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Foul Play – The Wild Pitch Demo (EXCLUSIVE)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Foul Play hardly needs an introduction to the hardcore hiphop fan.  However, very little information and material has been made available to the public. Hailing from Tacoma (near Seattle) Washington, Foul Play is made up by rappers Tommy Gun (aka Messiah) and Hooligan, with beats by Mario. They were later joined by rapper Young Have Not. Also, cuts on the tracks were made by Seattle’s DJ B-Mello. (more…)

Non Phixion – The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

If I recall this isn’t exactly the “Green Tape/CD,” this was the sampler that Matador sent out as a promo, which basically was the original Geffen album Non Phixion submitted. Either way, not many of us can deny bumping many of these joints off the tape. Maybe Non Phixion’s music hasn’t aged all that well, but in retrospect they delivered a certain energy to the independent scene that was desperately needed. Peace to Kool Max Power for the link. Damn, Necro was a sick producer back then, huh? –Philaflava

Non Phixion – The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now
(all tracks are divided properly)

A1 Legacy
A2 14 Years Of Rap [Featuring] – Jise One, Q-Unique
A3 No Tomorrow
A4 Four W’s
A5 5 Boros
A6 5 Boros (Remix)
A7 I Shot Reagan [Featuring] – Necro
A8 Hot 97 Freestyle
A9 This Is Not An Exercise
A10 Refuse To Lose
A11 89.9 Promo
B1 Eclipse Promo
B2 Sleepwalkers
B3 Thug Tunin’
B4 They Got…
B5 How To Kill A…
B6 2004 [Featuring] – Obscure Disorder
B7 89.9 Freestyle
B8 Gangsta Rap
B9 The End Of The World
B10 Black Helicopters


Stretch And Bobbito Focus Continues: Demos & Promos (Terror Green, Akinyele, Timbuktu, etc.)

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Thanks to Irish Craig for this tape cover. Peep his blog out here for some other goodies.

You will be blessed here, believe that. But first I wanted to apologize to our readers for the down right screwy way that Stretch and Bobbito Month went down. As you probably know, our blogspot was closed down dead in the middle of SnB month which made it look like this project was brought to a cease. But it’s not, we’re going to extend this for as long as necessary. Of course, all of the posts here will not be related to SnB, but we will still steadily bring you much coverage and have an impressive arsenal on the way. So stay tuned. Press “read the rest of this entry” for some exclusive (to the internet) treats below… (more…)

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito – Thanksgiving Show 11/24/94

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Let’s not get it twisted T.R.O.Y. is one of the main driving forces in the whole S&B phenomenon lately and with the help of guys like Nes, Verge and DJ Eclipse you now get to relive the 90s all over again. We’ll continue to sprinkle the S&B love during our Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito month quarter. We got the exclusive Bobbito interview lined up for you very shortly and we promise to continue to post the gems as they come. But for now, remember to stay checking the TROY forum where all the magic happens. Tracklisting and download after the jump. (more…)

OC – Ozone Originals EP

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

A1. Outsiders [produced by Buckwild]
A2. Would You Believe? [produced by Buckwild]
A3. Kick A Rhyme For The Record [produced by Mark Pearson/John Mcgann]
A4. Stretch And Bobbito Promo (MC Serch intro)[produced by Dj Eclipse]

B1. Brothers Are Fake [Mark Pearson]
B2. That Bad Motherfucker [produced by Dj Eclipse, scratches by DJ Riz]
B3. Sugar [produced by Buckwild]

No Sleep Recordings dropped this about a month or two ago in a limited 250 copy vinyl pressing. It sold out in less than a week, I believe. Allegedly, this is only Part 1 and hopefully Part 2 will be dropping soon. After a pretty long hiatus, No Sleep has really come back knocking their latest releases out the park.

This isn’t material that was deemed mediocre or just didn’t make it to the LP back in the day. This is quality OC/DITC material. So by the time we get part 2 of this, it should be about a dope album’s worth of vintage 1993 OC. We’re all hoping for a few of the demos Bobbito or Stretch played back then will make it on to part 2. But my favorites here are definitely “Snakes” and “Kick A Rhyme For The Record”. “Brothers Are Fake” and the rest of tracks are no slouches either.

Enjoy and keep your eyes open for part 2!


