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Single Series: Call O’ Da Wild

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I think we all know what’s the story behind this group. It had two members, Barron Ricks and Angelo Campanioni.

This is what DJ Muggs had wrote in Q&A on philaflava forum when asked about Call O’ Da Wild:
“Call o da wild broke up right after there album was finished for SONY . .. An they thought they were superstars before they record came out…..i have there album on a dat tape in storage some were”.

Here also you can hear two unreleased Call O’ Da Wild tracks, “Urban Wilderness” and “Andrews Ave”.

Sometimes The Neighborhood bw Clouds Of Smoke VLS (1995)

01. Sometimes The Neighborhood (Vocal)
02. Sometimes The Neighborhood (Instrumental)
03. Clouds Of Smoke (Vocal)
04. Clouds Of Smoke (Instrumental)
Ruffturrain bw Intellectual Dons VLS (1996)

01. Ruffturrain
02. Ruffturrain (Radio Edit)
03. Intellectual Dons
04. Intellectual Dons (Radio Edit)

Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days Volume 3

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Recently we blessed you with G-Funk California.

If that was not much for you, than try to digest this load of dope summer tracks from all over The States, alloted in 3 volumes, made by member of philaflava forum and owner of his own blog, Drayzee,
Drayzee was just kind enough to allow us to use his own work and to represent it via T.R.O.Y. Blog.
Thank you Drayzee for this massive work.

“Drayzee Says: It’s ‘Em Summer Days” is a compilation based on g-funk/gangsta/jazz/funk music. Too bad it’s not summer yet, however this project will certainly give you that summer vibe. I hope this will bump in your speakers 6 summers from now. The first volume contains more “party-like” songs, the second volume will contain more gangsta/cruisin’ stuff, jazz & funk, and the third one will be for you to just chill on. I also used some St. Ides commercial once per 8-9 songs, just to give you the feeling that there still is a dope radio on earth bumpin’ this.

1. Eazy-E – Radio

2. Brownside Feat. Eazy-E – Drama On The Eastside
3. DJ Quik – Can’t Fuck Wit A Nigga
4. O.F.T.B. – Crack ‘Em
5. Loon-E-Toon And DJ Mike Tee – Inglewoodz Finast (Smooth Mix)
6. Westside Connection – Hoo-Bangin’
7. Ice Cube – Ghetto Bird
8. N.W.A. – Alwayz Into Somethin’
9. Watts Gangstas – Watts Riders
10. Funkdoobiest – Wopbabalubop (ft. B-Real)
11. Dr. Dre – Bitches Ain’t Shit
12. Compton’s Most Wanted – N 2 Deep (Ft Mr. Scarface)
13. Above the Law – V.S.O.P.
14. RBL Posse – Livin That Life
15. Juvenile Committee – Juvenile Thang
16. Young Gangstas – Driven By Revenge
17. Mac Mall – Sic Wit Tis
18. Above the Law – Never Missin’ a Beat
19. 2Pac – The Streetz R Deathrow
20. Da Lench Mob – Guerillas Ain’t Gangstas
21. RBL Posse – Don’t Give Me No Bammer
22. Battlecat – Out Here
23. DJ Yella – Dat’s How I’m Livin’ (Feat.B.G. Knocc Out)
24. Eazy-E – Tha Muthaphukkin Real ft. MC Ren
25. MC Eiht – You Can’t See Me f. Tha Chill
26. Tha Dogg Pound – It’z A Good Ass Day
27. Dr. Dre – Let Me Ride
28. Lil 1/2 Dead – Back In The Day
29. Cypress Hill – Throw Your Hands In The Air (Feat. Erick Sermon, MC Eiht, Redman)
30. King Tee – Dippin’ (Remix)
31. Vontel – Loungin
32. G-Lo – Smooth
33. Crimies – Love For The City Of Hub
34. A – 1 Swift-Bring The Praiz
35. Foesum – Listen To The Sound
36. Above The Law – Kalifornia (feat Kokane)
37. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Do You Know
38. 2 – Def-We Party
39. Realite – Gangsta Gangsta
40. L.A.Z. – Bigga Than Nine
41. Dazzie Dee – Unda Da Table (feat. Dolemite)
42. Geto Boyz – Geto Fantasy
43. Above The Law – Livin’ Like Hustlers (G-Mixx)
44. Compton’s Most Wanted – Hood Took Me Under
45. Tha Dogg Pound – New York, New York
46. DJ Pooh – Who Cares (ft. Kam)
47. Above The Law – Black Superman
48. Eazy-E – Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)
49. Maniac – Deep Enough
50. 2nd II None – I Can Tell
51. Legit – No Pannies
52. Oppazet – Oppazet
53. Juice – Eastside
54. T.I.P. – Get Down
55. Sean T – Get Gone
56. Roscoe – Smooth Sailin’
57. Swoop G – Simpin’ Into Pimpin’
58. Mr. Criminal – Sounds Of Summertime (Remix)
59. Compton’s Most Wanted – Music To Driveby
60. MC Eiht – All For Tha Money
61. Big Tone – The Skrilla
62. S.S.P. – Weekend
63. Magic Mike – Love 4 My Homies
64. Mr. X – Any Ole Sunday
65. Mad CJ Mac – Come Take A Ride
66. Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
67. Playya-1000 with The D’kster – The Layback
68. Fo’ Clips – Hold On
69. Watts Gangstas – Fuct In The Game
70. Mac Mall – Ghetto Theme
71. FLEXX – OG Ridaz ft Young Dre
72. Dream Warriors – The Era Of “Stay Real”
73. Big 50 – Deez Street
74. Changing Faces – Keep It Right There (DeVante Swing Remix Instrumental)
75. G-Ism-Strips
76. Mac Mall – Crestside
77. M.C. Eiht & L.A. Nash – Professional Stone Crooks
78. Silky Slim – Tha Playa’s Realm
79. Lil Fly – Rag Top
80. Krucked M Age – Da Show I Want You Party Over
81. Young Ed – Find A Way
82. N.E.S. – We Can Roll
83. Psycho Gangster – Psycho Gangster – About My Money
84. Fat 4 Ever – Excercising My P Thang
85. B.O.M. – Times At There Hardest
86. Ray Luv – Last Nite
87. O.T.R. Clique – Streets Deeper Than The Grave
88. Cal – Luv-Life Of A Playa
89. Christopher Williams – Dance
90. Wicked Minds – California
91. Azim – 4-D Funk
92. Cellski – Last Song ft Young Ed
93. Maniac Lok – Summer Jam
94. Mr. Peebodie – Sahloo
95. One Gud Cide – Remember Me


