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Take It Personal – West Coast Classics III

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Episode 16 is the 3rd installment of our West Coast Classic series. We thought a trilogy would work, but there is just so much to cover that we’ll be blessing you with WCC IV in a few weeks. On this show we have tributes to N.W.A., 2Pac and Golden State Warriors (Ras Kass, Saafir & Xzibit). We also have classics from Compton’s Most Wanted, Da Lench Mob, DJ Quik, Spice 1, J5, Mac Mall, Kam, E-A-Ski, People Under The Stairs, Threat, Above The Law, Kendrick Lamar, Tash, Brotha Lynch Hung and Warren G to name a few. We plan to drop part IV real soon, so make sure you catch up to all 3 installments first. We hope this goes down as one of the most complete and entertaining tributes ever assembled of West Coast hip-hop.

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Take It Personal – West Coast Classics II

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Episode 15 is the 2nd installment of our West Coast Classics. This XL edition features tributes to Ice Cube, The Pharcyde, Cypress Hill, Freestyle Fellowship, House of Pain, Dilated Peoples and the entire Bay Area. We got joints from Jayo Felony, Spice 1, Mac Dre, Too $hort, RBL Posse, Luniz, Andre Nickatina, 2Pac, Tha Dogg Pound, Defari, Planet Asia, DJ Quik, E-40, Dr. Dre & Ras Kass to name a few. This episode clocks in at 4 1/2 hours, so make sure you listen in its entirety, because before you know it, WCC III drops this October!

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Take It Personal – West Coast Classics

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Episode 14 is the first installment of our West Coast Classics. Dust off those Chucks, throw on your khakis and strap-in for this for this west side roller-coaster ride. We got tunes from N.W.A., Ice T, Too $hort, King Tee, DJ Quik, Digital Underground, Above The Law, 2Pac, Cypress Hill, W.C., Murs, Kurupt, People Under The Stairs, MC Eiht, Nate Dogg, The Game, Ras Kass, The B.U.M.S., plus special tributes to Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, Hieroglyphics and The Likwit Crew. Keep it locked, cuz the TIP crew is just getting started on this WCC series and even though there is a lot to cover, we tackle this muthf*cker like Lyle Azado.

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Best Producer on The M.I.C.?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

When Diamond D said he was the best producer on the mic, we kinda agreed with him. Sometimes that self-proclamation just sells itself. When you hear “King of Pop” we all think of just one person. Over the years, many producers have taken a stab at rhyming. DJ Premier started as a rapper before he met Guru. The Alchemist and his buddy Scott Caan were The Whooliganz before ALC became a household name. Today, you have many multi-talented artists who do both very well. Black Milk is a perfect example. El-P another one. Roc Marciano and MF Doom handle most of their production too. This isn’t anything new in hip-hop, the God Rakim did many of his own beats. Legends like Large Professor, Erick Sermon, RZA, Lord Finesse or Havoc have always been equally talented on both ends.

But this poll is about picking just one. Who is the best producer on the mic? Now before you vote, understand, this list could have been as long as Schindler’s if I included everyone. The reality is, this comes down to maybe just a few guys when you truly think about it. And I’m willing to bet whoever you think should be added, isn’t better than the few guys I’m thinking about. It’s not that I don’t recognize many of the newer cats putting in work, but for this poll I went with guys who have been holding it down for decades, not just a few summers. These are guys with healthy track records, impressive catalogs and classics tracks under the belt. These aren’t artists who got a little too drunk one night and spit 16 bars. These are producers/rappers who truly have mastered the art of both. They are the Bo Jacksons of hip-hop.

Remember, you aren’t picking your FAVORITE producer or your FAVORITE rapper in this poll. You’re picking the extremely talented producer who you feel is the BEST rapper in this poll. Essentially, the best producer on the mic!

There can only be one, so who’s it gonna be?

