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The Greatest DJ Premier Tribute of All-Time

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Episode 10, The DJ Premier Tribute, is our magnum opus. It’s only right: the greatest producer of all-time receives the greatest tribute of all-time. It was no easy feat selecting and sequencing tracks for this massive 380+ minute show. We hope after listening to the incredible Work of Mart homage, you’ll agree, DJ Premier is the GOAT. We’ve broken Episode 10 into 2 parts because when you cover Premo’s illustrious career, it’s impossible to include every masterpiece in just one show. But don’t worry- within both episodes, we’ve made sure to include all the ill-collabos, obscure remixes and of course, your favorite classics too! –Jason Gloss

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Canibus feat. Kurupt, Ras Kass, Killah Priest & Tragedy Khadafi – Historic

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014


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Canibus reunites with Kurupt, Killah Priest and Ras Kass to drop “Historic”, the first new Four Horsemen single in five years was premiered today by and appears on Canibus’ forthcoming Canibus LP Fait Accompli, which will be released on 6-10-14 via RBC Records. The single is now available on Itunes, Fait Accompli retail and deluxe editions are available for pre-order on Amazon, Itunes and more.

Tell us what you think?

Hot 97 Radio Freestyles Pt. 5

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Copped this pre-owned comp from my local record store for $3. The A side consists of a 13-minute freestyle session featuring DMX, Canibus and Noreaga. Oddly enough, the tracklist says it’s Nature, but it’s definitely N.O.R.E. Who else would say “Your people homos like the cat who killed Versace?” They also credit Capone and Nature as appearing on the first track on the B side, but as far as I can tell, only Nas and Noreaga are on there. It sounds like Nature was in the sesh but didn’t make the final cut when they put this to record; “they” being Wild Style Records, Ltd., about which I can tell you absolutely nothing, except that they aren’t the best (mis)spellers in the world (see “Noriega” and “Rockefella”). Here’s the tracklist as it appears on the record itself.

A1 Dmx, Canibus & Nature
B1 Nas, Nature & Capone & Noriega
B2 Craig Mack
B3 Jay-z & Rockefella Family
B4 Genovese
B5 Killah Priest


I’ve tagged the tracks a little differently. Also, note that the exact lineup for B3 is Sauce Money followed by Da Ranjahz (Half Dead & Wais P).

“Cool, but where are Parts 1-4?” you ask. Well, some earlier volumes of this series were posted all the way back in 2009. As to whether or not they’re still stored on a hard drive somewhere, your guess is as good as mine.

-Samuel Diamond

Tru Comers: Vaporized Blends

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

A brand new vaporized blend project. Don’t sleep.

In case you’re not familiar with Tru Comers (aka Sperrow and X-Pert) they’re a Swiss production crew, but their sound is pure mid 90s NYC boom-bap rawness.

Hopefully I’ve managed to do some justice to their 2011 instrumental EP with these blends.

Props to Verge and dirt_dog for going out of their way to help put this together, and to Tru Comers for giving this project the all clear… Enjoy

01 Heltah Skeltah – Midnight Madness (Tru Comers – Madness)
02 Royal Flush – QU (Tru Comers – New World)
03 Canibus, Bekay & Chino XL – Do This (Tru Comers – In Yo Face)
04 Cash Brown, Matt Fingaz, Agallah, Sean Price & Labba – Clubber Lang (Tru Comers – Only A Few)
05 Lizzo ft. Louieville Sluggah – Game Recognize Game (Tru Comers – Mind Space)
06 Dutchmassive, Apathy, Majik Most, C-Rayz Walz, Celph Titled & Louis Logic – The Hook (Tru Comers – Get Da Cream)
07 Doujah Raze – Irish Cream (Tru Comers – DoublePenetration)
08 Poison Pen ft. MOP – Magnifique (Tru Comers – Wicked)
09 Mobb Deep ft. Rakim & Big Noyd – Hoodlum (Tru Comers – Simple And Plain)
10 Bumpy Knuckles – BAP (Tru Comers – We Don’t Play)



T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90s Vol. 17

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

The last volume before the new year. While it was a pretty good year in hip-hop, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of throwback tracks, thus us delivering you just 5 volumes of Sounds Like The 90s in ’10.