— Markshot

King Tee The Great

Monday, February 15th, 2010

I shouldn’t have to sell you on King Tees greatness. In my book he is one of the most underrated emcees of all-time. When I think of real O.G.’s Tee is one of the first names that comes to mind. Along with the likes of MC Ren, King Tee kills most of the guest spots he gets. To give you a better idea here are two compilations filled with King Tee collabos from 1988-2009. For bonus tracks make sure you check out the great T.R.O.Y. forum where everyday is like Christmas.

Take a moment to thank Paul Smith for taking the time in putting these great compilations together. –Philaflava

King Tee The Great

01. Mixmaster Spade featuring King Tee & The Compton Posse – Genuis Is Back
02. King Tee, Body & Soul, Def Jeff, Tone Loc, Above The Law, N.W.A., Michel’le, Digital Underground, Young MC, Ice-T, Oaktown 3.5.7, MC Hammer & J.J. Fad – We’re All In The Same Gang
03. King Tee, Body & Soul, Def Jeff, Tone Loc, Above The Law, N.W.A., Michel’le, Digital Underground, Young MC, Ice-T, Oaktown 3.5.7, MC Hammer & J.J. Fad – We’re All In The Same Gang (Gangsta Mix)
04. Ice Cube ft. W.C. & The Maad Circle, Kam, King Tee, Deadly Threat & J-Dee – Color Blind
05. Intelligent Hoodlum, King Tee, Chubb Rock, Def Jeff, Grand Puba (Rap Industry For Social Evolution) – Keep Control
06. B-Real, Ice Cube, J-Dee, Kam, King Tee, MC Eiht, Threat & Yo-Yo (Get The Fist Movement) – Get The Fist
07. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee – Likwit
08. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee – Bullshit
09. Mad Kap ft. King Tee, Ahlee Rocksta & Tash – Check It Out
10. Nefertiti ft. King Tee & Nikke Kixx – Trouble In Paradise
11. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee – Bottoms Up
12. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee & Q-Tip – All The Way Live
13. Xzibit ft. King Tee – Positively Negative
14. Born 2wice ft. King Tee – The Jack
15. Dazzie Dee ft. King Tee, Mixmaster Spade & Toddy Tee – Where You From (Westside Hoodsta Remix)
16. King Tee – Stretch & Bobbitto Freestyle
17. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee – Funny Style