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The Greatest Mix In All of Spotify (1992-95 Hip-Hop by Philaflava)

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

This is mammoth! 390+ tracks, 27+ hours of music featuring Masta Ace, Spice 1, Lord Finesse, World Renown, Brand Nubian, Tha Alkaholiks, Mic Geronimo, Mac Mall, all the way to Da King & I. This has to be the most complete 92-95 mix of hip-hop you’ll hear on Spotify. Check it out and enjoy your weekend!

    The T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: Funk-O-Rama V5

    Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
    Volume 5.
    Check previous Funk-O-Rama compilations.

    01. The Beatnuts – We Got The Funk
    02. Cypress Hill – The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
    03. DJ Quik – Way 2 Fonky
    04. Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child
    05. The D.O.C. – It’s Funky Enough
    06. Common – Food For Funk
    07. Pooh-Man – Funky As I Wanna Be
    08. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth – Funky Technician
    09. Tragedy Khadafi – Pump The Funk
    10. Too Short – Short But Funky
    11. Rascalz – Funky Migraine
    12. Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky

    Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days Volume 1

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
    Recently we blessed you with G-Funk California.
    If that was not much for you, than try to digest this load of dope summer tracks from all over The States, alloted in 3 volumes, made by member of philaflava forum and owner of his own blog, Drayzee,
    Drayzee was just kind enough to allow us to use his own work and to represent it via T.R.O.Y. Blog.
    Thank you Drayzee for this massive work.

    “Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days” is a compilation based on g-funk/gangsta/jazz/funk music. Too bad it’s not summer yet, however this project will certainly give you that summer vibe. I hope this will bump in your speakers 6 summers from now. The first volume contains more “party-like” songs, the second volume will contain more gangsta/cruisin’ stuff, jazz & funk, and the third one will be for you to just chill on. I also used some St. Ides commercial once per 8-9 songs, just to give you the feeling that there still is a dope radio on earth bumpin’ this.

