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Beat Bop Scholar – Authentic Minded (2012)

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Preview and cop here.



T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Weekly (Week 21)

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Thun said it best… it’s now more like Wu-Weekly, but never Wu-Weakly.

Some of my favorite reggae remixes and both happen to feature Method Man. Also a great Wu-Tang reagge remix project by Chris Macro can be found HERE in case you missed it a few years ago. RZA remix on “Scalp Dem”, that gritty Wu sound from 1994.

Capleton-Wings Of The Morning (CD Single) (1995)
01 Wings Of The Morning (Dynamik Duo Mix) feat. Method Man
02 Wings Of The Morning (Dynamik Duo Mix)
03 Wings Of The Morning (LP Version)

Super Cat-Scalp Dem (CD Single) (1994)
01 Scalp Dem (Dancehall Mix)
02 Scalp Dem (Wu Tang Mix) feat. Method Man
03 South Central (Outstanding Mix)
04 South Central (Dancehall Mix)


Single Series: The B.U.M.S.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The B.U.M.S. (Brothas Unda Madness) are from Oakland.

Members Evocalist and D. Wyze have made a great album, which is mad underrated, imo.
Production was handled by Joe Quixx, except 3 tracks which were produced by King Tech, Baka Boyz and Fredwreck.

First single, Elevation, is just a typical single release, with radio, lp and instrumental versions.
The second one, Take A Look Around, has 3 remixes and unreleased track featuring Saafir.

Elevation (Free My Mind) / 6 Figures And Up VLS (1995)

01. Elevation (Free My Mind) (Radio)
02. Elevation (Free My Mind) (LP Version)
03. Elevation (Free My Mind) (Instrumental)
04. 6 Figures And Up (Radio)
05. 6 Figures And Up (LP Version)
06. 6 Figures And Up (Instrumental)
New link–>Download<–New link
Take A Look Around CDS [Promo] (1995)

01. Take A Look Around (Radio)
02. Take A Look Around (Fredwreck Remix)
03. Take A Look Around (Vinyl Reanimator Remix)
04. Take A Look Around (Groovebumz Remix)
05. Rain Feat. Saafir
06. Take A Look Around (Fredwreck Instrumental)
07. Take A Look Around (Vinyl Reanimator Instrumental)
— Markshot

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca and The Soul Brother – Deluxe Box Set (Promo Video)

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Traffic continues to give hip-hoppers a reason to still buy CDs. Last month they dropped the remastered version of Al Tariq's God Connection and now on 9/14 they'll be reissuing a deluxe box set for Mecca & The Sound Brother. Traffic stays winning. –Philaflava

DJ Enuff – My Definition of Hip Hop Vol. 2 (1997) 50 Cent’s First Appearance

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

DJ Enuff was known for being Notorious BIG’s road DJ. He also had a show on KISS FM from 1993-1994. DJ Enuff was part of the Flip Squad All-Star DJs, comprised of eight of New York City’s most respected DJs — Funkmaster Flex, Biz Markie, Doo Wop, Big Kap, DJ Enuff, Mister Cee, Cipha Sounds and Mark Ronson.
DJ Enuff released two volumes of mix cds in 1997 titled “My Definition of Hip Hop”. People might not know these obscure releases as they were released only in France. The first volume was all French Hip Hop but the second volume was pure NY Hip Hop(except two freestyles in French). It features freestyles and mixes of tracks kind of like those Funk Flex mixtapes. It also features two of the rarest early 50 Cent recordings. There’s a 50 Cent freestyle and an exclusive bonus track at the end. The credits reads “50 Cent appears courtesy of JMJ”. I’ve never seen anyone online talk about this release or people mentioning these 50 Cent tracks…they’re not even on those bootleg compilations! I almost forgot, there’s also two freestyles from MC Supernatural!

— Thomas V

Substantial – To This A Sun Union Was Born

Friday, March 12th, 2010

The following text is a partial info about this album and Substantial himself, taken off from Substantial’s myspace page.

When Substantial was recording his debut album, …To This Union a Sun Was Born, he was driven by adversity. The Maryland native was struggling to balance school with a budding music career, was homeless at times and still reeling from having buried more than ten friends and family members.

“I met Substantial through PackFM and Mecca during the final throes of the NYC underground scene’s heyday,” says QN5 founder and artist Tonedeff. “They were all in a group together called Dominion and I had seen them. Immediately, I was blown away by his wordplay and delivery.” Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM and Session would go on to form the group Extended Famm and release the critically acclaimed 2002 album Happy F*ck You Songs.

The production was handled by Nujabes and Monorisick.

** More info you can find on:


SubstantialTo This Union A Sun Was Born (2001)

01. Intro
02. Substance
03. C.I.M.
04. More Than A Game
05. Somebody Stole My Shit
06. If I Was Your M.I.C.
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Kaliwhuchawon2
09. Be People
10. Love Song
11. Bananas
12. Remembering Dave
13. Ain’t No Happy Endings
14. If I Was Your Mic (DJ Kiyo Mix)



— Markshot

LMNO – This EP Reminds Me Of ’93

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
You all know LMNO from Visionaries. Well this is one of his solo works. A dope EP, released on Up Above Records, an EP which not only reminds the artist of ’93, it does to the listeners as well. Agree?

