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Sounds of The 90s: The Remixes V. 2

Monday, March 7th, 2011

As promised monthly, here is the latest of Sounds of The 90s: The Remixes Volume 2. Each month we’ll be bringing you 10 remixes of the 90s we hold near and dear to our hearts. Let’s reminisce on these tracks and remember why we’re still listening to hip-hop today. Why we’re still on blogs such as ours where we get to relive the greatest era our music has ever seen.  As always, if you have a favorite remix and would like it to be included on future volumes be sure to send it our way or post it up on our forum. Look for the return of Sounds Like The 90s tomorrow! –PhilaflavaDownload V. 2

Download V. 1

T.R.O.Y.’s Video Show (July)

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

A few months back we hit you with some classic videos. Our homies at VintageHiphopSeattle have by far and away the dopest collection on Youtube. So, this weekend sit back and reminisce to the old days. –Philaflava

Previous Video Show

Da King & I – Flip Da Scrip (DJ Premier Remix) CD Single 1993

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Here we have the CD Single of Da King & I ‘Krak Da Weazel/bw Flip Da Scrip (Remix)’. The main reason I bought this CD Single was for the Flip Da Script (Remix) remixed by DJ Premier. Premier laced them a great beat with jazzy gang starr flavor. Krak Da Weazel is probably my favorite track on Contemporary Jeep Music after Tears. It’s great to own this forgotten Premier Remix on CD! Enjoy,
1 Krak Da Weazel (Radio Edit) (3:13)
2 Krak Da Weazel (Vibe Track) (3:12)
3 Krak Da Weazel (Album Version) (3:13)
4 Flip Da Scrip (Remix) (Radio Edit) (3:52)
5 Flip Da Scrip (Remix) (Vibe Track) (3:52)
6 Flip Da Scrip (Remix) (Main Pass) (3:52)

Download here. –re-upped 4-30-12 –verge

— Thomas V

Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (1-10)

Monday, January 5th, 2009

This is a RAP NERD VOLTRON in full effect, duns amd dun-ettes. The entire T.R.O.Y. regular staff (Admiral, Blockhead, Philaflava, Roy Johnson, Schenactady Fan, Thun, ThomasV, Verge) put our heads together to come up with a list of Fifty Remixes that YOU need to hear as soon as humanly possible! Take note that this is not a list of the “best” remixes ever (though many are contenders) or even our very “favorites,” (though some qualify) but simply a list of fifty great remixes (interpreted somewhat loosely to include songs that are essentially remakes or sequels) that we think you’ll enjoy. We tried to leave out extremely obvious picks (“Scenario” 7 MCs Remix, “I Got’Cha Opin”, and the like) but we also kept the list fairly accessible and mostly confined to crews that were signed and put out actual albums. We’ll be bringing you ten picks every morning this week, so join the T.R.O.Y. Movement and spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, the message boards and blogs you frequent, text messages, and what have you. Enjoy, and be sure to leave some (hopefully not hateful) feedback.
1. Eric B. & Rakim “Microphone Fiend” (45 King Remix)

2. Leaders Of The New School “International Zone Coaster” (SD50s Remix)

This one is a pure adrenaline rush, and it’s easily one of our favorite L.O.N.S. tracks. Produced by Dante Ross of the SD50s.
3. Slick Rick “It’s A Boy” (Large Pro Remix)

Quite possibly the dopest remix that the Large Professor has ever produced, and that’s saying something. Extra P utilized an incredible Cal Tjader sample for this one. Check out out 2CD set of Cal Tjader samples.

4. Artifacts “Ultimate” (Showbiz Remix)

5. De La Soul “Breakadawn” (De La Remix)

A slammin’ remix that doesn’t get mentioned too often. While it’s hard to outdo the original, this one definitely comes close. That “Dawn Brings Smoke” beat is outstanding.
6. 3rd Bass “Product Of The Environment” (Marley Marl Remix)

7. Organized Konfusion “Stress” (Extra P Remix)

8. Das Efx “Microphone Master” (Domecracker Remix)

9. Da King & I “Tears” (Darp Vibe)

10. MOP “Rugged Neva Smoove” (Premier Remix)

Here are all 10 of them in one file:

Tune in tomorrow morning for selections 11-20.

Double Down Vol. 2

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

A few ago I laced you with my first installment of Double Down, today I’m dropping volume 2. Each mix contains 11 tracks that I hope will be your soundtrack while you’re on the iron horse, driving to work or just chillin’ in the cut.