    1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime (Reprise)
    2. 2nd II None – Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
    3. Warren G – This Is the Shack
    4. Remy – Roll Wit Us
    5. Bone Thugs N Harmony – Foe Tha Love of Money (Ft. Eazy-E)
    6. Eazy-E – Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street (feat. B.G. Knocc Out, Dresta & Menajahtwa)
    7. Mista Grimm – Indo Smoke (Feat. Warren G, Nate Dogg)
    8. Ant Banks – Parlayin’
    9. Conscious Daughters – Fonky Expedition (Remix)
    10. Mac Dre – California Livin’
    11. I.F.A. – Slide
    12. Big Mello – Funkwichamind
    13. Luniz – Playa Hata
    14. Lighter Shade Of Brown – Hey D.J.
    15. Warren G – This D.J.
    16. Sly Boogy – Keep On-feat Crooked I, Kam, Miss King, & AP
    17. Str8-G – Bring The Funk (Remix)
    18. Sir Speedy – Summertime feat Lady Nichole MC Maggie
    19. Young Murder Squad – How We Livin’
    20. DJ Quik – I Got That Feelin’
    21. 2nd II None – B Alright
    22. South Central Cartel – All Day Every Day
    23. Hami – Im Tha One Ya Slept On
    24. M. Doc – It’s A Summer Thang (Remix)
    25. Dubee – My Thang
    26. 11-11 – Family Reunion
    27. Luniz – I Got 5 On It (2F Remix)
    28. Tha Eastsidaz – Friday Night Ft. Bokie Loc
    29. L.O.L. – Can U Feel It
    30. Remy – Give the DJ Some Love
    31. Vontel – Keep It On The Real
    32. Cinque – Rock Wit You (All Night)
    33. The Dove Shack – Smoke Out
    34. OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
    35. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Ohh!
    36. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Cream N Ya Panties
    37. DJ Quik – Somethin’ 4 Tha Mood
    38. DJ Quik – Tha Ho In You
    39. DJ Quik – Pitch In Ona Party
    40. Str8-G – Everything’s Fine (In The Summertime)
    41. Shaquille O’neal – My Dear (Ft. Warren G)
    42. Legend Man – N.O.L.A.
    43. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Summer Love
    44. Spice 1, 2pac, Mac Mall – California Dreamin’
    45. 2Pac – Late Night Feat. D.J. Quik, Outlawz
    46. Yo-Yo – Yo Yo Funk
    47. L.B.C. Crew – Intro 2 The Indo (Haven’t You Heard)
    48. Kam – Pull Ya Hoe Card
    49. Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang
    50. 2Pac – I Get Around Feat Digital Underground
    51. TWDY – Players Holiday
    52. 805 Locos – Summertime In The 805
    53. NWA – Chin Check (G-Funk Remix)
    54. Smooth – It’s Summertime (Let It Get Into U)
    55. Rhythm & Knowledge – U Bring Da Dog Out
    56. Skee-Lo – I Wish
    57. Poor Righteous Teachers – Word Iz Life
    58. Naughty By Nature – Feel Me Flow
    59. Lord Finesse – Hip 2 Da Game
    60. Kool Moe Dee – Can U Feel It
    61. A Tribe Called Quest – Jam
    62. DJ Jazzy Jeff – For Da Love Of Da Game feat. Baby Blak & Pauly Yamz
    63. Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
    64. Dana Dane – Rollin Wit Dane
    65. Paris – Guerrilla Funk (Deep Fo’ Real Remix)
    66. Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy
    67. Kool G. Rap – Can’t Stop The Shine
    68. Sway Ft. Teddy – Month In The Summer
    69. Large Professor – IJUSWANNACHILL
    70. The Beatnuts – No Equal
    71. Main Source – Just Hangin’ Out
    72. Redman – Tonight’s Da Night
    73. Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)
    74. Q-Tip – Let’s ride
    75. Bahamadia – I Confess
    76. Digable Planets – For Corners
    77. A Tribe Called Quest – After Hours
    78. Digable Planets – It’s Good To Be Here
    79. Mood – Secrets of the Sand (Jay Dee Remix)
    80. Twista – Sunshine
    81. Lauryn Hill – The Sweetest Thing
    82. Tha Alkaholiks – Relieve Yourself
    83. Lil 1/2 Dead – Southern Girl
    84. Twinz – Jump Ta This
    85. The Grench – Saturday
    86. King George – Tru Player
    87. Mac T – Give It Up Smooth
    88. The Dove Shack – We Funk G Funk
    89. Lil Keke – Superstars
    90. Fo’ Clips – Can You Feel Me
    91. Hi-C – Sitting in the Park
    92. Mr. Capone-E – Summertime Anthem
    93. Kid Frost – La Raza
    94. L.S.O.B. – Sunny Day
    95. Compton’s Most Wanted – Come Ride with Me
    96. Eastside – Southern Funk Feat. Chyne
    97. Lil Half Dead – 12 Pacofdoja

    ** The tracklist does not contain St. Ides commercials **

    — Markshot

    The Bridge is NOT Over pt. 1

    Monday, December 21st, 2009

    This is not a collection of hip hop instrumentals. It isn’t a collection of beats with played instruments like De La Soul’s “I Be Blowin”, nor will you hear sample-rich beats with layered pieces meshing harmoniously like the Cunnylinguists perfectly executed Remember Me [Abstract Reality]. None of these work alone. They are part of the song, “musical bridges” that usually join two halves of songs.

    I’ll start this off chronologically(and then proceed to completely lose respect for father time).


    Run DMC were pretty much breaking ground with each song they made on their first three albums, sometimes to amazing success. On the other hand they tried a few experiments that didn’t even dent hiphop’s history. Mixing hiphop with a Big Band sound was one of those. After hearing “Ragtime” though, I personally would not mind hearing more of these experiments 😉


    Although “Same Song” would fit MUCH better in this compilation of instruments wildin’ out over hiphop tracks, I fuckin’ hate the organ sound they used on that track. Instead, “Nuttin Nis Funky” provides a great slow galloping beat for a very hiphop-ish instrument to freestyle with tranquility: The turntable. DJ Fuze is by far my favorite DJ, so I place this track on a pedestal with a plaque under it that says “DJ’s: You Will NEVER Make Nuttin Nis Funky”.


