixes for MC Eiht, Faith No More all the way to Michael Jackson.

So instead of me boring you with Beyond Real stories, let me just post a few superior remixes by team Dome Cracker as we pay a little respect to the man they call DJ Spinna.

Das EFX – Microphone Master (Dome Cracker Remix)

J-Live – Braggin’ Writes (Dome Cracker Remix)

Bonus Track:
De La Soul – Stakes Is High (DJ Spinna Remix)

U.S.C. Hip Hop NYC Real Deal Underground

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

When i first saw this compilation in the store, i must admit that the only artists that were familiar to me were Screwball and Godfather Don. After spotting the production credits from DJ Spinna, The Beatnuts, Erick Sermon and Marley Marl, I thought that I could handle the cost and copped it. I never regretted this investment.

There is no track that i can say is a weak link. I’m still unfamiliar with two names on here, Slade Savage and Big Meal, so feel free to fill me in on their info if you know anything.

You will enjoy this one, we can guarantee you that.

VA – U.S.C. Hip Hop NYC Real Deal Underground (1999)

1. Kamakazee – Snakes (Produced By Marley Marl)
2. Screwball – Cookies And Cream (Produced By Mike Heron For Ghetto Pros)
3. Powerule – Rock Ya Not Quick (Pdoruced By Erick Sermon)
4. Triflicts – Genuine (Produced By The Beatnuts)
5. IG Off & Hazardhous – In The Air (Produced By DJ Spinna)
6. Screwball – They Wanna Know Why (Produced By Mike Heron & Ghetto Pros)
7. Gab Gotcha – On The Job (Produced By The Beatnuts)
8. Hostile – Beatem In The Head (Produced By Bezo)
9. Fanat – Zoo York (Produced By A Kid Called Roots)
10. Godfather Don – Piece Of Action (Produced By Godfather Don)
11. Big Meal – Niggas, Pimps And Players (Produced By Vic For Ghetto Pros)
12. Godfather Don – Bomb Baby (Produced By Godfather Don)
13. Slade Savage – War Stories (Produced By Bezo)
14. Screwball – On Point (Produced By Mike Heron For Ghetto Pros)




Jigmastas – Beyond Real 1996 (DVD Video Rip)

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Since ’96, Brooklyn’s DJ Spinna and MC Kriminal have been turning out fresh underground hip hop of the highest caliber. The Jigmastas debuted with their first official 12″ “Beyond Real” on their self titled label “Beyond Real Recordings” in 1996. They had actually appeared on two compilations prior to their debut 12″ in ’94 & ’95 but they’re mostly known for their “Beyond Real” record; Bomb Hip Hop in 1994 & Blackmarket Unreleased in 1995, one track on each to be exact. But back to “Beyond Real” this is the joint that made them bigger on the underground scene. They also recorded a video for it which i’m bringing to you today. I got it a while back, can’t remember where.. It was titled as a dvdrip even though I don’t know what dvd it could have been from. The video quality is top notch though. I’ll give it 10 for an 90’s underground video quality. I think that it’s pretty rare to find. I also included the full 12″ rip of “Beyond Real” below the video download. Enjoy,


Bonus: Beyond Real / Dead Man’s Walk 12″ (1996)

— Thomas V

DJ Spinna: Instrumental Review (By Roy Johnson)

Cop The New DJ Spinna Album!!

DJ Premier “Planet Of The Beats Volume 1”

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

I got this LP years ago from I can’t quite remember the year, nor can I find any real information about it, so let’s just say it was 2002. I placed my order, waited several weeks only to find out they had sold out and wouldn’t be getting any more. They issued me a store credit and I moved on with my life. About 2 months later a mysterious package arrived on my door step, and now I share with you:
“DJ Premier presents Empire Management production. An original one of a kind release “Planet Of The Beats Volume 1″. A reflection of classic hip hop instrumentals combined with movie dialogues from great movies. Featuring music from DJ Premier, Mobb Deep, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatnuts, DJ Spinna, Show & AG & others. Recorded at D&D Studios N.Y.C., U.S.A.”

A1 Count Down
A2 Lift Off
A3 On A Mission
B1 Up, Up Into The Sky
B2 High & Higher
B3 Into Space
B4 Stars In My Eyes
B5 Space Is Awesome
C1 All Alone In Space
C2 A New Dimension
C3 A New Time Zone
C4 Our Solar System
D1 Is This For The Love Or The Money
D2 Lets Get Busy
D3 The Journey Home
D4 Hold Tight
D5 Crash Landing

— dirt_dog

J-Live – Always Has Been

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

In 1995, J-Live released his first 12″ “Longevity/Braggin’ Writes” on Raw Shack Productions. The b-side, Braggin’ Writes, was featured in many mixtapes, including New York Reality Check 101 which was mixed by DJ Premier. In 1996, he would release his second 12″ “Can I Get It?/Hush The Crowd“. The highlight of that 12”, was the Domecraker Remix of Braggin’ Writes that was produced by DJ Spinna. J-Live would also be featured in the Nov. 95 issue of The Source in the Unsigned Hype section. In 2003, J-Live released an EP called “Always Has Been” that contained all the tracks from his early 12″s + an unreleased track that didn’t make “The Best Part”.

Download the EP

–Thomas V

DJ Spinna: Instrumental Review

Monday, November 17th, 2008

When you think of dope producers from the late 90s, DJ Spinna’s name should immediately come to mind, but chances are that it won’t, as his clientele consisted primarily of mediocre crews like the Jigmastas, Old World Disorder, NOTS Click, etc. Luckily, just about all of Spinna’s best tracks have been released in instumental format.

Here are some of my personal favorites. Drop me a line in the comments field and let me know which beat you’re feeling the most. I’d have to go with “Never Minded”. A good 2/3 of these beats are elite-level in my estimation, though. It’s really hard to choose.

Basement Khemists – I’m Doin’ Ya (Instrumental)

Basement Khemists – Joc Max Preface (Instrumental)

Basement Khemists – Vibrate (Instrumental)

Chopp Master Flopp – Peetie Swei (Instrumental)

Das Efx – Microphone Master Remix (Instrumental)

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Remix (Instrumental)

DJ Spinna – Speed (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – In The Air (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – The Nicest (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – Street Serenade (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – This Ain’t Livin’ (Instrumental)

J-Live – Braggin’ Writes Remix (Instrumental)

J-Live – Satisfied (Instrumental)

J-Live – True School Anthem (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Across The Globe (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Hip Hop (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Semi-Precious (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Thief’s Theme (Instrumental)

L Fudge – What If (Instrumental)

Mr. Akil – How MCs Do It (Instrumental)

Mr. Complex – Why Dontcha (Instrumental)

Network Reps – Simplistic (Instrumental)

NOTS Click – World Renown (Instrumental)

Old World Disorder – Never Minded (Instrumental)

Old World Disorder – Shyhalude (Instrumental)

Old World Disorder – Wasted (Instrumental)

Rise – Do You Know Him (Instrumental)

Sir Menelik – 7XL (Instrumental)

Sir Menelik – Space Cadillac Remix (Instrumental)

Sir Menelik – Terror Works (Instrumental)

Wizdom Life – Mad About You (Instrumental)

Here are all of the instrumental tracks in two mediafire folders:

–Roy Johnson