DJ Eclipse’s ‘Halftime Show” 12th Anniversary

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

credit “photo: Robert Adam Mayer”

To celebrate The Halftime Show’s 12th Anniversary, DJ Eclipse had a crazy lineup of mc’s rhyming in the booth over beats from Krysis, DJ Babu, & DJ Scratch. MC’s included legendary Flavor Unit member Chill Rob G, Sadat X, Rhymefest, Torae, Skyzoo, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Tiye Phoenix, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Chace Infinite, Illa Ghee and many more. They also had DJ breaks with the legendary X-Men (aka The X-Ecutioners). For the people who were tuning in live, you were able to see the whole show on video being broadcasted through Ustream.. unfortunately they weren’t able to record it. They just posted the live recording from the radio a couple hours ago. Enjoy!

— Thomas V
“Heard this was a party just to say ‘F’ Solar” Rhymefest
@djbabuforeal “how do i save this video stream”…@DJEVILDEE“did u record?”…@djbabuforeal “no”…..@ItsDJEclipse “SMH”

DJ Eclipse – Hip Hop Independents Day, Vol. 1

Friday, February 20th, 2009

DJ Eclipse is a name that should be familiar to you. If not, refrain from self-flagellation because the good people of the Rock Steady Crew have provided us with a great bio. Here are just a few of the highlights of a life dedicated to music:

In his own right, Eclipse quickly became recognized as a pioneering DJ in the underground hip hop scene, djing at clubs … most notably Tramps. Spinning every few months for Crazy Legs at his Break Beats parties enabled him to join the world famous Rock Steady Crew DJs in the late 90s. Eclipse has also dj’ed on tour with other groups such as Natural Elements, Arsonists, Beatnuts, Kardinal Offishall, Dynasty, and 3rd Bass.

Eclipse and DJ Riz went on to start The Halftime Show on 89.1 WNYU in March of 1998. The show airs on Wednesday nights from 10:30 pm – 1:00 am and can be heard worldwide over the internet at

Throughout his career, Eclipse has put out numerous projects and mix tapes. Hip Hop Independents Day Vol. 1 (Nervous Records), Give the DJ a Break 12″ (AV8), O.C. Time’s Up & Born 2 Live remixes (Wild Pitch), Fractured Breaks battle record series and most recently Remixes Circa 94 are only some of the highlights of what this DJ has accomplished.
And those are just his accomplishments as a DJ and producer! Today’s post is most concerned with his mixtape Hip Hop Independents Day Vol. 1. This mixtape brings together the illest joints from the highly acclaimed three-part vinyl series of the same name released on Wreck Records in 1998. For those that were preoccupied by the meteoric rise of Drag-On in 1998, Wreck was a sublabel of Nervous Records that was primarily known for releasing classic material by the likes of Black Moon, Smif N’ Wessun, and Funkmaster Flex. In the later ’90s they began releasing material that today is more associated with the “backpacker” scene and the label became something of a giant in that small, overcrowded, often defeatist scene.

Hip Hop Independents Day and it’s follow up Hip Hop Independents Day: The Sequel were something of a big deal at a time when major labels were dropping low-selling but highly respected acts and the whole world seemed to be going jiggy. These vinyl compilations featured many artists who had been steadily making names for themselves in the New York DIY “independent as fuck” scene for some time, most notably on those coveted Echo Tapes. While none of these artists ever broke far beyond their niche or released noteworthy full-lengths, the vinyl series and this mixtape showcases them in their most comfortable context. Eclipse is virtuosic on the wheels of steel, and his expert manipulations of sound more or less steal the show from the impassioned if mostly indistinct crop of rappers.

Big up to Da Publisher and Vaporized for the hook-up. T.R.O.Y. Movement 4 Life.

1. Bobbito – Intro (Declaration Of Hip-Hop Independents)
2. Polyrhythm Addicts – Not Your Ordinary feat Shabaam Sahdeeq, Apani B. Fly Emcee & Mr. Complex
3. Wizdom Life – Fruits Of Labor feat Shawn J. Period & Matt Fingatip
4. Shabaam Sahdeeq – Any Minute Now feat Black Sun
5. Night Breed – I Got Your Back
6. Mike Zoot – Live & Stink
7. Breez Evahflowin’ – Forsaken
8. Apani B. Fly Emcee – The Woman In Me
9. L Fudge – A Conversation With Hip Hop
10. Jigmastas – Comments: To The Sure Shot feat Joe Max
11. Duodie – Maintain
12. Capital A – All Day
13. Natural Elements – Tri-Boro
14. Kid Thun – I Wonder (Life)
15. The Raidermen – Strategy feat Mr. Vooodo, L-Swift, Sean Prince, Lace Da Booms & Mike Zoot

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— Thun