    One thing I would never have expected was Brand Nubian + acoustic guitar solos…


    Dj Quik showed you how classy and musical he could be on his second album “Way II Fonky”. In between his gangbangs, his late nite pimpin’ and his soulglo-spraying, he managed to find time to really add to his tracks with instruments.


    And now for his one time biggest enemy, MC Eiht. Yup no G, just like Quik said “you aint got no G in you”. When I heard “Streiht Up Menace”, I figured that this would be the sound of his first solo album. I was wrong.


    Also on the Menace II Society album, we have a Too Short track, produced by the Dangerous Crew who have more than earned their bragging rights with their talented musicians to add mad depth to their tracks. Did that just read bork bork? Sorry let’s let the music speak for itself!


    With his sophomore album “To The Rescue”, he pulled a Kool G Rap on us with this track. They are the same in the respect that they both utilize fake instruments played by keyboards, in this both cases being a cheesy casio-sounding saxophone.


    And now for the original 5-cent sound of that jazz musician trying to impress you for some change. With those minor piano chords, I’m impressed, here’s 10 dollars, buy yerself a flask of moonshine.


    All Eazy E fans know that he’s probably funnier than he is a cold hearted killer and this freestyle “skat” leaves NO doubt behind.


    South Central, LA, home to another gang-riddled area, gave birth to another hiphop act influenced by jazz-skatting: Freestyle Fellowship. This Daddy-O produced track (crazy huh?) lifted the whole album by 100 cool points when he made the four MC’s flow over this all-instrument played track.


    I was just mentioning this album in the Pee Wee post I did. It’s the longest in this list at 3:41, and it’s also the most unique. I say this because it’s obviously jazz, but its got this funky backbone that makes your head bop hard. The drums are tremendously Digital Underground, and make you realize that, yes, they had their clappin-snappin sound 15 years before it got overused ad-nauseam in so many 2000ish hit songs.

    I have more to come, but if anyone can help me identify more of these, I would love to actually blend these together in the future.

    Searching For The Perfect Beat: Gangsta Edition

    Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

    Gangsta Edition
    1. NWA – Straight Outta Compton (Instrumental)
    2. Above The Law – What Cha Can Prove (Instrumental)
    3. Above The Law – Murder Rap (Instrumental)
    4. Above The Law – Another Execution (Instrumental)
    5. Geto Boys – Do It Like A G.O. (Instrumental)
    6. Geto Boys – My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me (Instrumental)
    7. Geto Boys – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Instrumental)
    8. Scarface – Mr. Scarface (Instrumental)
    9. Compton’s Most Wanted – Driveby Miss Daisy (Instrumental)
    10. Compton’s Most Wanted – Hood Took Me Under Remix (Instrumental)
    11. Compton’s Most Wanted – Who’s XXXXing Who (Instrumental)
    12. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog – Deep Cover (Instrumental)
    13. DJ Quik – Just Lyke Compton (Instrumental)
    14. Spice 1 – Dumpin ‘Em In Ditches (Instrumental)
    15. Da Lench Mob – Cut Throats (Instrumental)
    16. Da Lench Mob – Freedom Got An AK (Instrumental)
    17. MC Eiht – All For The Money (Instrumental)
    18. Rappin’ 4-Tay – Playaz Club (Instrumental)

    Tracks 1-4: Produced by Dr. Dre
    Track 5: Produced by Ready Red
    Tracks 6-7: Produced by J. Bido
    Track 8: Produced by Crazy C
    Tracks 9-11: Produced by DJ Slip
    Track 12: Produced by Dr. Dre
    Track 13: Produced by DJ Quik
    Track 14: Produced by E-A-Ski & CMT
    Tracks 15-16: Produced by Ice Cube
    Track 17: Produced by DJ Slip
    Track 18: Produced by Cyrus Esteban & Franky J

    –Roy Johnson