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Take It Personal – Pete Rock Tribute & Interview

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Episode 24 was an idea we had for a while. We all said Pete Rock deserves a proper tribute, so we’re proud to finally present the first of two installments of this Soul Brother #1 tribute. If you had asked us a little over a year ago when we started Take It Personal, that we’d have two of the greatest producers of all-time as our guests, we wouldn’t have believed it. This is truly a case of dreams becoming reality. It was an honor celebrating Pete Rock’s distinguished catalog and even a bigger honor having him as a guest on our show. We talk with Pete about Heavy D, DJ Premier, De La Soul, Dilla, Redman, Kanye all the way to his top 5 producers. He shared his thoughts on drumless beats these days. We even get the answer to a possible CL Smooth reunion. Please join us as we celebrate one of the greatest producers to ever do it – Pete Rock!

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Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca and The Soul Brother – Deluxe Box Set (Promo Video)

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Traffic continues to give hip-hoppers a reason to still buy CDs. Last month they dropped the remastered version of Al Tariq's God Connection and now on 9/14 they'll be reissuing a deluxe box set for Mecca & The Sound Brother. Traffic stays winning. –Philaflava

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You-Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest 2010

Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Pete Rock & CL Smooth get together to perform their classic "They Reminisce Over You(T.R.O.Y.)" live at the annual 2010 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Props to Spotcoffee for the footage!
— Thomas V

Penis Enlargement

Pete Rock & CL Smooth Reunited On Stage 11/09/09

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
WORD!! Sorry if you already saw this on other blogs already, but it had to be posted here for obvious reasons. Not much info out there about this and I have no idea if this implies any future endeavors between the duo. But we can only hope. Apparently they are touring Europe together right now. This show was in London at Relentless Garage, Highbury.
Also, if you didn’t know, Mr.Chop recently dropped an album of Pete Rock beats that he covered with some extra instrumentalists, more in the psyche/funk/jazz vein, but dope. Philaflava featured the T.R.O.Y. cover on the latest Sounds Like The 90’s compilation.
But here’s the kicker: Sometime in the near future, a couple of those beats will be released on 45’s and will have CL Smooth rhyming on them. I don’t know if he’s just going to rhyme the same verses again or what, though. Stay tuned.
Thanks to CDubb over at the T.R.O.Y. forum for pulling my coat to this. Pause.

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – The Basement Demos EP

Monday, May 18th, 2009

One Leg Up kicks off their new series of rarities [“Crispy Nuggets”] with this EP of unreleased demos from Pete Rock and CL Smooth. This was ripped from my vinyl as soon as I got it and uploaded here, so I can’t really give you a proper critique yet. But I listened while ripping, so I know it is worth a download. Shit, it’s Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Of course it’s worthy of being posted at the T.R.O.Y. blog.

Here’s One Leg Up’s description:

OLU Records has connected with C.L. Smooth to finally unearth some of the legendary sessions that were not included on the seminal “All Souled Out” EP. While these sessions always seemed to be a bit of an urban legend, a few of them had actually leaked on WBLS “In Control” back in the day. Once the debut EP was released, the duo quickly went on to change hip-hop history and these early tracks were all but forgotten! Fast forward to 2009…..Thought lost forever, 4XL has done the unexpected in working with C.L. to unearth these vintage treasures. Mastered and restored to optimum quality, this is a hip-hop goldmine, and this 5 track EP is a testament to the late 80’s sound merging into the early 90’s one. Of course, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth were two of the main architects of this sharp turn in the golden era….Songs like the one-time WBLS exclusive “The Midnight Wrecka” and the fast-rap “Go C.L.” sport an aggressive 1989/1990 feel that was probably scrapped in favor of updated material like “The Creator” or “The Good Life”. Still the laid back “Cool and Calm” and “Down To Wreck Ya Body” head in the direction of the vintage “All Souled Out” flavor. Last, we are treated to a somewhat alternate version of “Go With The Flow”. All the cuts are heavy on the scratching, courtesy of Pete Rock and it is lovely indeed! This is vintage Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth goodness and an essential to any Hip-Hop collection!

This alternate mix of Go With The Flow is probably my favorite cut upon first hearing this record-

Apparently, there was an error when I zipped the folder and the Go With The Flow track didn’t work.
So right above I added a separate link for that cut for those who already downloaded the original and below I fixed the mediafire link with the entire EP on it. Hopefully it works this time.