Download Disc 1 (fixed)

01. Xzibit ft. Tha Alkaholiks & King Tee – Let It Rain
02. Xzibit ft. King Tee & Soopafly – Don’t Let The Money Make You
03. Ice-T ft. King Tee – Check Your Game
04. Defari, Xzibit, Knoc-Turn’al, Time Bomb, King Tee, MC Ren & Kokane – Some L.A. Niggaz
05. Xzibit, The Alkaholiks & King Tee – Where Da Paper At
06. Cypress Hill ft. Kurupt & King Tee – High Life (Fredwreck Remix)
07. Xzibit & King Tee – You Better Believe It
08. T.W.D.Y. ft. Casual, G-Stak, Keak Da Sneak & King Tee – No Win Situation
09. King Tee – Cali Expert
10. Xzibit ft. Butch Cassidy, Defari & King Tee – Loud & Clear
11. Masta Ace ft. King Tee & J-Ro – P.T.A.
12. Cypress Hill ft. King Tee & MC Ren- Southland Killers
13. Killa Tay feat. ”E”, King Tee & Rodney O – Thug Thizzle
14. Chico & Coolwadda ft. King Tee, Doughnut & The Homie E – Insomniac
15. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee – The Bubble
16. J-Zone ft. J-Ro & King Tee – Choir Practice
17. Tha Alkaholiks ft. King Tee – Over Here
18. Xzibit ft. DJ Quik & King Tee – Poppin’ Off
19. DJ Crazy Toones ft. King Tee, Young Maylay & Roscoe – The Rat Pack

Download Disc 2 (fixed)

dirt_dog Remix Pack 4

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Of all the remix packs, this is one of my favorites… The Soul Assassins edition. I’ll confess that the second track was not taken from a cd single. But it was a Lighter Shade Of Brown CD5 that led me to their album that had this remix as a bonus track. I felt it was 100% necessary to include some other DJ Muggs work from 1992. And I couldn’t help but sneak in the U2 track as an obscure off-beat treat. Nothing mind-blowing, but a chance to hear something out of the hip-hop world. If you missed Remix Packs 1, 2 or 3 click HERE.

Remix Pack 4

01 Funkdoobiest-Funkdoobiest-The Funkiest (Lethal Dose Remix)
02 A Lighter Shade Of Brown-Spill The Wine (D.J. Muggs Remix)
03 Cypress Hill-Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Mix)
04 Beastie Boys-So What’cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version) feat. B Real
05 House Of Pain-It Ain’t A Crime (UK Remix)
Bonus Track
06 U2-Numb (The Soul Assassins Mix)



Sick Soldiers (Sick Jacken)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

At first sight Sick Jacken is this taller than tall, scary muthafucka, standing their like a wall. But then he starts rapping with amazing versatility and speed. His verbal agility is beyond what you would ever expect from his build. The solidness is still there, supporting the lyrics that are all laced with conspiracy theories and deep historical teachings. You now know that you can’t fuck with him physically, nor mentally. Even spiritually, when him and Muggs did the album “The Legend of The Mask and the Assassin”, he deals with death like a game of chess. And, he wins every time. But we are missing the fourth aspect of life. Emotion.

Sick Jacken’s emotions are what is making his non stop army go forward with blind strength.

Him and his brother, Duke, were heard by Cypress Hill’s B-Real at a local live show, and destiny united the three as MCs of the group Pyscho Realm. They put out the insanely dark album “The Psycho Realm” in 97. Due to their firm convictions and ethics, the brothers had to leave B-Real and the record label and work for themselves.

“the machine was just trying to censor me / Didn’t do it for Sony so they ended up releasing me / Independent, no longer locked down for an infinity / So my vicinity stays true to my identity.”

They continued to rock the underground, political -or rather social revolutionary, scenes of the world. However this only lasted until there was a major loss in the ranks. Big Duke got into a scuffle one night, where he bravely stood up to two faggots who then pulled guns and tipped the scales of justice by firing and lodging a lead tip into Duke’s neck, between the L and the O of his Los Angeles tattoo, paralyzing him from the neck down. And although he survived, he would not be able to contribute to future projects. Good thing that they had managed to record vocals for their third album, the follow up to “War Story Book I”, “War Story Book II”.

Big Duke

We big Psycho Realm fans lost an important artist with a very unique rhyme style. So Sick Jacken never replaced his brother, but instead networked out into the World Wide Underground Hip Hop scene and has since rapped with RBX, Coka Nostra, Snow Goons, Strong Arm Steady, Evidence, Cormega, Immortal Technique, Swollen Members, Ill Bill and is now an artist on Mugg’s Soul Assassins .