Double Down Vol. 2

01. Da King & I – Flip Da Script (DJ Premier Remix)
02. Shorty Long – Shorty Doing His Thang
03. Lord Finesse – Shorties Kaught Up In The System (Remix)
04. Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo – Straight Jacket (OG Mix)
05. 100x – Philly Niggas International feat. Black Thought & Malik B.
06. 100x – Live In 215 feat. Black Thought & Air Smooth
07. Leaders of The New School – International Zone Coaster (SD50’s Remix)
08. Big Daddy Kane – Lyrical Gynmastics
09. DJ Krush – Real feat. Tragedy Khadafi
10. Tragedy Khadafi – Crime Nationalist
11. King Tee – At Your Own Risk (Marley Marl Remix)


No My Brother, You’ve Got to Buy Your Own

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

e could throw up links for albums all day (and trust me, we do) but there comes a time when one has to do the right thing and purchase music; there are certain albums one should own. Below are some great out-of-print releases we suggest. Some go for a pretty penny and some can be bought for just a penny. Feel free to use this post as a buyers/sellers guide if you will. We have provided direct links to each album so you can purchase or sell with just one click. You just might be surprised to find out that some of the very CD’s you own are worth more than some of your stocks today.

* prices are based on current listings 10/6/08
Release date: April ’89
Best price: $50
Release date: June ’89
Best price: $2
Release date: July ’93
Best Price: $284 (that’s not a typo)
Release date: Aug ’96
Best Price: $40
Release date: May ’95
Best Price: $5
Release date: Oct ’93
Best Price: $1
Release date: March ’93
Best Price: $7
Release date: June ’94
Best price: $12
Release date: May ’93
Best price: $33
Release date: Aug ’93
Best Price: $1
Release date: Jan ’03
Best Price: $29
Release date: Oct ’96
Best price: $40
Release date: Jan ’93
Best price: $1
Release date: March ’92
Best price: $ 32
Release date: July ’96
Best price: $3

Release date: Oct ’96
Best price: $26

Release date: Aug ’94
Best price: $52
Release date: July ’94
Best price: $53
Release date: July ’93
Best price: $1
Release date: April ’93
Best price: $3.50
Release date: Aug ’96
Best price: $60
Release date: Oct ’94
Best price: $12
Release date: Aug ’95
Best price: $3.5


Drop A Gem On ‘Em

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Throughout the recent weeks there have been numerous gems dropped in T.R.O.Y.. Here are a just few to give you a taste.

1. Can’t Stop Rockin’ (Tribute)
2. Brooklyn Kids (Dirty Mix)
3. Scars And Pain
4. Letcho ‘Batyflo
5. Funk Soul Sensation (Dirty)
6. Story Of My Life
7. 50 MC’s In A Cipher

Nice & Smooth feat. Nine, Ill Al Skratch & M.O.P. – Dr. Feelgood

Pudgee The Phat Bastard feat. DMX – Inner City Blues (prod. D.R. Period)

Da King & I feat. Pudgee The Phat Bastard – Kingpin

Yaggfu Front feat. Diamond D – Slappin’ Suckas Silly [Remix]

The Source Fat Tape (Aug ’94)
1. “I Get Physical” – Pete Rock & CL Smooth
2. “I Used To Love H.E.R.” – Common Sense
3. “Distortion To The Static” – The Roots
4. “Hit Me With That” – The Beatnuts
5. “Shook Ones Pt. I” – Mobb Deep
6. “Shit’s Real” – Mic Geronimo
7. “1-800-Suicide” – Gravediggaz
8. “Big Box Of Blunts” – Mad Lion
9. “Stress (Large Pro Remix)” – Organized Konfusion
10. “Mental Stamina” – Jeru The Damaja
11. “The B-Side” – Masta Ace feat. Paula Perry
12. “Do You See” – Warren G
13. “All For The Money” – MC Eiht feat. CMW
14. “Time’s Up (Remix)” – O.C.
15. “Buck Em’ Down (Remix)” – Black Moon
16. “Breakfast @ Denny’s” – Buckshot LeFonque

A1 Best Ones Yet
A2 Checkin Down The Menu (remix)
B1 Make U Go Crazay
B2 Make U Go Crazay 2
Best Ones Yet (Instrumental)
Make U Go Crazay (Instrumental)

1. Fanfare & Previews
2. Where’d You Get Your Bo Bo’s
3. Trooper 101
4. Mr. Hook
5. Busted Loop
6. Fruitless-Moot
7. Black Liquid
8. Slappin’ Suckas Silly [LP Remix]
9. Action Packed Adventure
10. Left Field
11. Hold ‘Em Back (What’s the Meaning?)
12. Uptown Downtown
13. Frontline
14. Sweet Caroline
15. My Dick Is So Large [*]

— Philaflava


Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

One of the dopest Youtube contributors has to be my man Dan from VintageHipHopSeattle. Below are some of my favorite videos he has posted on his page. But do yourself a favor and check it out yourself because you’ll be entertained for hours.

I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me. Talk about reminiscing, I remember staying up late to watch Pump It Up or YO! with a St. Ides in one hand and a pen in the other to write down all the names of the videos. My boys and I would just watch from beginning to end before we took our blunted asses to Denny’s. Of course while riding out we’d play the very tracks you’ll see below. God bless the internet and God bless VintageHipHopSeattle!