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Take It Personal – West Coast Classics

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Episode 14 is the first installment of our West Coast Classics. Dust off those Chucks, throw on your khakis and strap-in for this for this west side roller-coaster ride. We got tunes from N.W.A., Ice T, Too $hort, King Tee, DJ Quik, Digital Underground, Above The Law, 2Pac, Cypress Hill, W.C., Murs, Kurupt, People Under The Stairs, MC Eiht, Nate Dogg, The Game, Ras Kass, The B.U.M.S., plus special tributes to Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, Hieroglyphics and The Likwit Crew. Keep it locked, cuz the TIP crew is just getting started on this WCC series and even though there is a lot to cover, we tackle this muthf*cker like Lyle Azado.

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The T.R.O.Y Blog Presents: This Is The Remix

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

The T.R.O.Y. Blog team wishes you a Happy New Year.


Inspired by philaflava’s thread at the T.R.O.Y. forum.

Good quality rips, amazing and mostly overlooked remixes.



This Is The Remix-3

01. Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
02. Nine – Ova Confident (Original) [Clean With Bass Version]
03. Special Ed – Freaky Flow (Premier Remix Street Version)
04. Channel Live Mad Izm (Original Buckwild ’95 Remix) Feat. KRS-One
05. Raw Breed – Rabbit Stew (Flame Boiled Mix)
06. Mic Geronimo – Hemmin Heads (Cheeba Mix)
07. King Tee – Black Togetha Again (Marley Marl Remix)
08. Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man (Crazy C.’s Swisher Mix)
09. Live Squad – Murderahh (Replay Mix)
10. Top Quality – What (Radio Version Uncut) Feat. 3rd Eye
11. Gauge – Cranium (Remix) Feat. Cella Dwellas
12. Raw Breed – Rampage Outta Control Feat. Kool Keith, Godfather Don & Grandmaster Mel
13. PHD – Set It Part 3 (Mix Tape Remix) Feat. Havoc, Hostyle & Legacy
14. Rampage – Beware Of The Rampsack (Danger Zone Rampsack Remix) (Radio Edit)
15. Sham & The Professor – So-Low-Ist (The Kenny Dope Remix)
16. Motion Man – Mo’ Like Flows On (12inch Mix)
17. The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up (QDIII Remix)
18. Masta Ace Inc. – Saturday Night Live (L.A. Jay Remix)
19. A Lighter Shade Of Brown – Spill The Wine (Muggs Wine Mix)
20. Black Sheep – Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ 7inch)
21. Funkdoobiest – Dedicated (Funkmaster Flex Mix)
22. Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up (Diamond D Remix)
23. Digital Underground – The Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter-Bean Remix)
24. Illegal – Back In The Day (Rowdy Main Mix)
25. Punk Barbarians – Bubblin’ – R&Bubbles Mix
26. Street Poets – Skinz (Remix)
27. INI – Fakin Jax (Rude Youth Mix) Feat. Mekolitious & Pete Rock
28. A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)
29. Mic Geronimo – Wherever You Are (Remix)
30. Guru – Lifesaver (DJ Premier Remix)
31. Dark Sun Riders – Time To Build (Ultra Marsalis Remix)
32. Ras Kass – Won’t Catch Me Runnin’ (Special Moet Mix)
33. Solo – Heaven (Straight Hip Hop Joint) Feat. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Young Zee, The Almighty Arrogant & Rufus Blaq
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T.R.O.Y. Throwback Fridays: Video Playlist (Dedication To 2Pac)

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Today marks the 17th year since 2Pac’s passing. Since we normally do Throwback Friday videos, it made sense to make today all about Pac. Rest in peace homie.


Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps Collabo

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Stussy and MTV team up to present these classic shirts featuring original artist imagery along with Stussy styling. The Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps Collection features Ice T, De La Soul, Gang Starr, Slick Rick, Digital Underground, Queen Latifah, Brand Nubian, Eric B. & Rakim and MC Lyte. $36 a pop tho. DAMN! –Philaflava


Saafir: The Will To Walk (Donate To Help)

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


Last month we posted about Saafir and his current situation told by friend Shock G and reported by Bay legend Davey D.  Yesterday Saafir reached out to T.R.O.Y. blog member Markshot and asked if we’d be kind enough to spread the word. Saafir has given many of us classic memories throughout the years. Whether it was the infamous battle on KMEL vs. Casual, the GSW collabos or my personal fav Boxcar Sessions–the man is deserving of our support.

Just yesterday this is what Saafir had to say on his Facebook page.

“Peace! The website is to raise funds for Saafirs surgery and treatment is now online…the address is WWW.TOSTANDAGAIN.ORG… Please donate to help Saafir complete his spinal surgery and treat, whatever you can donate will be a TREMENDOUS help. If we can get it to 250,000 people and all only donated one dollar, he would have the treatment he needs and deserves. Thank You for your well wishes and help.”