As many of you know, we do these compilations to capture an era that we all love. Some tracks do sound like the 90s, while others are artists from that era doing their thing. A few of these tracks have been out for awhile now, some even debuted on this site, but here is a tightly sequenced mix for the holidays. I wouldn’t normally put 3 tracks by one artist on a mix, but Kanye killed it this year (all 3 tracks not on the LP) and Q-Tip is responsible for 2 of those gems. There was no way I wasn’t putting these on for you guys.

Thanks to all the people that have supported over the years. We’ll continue to do these and we’re always keeping an open mind, so if you got something, don’t hesitate to link us. Props to Dirt_Dog and Strategy for helping–as always. Shouts to the entire T.R.O.Y. squad and our readers. Download link and front cover are below, back cover and tracklist are after the jump. Happy Holidays! –Philaflava

Download Volume 17 (more…)

The Top 10 Tracks I’ve Produced by LG

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
For those that don’t know LG aka The LG Experience is the man behind many classics you probably weren’t aware of. He has produced for Big L, 2Pac, Nas, Ill Al Skratch, Boogiemonsters and Big Daddy Kane just to name a few. He also happens to be the brother of one of the greatest producers of all-time, Easy Mo Bee.

LG was down to guest blog this week and give us his top 10 list along with a breakdown for each track. Some of the shit you’re about to read is pure gold. You can’t ask for much more than this so if you’re a fan of Rakim Told Me then you’ll appreciate some of these details.

. Don’t Shut Down On A Player- Ill Al Skratch (New Jersey Drive Soundtrack)
I did this beat after watching a pre-screen of the movie New Jersey Drive.They filmed that flick in Brooklyn, so I made some shit that sounded like home.

9. The Weekend Dave Hollister (maxi-single)
My nigga Teddy Blend was managing Dave and hit me wit an accapella to see what I would do and they was feelin that shit.

8. Pass Pass Le Oinj (Zenith 98) Supreme NTM
I did alot of beats for Supreme NTM, but this is one of the tracks I was really feelin. I don’t know what they was saying( hey rhyme in French) but I could tell they had a flow.

7. Earth,Wind & Fire- Big Daddy Kane feat. Shaqueen & AB Money (Veteranz Day)
Kane gave me a CD wit some dude playin acoustic guitar and said do something with that. I played the beat for him the next day and he went crazy!! It’s probably about ten different records being used on that beat.

6. One Love(LG Main Mix) Nas
I did this remix after an Ill Al Skratch
session, so I just had my peoples Ken Staten sing the hook. He also sang on Where’s My Homies.

5. Nigganometry – Canibus (Can-I-Bus)
When I did that beat
I didn’t have the original Willie Hutch joint. I took that shit straight off The Chronic.

4. Lyrical Gymnastics- Big Daddy Kane (Daddy’s Home)
I did this and the album title track for Kane right after he left Cold Chillin to go to MCA. He was feeling Where’s My Homies, so I used the same sounds for this beat.

3. Out On Bail(Original Version) – Tupac
song was supposed to be on the Me Against The World album, but it didn’t make it. My brother Easy Mo Bee & AB Money took me up to Pac’s Hotel to play some beats for him. He took the first track that came on and said let’s record it tonight. Eminem remixed it for Loyal 2 The Game and chopped Pac’s words to make it sound like he was saying Em, he was really saying LG.

2. I’ll Take Her – Ill Al Skratch feat. Brian McKnight (Creep Wit Me)
I did this beat on some radio type shit cause we knew one of the r&b artists on Mercury was going to be on it. Originally it was supposed to be Joe on the song.

1. Where’s My Homies – Ill Al Skratch (Creep Wit Me)
I remember hearing Mr.Cee, who lived in my building cuttin up Playing Your Games on his show with Mr. Magic on 91.5 in NY. After that I had to fuck with it. Coincidentally, Mr.Cee was the one who broke the record.

Honorable Mentions:
Strange (Stranger Mixshow Mix) – Boogiemonsters
I did this track by just muffling the change in Playing Your Games(Barry White). We all did that a lot back then. I also produced 3 songs on the album with Derek “LA” Jackson who the Boogiemonsters were signed to at the time. Derek produced the album and had an incredible keyboard player play all the instruments. We all know him today as Scott Storch.

Dr. Feelgood – Ill Al Skratch Feat. Greg Nice, Nine, M.O.P. & Kid Capri
I did this track in Al Skratch’s crib. Nobody believes me when I tell em that beat is Hangin On A String By Loose Ends. Kid Capri got on it because Al Skratch knew him from Uptown. Nobody knew that nigga Al Skratch was a crazy DJ.