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Erick Sermon “Breath Of Fresh Air” Mixtape

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Looks like The Green Eyed Bandit isn’t done yet. He just dropped this new Def Squad mixtape featuring KRS-One, Sheek Louch, 50 Cent, Keith Murray, Redman, Method Man & Jimi Hendrix!?!

Nice interview with E Double over at HIPHOP DX. This is the bit about the Hendrix track:

Let’s shift from the crew stuff to your new solo material … You noted on “I’m Not Him” from your Chilltown, New York album that you “gave Marvin Gaye’s wife two hundred grand” for “Music.” So how much did you have to break off the estate of Jimi Hendrix for “A Way Out”?

Erick Sermon:
Oh my God, I’m not even gonna talk about that ‘cause I’m not even gonna – I didn’t break off nothing, that’s why it’s on the mixtape. [Laughs] It ain’t like I have a label and I have Clive Davis, or me still having money like that, to be saying here’s [$150,000] for you Marvin’s estate and here’s 50 thousand for the lawyers. I don’t got that money these days. And I can imagine what Jimi Hendrix’s estate is asking for something like that. [So] that’s why it’s a mixtape.

Too bad there isn’t anyone on his staff that knows how to rip and tag a single mp3. Most tracks are 80 k/bit while the others are 160. Oh well.

01. Sucka Free Shit/Jamie Fox
02. Clout Feat. KRS 1
03. What Happened
04. Ain’t Me Feat. Rick Ross
05. Fix Your Face Feat. Twon Gabs & Ryze
06. A Way Out Feat. Jimmy Hendrix
07. Lyrics Skit/Jamie Fox
08. Twon’s Theme/Twon Gabz
09. Tregram/T.R.E.
10. Dodge This Feat. Sheek Louch
11. I’m Good Feat. Team Hot
12. Head Skit Feat. Easy E
13. Headgames Ft. Keith Murray & 50 Cent
14. Lil Nikki Feat. Twon Gabz
15. Like Me Feat. Too Short & Loyd
16. Commander And Chief Feat. Daz From DPG
17. Talk This Feat. Sam-Bo
18. Jokes/Crew
19. Typical Nigga Feat. Lockness Monster
20. Look Feat. Redman & Method Man
21. Set It Off Feat. Mone & Fred Da Godson
22. Look Out Feat. Twon Gabz
23. Whiskey And Coke Feat. Twon Gabz, Fish Grease & Kapone



Redman Breaks Down His Catalog

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Remember Vibe? You know the Top 20 blog (hi haters) ranking we got? Quincy’s magazine that went under a few years ago but was resurrected? Well they’re back and doing things better than ever with these latest catalog pieces. A few months ago it was Ice Cube and now it’s Mr. Reggie Noble.

Redman has always been a personal favorite growing up. It sounds weird to say growing up but it’s the truth. From ’92 to ’96, my high school years, I didn’t think there was many MC’s at the time who could fuck with Redman. Then he started creating more music with very little control, guidance and for all the wrong reasons too. Now you get to read those reasons.

Def Squad "Breaker 1, Breaker 2" Uncensored

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The folks at the T.R.O.Y. Forum are an industrious and proactive bunch. Recently contributor TheWool related that he was always annoyed by how the only available version of Def Squad “Breaker 1, Breaker 2” was marred by instances of editing, in this case reversed curses. Rather than sulk, he got up and did something about it, and through the magic of re-editing the world now has an uncensored version.

I’m a real fan of the Def Sqaud from around 1996. E-Doubles’ production was on that fuzzy funk tip. This track was one of my faves but I could never find it un-edited, and all the best lines were ruined by the cuts.
RedmanYou wanna get jig-da-fied, what it all means? Fuck Versace, I tote glocks in the Karl jeans…”
Keith Murray “How many ways can I say i just don’t give a fuck…”


The curses were reversed including the beats, so they had to be re-reversed to put them right. This has to be done pretty exact (beyond the ms) and can be a long painful process especially with percussion involved, otherwise there is an audible pop on the transition.

Enjoy! — Thun

Fades ‘Em All…

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

In 1995, Ex-Illegal member Jamal released his solo debut titled “Last Chance, No Breaks”. The album featured production from hip-hop heavyweights such as Redman, Erick Sermon, Easy Mo Bee, Rockwilder, etc. The album is mainly known for cuts such as Fades ‘Em All, Keep it Real, Unfuckwittable, and more… I feel that it’s just a ’95 classic album + Jamal always had a nice delivery with his raw Philly rhymes.

Now it’s time to talk about Jamal’s most successful single titled “Fades Em’ All”. Originally produced by Redman & Rockwilder, “Fades ‘Em All” made it all the way to #9 on the Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles. Redman used his “P-Funkadelic Devil” technique perfectly for the beat creating a funky head nodder. The remix is totally different though as it features a soulful production remixed by the “Soul Brother” Pete Rock. It is one of the greatest Pete Rock Remixes but it never really gets the props it deserves. Finally, here we have a sequel of Fades ‘Em All. Still Fades ‘Em featured Shyheim The Rugged Child with Jamal who were basically the illest juveniles in the rap game at the time. The track never came out officially but I believe that it was played as an exclusive in ’95/’96 on Marley Marl & Pete Rock’s legendary show “Future Flavas”.

Jamal – Fades ‘Em All (Produced by Redman & Rockwilder)

Jamal – Fades ‘Em All (Pete Rock Remix)

Jamal – Still Fades ‘Em (Featuring Shyheim)

Download (All 3 Tracks)

— Thomas V