Whether its donating or spreading the word, you owe that much to this man to invest a minute of your life and help out the cause.

Please click on this link WWW.TOSTANDAGAIN.ORG and follow the instructions. Peace to Shaft Sizzle, you will walk again!

— The T.R.O.Y. Blog Team

The Real Story Behind Saafir In A Wheelchair

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Props to Davey D for bringing this to life. Many of us have often wondered what’s been going on with Saafir and now we finally get our answer. Shouts to Shock for being a real friend and we at TROY hope Saafir bounces back and continues to make music. Being in a wheelchair is unfortunate, but if the passion is still there and the need to make a living, well creating music is a viable option. Want inspiration? Simply look at the homie MF Grimm. Get well Saafir.


Read full interview here.

Random VLS Drops: Digital Underground – The Return Of The Crazy One (1993)

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The lead single from their third album, The Body-Hat Syndrome, dropped in 1993.

It contains Lean butter-bean remix, which i like more than original and which has re-recorded vocals.


01. The Return Of The Crazy One (Radio Flava Mix)
02. The Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter-Bean Remix)
03. The Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter-Bean Instrumental)
04. The Return Of The Crazy One (Party Flava Mix)
05. Carry The Way (Along Time)
06. The Return Of The Crazy One (Instrumental)

–>Download The Return Of The Crazy One VLS<–


Shock G Breaks Down His Entire Catalog (Yes, He Talks About 2Pac, too)

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 is doing an incredible job with their “Full Clip” series, in which they ask hip-hop’s greats to talk about their careers and works. We all thought Redman’s installment was pretty great, but mark my word: I don’t think a single interview this year of any rapper or hip hop producer tops Shock G’s installment of “Full Clip.” The genius behind Digital Underground talks about everything and anything, from growing up in NYC during hip hop’s infancy and moving to the Tampa Bay Area and discovering Parliament-Funkadelic, to Tupac’s early days as a roadie, to the development of the concept behind Sex Packets, to doing bumps of coke with George Clinton in the studio. If the excerpts quoted after the jump do not convince you to read the entire piece, you just aren’t ready for it. (more…)

The T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: Funk-O-Rama V4

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Installment number 4, more to come. Stay tunned.
** dirt_dog on the covers


01. Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk
02. Chi-Ali – Funky Lemonade
03. Casual – Follow The Funk
04. WC And The Maad Circle – Get Up On That Funk
05. Cypress Hill – The Phuncky Feel One
06. Godfather Don – Ill Funk Freaker
07. Heavy D & The Boyz – Chunky But Funky (Remix)
08. Digital Underground – Nuttin’ Nis Funky
09. Big 50 – Funk Flow
10. Funky Trend – Funky Commercial Break
11. Funkdoobiest – The Funkiest
12. Whodini – Five Minutes Of Funk

Great EPs: Digital Underground: "This Is An EP Release"

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

You really ain’t know hip hop if you ain’t know the legendary Digital Underground. Likewise, if you’ve never danced your ass off to this song at a house party while singing “I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom,” then you should probably bounce and go listen to some Flo-Rida or something. These dudes are Oaktown legends, and are unfairly remembered more for the fact that they gave Tupac his start in the industry than the music that they made.

Digital Underground is a fantastic rap group, don’t get me wrong. However, I’ve got to admit that they have their faults, at least musically. As the mighty ego trip Monkey Academy once said, D.U. has “one great album, one decent EP, and far too much bullshit after that.” Whereas this may be perceived as a little harsh, there’s a modicum of truth to it. Sex Packets is indeed a classic hip hop album; it’s bawdy, rambunctious, and totally fun. Unfortunately, after releasing this seminal piece of music, something caused D.U. to fade away into the ether.

So what happened? Too ambitious, indulgent? The constant revolving-door cycle of artists coming in and out of the D.U. camp? The actual bloatation (is that even a word?) of the group into near-Funkadelic status, with dozens of musicians, graphic artists, dancers shuffled into the collective? Who knows. I suppose that’s a question for another day and another blog post. For now, we’ll be focusing on just one of the other high-quality releases by Digital Underground: 1991’s This Is An EP Release.

Essentially a continuation of the Sex Packets sound and themes, This Is An EP Release rides the Parliament vibe, eschewing the sample-driven sound and embracing live instrumentation; this is some of the funkiest organ work you’ll ever hear on a rap record. 6 songs deep, all killer and no filler. It might not be the perfect EP but it’s pretty damn close. Do yourself a favor: scoop this up and play it next Saturday night. I guarantee it will not disappoint.

1. Same Song
2. Tie the Knot
3. Way We Swing
4. Nuttin’ Nis Funky
5. Packet Man (Worth a Packet Remix)
6. Arguin’ on the Funk

– Echo Leader