This EP Reminds Me Of ’93 (2004)

01. Ears Hear
02. One Small Fry
03. All That Mess Feat. Urbanites
04. Looking For A Way Out
05. Impressionism
06. Dust Off Your Saddles Feat. Circle Of Power



— Markshot

Various Artists Cd – ‘Balance’ (Philadelphia 1999)

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

This is a somewhat obscure ep from 1999. Not sure how many of the tracks are exclusives but it’s a nice lineup. It was co-produced by Cas and Omne, who had his hands in a number of other mid/late 90’s philly releases. I really dig the 2nd cut ‘the meanin’ and ‘so rich’ by Ryan Banks. I have no idea if Ryan Banks did anything else, the track has grown on me. Also of interest are the 2 tracks by P.H.A., aka ‘Power Hittin’ Artist’. I became aware of him when Al at Crates Of Ag posted his 1st two singles. For those who slept, you can check them here —

Alkuttraz I hope you’re reading man, this is some later material I hope is new to you. Here’s a link for this cd —

1. (:37) cas – intro
2. (3:38) ag, kamachi & dj revolution – the meanin’ (they don’t know)
3. (3:52) power hittin’ artist – walk the route
4. (3:28) kamachi – copperfield
5. (3:38) maylay sparks, kamachi & dj jay-ski – unusual styles
6. (:19) cas – interlude
7. (3:34) ryan banks – so rich
8. (2:44) power hittin’ artist – beats and rhymes
9. (4:12) last emperor, kamachi & dj jay-ski – nile nutrition

The weak link in the chain is number nine, but at least it’s last. Altogether this is a head nodding compilation that’s not well known but entirely worth having. Buy the cd if you can find it, I picked mine up for 3 bucks. Enjoy!


Pretty Tone Capone – Dismissed (CD Single) 1992

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

“And niggaz lost it when they heard ‘Kick that Gangsta Shit” Cam’Ron

Here we have a rare cd single from Pretty Tone Capone of Mobstyle(Azie, Whimp Whop, Gangsta Luke) released in 1992. The two titled tracks are Case Dismissed and Kidnapped. There’s a hidden track at the end, Gangster Shit Pt.2. Enjoy!

1 Case Dismissed (4:16)
2 Case Dismissed (Radio Version) (4:16)
3 Kidnapped (3:25)
4 Kidnapped (Radio Version) (3:25)
5 Gangster Shit, Pt. 2 (6:11)


— Thomas V

Resurrection ’95 Vs. Large Professor Remix Vs. Extra P. Remix

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

12″ Vinyl Single
A1 Resurrection ’95 (Clean)
A2 Resurrection Extra P. Remix (Clean)
A3 Resurrection Large Professor Remix (Clean)
A4 Resurrection ’95 Acapella
B1 Resurrection ’95 Instrumental
B2 Resurrection Extra P. Instrumental
B3 Resurrection Large Professor Instrumental
B4 Chapter 13 (Clean)[not really clean, mislabelled]

Before downloading, remember I put all these singles and samples in one folder at the bottom of the page. This is just if you already have something and don’t want to download it all.
Resurrection CD Single
01. Resurrection ’95 (Dirty)
02. Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)(Dirty)
03. Resurrection (Large Professor Remix)(Dirty)
04. Chapter 13 (Dirty)
05. Soul By The Pound (Thump Mix)(Dirty)

So, you had to know this would be brought up here eventually. I’m not gonna get into how great the album was, what my favorites were off of it, how crazy I thought Communism was, or any of that at this time. Right now, it’s all about one of the possibly greatest records to own, just for the remixes. I remember feeling stupefied when I first heard both remixes on the same night. I figured that one of them had to be unofficial or a really great homegrown remix. But when I copped the promo a week or two later and realized that they were both on the record and both done by the Large Professor, well, shit. And I only recently realized that only the CD single had the dirty versions, so you’re gonna want to download everything here at the bottom of the post.
Which is your favorite is the question, though.
No ID’s album version?
It’s great in it’s own right. I love that piano loop and here’s the video-
Or the good mood inducing, summer day on your way out the city to the beach feeling, Large Professor Remix?
Or is it the Extra P Remix? This is my personal favorite and always has been. Some people can favor one today and the other tomorrow. This is so great with the night time 95 groove. That sample just blew my mind and still does. He was catching samples nobody else will ever be able to match.
Just plain awesome.

The Samples:
Ahmad Jamal – Dolphin Dance (og 95 mix sample snippet)

David Axelrod – The Signs Part2 (large professor remix sample snippet)

Spirit – Ice (extra p remix sample snippet)

[Download every song in this post in one folder here], including full versions of the samples.
Sorry no drum breaks. Gotta find those yourself. But if you’re really fiending for them, drop a comment and I’ll send you in the right direction.
Let us know your favorite mix in the comments. So far, at the T.R.O.Y. forum, the Extra P Remix has a commanding lead. But the og No ID mix is on the creep