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Bahamadia – Kollage

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

In the small pond of female MCs, an artist like Bahamadia who has not had to resort to selling  sex appeal, is a rarity. Her unique, soft-spoken yet eloquent words made her debut Kollage an album that is both relaxing and challenging. With a backdrop of all-star production from DJ Premier, Beatminerz and Guru, as well as a guest spot from her hometown natives The Roots, Bahamadia brings a wide variety of material to the table. She can rhyme smoothly or she can enunciate target words in lines to provide a punch. She can spit slow or speed it up to give us a precursor to the style of Big Pun. No matter what her approach to tracks is though, she always came correct with intelligent bars and thought-provoking lyrics. (more…)

House Of Pain “Irish Pride”

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Yes, I’m white.

Yes, I’m from the suburbs.

And yes, I was down with House Of Pain.

I originally made this double cd comp back in 2002. But now I’ve gone back, cleaned up some of the tracks and added 4 additional ones. All but 6 of these tracks (leaked by DJ Muggs) are from my own collection of cd’s, singles and vinyls. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny that House Of Pain made a mark on the map in the 90’s.

Disc 1
01 House Of Pain-House Of Pain Anthem (Original Mix)
02 House Of Pain-Jump Around feat. Pete Rock (Blood Stain Remix)
03 House Of Pain-Irish Pride (Unreleased Demo)
04 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Butch Vig Mix aka In The Dirt Mix)
05 Helmet & House Of Pain-Just Another Victim (Judgement Night OST)
06 House Of Pain-On Point (Groove Merchantz Remix)
07 House Of Pain-Legend (Lethal Dose Remix)
08 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Famous Mix)
09 House Of Pain-3rd Stone From The Sun (Unreleased Demo)
10 House Of Pain-Who’s The Man (Underdog Mix)
11 Everalast-Jump Around (Live at The Bowery Ballroom, N.Y.C. 07.22.99)
12 House Of Pain-Punch Drunk (Eddie OST)
13 House Of Pain-Word Is Bond feat. Darkman (Ghetto Lab Mix)
14 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Muggs Main Pass)
15 House Of Pain-Over There Shit (Unlreleased Demo)
16 House Of Pain-Put On Your Shit Kickers (T-Ray Remix)
17 House Of Pain-Beef Jerky (Jerkey Boys OST)
18 Helmet & House Of Pain-Just Another Victim (T-Ray Devil Worship Mix)
19 House Of Pain-Jump Around (Power Mix)
20 Sick Of It All-Just Look Around feat. Everlast (Lethal House Of Pain Remix)

Disc 2
01 House Of Pain-It Ain’t A Crime (Madhouse UK Mix)
02 House Of Pain-Jump Around (DJ Bizznizz Remix)
03 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Salaam Main Pass)
04 House Of Pain-Reachin’ Out (Non-LP Track)
05 House Of Pain-On Point (Da Beatminerz UK Remix)
06 House Of Pain-Top O’ The Morning To Ya (Underdog Remix)
07 House Of Pain-Word Is Bond feat. Diamond D (Remix)
08 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Buds & Brew Mix)
09 House Of Pain-Same Old Same Old (Unlreleased Demo)
10 House Of Pain-Over There (I Don’t Care) (Da Beatminerz Clean Version)
11 House Of Pain-Legend (Extended Mix)
12 House Of Pain-Jump Around (Bomb ‘Em Remix)
13 House Of Pain-Womb To The Tomb (Unlreleased Demo)
14 Helmet & House Of Pain-Just Another Victim (T-Ray Dead & Stinking Mix)
15 House Of Pain-On Point (Lethal Dose Remix)
16 House Of Pain-Runnin’ Up On Ya (House Of Pain vs. Kerbdog)
17 House Of Pain-Put Your Head Out feat. B-Real (DJ Pogo Remix)
18 House Of Pain-Choose Your Poison (Unreleased Remix)
19 House Of Pain-Jump Around (Smooth Mix)
20 Biohazard-How It Is feat. Sen-Dog (Lethal H.O.P. Mix)




Ras Kass – The Endangered Lyricist

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Just today I received an email from Kris over at Ras Kass Central, where he has a Canibus-like online following and I noticed they’re starting this campaign called “Save Ras Kass.” Now, it’s no secret that he is one of my favorite lyricists of all-time. It’s no secret that T.R.O.Y. has showed Ras Kass more love than most rappers discussed here. In fact, I’m willing to bet there hasn’t been a blog out there that has come close to what we have done as far as support goes.

Just check the record.

Ras Kass – What Could Have Been?

So getting back to this viral marketing they’re doing. What exactly does Ras Kass need saving from? He is no longer in prison. He is no longer signed to Priority Records (at least, I believe so). He is no longer beefing with established rappers (who aren’t nearly as talented as he is) like Game. So basically Ras Kass needs saving from Ras Kass. Maybe it’s the folks he surrounds himself with. Maybe it’s his management? Maybe, just maybe Ras Kass needs go back to the basics and realize what made him the lyricist he is today.
Below we’re sold on “15 of Ras Kass’ classic songs to remind everyone why Ras Kass is one of the top 5 emcees. ” yet we all can look at this track list and easily pick apart a handful of selections that are suppose to help remind us of his G.O.A.T. status. No Sonset? No Etc.? No Jack Frost? No Music Bizness? No Oral Sex (pause)? No Won’t Catch Me Runnin”? No Remain Anonymous?
You know the saying you only get one chance for a first impression? Well he’s had multiple chances and he still isn’t getting it right. I’m not here to pick apart what Ras does, it’s only because I have so much respect and expectation for him as an emcee that I feel this adamant about his career and his choices he has made over the years. So download this mixtape and hear glimpses of why Ras Kass was once not to be fucked with and hopefully he’ll find his way back home. We’ve all been waiting. Hip-hop has been waiting. – Jason Gloss