Along with his Sick Symphonies crew, Sick Jacken kept pushing product on the streets of the Pico-Union area of downtown Los Angeles. Home to the infamous Rampart division of the L.A.P.D. After the record label put out another group, Street Platoon, they must have liked working together because the next was “Psycho Realm And Street Platoon Present Sick Symphonies”. Platoon’s MC’s Crow and Cynic both appear on Jacken’s songs, but Cynic is many more, and even making a video for a his track “World We’re In” on Mugg’s last album, “Intermission”. His DJ FM is also a major addition. His masked face is intimidation enough, but that spinning skull on his turntables, plus the fact that he jumps around like the cartoon version of the Joker only add to the lunatic live show they put on.

I have to mention one very important fact to Jacken’s career. His mystical lyrics definitely attract people to his persona and to his side as a Sick Soldier. When I went to a Rock the Bells concert a few years back, the one where Wu Tang was going to play for the first tie together since ODB’s death, Pyscho Realm showed up for a few live songs earlier in the afternoon. It was crazy to see the amount of people throwin up the LA sign’s for them and how many kids were rockin’ Sick Soldier/Sick Symphony wear. I still think there were more people in Cali that day for Pyscho Realm than Wu Stans. The amount of fans that they have are ridiculously underestimated. They play live all over the world and constantly sell out the shows.

Now before I finish this post up, I gotta “dry snitch”. I got two exclusives: I have confirmed a piece of info that I got straight from Sick Jacken’s twitter update: ..New Psycho Realm album coming soon. Jacken, B-Real and Duke..

And while confirming that, I was also told that Jacken and MURS are in the studio banging out some hiphop classics that should come out early 2010 on new technological discs called “Holodiscs”, where you can see them live and on your desk in a holographic form. OK, I invented the last part, but sheeeit. That’s still good news from the T.R.O.Y. to you!!

Download this sampler: T.R.O.Y’s SICK COMPILATION, it includes two songs from every album by Psycho Realm or Sick Jacken.

— cenzi stiles

Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (21-30)

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

21. Fat Joe ft. Grand Puba and Diamond D. “Watch The Sound” (Beatnuts Remix)
22. Nas “The World Is Yours” (Q-Tip Remix)
23. Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Brooklyn Zoo” (Digga Remix)
A phenomenal remixed version of this ODB classic. Produced by the one and only Lord Digga. Search our archives for a 2CD set of Digga productions.
24.a Kool G. Rap ft. Nas “Fast Life” (Norfside Remix)
24.b Kool G. Rap ft. Nas “Fast Life” (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
25. Gangstarr “Gotta Get Over” (Large Pro Remix)
On this remix, Large Professor shows us what you can accomplish with a simple yet filthy bassline. Sometimes less is more.
26. OC “Word … Life” (DJ Celory Remix)
27. J-Live “Braggin’ Writes” (Domecracker Remix)
28. Dr. Octagon “Blue Flowers” (Prince Paul Remix)
Dan The Automator’s version is one of the creepiest, unsettling, beautiful rap instrumentals ever. No stranger to eccentric mind-fuckery on wax, Prince Paul manages to craft a version every bit as eerie and absurd, for the win.
29. GZA ft. Inspektah Deck and D’Angelo “Cold World” (RZA Remix)
If you’re looking for a track this X-mas to help you gain weight and abuse smack like it’s featured guest, then check out the Cold World remix featuring D’Angelo. His haunting crooning of the chorus gives it an even more ominous feel than the original, complimented perfectly by a few subtle tweaks in the beat by RZA.
30. Cypress Hill ft. Redman, Erick Sermon, MC Eiht “Throw Your Set In The Air” (Remix)

Download all today’s remixes here:

Tune in tomorrow for selections 31-40.

T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/B-Real

Friday, November 21st, 2008
B-Real’s Top 10 Tracks To Get Blunted To

10. I Got 5 On It – The Luniz
9. How High – Method Man & Redman
8. How To Roll A Blunt – Redman
7. I Can’t Wake Up – KRS-ONE
6. Hits From The Bong – Cypress Hill
5. Gin & Juice – Snoop Doggy Dogg
4. Pack The Pipe – The Pharcyde
3. Mad Izm – Channel Live
2. I Want Get High – Cypress Hill
1. Dr. Greenthumb – Cypress Hill

Be on the look out for Smoke And Mirrors dropping February 24th on Duckdown records.

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