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DJ Aladdin & DJ Scratch – Da Shizznit L.A. Style

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

This is dope and it might be interesting to most of you, if you haven’t heard it yet.

I don’t know which year exactly this came out, eventhough many info on the internet says 93, i am not so sure, cause in this mix is included one of Mackadelics track, Power Of A Playa, which came out in 96, but anyway, that is not so much important right now.
DJ Aladdin & DJ Scratch – Da Shizznit L.A. Style


DJ Eclipse’s ‘Halftime Show” 12th Anniversary

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

credit “photo: Robert Adam Mayer”

To celebrate The Halftime Show’s 12th Anniversary, DJ Eclipse had a crazy lineup of mc’s rhyming in the booth over beats from Krysis, DJ Babu, & DJ Scratch. MC’s included legendary Flavor Unit member Chill Rob G, Sadat X, Rhymefest, Torae, Skyzoo, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Tiye Phoenix, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Chace Infinite, Illa Ghee and many more. They also had DJ breaks with the legendary X-Men (aka The X-Ecutioners). For the people who were tuning in live, you were able to see the whole show on video being broadcasted through Ustream.. unfortunately they weren’t able to record it. They just posted the live recording from the radio a couple hours ago. Enjoy!

— Thomas V
“Heard this was a party just to say ‘F’ Solar” Rhymefest
@djbabuforeal “how do i save this video stream”…@DJEVILDEE“did u record?”…@djbabuforeal “no”…..@ItsDJEclipse “SMH”

R.I.P. Apache

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Flavor Unit emcee Apache, born Anthony Teaks, passed away after a protracted illness. Shakim Compere, CEO and Co-Founder of Flavor Unit Records, remembered Apache, “Without Apache there would have been no Queen Latifah, no Naughty By Nature, no Chill Rob G., no anything” Compere told “Apache was the string that tied all of Flavor Unit together. Without Apache none of this would be.”

R.I.P. Apache

R.I.P Apache!! Salute To A Real Passionate EMCEE U Will BE MISSED! THIS 1 Hit THEOG HARD! WHOA! YOU WILL BE MISSED.

R.I.P. To my brotha APACHE.. Together we made a dope lil hiphop joint… He was a real stand up dude…

Man I had the op to work with apache during the roll wit the flavor joint. REST IN PEACE TO MY FLAVOR UNIT BROTHER” APACHE” condolences2fam

– My heart is heavy. Apache has passed away. He came 2 see me perform last month @ Carolines Comedy club…RIP!

RIP Apache. He wrote for Latifah after Treach stopped writing for her. The only Black Man that called you a BITCH & you didn’t get mad.

R.I.P.Apache – not only the pen behind alotta Latifah’s raps but a good person

RIP #APACHE – (Gangsta Bitch) Flavor Unit!

mobrocka (Monie Love)
RIP APACHE OG REAL SH!T TALKER first Emcee to have a hit record talking bout the REALIST hood chick around the way ” KEEP YA SOULTRAIN HO !


“if I was deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, lame, Handicapped, crippled and pussy was my middle name- you couldn’t beat me” – Apache (1991)

R.I.P to my boy Apache. He was a very good dude man. Very cool person.

I had the pleasure of knowng Apache while workng on The Lost Tribe of Shabazz. He was the unsung heart & soul of the Unit.

Dam , I knew Apache 2!! We losing a lot of brothers! Life is a true blessing

Also. RIP Apache. Had the funniest promo shirt that said. “Kill The White People” then on the back “But Buy My Record First”

— Thomas V

I will be posting a compilation I’m doing right now in remembrance of Apache.

MC Shan is Livin’ Large

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Almost everyone from the Juice Crew switched label in the early 90’s. MC Shan went to Livin’ Large Records just like Roxanne Shante. He first released “Hip Hop Roughneck” with the b-side “Watchin’ My Style” in 1993. I really liked the instrumental that they used for it; it’s probably going to make your head nod. Next he released his second single “Penile Reunion“; a posse cut with Kool G Rap, Neek the Exotic, Diesel, and Snow. It was produced by Kool G Rap and The Large Professor. The B-side “Don’t Call It a Comeback” is produced by Mister Cee and it contains scratches by DJ Scratch.

I also have the CD Single for both of these releases so it’s probably the best quality you will ever get them in.

MC Shan – Hip Hop Roughneck/ Watchin’ My Style
MC Shan – Penile Reunion/ Don’t Call It a Comeback

–Thomas V